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Friday, July 24, 2015

Remembering Bill Rainen & Dr. Peebles

Short Intro:  Dr Martin Peebles is the white bearded gentleman in the first photo.  He was a physician born in London and known for his kindness.  He helped the sick by making house calls regardless of  their ability to pay. As a doctor he lived in poverty. He was much like Patch Adams in that regard.  He lived to be 100 years old 1822-1922.  That was his goal to live to be a 100. I believe he was trying to say it could be done and we should all strive for that.   He became interested in the spirit world and wrote several books on metaphysical topics.  Please do a Google search for more detail. 

I first became acquainted with Peebles via William or Bill Reinen (guy holding the pineapple).  Bill was a trance medium in Phoenix who allowed Dr. Peebles to take over completely his body.  Peebles came through Bill in a big way! Bill would speak with  a heavy English accent in a very robust way.   Bill conducted these trance classes in the dark.  All windows were covered with block out curtains.  I was only 19 years old but I was there every week.  I found myself babysitting for William who was the single dad of a six year old little boy.  The mother was schizophrenic and lived in a near by mental health hospital.  That was about 1972.  So I almost became a member of their household.  I cleaned, cooked, baby sat, and did various chores all in exchange for messages from Dr. Peebles. 

At that time of my life there were not many who could understand my own psychic development and paranormal experiences. All of Bills patrons helped  me understand  the world of metaphysical happenings. My own father had recently transitioned or died and I missed him very much.  I think Bill and Peebles were father figures for me. 

Sometimes Dr. Peebles got a bit heavy handed with me on the life advice.  I remember dating a young guy named Frank.  I was almost suicidal when he dumped me.  Peebles said make sure that you do not stay in this dismal state of mind very long.  I realize now that was very sage advice.  I might have attracted even worse situations to myself in that lower energy state. 

Another problem emerged when my doctor had me on a prescription that Dr. Peebles highly disagreed with.  He said that it already was injuring my central nervous system.  At that early age of 19 I had to open my eyes to the medical pharmaceutical business and "just say no". 

I was always trying to loose weight and always self-conscious.  I asked Dr. Peebles what beauty was. He told me "consciousness is beauty".  I really see that side of it now. 

The last reading I had with William was in 1984.  I believe he moved to California and from there he lived in Japan for 19 years.  He retired in Hawaii about 2010.  William was born in Boston Mass. I am not sure what year.  He was a Methodist Minister for many years before exiting that faith.  I would say he is 20 years older than me so that would make him about 83 if he is still alive in his skin suit. 

I have a strong suspicion that Bill has transitioned.  He has visited me from spirit.  He looks youthful and happy and just brimming with the big personality he was.  I so miss him. 

I have searched for news about him.  I have searched for obituaries.  I cannot seem to find very much. He has a website but the links are not working. 

So please if anyone knows anything please comment or email me. 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Does Democracy Lead to Peace?

Happy Fourth to Each of us in the USA.  My ancestors shed blood for the ability to vote. My ancestors of Cherokee blood gave their lives too to illustrate a greater truth. The beauty of peaceful co-existence. My Irish Ancestors showed us what faith and perseverance is all about. They embraced the American dream that anyone could create a better life and leave the class cast behind. These visions are all present in our constitution, so what in the Sam Hill is going wrong?

Even if people can vote, do they really know what they are voting for?  The wool has been pulled over our eyes many times.  Politicians become con artist and immoral in many different ways.  We have sadly learned that they can be bought.  They are bought not only with money bribes (that would be bad enough) but they are bought with threats to themselves and their families.  We even know that rogue facets of the CIA and FBI have designer drugs.  They can drug people in power,then escort them to a party where there are prostitutes and film the whole thing.  I watched the Netflix series House of Cards.   It is fictional but most people including ex President Clinton say it is very close to the reality of how Washington works. 

There is another thought here (without blame).  Even if we can vote and it is a truly accountable voting system. Even if we vote without machines that somehow miscount votes, is our vision a good one?  Two thousand years ago a crowd of people were voting in Jerusalem.  They were voting for the release of Jesus or the release of Barabbas.  Most of us think they made the wrong choice that day.  Then we have to ask; how much have we have progressed as a race of people, the human race? 

And now it appears that we are split into with 49% one side and 51% on the other end.  Is satisfaction or peace even possible with that sort of scenario?  Majority rule has its un-pretty side.  When 40% are left in the dust on an issue of importance,  it does not create harmony for us.

