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Sunday, March 30, 2014

ASMR and the Importance of Non Sexual Pleasure

Non Sexual Pleasure, ASMR and Well-being

I was going to call this the best kept female secret.  I briefly thought of calling it Vagina Speak.  Much too brash and loud. Vagina's don't talk...so a name like Vagina Monologues turns me the other way.  It is too blatant and to out there for real female discussion.  If we were going to have one of those girl talks among best friends, we would begin speaking euphemistically of our personal discoveries.  We would speak with high respect of the magic that comes with sexual exploration.  If the discussion was done with the right decorum, I don't think blushing or shame would prevent us from telling our secrets.  I believe these discussions are held sacred among women and for a very good reason.  Abuse, control. manipulation of women and their bodies, is historically what occurs.  I think there is ample documentation of that.  

Is there female manipulation of men? Oh, of course.  John the Baptist died due to that.  It is a pretty strong hate and revenge that would lead a mother to trade her daughters virginity for the head of someone.  It happens.  Females who learn what triggers males are certainly at an advantage and vice verse.

There is no manual or how to book that really tells the story holistically.  True sexual education is not about our plumbing.  Masters and Johnson's novel studies, were the tip of the iceberg.  How wonderful (the Masters and Johnson research) to debunk the myths of thousands of years.  I am so proud of these researchers because they, like Freud, were pioneers into a much needed area of understanding.  This has been so taboo and it so needs to be treated differently, honestly, and with total respect for something that is a gift of life and bonding.  We will learn more about our anatomy, reactions and physiology....


The hitch is this:  The non sexual acquisition of pleasure.  This is where the medical model, science, religion, and history all collide.  We have been trained away from most types of pleasure by the edicts  of religion and moral authorities.  Quite sadly too.  ( I am convinced that humans have been brainwashed for the millennium to be servants to others) Sure the two of the ¨deadly sins¨ are gluttony, and lust. They occur in an imbalance, and part of that is the closeted treatment of what would really be good for us. Watch a kid make mud pies...too bad we grow up.

The sexual hormones in humans are too prominent to ignore and thus our survival as a species is insured. I believe some would call the non sexual pleasure between humans ¨foreplay¨.  Well, it can be that.  But I decided to make a somewhat bullet-ed list of human contact pleasure that is not sexual and the goal is not delayed orgasm.  I remember stepping in the shower with my six month old...water not as hot as usual and having the best time with bubbles and laughter.  In fact I did everything wrong as a Mom.  I breastfed in bed with my newborn and fell asleep with him in my queen size bed.  It would have been impossible to roll over on him...every subconscious part of me knew that he was there.  Even in a coma I would not have accidentally squished him.  We started showering together up until about age two.  I probably have some taboo about him getting older and maybe that is good? (too much hysteria about all that incest stuff) It could never happen. That is such a sick symptom of being estranged from our true bonds and humanness. What ugly thoughts we think sometimes.

 As a Mom I found it hard to find the time alone to take long, luxurious baths, and that is one of my little pleasures.  Showing with an infant is a very practical way to get clean and it was a bonding experience as well.  Bathing works well too.  Going on walks and smelling leaves and flowers is a marvelous discovery with little ones too.  I remember nature walks with my father as being some of the best quality time when I was little.  He made time for me, and it was not hurried or cut off.  So, I am offering a list of non sexual pleasures.

Why?  Without this part I don't think true intimacy even begins to happen.  I think we remain balled up and living with stress and isolation and that is contrary to our emotional well being.  It is a great heyday for the pharmaceutical industry.  They continue to sell ¨happy¨ pills and make trillions of dollars.  Maybe these simple human well being techniques need to be closeted to allow the mega rich to stay rich?  Oh, Good Grief...no.  It is a great non sexual pleasure of mine to write...and share...and care.  For that is human to the core of us.  Our core is peaceful and loving...and well we might be trained in soldiering...I think that might be the agenda of snakes.

Pleasure of a non sexual type should be encouraged.

mutual massage,  brushing hair,  bathing, feeding each other, finger painting, ASMR on You Tube, art and sculpture, grooming each other, music, creating music together, listening to music together,
 friendly contact sports, hugging, singing together, face to face conversation,  encouraging laughter, or joke telling, sightseeing as a group, story telling around a camp fire, water play, water slides, snow play, sledding,  exploring aromas or aroma therapy.  Nature walks for discovery of taste, texture and smells.  Bring all the senses on board.  tickling, velvet, silk pajamas, bouncing, sun bathing, back scratching, smearing pudding on your face….LOL.  

