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Friday, April 24, 2015

What I Eat Does't Matter As I Revise and Resize.

A shift in thinking does.


I have listened to Abraham via Ester Hicks many times on the subject of weight loss.  Like many of us we are looking for a pill, product, program of eating, exercise equipment and she very “irritatingly” does not do that!

When I do psychic counseling session with people, they often complain that I am being illogical.  What I say is bouncing off their personal construct of what reality is.  I ask them “how is your logic working out for you right now?”  The hardest job is to change anyone’s belief system.  I would say it is impossible really.  Even when you hold a mirror up to someone and show them their beliefs and where that belief has a hole in it; it is dismissed.  

There are many scary things in our environment, or are there?  For me it is rollercoasters, but that is the thrill of a life time for some people.  I once had to cross the US and Canadian bridge at Port Huron.  I have a huge phobia of steep inclines.  My heart was pounding and my palms were sweating the whole time.  I had to sing really loud to keep from passing out.  I started singing “Closer to God” and decided to pick Aretha Franklin’s song “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman”.  I would have been less afraid of death itself at that moment.  In fact, if a car jacker had knocked me out and took over the drive, it would have been a blessing.   

Is any of that logical?  Absolutely not. It doesn’t serve me well.  I can’t meet friends at the Point Hilton because it sits at the top of a hill.  Even if someone else is driving, I have sweaty palms.  Can someone argue me out of that fear?  Probably not.  There are desensitization techniques that therapists use.  I will try that in the future.  It is up to me alone to eliminate that fear with my Higher Power.

Our beliefs are not “reality” nor are they “logical”.  They are full of holes and so is our memory.  Memories have little to do with facts.  They are also filtered by beliefs. 

So end result, everything we believe is largely made up.  If being stuck in that belief is not allowing the quality of life we deserve and desire, there is a problem.  Abundance is being able to create the life you want.  The Universe has a huge menu, so what do you want to order? Do you want an agile, lighter, energetic body to play in?  The Universe can deliver it.  No one can lose a hundred pounds over night.  I weigh once a month.  I decided it is more important to be happy and often weighing is not a happy moment.  I also decided there are no evil foods.  I might need to explain that a bit more.  I am seeing things differently and feeling better.  That is wonderful.  But nowhere in this blog am I a “Richard Simmons” health fitness guru.  I am just here to shake up some belief systems.  Nowhere in this essay do I say “follow me”, because I am in the joyous process of becoming.  I am not a finished product.  I have my eye on the prize, but not in an obsessive way.  There are so many women who harm themselves to be thin.  They starve or take laxatives to be thinner. 

What I have found is loving life makes you thinner. When I am happy I do not over eat and I naturally choose the food that is right for me.  When I am happy, there is a bounce in my step and I like to take walks.  If I were not immersed in living a full joyous life, I might be chained to a program and then experience guilt when I “cheated”.  My dream life looks different.  Self-love is fundamental to your health.  A body that is swimming in uplifted energy will heal itself.  A body that is loved will balance the endocrinal system to a well-oiled sportster model.  Get thin being happy. 


 Becoming a more desirable weight is all about energy and our world view.  That is about as far left of our present paradigm as one can go. That is what I believe Abraham-Hicks is saying on this topic. There are hundreds of food loss programs (most with a price tag).  Some of them work for a while.  The reason they often do not work long term is the basic fundamental belief construct of a person has not shifted.  The focus has been on food, certain types of food, and energy expenditure, and calories, and other factors like supplements.  It is for each person to decide what feels right

This conversation is far from complete.  It is the beginning of a change of path.  I purchased Abraham Hicks weight loss DVD long ago.  I believe it saved me enormous amounts of money.  I don’t buy all the products Dr. Oz recommends.  I don’t shell out the money I used to.  I don’t bow down to the skinny image media anymore.  My heroes have changed.  Who is living the most the way they want to?  Ester Hicks maybe? 