The advanced races of extra terrestrials say some things about us, as humans.  In many ways we are seen as adolescents that need to be controlled.  They maintain that we don't make good choices. Due to our military dominance we have come close to destroying our planet many times.  Although we all pray for world peace and especially at Christmas time, what will it take to create that? The money and vast resources that go into creating bigger and better bombs is staggering. Top military generals have testified that ET's have shut down weapons of mass destruction in the USA. Those ETs have also shut down silos in other countries. The message is clear. We will not be allowed to destroy ourselves or this planet. 

Many times parents say,  what about putting that funding into resources for our struggling education system?  What about putting that money into programs that keep teen agers out of harms way instead of building more prisons? 

We are told that these advanced races from beyond this solar system have given the technology for free energy and various cures for our chronic illness to those in authority.  Those ideas were shelved and or hidden.  Books have been burned and locks put on many developments that would indeed free and help us. 

Mostly those in power really don't want world peace. They are more interested in keeping us powerless so they can easily control us. That is easy enough to see these days. It was hidden in the past but we have Face Book. 

With all the intention on this and prayer around this.  There must be some split energy and divided intention lurking in our collective consciousness. Get really clear on what type of world you really, really want and do it now! (Strong Warning) What most humans do not realized is how powerful we are when we ask and envision. Those in power know that. Those in power hope to dumb us down and create more fear and entrapment. When we are depressed we don't create. The Universe gave us free will to create. When we come together as a group to create...we are stronger than any weapon. The Mayans learned to disappear to avoid capture. Amazing power awaits us.  

Those who are riding that war gravy train will sadly see the end result of that power soon enough.  That is a warning and a prediction.  Power is intoxicating until it is taken from you suddenly and you fully realize that "those who live by the sword will die by the sword". 

At some point the meek do inherit the world.  That is because the most sustaining energy is the energy that flows through all of us and connects all of us and creates instead of destroys.

All the hardships we are enduring are to illuminate once and for all that we as a race have to open our eyes, not be vulnerable, take a stand and really understand how to create peace and a better world.  Some knowledge can not be handed to us easily on a silver platter with a cookie.  We really need to understand collectively and quite sincerely that we do not need the control of others.  We can be self governing.  We can roll up our shirt sleeves and restore our power to the people who are willing to not be sheep like.  We can overcome it.  Does it take a generation or two?  Maybe that all depends on when enough humans reach the tipping point and say, we have had enough.  The we become like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.  We don't play their game or use what they offer,  we weave our own clothes and we march to the sea to make our own salt.  That is figurative.  If we don't want to fight in their wars and be placed in their prisons and pay their taxes...what can we do as an alternative. 

That is where imagination and cooperation come into play.  There is a whole new story unfolding and it is a glorious one, and it is a plan for peace as well. 

God Bless America, and God Bless all those who believe in Peace  

except for native indigenous Americans we are all immigrants. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Psychic Help for the Broken Hearted