There are dozens of feelings and experiences not included here.  It is a long and growing list.

I started my own little book just about my pleasure discoveries.  And guys, stop being so macho, and definitely get into your feeling side.  You will live longer and love better.

Oh and humor helps too.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jumping into a pile of Moon Money

Yes it all flows together, the moon, money and me.  Zac is such an artist and created some moon money one time.  I think that is borrowed from a game.  It is possible to attract large amounts of money into your life, yes(!), the real spendable kind.  It is always best not to be too desperate. Sometimes that is the hard part. I do know. This is where my guides tell me to trust. Trust that the Universe sees you, knows you. Fear seems to create an obstacle that is not easy to explain. Your flow of energy needs to be playful and relaxed. I get tested on this all the time, and I admit to not passing this at every turn. I am getting better.

I have been listening to the Abrahamster stuff and doing a few personal experiments.  I imagine all the many tokens of abundance finding me easily.  It is really more than that.  Abe/Hicks states that having passion and joy creates a magical attraction of abundance in your life.  Just being more engaged in happiness will draw the right people and phenomena of money to you.  Remember the part in Avatar (2009 film) where the little seeds all land on Jake.  His heart is attracting them and he can't even brush them away.  That is called vibrational currency.  That type of energy can lead to playful and significant real dollar amassing.

The reason for today's post is this. I Love doing psychic readings. Link to that site: Angel Bells Hangout.  I meet the most amazing people and when I read for someone else, it always seems to answer one of my own questions as well. Amazing how that happens.  I Did a phone reading last night for an adorable person. This person was telling me that they work from home as a billing entrepreneur. She was feeling isolated and also worrying about bills. There was no real sparkle in her life. I scanned her in my assessing easy way. My guides showed me pictures of her being a gourmet cook and enjoying that. They showed me her grooming cute little dogs. And I saw her doing the country swing at a local country western night club. Three things that add some zest and sparkle to her life. She validated all three things, loves C & W music and dancing, loves to cook for others, loves animals and was a dog sitter at one time. I said, sometimes our passion can lead to money. I saw some creative ways to turn these hobbies and interests into money and it would get her out of the house. She closed that door quickly...saying will I will do my bookkeeping to pay the bills and then I might do some of those things. ¨Oh no, don't wait¨ I exclaimed.  Don't go back to isolating and being in a gloomy closet.

I tried to explain that she had it backwards with the flow of money. She would become a magnet for dollars by enjoying what she does and adding some enthusiasm to her life. It is hard to explain that concept to someone trained in thinking in ¨practical ways¨. We have so much of that programming embedded in us from well meaning others. Clearing this could take time but it doesn't have to. Her present paradigm was not working well anyway..thus she asked for a reading with this moon crazed moon child psychic. She had a grounded way about her and she was adorable on many levels, but it is time for a shift. This linear thinking (work now, play later, gotta keep my nose to the grindstone and ignore my life) really pinches us off from the pot of gold that only each soul can find,...we all need to embrace a more holistic view point.

And what a blessing to me.  I needed to see this clearly...more clearly.

Amen and Amen

adding a great Abraham Hicks Link..enjoy


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Don't Know Much...But I know I Luv YOU

March 26, 1979 to July 8 2006

I wrote a book about Jason, my son, who accidentally lost his life in California.  Jason was a teacher on so many levels. Parenting Indigo children is different.  It is more of a partnership. They don't do well with authoritative parenting.  They are leading with their heart. They are born wise, sensitive, old souls.  I wish I could do it all over again.  I have let go of any parenting mistakes and realize that I did get it right some of the time!   The relationship I have with Jason has grown.  In a way, he is closer to Zac and I in his eternal energetic form. Instead of hugging, I sense the hugs on the inside. We miss him being turf side, of course. I feel that Jason made this transition for reasons I might not fully understand.  It was not suicide, but, all death is actually agreed upon by the Higher Eternal Self and thus not a dictate of ¨God¨. During Jason's first year of transition, 2006-2007 there was a great deal of phenomena. On Mother's Day I found a card on my pillow. The inscription said, I love you always, unconditionally, Jason. And it was his handwriting.  I asked, Zachary.  He was as amazed as I was.  I write about all this in my book,  ¨Sunflowers for Jason¨.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Humans have much to Learn from Sasquatch

Sasquatch and the Human Connection

When speaking of Sasquatch or Bigfoot creatures, I am very cautious.  I feel there will be a time we can interact with them more freely.  They are ancient ancestors of the human race.  In being such, you might ask where the fork in the road is?  That is rather sad in my opinion.  