You can watch her on You Tube.  I do.  I read her books and buy her DVD’s and feel richer, happier and now thinner.  And if you don’t, then find activities and friends that bring out the happiest version of you.  Put on a pair of sneakers and walk, do some Yoga, create a gratitude journal, dance to the radio, watch comedies not the news.  Those are all absolutely free and they work.  Food, what to eat, that is a whole other topic and has far less to do with weight loss than ever imagined.  Just be sensible.  You have a thick basis of dogma around this.  It will take time to say, it doesn’t matter what I eat.  So like Ester says, sometimes you must honor your beliefs.  It is nuts to eat something you believe is bad for you.  You are where you are in terms of what you think.  As Ester says you cannot turn a train going 150 mph around quickly due to the momentum.   We operate in a dimension of inertia.  It would be highly developed to decide to ignore this accepted law of physics without suffering adverse effects. 

At my present weight, it is hard to believe how men will flirt with me.  It is not a social barrier anymore. They might enjoy hanging out with a happy upbeat person?  Having a few playmates is part of my definition of abundance too. 

I have to end somewhere knowing there is a book happening.  I just want to keep going…

So bye for now.    

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I am an Advisor to the Stars (Maybe)

In my morning meditation I was highlighting all the aspects I like about being an intuitive counselor, psychic, channel, and medium.  What has hooked me into this?  But I don't like the cheap definition of "fortune teller".  That is a poverty stricken image for me.
I love it when the client and I are "catching fire".  Co-creating is going on and I feel so magnificent. 
There is physical manifestation going on too.  There are flashes of light and orbs and things start to move on their own. I used to have a music box on the table. I bought it for 5 dollars at a thrift store. I put two AA batteries in it and nothing happened. But I left it on my table.  When I was doing a tarot card reading for a couple it started to work.  There was this odd whirring sound, and then it played music.  Any time a loved one was present during a reading it would work.  Ha. Love that.  James Van Praagh told me I was a physical medium.  Apports happen too. Those are lost objects.  They appear. During my reading yesterday one of my lost earrings appeared. 
There is magic in several people coming together and brain storming a solution for an issue.  Really all problems serve as spring boards to higher creation. 
So I used to think I wanted to be an advisor to the "stars".  Those are people in a position of influence and they can make a more profound impact on others. 
I have a newer revelation.  We are all stars, bright shinny ones.   I get so much benefit from seeing people reach for the next level.  My favorite readings are the ones that allow me to experience the beauty and talent (untapped) of the person in front of me.  It really is a "God" thing.  It is a divine moment unparalleled  in its ability to delight me and make my day.
For all of us there is a trickle down effect,  like the widening ripples after throwing a stone into a still pond.  Our growth radiates out and effects everyone around us. 
The impact of new insight is something hard to define.  It is magical and breathtaking,  When I get to experience a new paradigm with others...a bond is formed.  It is rather like being the birthing coach and witnessing new life.  I feel like the midwife. 
It is indeed transforming and spectacular.  I feel like I am watching a black and white movie that turned to Technicolor.  And somehow I am now "family".  Yes, I just became cousin Nancy or Angel Bell.  Many of my clients do become good friends and very family like.  I can't go back to seeing them as "the stranger who just walked in my door".
The way to be the Star in my experience is to ask for it, and to truly believe that when two or three come together, in true expectation, that it can happen.  Wow.  That is as good as it gets.
Short story.  I volunteered at a middle school as a "fortune teller" in a booth.  There were several of us helping at a school carnival.  It was a fundraising event.  I had a great time.  Most of the kids I read for were about 12 to 14 years old.  I saw amazing things in all of them and for all of them.  I think I felt like "Catcher in the Rye"  helping them deal with some of the "land mines"  ahead and showing them their own strengths and talents.  They had lots of talent.  How fun to hold a crystal ball out in front of them where all the good stuff shows up.  Things they never saw about themselves became clear.  I saw one girl winning a surfing championship.  Her mother started dancing around.  They were debating sending her to surfing school in Hawaii.  Usually kids in Arizona, don't do the surfer thing.  Yes they were surprised I saw it.  I was surprised and happy too.  It is so incredible to get validated like that.  Generally kids and young adults have such pure positive energy and I get to splash around in it for a while. Fun. 
There are so many blessings in doing the work I do.  I just need to highlight those.  And say...I love it and bring me some more clients that want to grow and expand and make a difference. 
I am making a difference too...one heart, one life, one realization at a time.
I see a whole constellation of stars (my people)

Will I Win the Lottery? Common Question


"Will I win the lottery" or "if you are psychic, why don't you win the lottery".  I have heard those two question lately.  But when I heard it today...it changed me a great deal.