As a psychic, many of my readings deal with painful break ups. These are not my personal favorites.  It seems like about 50 % of the break ups are not repairable.  Some situations are hopeful and old flames do return and the couple will be stronger for this separation.
The harder question might be why is that?  That seems to be shrouded in great mystery.  It is difficult to tell a client that it really is over and they should move on.  In fact I have learned not to be gentle when saying Move On!  You are wasting tears and time by hanging on like this. 
The reason I cannot tip toe around is this:  The client will not understand or hear it.  I had a very pretty lady come to me 5 times with the same question, will he return to me?  This couple had a roller coaster romance and had broken up and rejoined many times.  It was very hard to hear that this guy would not drop back into her life.  She was so fragile and I was being kind and trying to say get out there and find yourself again.  Finally she realized from a phone call that it really was over.  He had found someone new and they were moving in together after a year.  She asked him; "what is different about her from me?"  The answer was emotional stability. My client had a problem with binge drinking and a difficult childhood.  The new girl friend was not physically prettier but overall emotionally more stable. In fact I saw photographs and they could be sisters.  They looked remarkably alike.  The new girlfriend was a happy stress-free person and loved her job.  My client finally got it.  She was pretty upset and called to say, "why didn't you tell me?"  I said, "I did tell you!"  I kept saying go on with you life. She was so attached to the hope that he would come back that she could not hear my subtle messages.  I learned that you cannot be nice in this way.  It is hard to hear and it is unwelcome news and it makes me sad to be that sort of messenger.  Often times the person hearing it will not pay me.  Very few psychics are willing to take that chance and they will not ever tell the truth on this.  That makes it really hard for me as well.  Many of these clients have called dozens of psychics.  They will say, all the other psychics say he is coming back.  The majority of my clients are women.  It could be a guy and I have a men who have gone through tough breaks ups. One guys was hopelessly in love with a married women. I felt that she was not being entirely honest with him.  Honesty is very important when it comes to the human heart. It is just inherent that we do not manipulate the emotions of others to serve our own agenda.  I see that quite often.
The fact that other psychics are not willing to bare disheartening news, makes it that much worse for me.  As my one client put it, "I can't believe all those lying psychics out there." She put me in that same boat too (ouch). We all got lumped together because I don't think she could remember who said what and when.   Integrity is so important and being a psychic is not a cake walk and it won't make you rich (usually) Sylvia Brown being an exception. 
So, what makes me sure that something will or will not work out?  I either get a really warm wonderful feeling when they tell me the name of this love interest or not.  If they say his name and my stomach turns into a knot, I know it is over.  It is that simple.  I read tarot cards and usually they say the same thing as my stomach.  I sense energy and I pick up that radio station that tells me what is going to happen.  I don't totally understand it myself, but I trust it.  It has been unfailing.  People return after many months or even a year later and validate what I said.  Those relationship readings are probably my strong suit, but I wish it was career or travel plans.  I don't like the emotional fall out of having to tell the truth. In the long one the client is much happier.  I want to say "your loss is your gain".  It is always true.  Life will bring you what you really desire when you let go of something taking up room in your head and your life that is no longer good for you. 
Sometimes the female is the one who is getting ready to leave and she might not even know it yet.  Several times I have done a reading for a married woman only to see a side romance going on. There is no judgment as to right or wrong because each situation is unique.  Sometimes I see a decision needs to be made if it continues.  That is hard when kids are involved.  One mother of three had an extra marital affair going on for 5 years with a neighbor.  Both couples would recreate together.  I asked her if her husband knew about this?  She said no,  I asked how he would feel if he knew?  She was not sure.  I also saw her husband as a really devout husband and a good father.  In my mind I saw one of her children seeing this other relationship going on. They suspected it and in time it would be found out.  It would affect the whole family at that point.  Always there is a point to really take a second look at our actions and make choices.  Relationships are going to ask for personal growth every time.
Many years ago a lady came to me stating that her  husband just vanished for several months.  She wondered if he was alright and filed a missing person report.  They had a child together and she felt that he would at least contact the child.  I felt like he was alive and with someone in a romantic way in California.  I saw a very attractive brunette with him.  My client was a beautiful blond and slender enough to be a fashion model.  All of a sudden she knew who I was talking about.  It was like lightening hit her and it all made sense.  She told me that other psychics said he would return and they would be a family again.  I said no, he will not return and if he does show up, it will be to collect some of his belongings. She was furious and left in a huff.  I heard from her a few months later and she was in the middle of a very ugly divorce. 
There is nothing harder to hear than "its over" or if you are smart it should be over. It is almost impossible to believe and it is hard to let go of the hope that this person they love will be back.  It seems like there would have been some warning signs along the way. 
I think there probably were.  The way some of these women reacted to me during the unfolding of the truth was not good.  That told me that the guy would not want to go there and open up and be totally honest. The anger, rage, denial, and outburst, were almost too much for me.  I can understand why the man would want to sneak away without much discussion. Sometimes break ups trigger the worst in people.  They bring a cascade of hurtful emotions like: Childhood abandonments, lack of self-worth, and feelings of betrayal and many other emotional torments.  It is not just the current rejection it might be lots of unfinished business. 
That is why it is vital to really deal with all these issues before another relationship is formed.  Unfortunately, some of these same clients were back asking about new boyfriends.  I would say, oh my, you have not really found your land legs yet and where did you leave yourself behind?  Replacing a lover seldom takes the sting out of the leaving.  Only time takes it away.  It can be time well spent or time wasted.  I suggest that people go back to school, get involved in a project or hobby they are passionate about, or look up old friends and go on a road trip visiting them all.  Embark on an adventure.  The biggest goal is to reclaim yourself.  The most important self-work you will ever do is to heal and feel worthwhile again.  The world at large and everyone surrounding you will also benefit.  You will be a blessing to your own life and to others for standing up to this loss and winning.  Just wash that man right out of your hair and go on. 
There are always red flags when a relationship is about to end. I could usually tell when my partner and I were drifting apart.  I could also tell if it was a big thing or a little thing.  I seemed to know if it was something that could be fixed or not.  I was able to look at this knowledge and create plan B for myself.  It is hard to say if that is because I am psychic or just willing to look the truth in the eye?  I don't like those sort of surprises. I could see the writing on the wall and made some other plans.  It wasn't easy but it was empowering.  There might have been another way to deal with it.  At the time, it did not appear that there was. 
That brings me to the last generation.  My mother was married four times.  That was the multiple marriage and blended family generation.  Now you see pre-nuptials and parenting partnerships. Just when gay marriage is being legalized you see many hetero couples not wanting it at all.  The only problem is when children come on board.  There will need to be what I call a parent partnership contract.  That might need to be discussed ahead of time.  Some of these troubled break ups are the same ones that seem to use children as tools of torture as well.  It is always good to include family and extended family as a continued resource for your children.  Allow for this discussion to happen any time there seems to be an eminent break up.  What will this look like for our kids?  For me and my ex it was very good for a while.  He lived a few blocks away and my children did not seem too ravaged by our separation.  We were able to even plan to spend part of holidays together for the sake of extended family.  Then the unthinkable happened.  My ex moved clear across the country following a marriage to someone from Connecticut. We are in Arizona. That is a lot of miles.  My children then began to have some issues in school and at home.  It was not the divorce itself but the absence of the other parent that was hard to bare.  If possible put that in a contract, the other parent must be accessible for all the little things that happen.  It should not look like just seeing the other parent three weeks out of the summer.  It isn't the best for kids. 
Anyway we are all reaching a new level of understanding about partnerships and what will end them.  Not all involvements will last forever.  The ones that do seem to have personal freedom and trust built in.  Each person must be able to expand and grow. 
Happiness cannot be the sole responsibility of the person you marry or partner with.  It must be something each person finds for themselves. 
These are my discoveries and there are many more things to look at but this is why I almost don't want to do a reading for someone when I know it is about a break up.  It is a real downer.
my website is:  angelbellsguidance.com   