We were genetically altered and in my opinion, not for the better.  We are smaller and airless in comparison to Sasquatch.  We are also more cerebral or analytical.  That is a large part of our disconnection and a large part of our mental health issue as humans.

As we re-member and re-connect...with our true origins we will not need Prozac or Tegretol.  We will not have the need to numb with substances of all types.  We will lose our vulnerability to the agendas of others.  Those other agendas range from using us as slaves to using us as soldiers, to using us for sex.  Hard to believe the sex part, but our sexual libido was enhanced and that is why women have a different cycle than almost any other mammal on this planet.  Introducing a management part of our cerebral cortex was our undoing.  We can navigate certain math processes and certain types of reasoning, however, that emotional manager is often a filter that cuts us off from the innate wisdom of our emotions.  

You will find some of our heritage in our emotions.  Crying, screaming, laughter, love of water, love of family and our nuclear bonds, love of nature, love of certain kinds of foods, and perhaps the need to be held and hugged and groomed by others.  Screams that warn of danger and predators,  and laughter that makes life worth living; those are still with us to a large extent.  We have lost some of the subtle emotional concepts and the ability to look deep in someones eyes and communicate all we feel without a single word of utterance.  What we would call telepathy is very basic and innate.  How odd that some people find that really hard to do.  

I had a Bigfoot sighting.  I was driving through the Uintah Basin Mountains at twilight. My two little boys were in the back of the mini van. We pulled off the road out of necessity.  When I started my vehicle back up my headlights caught a pair of eyes that sent a chill through me. It was a very hairy, human like creature.  He was holding onto the side of a mountain ledge. I feel he was trying to get a better look at us.  He was at a about 100 yards away.  From my line of sight  he was about 3 feet tall.  I mean he was much larger in reality, but at my vantage point that was that size.  If you were looking at a human trekking up the side of a mountain,  and you were a distance back, they might appear to be 2 feet high.  Perspective.  

From that short connection, I started listening to stories. I really am good at sniffing out the fake stories, but some encounters fit perfectly with what I sense about Sasquatch Tribe.  I feel they are very intelligent, they have a type of language, they bury their dead.  Most importantly they are inter-dimensional and they have learned to shift between 3rd and 4th density.  They will leave a few clues for us, but unless they really wish to get to know you and have some sort of exchange, it will not happen.  

Like Native American Totem Animals, they can offer their protection to humans.  There are stories of people passing out or sustaining injuries while hiking and being helped by Sasquatches.   Those stories are few and far between for a reason.  

When we are more balanced and able to respect all animals, we will have more interaction.  When we are not a threat, we will have more interaction.  Until then they will remain elusive and for good reason!  

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ASMR: A Triumphant Time for Tingles

ASMR:  A Time for Tingles

I am such a fan of ASMR and such an experiencer of the marvelous relaxation and tingly sensations that I allow when listening to the many Youtube Videos.  I love coming home after a busy and sometimes stressful day and just sitting in a very comfortable chair, with a tall glass of green ice tea, putting my ear plugs in and listening to my favorite videos.  

The world fades away and I am surrounded by crinkly sounds, and warm whispers, and gentle brushing:  All calming my mind.  It would be enough to be sublimely relaxed but that is not the biggest prize in this session.  Very soon I start feeling pleasure and even more relaxation as I take a little magical ride on the delicious tingle carpet.  It is sheer heaven.  It is like getting a massage and then a little fairy  brushes your face with a feather. A tingle, and explosion of pleasure and a slight tickle sensation engulfs my body.  It is a traveling sensation as the Central Nervous System sparks a response through your brain, face shoulders and back. ASMR is short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. There is nothing like it.  It is like a force of nature takes over and lifts you up into a magical experience where trees hug you and you feel so completely loved and even celebrated.  Celebrated for just being you...the wonderful being you are.  I feel like I surrender to this cascade of pleasure and fall into a solf place of roses and happy clouds above me.  

One day when I was really blue and in the dumps, I listened to nothing but ASMR over and over again.  There is a threshold.  I think at some point I decided the sensation was fading.  It never completely went away.  I just realized that for me ASMR is best enjoyed in half hour doses.  It feels like a rich chocolate dessert and a foot massage at the end of my day.  Like Christmas, it would lose some of its impact if it became too common in my daily routine.