For those reading this. I am a professional psychic.  We have a bad rap.  I work hard at changing that. And some of that "fear" and judgment comes from certain religious doctrines. I am quite sure that Jesus was about as psychic as they come.  He spoke to disembodied spirit (Elisa and Moses) and he seemed to know the future.  In Corinthians II there is a section on "gifts of the spirit" and prophesy is one of those.  How someone uses this talent is what is important.  My intentions are high and benevolent ones.

I had a very nice lady show up for a reading today.  My kitchen is my office and I work at the table. This lady had a tape recorder and I really liked that.  I wish more people would bring them.

She tried to tell me what the another psychic said.  I stopped her.  I really like to start with a clean slate with everyone.  That is counter intuitive from what people think.  The less I know the better.

This is an example:  About 15 years ago I had a job at a homeless shelter.  I was not doing readings hardly at all.  I would get requests sometimes, and say, I am so tired, beat, and just need a real week end.   If I were independently wealthy, I am sure I would do readings but it would be more on my terms. 

Back to my co-worker, I'll call her Jane, who kept asking me for a tarot card reading.  I finally said yes.  I had known her for about a year.  I liked her very much.  She was a happily married mother of four.  I enjoyed her cheerful bubbly attitude.  She looked and acted somewhat like Melissa McCarthy, (famous comedian).  Yes, I thought I knew her. 

Now to complicate this and add a wrinkle, I had been flirting with someone at work.  He was the IT or computer guy.  He was about my age, with salt and pepper hair.  He had a winning smile and I always was glad when my computer needed a visit from this guy. I will call him "Jack". 

So, Jane and I pull out our sandwiches for lunch in the break room,  and I began laying out my cards on the table.  I start to shift slightly into my ultra relaxed and ultra receptive place.  And, there it was.  There are two men in her reading.  Apparently, she is not that "happily" married because she has been having a six month affair with someone I know at work.   I saw Jack's face very clearly.  When I told her it was Jack, she turned pale as a ghost.  She was not expecting this kind of accuracy.   I think I started looking for a new job after that.  I am a political hot potato almost anywhere I work.  I made a vow to not read for co-workers again. 

I assumed I knew her.  Anything I assume can be challenged when I am channeling and receptive.  I don't want to assume too much prior to getting to that purer energy where everything gets clear for me. Give me a stranger any day...so much easier. 

End of the example.

Back to today.

I was able to stop my client from telling me too much about herself or what another psychic said.  People who visit a lot of psychics, they get so many mixed messages.  It really muddies the water.

What I saw was amazing.  Her true life path was to heal a karmic relationship with her family of origin.  That was first and the ultimate priority.  I said, you can't buy that kind of peace and harmony for a truck load of gold. 

She had a rather serious health issue.  I told her so much about that and that she should nip the bud on this.  Right now it is not too serious, but, it will become serious.  Again, I said, Health is something you cannot purchase.  You can't go buy a new body with 50 million dollars.  I remember a Twilight Zone episode where in the future that is possible.  But not now.

Up till now, I did not know that her most important question was lingering. 

She asked me about money...I said it looked good.  There were some ups and downs but she would be doing fine.  Then she mentioned a psychic who works at Vision Quest.  That person told her she would soon win the lottery.  I assume this means the huge jack pot one.

My feeling is this: even if she did, it would not help her.  And I really did not see it happening...at all.  Not a huge win.  Maybe a  small jackpot. Those are fun.  

My guides told me later that there are so many competing vibrations around the lottery.  If this wonderful lady would create the harmony she was supposed to with her family of origin, it would help the energy around her.  It would make winning the lottery more possible. 

It is all about energy.  I also received the message that if a person has a higher goal for the money it will help.   If your goal would help many people, that could effect the numbers.  The numbers you pick are not as important as the Universe deciding to line up with those numbers at exactly the right second.  Creating the right energetic connection is possible.  Is it possible for anyone to win the lottery?  Sure it is.  There are things a person can do to make it a thousand times more probable.  For one thing, do not be desperate about it. Remember this is a game with lots of players.  Have some fun with that.  Visualize the joy you will feel in winning and have a solid plan for the money.  I know someone who won 50 thousand dollars and in a year it was gone.  They partied it away.  That happens and it leaves someone in even worse shape. Now they probably have a huge substance addiction and they are loosing their home.  That is an example of the lottery not solving all the problems in one's life.  