Monday, May 11, 2015

Heaven and God on This Alaskan Cruise

2008 Sitka Alaska
I was in awe of the small athletic porpoises leaping from the ocean waves. They were playing in the wake left by the ocean liner I was on. It was a dream come true: Finally to meet Neale Donald Walsch in person and to be in such a rich environment on board the Oosterdam Ship. There had been a rash of deaths in my family and those events seemed as otherworldly as experiencing the vast sea coast in front of me. I had received a modest inheritance and decided it was time to take a trip that would relax and heal my ravaged soul. Accepting the absence of significant people was not easy to get past and I needed the adventure and condolence that only nature in all its loveliness can offer.

We were traveling up the west coastal waters of Canada on our way to the breath taking shores of pine clad Alaskan mountains. I was on sensory overload. It was so beautiful I would clasp my heart and say to myself, "take this all in, breathe it in, feel it in, so you can always remember how this felt and looked and smelled. I was in the process of absorbing all the beauty I possibly could in one week. I was also journaling all I could from the lectures Neale would present on board ship. The following is a discussion about getting in touch with our own soul and together with God receiving the answers we need.

At nine in the morning we met in the Crow's Nest. We are on the upper most deck enclosed by huge glass windows that keep out the chill in the ocean air. Since we are at the rear or aft of the ship, we watch the wake the ship is leaving and see the vast expanse of blue ocean behind us. Every once in a while we are greeted with the presence of sea gulls circling the cloudless blue sky. I am feeling like a spoiled brat. I found out that room service was included in the deal I paid for. I had coffee and an omelet delivered to my room. I feel like I am in a dream but I keep telling myself it is all very real.

Neale asked us to gather in a semi circle and not a wide one. There are two roles of us in half circles. He explains that he broke his neck in an auto accident prior to writing his best selling "Conversations with God" novels. He mentions that it is important that he be able to maintain eye contact with everyone without twisting his neck too much. We all oblige and fit into his line of vision.

Neale is 60 something years old and has a sparkle in his blue eyes. His white hair is a bit long. He has a full white beard that makes him look like a sophisticated Moses figure sitting in jeans and a royal blue shirt directly in front of us. He tells us some jokes. It loosens the mood and then he begins with his discussion on the "ceiving" of things. He explains that God is constantly talking to us if we will listen.

Many times God gives us great ideas that we toss out or censure. I am taking notes and asking questions. One year later I read my short hand and realize I must fill in some of this discussion from memory. So the discussion goes something like this:
When we ask for help, God will bestow upon the mind certain "ceivings". This is not a true word but our mind conceives something that God put into the subconscious. Under ideal circumstances, we hope it will plant itself and grow, for this is "ceiving" at its best. However, many ceivings will be like seeds cast into the thorns. These seeds, or creative conceptions, will be trampled by our own limited perception. Neale explained, "we ceive, perceive and then deceive". Our own inner censor will come from our conscious mind and tell us things like "you can't do that", or "you tried something like that before and it didn't work". What just happened? An idea was cast into your mind and it was pure genius and original design. We tossed it out before it had a chance. Then if we should share our idea with others, those others become the birds that eat all our seeds or great ideas. The peanut gallery is full of nay sayers that will trample your dreams underfoot or eat them for breakfast. The idea is to let the seeds of God fall onto fertile ground and take root.