I started keeping a book of my little pleasures, no matter how small, so that when I need to treat myself it can be as simple as going over my list to find a little mini vacation for me.  I will share some of my list in the hope that it would spark others to do the same.  Sewing, craft making, blogging, fixing a delicious treat that is low carbs and yet very tasty, reading a chapter out of an inspirational book, or a good mystery, and snuggling with my furry angels (cats).  The more active branch of this is:  inner city hikes that include some window shopping.  Some areas of Metropolitan Phoenix and outlying areas make my happy and some make me sad.  I choose the best feeling places.  I look forward to getting a new bike...and the same thing is true..some areas feel safe, and uplifting and some don’t.  If you have a little money,  rent a good movie.  If you have a little more disposable income visit a museum and share a glass of wine with a friend afterwards in the Compass Restaurant.  That is a restaurant that slowing turns around at about 20 stories about Phoenix...giving a panoramic view of the Valley.  It is breathtaking.  If you have quite a windfall of money...I suggest taking the Grand Canyon Train….to the Canyon.  Provided a link.  Most people will believe in God and Divine Intelligence after spending a day at the Canyon.  

It really does not take a great deal of money to have those special moments.  The best deal in town is the YouTube community that does a great job of healing the restless places and gifting us with such pleasure for free.  Thank you from every little pleasure nerve of my being.

Some of the gorgeous ASMR Angels…


Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Woopi Goldberg, Oda Mae Effect

Remember the movie Ghost (1990) with Whoopi playing a psychic named Oda Mae? How can we forget. She is a charlatan psychic.  I met several of those types of psychics in Sedona.   I call it burn out.  They have been psychic at one time, started charging money, got used to that and lost the real connection.  I am not sure how that happens exactly.  When drinking coffee with some top psychics they will tell me things I am sure they don’t say to very many.  They don’t want to be psychics any more.  They want to do work shops, sell books,  sell cards but they don’t really want to service people in readings anymore.

Perhaps they were intrigued at one time with the gift and with helping people.  That all flew by the wayside.   Social workers ( I have worn that tee shirt) go through burn out so bad...like no other profession.  Police, Nurses, Doctors, Psychologist and (Psychics), all experience burn out.  I watch it happen like a bad movie.  

Bad Movie: Susan Sunshine Social Worker

Young fresh 22 year old hops off the bus with a small suitcase.  She is a Pollyanna type with a big grin. She just graduated from college and she is filled with passion and inspiration.  She is going to help people and make a difference in this world.  It takes about a year of bumping into some not so nice realities before she loses that glow. There are so many reasons...I can think of 199 right now.  People can be lazy, they can get stuck, agencies are not funded correctly.  People at the top, the CEO’s who sit in plush offices take their salary off the top of the funding, perhaps your tax dollars and donations,  the social workers are busting their butts and making nothing, and the money to help the people dries up all too fast.  People are resistant to change, some of the techniques and classes are totally ineffective, people have to want to change. Sometimes you cannot throw enough money at a family to make it any different.  Find free housing, food stamps, health care, find them a job, etc,  and they wind up back on the streets.  They come back wanting more help.  Paper work is nightmare.  The agencies really want so much paperwork and yet special people helpers rarely get paid for it.  Our 22 year old Pollyanna get disillusioned.  She is tired and overworked.  She has no social life and she can barely pay her bills.  It happens just like that. There are of course exceptions and when people do turn their lives around...wow...the sun comes out and the birds sing.   The expectations people have of psychics can be so unrealistic.  There is a similar story for us.

The End…

Well if you remember the story in Ghost (movie 1990),  Patrick Swayze is murdered and he comes back to help protect his wife, Demi Moore, who is in danger.  He can’t reach Demi,  she is not able to hear him. This is very accurate.  Grief can block any real clear communication.  You can sense the loved one, and dream about them and yet the water is muddy on accurate messages.  Patrick contacts Oda Mae who does hear him.  All of a sudden she is a real psychic and what’s worse is she can’t get rid of Patrick.  Yes, that does really happen.  There are ghosts that will not leave me alone until I get a message to their loved one.  

I will get to the point I am really trying to make.  God, Source, Your Higher Self and Your Guides are all connected in your vortex of your being.  Neale Donald Walsch says, God is always trying to connect with you.  The next song on the radio might be a love song from Source and it is just for you.  

Even if a psychic is not sufficiently in tune with her center and her receptivity, the message you need can come through.  That message will come through with such grandeur and clarity no matter what.  It is you the client that will allow the message and it is you the client who will block the message.  

Two Questions Are Forming Here

One:  Why are psychics not always in tune?  