So even if a psychic picks up on some winning numbers.  I have gotten 3 of them recently (needed 5),  energetically there is so much energy.  Out there (somewhere under the crescent moon) is an elderly woman saying prayers for all her family members and her newest great grand baby too. She is comfortable in her own needs, it is not critical that she wins.  So she tells God in her prayer what she would do for each Grand Child...and just as she finishes her prayer the lotto angels are picking numbers....

I think that is kinda how it goes. 

With a wink and a smile...

Thursday, March 5, 2015

How I Cured Arthritis, Depression & Diabetes for Myself

 Ever wonder why Diabetes and Arthritis are almost epidemic now days?  I have learned a few things that might surprise you about these and depression.  

I had gestational diabetes.  When pregnant with my second child I had sugar in my urine.  My first pregnancy had been normal.  I was normal weight and quite healthy.  My father insisted we not eat sugar.  He was a dentist.  I seemed to be craving sweet things all the time.  But I can honestly say, I was not eating wrong in anyway according to most authorities.  

I had postpartum depression and I believe it ended my marriage.  That might not be the only reason but I believed it really contributed.  

I went to doctors and specialist for years until I started living with great pain.  It was a combination of arthritis and fibromyalgia.  I was on pain pills all the time and living a half life.  When the neurosurgeon told me he would not help me, I fell into a deep depression,  I had planned to commit suicide.  It was as though that doctor held the key to living without pain, or so I believed.  

Sitting on my couch a few days later: I was writing a good bye note to all those I knew and became very sleepy.  I had to take a nap.  When I woke up there was a pink colored flyer on the coffee table.  I had no idea where it came from.  The flyer said:  Do You Suffer from Diabetes and Arthritis?  I Have Answers for You.  Call Me.  There was a name and phone number on the flyer.  

I called Rosemary and told her I had a plan to end it all except for her flyer.  She insisted seeing me right away.  I made an appointment.  It was obvious to me that she sold supplements as there were bottles everywhere.  Again, I felt rather sad and hopeless.  Being out of work for a while had me living in poverty.  I just knew I would get a sells pitch and not be able to buy the recommended products.  Rosemary told me that she would not sell me any products until I did some reading.  She loaned me a book called "Dead Doctors Don't Lie"   I read it and it was quite an education.  That would take about 10 pages to relate.  I went back with better questions this time.  Rosemary was a great resource of knowledge.  I still was broke.  She gave me a handful of free samples.  And I went back with good results from the samples and she gave me some more.  I needed about a 100 dollars to buy the most needed items.  I felt well enough to at least get a part time job.  Even though I have a great education, I decided to work for an answering service.  I thought that I looked pretty bad.  I had gained lots of weight, and did not have appropriate work clothes.  I had thrift store finds on.  

When people talk about starting at rock bottom, I can relate.  I looked like a "washer woman",  I had no energy and I still was taking the occasional pain pill, so really who is going to hire me?  My goal was achieved.  I had my first pay check and with that money I bought the life saving vitamins and minerals I needed.  I would like to add, not just any vitamins and minerals will do.  These are more bio-accessible and plant derived as well as colloidal.  Not exactly a trip to a health food store or vitamin shoppe.  

Little by Little I started to improve,  After about six months I applied for a full time position in my field.  After a few paychecks I was able to finance a new car.  I looked like I was pulling up and out of a treacherous situation until the phone call happened,  I got a phone call that my oldest son had died.  He was 27 years old.  As might be expected, I went immediately down hill. I lost my job too.  

So my recovery looked like this:

Got the vitamins and minerals I needed, was almost completely recovered from everything, got a great job and new car.  Lost my son and was bottomed out again.  I had another son to live for.

This time it was Neale Donald Walsh that saved my life.  The intervention I needed was a spiritual one.  From Neales workshops I learned about Ester Hicks.  

I found the spiritual foundation I needed to go on.  I would say a large piece of illness is spiritually based,  Perhaps all of it.  Hard to see that maybe we did create some of our issues by being cut off from the Source of All things.  

Life Style Changes Came Next

I started walking more, doing Yoga and meditating.  This was helping a great deal but, I found some of my old complaints cropping up again.  I was starting to live with pain, I did not wish to return to pain pills.  Again I called Rosemary.  I told her that lots of life had happened but I needed to care about my body again.  This time I found the money by selling my car.  It was better to not have a car than not have a body that was healthy.  