Neale asked us to write down an issue we were having in our personal lives. Tomorrow we will collectively discuss what we can "ceive". Give yourself time to meditate and cultivate the receptive part of one's mind. Carry your question with you into the rest of this day and watch for subtle messages. You might engage in a conversation with a stranger on board ship and they will gift you with an idea or you might turn to the right page of a book and see an answer.
Sometimes we will flip on a radio station and hear a song that seems to sing to us our answer. And then we will tell ourselves, oh, that was nothing, that song is on the airwaves for everyone and I am acting like it was just for me. Well, maybe it was just for you. Maybe God was singing a love song to anyone who would listen. When you received it in your heart at the perfect moment, then it was just for you.

Neale cautioned us about caring for our soul more than any other aspect. Most of us get caught up in our day to day worlds. We busy ourselves with many mundane things. If you give some time to each day to meditate and ask questions of God your life will start to unfold in untold ways. God wants to communicate with us, but, we give that precious little time. We might spend a half hour on the phone with a creditor, and then be grumpy and upset for the next half hour. We have aches and pains, so we spend two hours waiting to see a doctor. We come home with a prescription that makes us drowsy and out of sorts so we will just go to bed early. Even our best friend calls and we can't speak to her/him right now. Neale cautioned us about putting the "kingdom of God first" everyday. That "kingdom" or sacred realm is within our own soul. Neale said that when we have our SOUL as our priority, or the apex of our own pyramid, all else will be put into right order. Our bodies will repair themselves and take on new life and our Mind will function on the high level it was meant to. Our mind is not the same as our brain. The brain functions much like a computer and helps us perceive and navigate our physical world.

God will reach us and gift us with good ideas and solutions to any crisis or problem. That gift cannot take hold in a sea of anxiety and worry. You must calm your mind and have faith. I am getting in the habit of asking for a solution and then immediately saying "thank you God". My faith is now growing to the point that I know I will get my answer. I don't always know who will deliver it but I know "it is in the mail. I might be just doing the dishes and out of the blue the solutions to my dilemma plops into my head. I don't argue with it. Even if it seems unlikely, I write it down. I water it a little with gratitude and love. In a short time I have a plan that I can really carry out. I usually don't share my information until I have the result or conclusion manifest. Other people can destroy a fragile dream. This is between you and God so find a warm sunny spot to let it grow and become a miracle.
At the end of any Neale directed lecture, he would turn to us and ask, "Are you folks getting your money's worth"? It is odd because my negative parts would say "wow I have spent an enormous amount of money for me on this trip". My practical side would chime in with "you should have put this money in a CD or IRA for retirement." I would just grab my heart and say, no, no, no. This trip is worth a million trillion dollars to my soul. I am sure that this money will have many spiritual unfoldings in the future. No savings account can give my heart, life and soul these types of returns.
So there it is. It makes it all the sweeter to share this journey with all of you. And may all your dreams have a fertile place to plant themselves and grow.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Do We Have Reptile Dysfunction in the USA?

Who is really the man behind the curtain?  It might not be a human being at all.  Sounds absolutely ridiculous to most people until one of two things happen.  They are abducted by the military, or they are abducted by the aliens. 

If you are lucky enough to not fall into either one of those two boxes; there is a third box: Social Services.  I fall into that box.  These are the therapist, counselors, teachers, and social workers who will very often hear stories from children about being forced to participate in rituals.  They call them Satanic Rituals or cult rituals.  They witness baby murder or infanticide.  They are forced to participate in sexual acts.  What makes this horrible is that many of these rituals are inviting some of the most prominent leaders in the community.  Those who try to report or expose often meet with an unfortunate accident. 

Instead of posting links; I just suggest going to YouTube and use that search bar and the following names:

Camelot Interview with Carry Cassidy and Rothschild Daughter
Stewart Swerdlow/Reptilians and Mind Control
Arizona Wilder/ Deceived No More
Maxwell Jordon/Reptilians

My biggest question as a social worker was: Why?  I felt there were traumatized children and that they were telling the truth.  Many of these kids are forced to redact their story.

Hang on to Your Seat for the Why Part. 