They are like anyone, they can be overly tired,  they can be stressed by life events happening to them, and they might just need a break from the intensity of being a psychic.  They might need to recharge their battery.  Channeling takes a certain type of life force and power.  It is easy to become drained.  If someone is greedy they might be doing too many readings a day...like some people do in Sedona.  It is OK for a short while but then they hit the floor.  It take a while to recoup.  And often times they lose the desire to help people in this way...because it is like offering someone a gold nugget that took lots of energy to create, and it is not appreciated at all.  I think Jesus called that casting your pearls before swine.?  It can feel that way.  There is really no monetary amount for this exchange.  The money charged is only a token amount and you are paying them for their time.  You are also, paying for all the fakes out there.  I mean really, if people don’t value a true channeled message,  it might be because of bad psychics in the past.

Because it does happen to all of us who do this work.  I offer to re-do a reading two weeks in the future...if someone is unhappy. I think I have a very good record, but sometimes it just isn't going as well as I would like   Why wait two weeks?  Well, that gets to the next Question:  

Two:  People can energetically block messages

There are many ways the client can block and disallow the best possible reading, the clarity and the answers they need.  This has always baffled me.  When the student is ready the teacher is there.  When a client is ready to see the solution that solution will show up.  I observe this many times.  My guides have to go around the back side of the barn to enter the client's subjective reality.  It is seldom going to come at them in a direct way.  We don’t really always want the truth.  We don’t always want to see where we might be a part of the problem or worse, maybe all of the problem.  There are barriers.  My guides do their best to work around these issues.  Me too.  That is why it is good to put a problem aside and revisit it later, perhaps the Universe has opened the window just a bit and you can see and hear the answers.  

Don't get freaked out by disappointment. All of us have a wee bit of impatience.  We want it now...like a hungry child looking at a chocolate cookie…!   Hard to believe we can get in our own way.  Below is a great Abe/Hicks video.

When you are open,  The Universe will put an Oda Mae (the real psychic version) in your path that demonstrates all that you need to know and are seeking.  Relax...stay happy...it does happen!

Abe/Hicks  on overcoming disappointment

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Otter Appreciate Abe's Teachings

Appreciating Abraham’s Teachings

I tried to find a picture of what Abraham might look like and that looked like an otter with gratitude. Wow.

There are moments when some of the teachings don’t seem to work…

But then they do.  Most people do have some resistance to what they really want.

People can seem to fear what they want...but that is because they are realizing the absence

of what they want.  I really want the job, this lover, this house but its scary and what if it doesn’t happen?   

This is not always about getting what you want or think you want, it is about loving and appreciating.  Always...pretty much

The best process might be meditating and entering source energy.  Leave out all worry and lack.

When you are they in the presence of such love,  take a picture of it.   You might not always be

in that place but it gets easier to return on a daily basis.  It is a feeling.  Most people do not navigate their day based on feelings. It would be very good to learn to do that.  Even if you experience feelings you don’t enjoy, they are your guidance system.  

As Abe explains it, we exist within energy, all is energy.  When your emotional weather is changing, it is telling you that trouble might be ahead.  Trouble in the way of unwanted experiences.  You at a higher superconscious level know what direction to go...it is telling you that your human logic is failing you when you think things and believe things that are not vibrationally true for you.

Becoming emotionally aware is the real effort factor.  Abe says don’t take action and don’t effort outside your personal vortex.  That is so hard for people.  They go to a gym everyday and “effort” thinking no pain no gain.  They are running in circles sometimes.  Your body knows exactly what it needs and how to achieve health.  It will tell you if you quietly listen.  

Bashar says follow your highest excitement.  For Stephen Hawking that looks like new realizations regarding science and physics.  For another person it might be taking their dog to the park...and really enjoying it.  It is also a challenge to live that way.  There are so many things on my to do list that maybe I really am not excited about.  I try and rearrange them and I even ask the Universe to help me find a fun and interesting way to accomplish these many things that appear to need doing.  

Let’s say I need to do the dishes and the laundry.  Nothing major will happen if I don’t (do it) but there are consequences.  I meet clients in my home. I won’t have clean clothes to wear and I will be embarrassed by the messy kitchen.   Also, I just prefer a clean environment.  

I asked for help one day….Zac just started cleaning at a breakneck speed telling me that he was just in the mood to mop the floor and fold my clothes and then vacuumed. Wild horses could not have stopped him.  Interesting.  I did not even ask him...Just the Cleaning Fairies.  Have you ever had one of those cleaning frenzies...sure, me too.  

That is my epiphany, don’t let chores take you down, don’t let anything take you down.  It is not so vital to manifesting as it is to living a happy life.  Stay happy!