Nowhere in this story is there a doctor of medicine. They could not help me.  Diabetes and Arthritis are actually caused by mineral deficiencies.  Remember there was a disease called Rickets that was caused by a lack of Calcium and vitamin D.  Scurvy was something sailors got from lack of Vitamin C. Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling discovered that vitamin C was essential for our immune systems and fighting viruses.  But no one was thinking that a lack of selenium (a mineral) would cause cystic fibrosis.  No one thought that a lack of several minerals would cause diabetes either.  

Our soil was once rich in natural occurring minerals. People used to farm differently and threw wood ash into their gardens and other compost.  Modern agriculture does little to feed and fallow the soil anymore.  We eat vegetables and yet they lack vitality.  Then there is gluten.   You have heard that word I am sure.  When people stone ground healthier grains and used them in an unprocessed way, there was benefit.  Cheap white bread will kill you.   The intestines get clogged and cannot ingest the proper nutrients anyway,  I read another book by Veterinarian turned People Doctor, Joel Wallach.  Dr. Wallach was seeing arthritis, cystic fibrosis and other human diseases in animals. (folks, these are not genetic) He gave them mineral treatments because, animals don't have Blue/Cross Blue Shield.  He cured them easily enough.  

The way agriculture and processed foods have changed our world have created some very serious and epidemic health problems.  The Pharmaceutical Giants just love it.   What a hey day for those guys. Doctors cannot be doctors anymore.  The way they must practice is predicated by licensing boards and skewed research.  Anyway a must read book is "Hells Kitchen"  by Joel Wallach.  You Tube is a great place to find Wallach.  

Now I don't want to put Wallach on a pedestal although is has done more than any other doctor in this century. Admiration is not the same as idol worship. He want to give him lots of credit and, I think there are some other factors and new upcoming leaders to watch for.  

Dr, Peter Breggin has a lot to say about not taking anti depressants. There are new research studies where psychotic patients were given intravenous vitamins, largely, C, B Complex, D3 and minerals and within days were not showing symptoms of mania, depression, and delusion.  But it looks like that research got kicked to the curb.  Now who would want to hide that?  There are so many psychiatrists and doctors who are sick of how things are and try to fight against a mighty current.  Most of us can follow the money trail and stink enough to figure it out,  That is not rocket science.  

So now I am eating better, less gluten, less diary is happening for me. My symptoms are better. My life style changes like doing Richard Simmons "Sweatin to the Oldies" everyday, taking nice walks, doing Hatha Yoga once again are greatly helping. My spiritual practices include inspirational reading, group meditation and my own meditation each morning. 

I think I am doing the right things with food.  I have been cooking with coconut oil. (all wrong)  I try and keep up with all the health trends.  Now I am reading "Hell's Kitchen" by Joel Wallach and find sauteing in oil is not advisable according to Wallach. Sometimes it is not advised to be a vegetarian either.  I was reading that a more raw vegetable diet, lots of greens, fish, nuts and healthy grains (not the cereal killers) but adding brown rice instead to our menu..it is much prefered.  It has been about 10 years. 

 I went to a doctor today and my CN1 is almost normal and my echocardiogram is "perfect".  I dance everyday and feel great. When I think about that suicide note it seems like another person.  It was worth the journey

I know people want a more blow by blow description but that is like 500 pages.  I will have to write a book. There is a more detailed account of what I am doing on my 90 Day Challenge Face Book Page. It has great recommendations.  

 If you do decide to order Doctor Wallach's products,  tell them Nancy sent you and my Distributor number is 2445-9901.  

I am not even a sells person.  I got a check for 10 dollars once.  I decided to become a distributor because I use their products and save on shipping.  That 10 dollars would not pay the rent. 

 Some people do quite well. Rosemary is healthy and delightful and is making a living at counseling and selling these health products. I have been trying to get well and that was my only goal. I just lightly tap people on the shoulder and say "maybe this works" and no arm twisting happens.  I now think that is because maybe I did not completely believe it myself.  I came from a doctor (my Dad) and it is hard to do something that often is not advised by doctors. We tend to hold doctors in a god like reverence. Well, I can thank modern allopathic medicine for all the great diagnostics. I have a lot of proof now that my insights and renegade ways have paid off.  I don't expect people to just jump in the way I did.  Perhaps at least I can encourage others to do their own research.  I can only offere what worked for me.  At last I have test results that confirm it.