 There are the reasons for doing this that the cult believes, that is what the more human or half human hybrids believe.  There is a more unfathomable version of what the aliens have disclosed to certain insiders.  And if any of this is true and that means even 1% of it, we need to stand up and take notice.  There is a defense.  That is knowing your rights as a human, being strong enough to stand your ground, know what human values you most cherish and highlight those. 

Most victims are seduced by fuzzy boundaries and a loss of personal power. Most babies are taken from 3rd world countries, bought from "bad" people running orphanages. Children often have no choice and parents arrange for them to be victims.  Why would any parent ever do that?  They believe it fractures the mind and allows the reptilian part of them to emerge over the human part. The reptilian part is more logical, more like Spock. It is survival based thinking.  Also in many ways they now are initiated into this cult.  Many children will not be able to interact with "normies" out there after this horrible act occurs. Children are often tortured, raped, forced to watch the other children who are being harmed as well.  They become rather submissive and less able to think for themselves.  As Swerdlow mentioned; these fractured minds become suggestible. They might be asked to murder or do other types of unethical acts later.

And why is the government so complacent?  That is a mile long story and I suggest Googling Ted Gunderson, FBI, murdered for his investigation into the Satanic Cults operating with high level government officials involved.  This is sad to watch the USA slowly loose its priceless FREEDOMS that so many people died for.  It was a long hard fight, to then have it swept away with the Patriot Act. 

I also suggest that everyone get a copy of Methodical Illuision by Rebekah Roth.  I just got my copy in the mail.  If you Google that name there are plenty of interviews with her.  She is a brave person to write an airline industries insider account of what happened on 9/11.  Warning:  It will make you sick at heart and you will realize several things.  The think I hope we all realize is this:  Let the real USA citizens stand up and say, we did not do any of this.  Our government has been usurped and the real bosses might not be able to un hide themselves.

What I have heard from those who seem to speak with Reptilian (five star military generals have be witnessed in trade agreements)  aliens is this:  We are many things for them.  They harvest us in different ways.  We are advancing now and close to liberation.  They will be stuck underground on earth and cannot escape until they evolve like we are.  The chickens are flying the coup.  Human blood is like a drug for them.  It holds hormones that they do not produce.  They are amused by human emotions and especially like "war games" and fear.  Humans provide much of the things they need and cannot produce for themselves. 

Reptilians are very psychic and can read us.  They are fast and will know what you are going to do milliseconds before you do it.  They feel superior to humans.  They do not understand human connectedness, love, bonding and family.  We are able to connect with our Higher Selves in a way they have lost.  We have a divine connection and with that is the ability to create and improve our lives.  And they have been able to deceive and manipulate us very easily.  They can mentally control humans pretty well.  Not always.  Anytime someone behaves in a brave altruistic way, it really foils a plan.  By not engaging in anger and violence and even offering co-existence, we foil reptilian agendas. 

First I guess people must believe they are here.  I say look at the way our world is going?  Humans will sell out other humans for money and power.  Not all of us, but, there are those who have lost their way.  Most people will be more effected by the non human friendly agendas than actually seeing a reptilian in an up close personal way.  It is so important to support people who do experience this.  Very often they are ridiculed and their life becomes undone.  If someone tells you their story, please be open minded. 

Jesus said:  The meek will inherit the earth.  I believe that is true.  In the end it will be our kindness not our inferior weapons that win the day.  I do not recommend fighting the aliens in any sort of violent way. 

I must add one other most important thing.  Not all reptilians are bad guys.  There are groups now trying to run interference and more in line with humans.  They are the rebels and cannot be too obvious. 

I think in the future it will not always be obvious who the good guys and bad guys are. 

There is lots here to research and digest.  Most of the videos are better than any science fiction movie out there.  So enjoy the exploration.


Friday, April 24, 2015

Does What I Eat Matter As I Revise and Resize.

That Depends.
Maybe not as much as one would think!


I had a personal revelation last night.  I have an inner rebel about weight loss.  It might be because my Mother seemed so upset when I gained weight.  Even as an adult I would call my Mother and her first question was "have you lost weight?"  I remember not eating for several weeks, before anyone had a name for that, and then thank God I abandoned that.

6/5/15 On my vacation to California I did pretty well.  I was able to eat healthy food and take the tangy tangerine vitamins.  I did not feel hungry.  I ate less than normal.  But this reduction in food was not coming from a place of feeling deprived.  I think if I really wanted something I might eat a small amount and that would be OK.  When I saw pictures from my trip I noticed I was still heavier than I would like but I look OK.  Abraham says make peace with where you are, especially concerning your body.  I watched people eat large amounts of food and it made me feel uncomfortable for them.  I don't think we need as much as we think.  Anyway some sort of shift is naturally happening.  It is happening without any sort of guilt or self-degradation.  That is so important.  I want to love myself lighter and healthier.

As I was trying to enlist all of me, body and soul to now shed some pounds, I had to be very gentle with the process.  I had to honor the beauty of plump women, including myself.  I had to approach this as a body benefiting lessening of weight.  I said, my feet, knees and back would benefit so much from becoming lighter.  I was asked to give my self a big hug just the way I am.  The God within me never saw any of the magazines with very thin models.  I was a glamour girl the way I am.  That was such a key development in my history and resistance to a positive better self-image. 

I have listened to Abraham via Ester Hicks many times on the subject of weight loss.  Like many of us we are looking for a pill, product, program of eating, exercise equipment and she very “irritatingly” does not do that!

When I do psychic counseling session with people, they often complain that I am being illogical.  What I say is bouncing off their personal construct of what reality is.  I ask them “how is your logic working out for you right now?”  The hardest job is to change anyone’s belief system.  I would say it is impossible really.  Even when you hold a mirror up to someone and show them their beliefs and where that belief has a hole in it; it is dismissed.  

There are many scary things in our environment, or are there?  For me it is rollercoasters, but that is the thrill of a life time for some people.  I once had to cross the US and Canadian bridge at Port Huron.  I have a huge phobia of steep inclines.  My heart was pounding and my palms were sweating the whole time.  I had to sing really loud to keep from passing out.  I started singing “Closer to God” and decided to pick Aretha Franklin’s song “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman”.  I would have been less afraid of death itself at that moment.  In fact, if a car jacker had knocked me out and took over the drive, it would have been a blessing.   

Is any of that logical?  Absolutely not. It doesn’t serve me well.  I can’t meet friends at the Point Hilton because it sits at the top of a hill.  Even if someone else is driving, I have sweaty palms.  Can someone argue me out of that fear?  Probably not.  There are desensitization techniques that therapists use.  I will try that in the future.  It is up to me alone to eliminate that fear with my Higher Power.

Our beliefs are not “reality” nor are they “logical”.  They are full of holes and so is our memory.  Memories have little to do with facts.  They are also filtered by beliefs. 

So end result, everything we believe is largely made up.  If being stuck in that belief is not allowing the quality of life we deserve and desire, there is a problem.  Abundance is being able to create the life you want.  The Universe has a huge menu, so what do you want to order? Do you want an agile, lighter, energetic body to play in?  The Universe can deliver it.  No one can lose a hundred pounds over night.  I weigh once a month.  I decided it is more important to be happy and often weighing is not a happy moment.  I also decided there are no evil foods.  I might need to explain that a bit more.  I am seeing things differently and feeling better.  That is wonderful.  But nowhere in this blog am I a “Richard Simmons” health fitness guru.  I am just here to shake up some belief systems.  Nowhere in this essay do I say “follow me”, because I am in the joyous process of becoming.  I am not a finished product.  I have my eye on the prize, but not in an obsessive way.  There are so many women who harm themselves to be thin.  They starve or take laxatives to be thinner. 

What I have found is loving life makes you thinner. When I am happy I do not over eat and I naturally choose the food that is right for me.  When I am happy, there is a bounce in my step and I like to take walks.  If I were not immersed in living a full joyous life, I might be chained to a program and then experience guilt when I “cheated”.  My dream life looks different.  Self-love is fundamental to your health.  A body that is swimming in uplifted energy will heal itself.  A body that is loved will balance the endocrinal system to a well-oiled sportster model.  Get thin being happy. 


 Becoming a more desirable weight is all about energy and our world view.  That is about as far left of our present paradigm as one can go. That is what I believe Abraham-Hicks is saying on this topic. There are hundreds of food loss programs (most with a price tag).  Some of them work for a while.  The reason they often do not work long term is the basic fundamental belief construct of a person has not shifted.  The focus has been on food, certain types of food, and energy expenditure, and calories, and other factors like supplements.  It is for each person to decide what feels right

This conversation is far from complete.  It is the beginning of a change of path.  I purchased Abraham Hicks weight loss DVD long ago.  I believe it saved me enormous amounts of money.  I don’t buy all the products Dr. Oz recommends.  I don’t shell out the money I used to.  I don’t bow down to the skinny image media anymore.  My heroes have changed.  Who is living the most the way they want to?  Ester Hicks maybe? 