If you want a consultation, and an education for your specific issues please visit my website and book an appointment. Angelbells The products are not always one size fits all...but everyone needs minerals, vitamins and EFAs just for the basics.  There are starter packs available at Youngevity.  

Sunday, March 1, 2015

What I Don't Know About Mental Health

More on Mental Health

There might be a war on and it is not one of swords but of research. It is a non stop cliff hanger when you have a loved one in a managed care system. I don't know what is more frustrating; the system or the odd behaviors of the loved one.  Really both.  Both and there seems to be no lack of dumb answers.  I am in the field.  I am training to be a therapist.  That so far has been a history lesson in the founding theories of Psychology.

I feel it is a mistake to align with the medical model when dealing with human behavior.  I am much more interested in causal relationships.  Even if I suspect I know the causes, then what is even more a worry is the cure.  I can attest that prevention is going to be an easier path than fixing damaged minds and hearts.

We cannot take the mind, emotions, beliefs, and physical body and separate them into components. They all work together.  There must be a holistic approach to well being if there is any improvement to be realized at all.

What we do know.  Early childhood trauma is the usual culprit in creating mental illness.  children are far more vulnerable to beliefs and fears.  Abandonment can last a life time.  Abuse and emotional estrangement can cause a fracture in the mind.  If redeemed early enough there will be no lasting psychosis.  Sometimes it only takes one caring person to save a life.

What happens if that person reaches adulthood?  It is much harder to help them.  In fact there are no really effective strategies and the current remedy is psycho-pharmaceuticals.  Many of these drugs are very toxic.  Some cause permanent nerve damage as well as sterility.  Often times it is as dangerous to stop taking these drugs as it is to be on them.  It can take a year to titrate off a a powerful drug that alters brain chemistry.  Many mass tort cases are being won out of court against the manufacturers of these anti-psychotic and anti-depression drugs.

Adolescence is a time when psychosis usually shows up.  One doctor explained to me that the increase in hormones, like testosterone, causes the brain to do neural flip flops.  It is no secret that teen aged boys start to behave in risky and illogical ways.  That is the norm. It is also a time when the fractured mind will most likely become obvious.  I also read that genomes can switch on at various times.  Genes can lie dormant until certain environmental factors are present.

There may also be new research pointing to the status of the pregnant mother.  Mothers who are malnourished or diabetic during pregnancy might have a huge part to play in the formation of certain limbic functions and the formation of the cerebral cortex.  There is such a delicate balance going on in utero.  I had gestational diabetes.  I am wondering about that.  Diabetes is a form of malnutrition. Dr. Wallach has found that it can be corrected by adding additional minerals during pregnancy and afterword during nursing.  We need about 80 trace minerals that our over used soil is not providing.  He maintains that electricity might have changed our health as much as convenience junk foods. In the good old days they added wood ash to the garden and that garden was organic as a matter of course,

Another factor is the stress that many young people grow up with and the controversial mind programming that occurs for youth these days. Many people may be more mind controlled than they are lead to believe.  Finding a healthy world view is difficult.

I just read an article on Dopamine blocking drugs.  They believe that a schizophrenic is experiencing too much dopamine in their brain chemistry.  I don't think that is the reason.  What is the reason?  That is a million dollar question.  That is a question that would put the pharmaceutical industry out of business.  Every treatment seems to be focused now on drugs.  All those psychiatrist would be pumping gas or waiting tables.  The research is largely funded by the pharmaceutical industry...if someone feels socially awkward...they will develop a pill for it or any other uncomfortable feeling.  I believe the answers are close at hand.  I might be on the trail even.  If I do find out some things..who will publish it.  Who will finance the trial studies.  Oh my, it is indeed darkest before the dawn.




There are 10 years of articles but I will not list all. When I find the most perfect one.. I will come back.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

About Angel Bell


Just some auto biographical detail.

I was born in Phoenix.  I discovered that part of our family is of the Cherokee line and a large part
Irish or Celtic.  I am a mix of influence.

Like many Americans digging up the ancestry is difficult because it was part of our survival to hide this when trying to blend with white culture. 

I found my ancestors on the Alabama Indian Removal document of  1835 and that confirmed what had been only hinted at all my life. 

Now embracing this culture has been a passion of mine.  One that will lead me on future journeys.

I have one masters degree in Psychology and I am pursuing one right now in mental health counseling that will lead to licensure.  

My childhood was difficult emotionally,  as my parents were fighting quite a bit.  I went in and out of the hospital with asthma attacks.  I almost exited this world several times.  That is why I wrote my blog about my NDE's or Near Death Experiences.  

I was recently in bad shape after living for several months in a place with toxic black mold in damp walls.  So I wrote an early blog about surviving black mold.  I almost did not survive.  And I lost everything financially in having to move fast with the bare minimum and sleep on a friends couch. 

So I also write about Anne my Gypsy friend because that was the main influence in my teen years for becoming a psychic card reader.  She taught me how to do that.  After all the psychology classes I value that training even more.  It is the fast track to therapy.  I see the problems and solutions so much faster.  What would take six weeks of discovery on a therapist couch happens in about 10 minutes.  I hope that there will be a wider acceptance of intuition in our field. They are trying to be more like the medical model.  And in my opinion that is not working out too well. 

The link at the top of my website page will take you to what my talents and skills are.  This is how I make my living. It is a valid occupation and I do pay entrepreneurial taxes each year. I am legit and honest. I work at overcoming in negative ideas people seem to harbor regarding "psychics".

I believe that I knew St Francis of Assis in a very personal way. That is why I wrote a blog on St Francis.  This time around I honor my body and feel sensual pleasures are not wrong...I am also anti-poverty.  I learned that one does not need live and austere life to be spiritual.  Starving and having bleeding feet is not preferred this time around.  I also remember being cold.  I did that and wore the tee shirt. 

Another part of my experience is being abducted and on board craft and in clinics.  I do blog about that part as well. There is a connection between being psychic, creative, and high IQ and alien abduction experiencers.  I am such a fan of David Wilcock and Alex Collier.  I blog about my Andromedians connections here:  http://angelbell444.blogspot.com/2012/12/seven-supporters-of-alex-colliers-and.html

Anyway, thank you for reading my blog.  I love to write.  

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Neale Walsch & My Angels

My Angel Experiences

These are some of my Angelic encounters.  I try and leave out religious constructs.

Bashar says “Don’t Be a Belief Thief”.  I think that is excellent advice.  I have listened to so many people discuss Angels and I think there are no experts with all the right answers for me.  I prefer to read about eye witness experiences that offer no religious or filtered interpretation.  The Bible is the most prevalent source of Angel stories.  The Bible is subjective and open to misinterpretation as well.  If that sounds upsetting, remember reading the Bible when young and then again as an older adult.  The perception of parables and meanings vastly changes.  Besides the King James Version did not interpret Hebrew and Arabic words correctly.  That is well documented.  I can only tell you what I experienced myself.  I have had several Angelic encounters and dreams.  I am so happy that I can share them. 

I agree with all the people who say, “Ask for Angelic help”.  They are there for us.  I think we ask in many ways and sometimes without knowing that we are asking.  This leads to a powerful experience of protection.

 Someone I knew and cared about was about to attack me.  As this person ran towards me to “smack” me, it was like a gale wind blew him into a wall. He hit his head and almost passed out.  I felt both compassion and relief at the same time.  I could feel the tremendous energy in the room and I have felt that energy before in my life.  I call it the Michael energy.  I now believe that Angels are a collective and not assigned a hierarchy. That is another realization that I have come to.  I also feel my state of mind made a difference too.  I think if I had not been in a peaceful, loving frame of mind, that event could have taken a different turn.  For instance if I had been angry and argumentative, my own energy might have allowed some sort of physical attack. There is a plug in this story to remain true to the Source of Love that we all belong to.  This is only my personal belief and I encourage people to meditate and turn to their inner Guru for their own answers.  But as sure as I breathe it really happened.  I can count many times where I feel I was spared a very unpleasant experience or two.
One day I was driving behind a huge gas truck.  I was in my own world and thoughts.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a huge Warrior Angel hanging on the back of this truck.  He might have been 12 feet high and he was intently watching everything on the road.  He wore a white Roman like toga with a gold rope belt.  There was something around his head like a band. His hair was page boy length and of a ginger color.  I have no interpretation for this experience.  I feel that to haul gasoline for a living a driver needs all the help he can get.  An explosion in major traffic could harm many people.