You can watch her on You Tube.  I do.  I read her books and buy her DVD’s and feel richer, happier and now thinner.  And if you don’t, then find activities and friends that bring out the happiest version of you.  Put on a pair of sneakers and walk, do some Yoga, create a gratitude journal, dance to the radio, watch comedies not the news.  Those are all absolutely free and they work.  Food, what to eat, that is a whole other topic and has far less to do with weight loss than ever imagined.  Just be sensible.  You have a thick basis of dogma around this.  It will take time to say, it doesn’t matter what I eat.  So like Ester says, sometimes you must honor your beliefs.  It is nuts to eat something you believe is bad for you.  You are where you are in terms of what you think.  As Ester says you cannot turn a train going 150 mph around quickly due to the momentum.   We operate in a dimension of inertia.  It would be highly developed to decide to ignore this accepted law of physics without suffering adverse effects. 

At my present weight, it is hard to believe how men will flirt with me.  It is not a social barrier anymore. They might enjoy hanging out with a happy upbeat person?  Having a few playmates is part of my definition of abundance too. 

I have to end somewhere knowing there is a book happening.  I just want to keep going…

So bye for now.    

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Co-Creating with a Crystal Ball

In my morning meditation I was highlighting all the aspects I like about being an intuitive counselor, psychic, channel, and medium.  What has hooked me into this?  But I don't like the cheap definition of "fortune teller".  That is a poverty stricken image for me.
I love it when the client and I are "catching fire".  Co-creating is going on and I feel so magnificent.  Many teachers believe that we are all God's children and His/Her Heaven as well.  He/She experiences new leading edge expansion through us.  I like that.  It seems that would be the case. To see the All That Is growing with us adds a rainbow to a gray sky.  
There is physical manifestation going on too.  There are flashes of light and orbs and things start to move on their own. I used to have a music box on the table. I bought it for 5 dollars at a thrift store. I put two AA batteries in it and nothing happened. But I left it on my table.  When I was doing a tarot card reading for a couple it started to work.  There was this odd whirring sound, and then it played music.  Any time a loved one was present during a reading it would work.  Ha. Love that.  James Van Praagh told me I was a physical medium.  Apports happen too. Those are lost objects.  They appear. During my reading yesterday one of my lost earrings appeared. 
There is magic in several people coming together and brain storming a solution for an issue.  Really all problems serve as spring boards to higher creation. 
So I used to think I wanted to be an advisor to the "stars".  Those are people in a position of influence and they can make a more profound impact on others. 
I have a newer revelation.  We are all stars, bright shinny ones.   I get so much benefit from seeing people reach for the next level.  My favorite readings are the ones that allow me to experience the beauty and talent (untapped) of the person in front of me.  It really is a "God" thing.  It is a divine moment unparalleled  in its ability to delight me and make my day.
For all of us there is a trickle down effect,  like the widening ripples after throwing a stone into a still pond.  Our growth radiates out and effects everyone around us. 
The impact of new insight is something hard to define.  It is magical and breathtaking,  When I get to experience a new paradigm with others...a bond is formed.  It is rather like being the birthing coach and witnessing new life.  I feel like the midwife. 
It is indeed transforming and spectacular.  I feel like I am watching a black and white movie that turned to Technicolor.  And somehow I am now "family".  Yes, I just became cousin Nancy or Angel Bell.  Many of my clients do become good friends and very family like.  I can't go back to seeing them as "the stranger who just walked in my door".
The way to be the Star in my experience is to ask for it, and to truly believe that when two or three come together, in true expectation, that it can happen.  Wow.  That is as good as it gets.
Short story.  I volunteered at a middle school as a "fortune teller" in a booth.  There were several of us helping at a school carnival.  It was a fundraising event.  I had a great time.  Most of the kids I read for were about 12 to 14 years old.  I saw amazing things in all of them and for all of them.  I think I felt like "Catcher in the Rye"  helping them deal with some of the "land mines"  ahead and showing them their own strengths and talents.  They had lots of talent.  How fun to hold a crystal ball out in front of them where all the good stuff shows up.  Things they never saw about themselves became clear.  I saw one girl winning a surfing championship.  Her mother started dancing around.  They were debating sending her to surfing school in Hawaii.  Usually kids in Arizona, don't do the surfer thing.  Yes they were surprised I saw it.  I was surprised and happy too.  It is so incredible to get validated like that.  Generally kids and young adults have such pure positive energy and I get to splash around in it for a while. Fun. 
There are so many blessings in doing the work I do.  I just need to highlight those.  And say...I love it and bring me some more clients that want to grow and expand and make a difference. 
I am making a difference too...one heart, one life, one realization at a time.
I see a whole constellation of stars (my people)