In 2001, I had a sad experience.  I was asleep on my living room couch and the sun was up.  It must have been about 8 am.  I was awakening but still in bed when my room filled with Angels.  These Angels did not have wings but I noticed they were floating above the floor about 4 feet. They came in a group of about 7.  They were all female as noticed by their wardrobe.  They were ethereal in flowing pastel gowns. There was no ceiling as the room had a golden glow that transformed the third dimensional limitations.  The hair colors varied as did the gowns.   One very pretty brunette acted as the spokesperson and took a step (move) towards me.  Solemnly she said “go home Nancy”   I sat up in bed as this faded away and thought “I am home”.  Then I pondered the message some more as to what “home” was.  I did not have to ponder for long.  The phone rang, and my Mother was on the line crying.  She reported that my younger brother, Bruce, was found dead in his apartment. She was so distraught and kept saying “my baby is gone”.  I tried to comfort her.  It was a short call and she hung up as she had other calls to make.  Within a half an hour Mom called back and began crying again.  During this call, I said, “Mom, I am going to get in my car and drive to your house.  I will be “home” in about two hours.” Then it hit me, the message was telling me to go to Mom’s house.  In this experience the Angels were there as special messengers.  Their presence gave me the strength to help my Mother, who was falling apart, and to know my brother, Bruce was in good hands and good company.  Indeed!

My  Alaskan Cruise with Neale Donald Walsh was a profound and memorable one.  I was fortunate enough to be on the God Cruise in 2008. This was a real game changer in my life.  But I need to share a little back ground leading up to this cruise.  

 After losing my Brother, my Mother, and My eldest son Jason, I felt utterly defeated. I experienced a rash of "deaths" or transitions within my family.  I was seeing a grief counselor, a 70 year old nun named Teresa.  What a remarkable woman.  She asked me if I felt the presence of my loved ones.   I did quite frequently feel that they were in the room with us. After leaving my counseling session, I felt like stopping at a used book store.   As I walked through the aisles, I noticed a book fall off the shelf.   It was Neale Donald Walsh’s book “Conversations with God”.  There are three volumes and it was volume two.  I looked and they also had volume three.  I purchased them feeling very inspired to do so.  An odd coincidence happened later, a friend handed me volume one.  I was completely sure now, I just had to read them.  Long story short, I think Neale saved my life.  With some inheritance money I purchased a week long workshop and dream vacation at the same time.  I was able to meet a spiritual icon in person, Neale.

Back to the last day of this cruise.  Neale played some beautiful music as he invited all of us, about 44 people, to go deep within and have our own conversation with God.  The whole week had lead up to this moment.  As I was going into another realm, I looked up and saw tiers of angels singing above our auditorium.  It was a concert of Angels lifting us all up.  Neale had suggested we write down a question for God to answer.  I don’t even remember what my question was, I only remember the ANSWER.

 The flood gates if my heart broke followed by a fountain of tears.  Neale walked over to me with a microphone and asked me, “Nancy, I want you to share what you are feeling”.  I was trying to tell him and everyone what I saw and felt.  I was showered with love and acceptance. I heard the words, “don’t you realize how loved you are?”  I know those tears so well.  As a medium, when loved ones are touching in, there are tears.  I call that tears of reuniting.  When a handsome football player was visited by his grandmother, he had a melt down with tears.  Those are not tears of sadness or weakness,  Neale mentioned the same tears while writing his Conversations with God books. 

I have to mention another vision I had regarding to Neale and his mission.   I saw Neale dressed like a pope.  In fact with his longer white hair and beard, he looks almost the same except the beard was ever longer as the pope.  He wore a white mitre on his head and white robes.  I knew that Neale had been a formidable religious figure in a past life after this downloaded scene appeared.  I also was made aware that, he had power in that life but lacked some true insight.  This time he is flooded with insight and had to raise "his church" up once more from the ground level.  Literally from the streets, as St. Francis had done. 

Neale Donald Walsch                                                                                                                                    Pope Julius...(maybe a past life of Neale)

 I don’t have the manual that answers all the Angel questions.  I think the answers emerge only if others share their stories and then we have a mosaic emerging.  Take away the filter of what has been said, and what religions say, and you will see a more Universal Truth emerge. 

These are my offerings to you this day. January 31, 2015