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Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 New Year Predictions by Nancy Lake

I love doing predictions.  And I realize about 90% come true and some are close but not quite.

 I was saying that Trump would win all year last year, and even when it did not look good.  And yeah, he won.  I will address his first year in office later in this essay.

I like to start Global and shrink down from there

I am starting off in space.  Many people including myself listen to Corey Goode.  Jumping ahead to the secret space program; more is to be revealed.  The most surprising thing is a colony in space.  This colony is not on Mars or the Moon it is being built as a floating surface between the Moon and Mars.  It is shaped like the hub of a wheel.  It is an amazing place and many earth citizens will desire to live there. It looks like it can hold a million people and it seems to be a bustling and happy place.  Exo-politics is going to be at our doorstep.

  Our culture is advancing.  Also, on earth and I am thinking of Canada when I say earth, there is a colony of alien scientists, yes alien from somewhere beyond earth.  They do not look human but they will introduce themselves.  The Canadians invited them to be there and help with environmental concerns.   Particularly climate and water.
There will be news of the replicators.  Replicators that can replicate anything, even gold.  And there will be a portal used just like a star gate, however it will between two earth destinations.   Somewhere in the USA…like Nevada?  Not 100 % but I think so and then Some destination in Europe.  This will be clean due to no fuel use and it is very time efficient.  It will also open the door to more gate or portal use in the future.

Looking around the globe.  There are unusual disturbances.  Sound wave weapons, sink holes, changing ocean currents. Rivers changing course… And it seems that ISIS becomes boxed in.  I think that travel and moving around becomes very difficult for them.  People must prove citizenship and our borders and other world borders are much better managed.  Air travel, ship travel and train travel will become faster in some ways. But highly protected.

I also see a return of airships like dirigibles in some areas of the USA.  Fuel is expensive so travel becomes lighter. I am seeing the new sky scrapers again this year.  Buildings that are made with lighter material that is like smart glass.  They are very tall and dwarf anything around them.  Some Eastern USA cities will start having them, this year. 

More aquariums with a purpose.  The ocean will begin to come inland with huge aquariums.  It is multi-purposed, partially entertainment but possible desalinization and other benefits are derived from this type of smart glass aquarium.  As big as several football fields. In the USA Southwest area. 

More countries break off from the European Union.  Some of them might surprise you.  I see the Netherlands and perhaps Germany too.  Italy, Greece, and other states.  Expect big political changes in Germany and it will be a huge relief for them.  They need this change. It seems that France and Spain stay in there for now. 

Japan really needs a new type of energy.  They are really wanting to say good bye to nuclear energy and they should.  If anyone makes a huge advance and goes out on a limb for a new solution it will be Japan.  When I say goes out on a limb I am seeing a whole new currency arise based on what they are toying with right now.  New energy, leads to new currency and a new shift in finance and even better cars too. 

China looks unsteady as though it is about to break into pieces.  Instead of one huge country it looks like succession happens.  There is political upheaval.  I see Taiwan taking a whole new leadership role in helping parts of China do this break away.

Philippines and parts of the South Asia Peninsula experience new volcanic action.

Russia:  It also looks like it will split into pieces. Not with a revolution as it looks like a softer fracture. There are differences between the Ukraine and different cultures on either side.  Like Europe it is hard to have everyone under the same umbrella.  Russia will be interacting more with all the world.  They will come to the table with other countries and this is due to the fact they are advancing as a people.  They are having a renaissance and will gift us with dazzling cultural expression in art and music and other venues.  They were the apex of ballet at one time and I see other terrific achievement coming forth, even their own type of theater and a Russian “Hollywood”.  Good for them.

Canada looks rather stable as usual except for the new colony and it comes to be open about the interaction with off world aliens. 

South of the Equator: 

Brazil:  There is always hot debate on the rain-forest and the indigenous people.  More “social work” is needed for those who live in the jungle: they are facing tremendous lack.  Like the Native Americans of North America, their way of life is being forcibly changed.  It is like a huge life style divide. On one side of the line is “New York” a type of sophisticated modern life style and then in the boonies people are in bad shape and I would compare them to the Appalachian Hill Billie’s after the miner’s strip everything and leave.  There must be an answer and a balance for this.  I see starvation and the need for medical help.  The world will join to help. There are treasures in the Amazon, there are stories and lives we just can’t lose.   I see this moving fast.  It looks like there is a third type of community between New York or Rio and The Boonies. There must be an interface where the jungle people can come and receive help.  This community is like a Quaker village, or at least that is how I would describe it as it seems very low tech, but they will have radios.  Radio becomes a method of helping each tribe and classes will be taught too. 

Paraguay in the very middle of South America needs help with population control. That is a very odd thing I am seeing.  The religion seems to keep women rather barefoot and pregnant.  New light and new control is needed there. Again I have no knowledge of Paraguay, personally, but it lit up as a region that needs help in a different way. 

Australia:  it seems that weather patterns change there.  Especially on the West side.  There is a great deal of control of the population there.  Perhaps more than other English speaking countries they seem to be needing more freedom of expression.  I see a shift in the population to the North of Australia and an ease in tension between the Asian population there. Anyway, there are discoveries in this Northern Territory and a way becomes paved with possibility. There is new collaboration with the indigenous peoples as well.  Populations shift sometimes and this will be a surprise.

North Korea does send off a rocket.  I am asking which direction or trajectory it will travel?  It does not go far and it seems to hit a border country to the North.  The result of this is confusion and destabilization of this area.  I see that it is a huge mistake for them to do this and all the North Korea neighbors take them down and sanction them.  It will create refugees.  

Middle Africa, Ethiopia and Sudan, reach a new independence and the ability to trade rare metals on a more equal playing field. Things appear better for them.  The middle of Africa, Kenya, should be the agricultural belt and they may well be the savior to the world.  They have native seed, that has not been tampered with by Monsanto. Kenya is the heart of Africa and a very spiritual culture. The West Coast of Africa, there is trouble brewing, and this will continue through the summer of 2017.  One thing will help them, I see a new automobile, a light electric one being built there and opening jobs. Around Sierra Leone area.

Antarctica is in the news in new and unbelievable ways.  When June of 2017 comes look to big stories breaking about the underground there.  
The polar area above Alaska and in Alaska is melting.  There will be more sanctuaries for the Polar bears as this is needed. Polar Bears on a vegetarian diet?  I see it happening too.  They will eat berries and roots like other bears, they are just not used to it.  Iceland and Greenland join in to help with the ecology and animal extinction problem

I am sure that there are more conflicts and news worthy changes around the globe, and that would make for many more pages, I am hitting some of the things that will be news.  More than the usual suspects, I am seeing new players. I see new developments and more teaming up between countries. We will reach out without the United Nations as a steering committee.  We become global in all the good ways and less global in ways that seek to destroy sovereignty and the best part of diversity and culture. We shall learn to appreciate what being human means. 

Changes for the United Nations.  It appears to be running like a bulky bureaucracy disjointed and ineffective.  I am being shown that they could do more with education to relieve the conflicts. Going into a conflict as team red and team blue they could learn the viewpoint of each side to then reach a solution.  There is greater power with that than sending in some troupes or setting up refugee camps. 

I just saw a glimpse of a huge Pow Wow in Oklahoma.   Those Pow Wows are a great way for all the different tribes to show up and exchange ideas and share culture.  And most importantly it is fun. Maybe that is the better way for the United Nations to function. Like a Pow Wow.

The United States

Problems in California.  It is almost its own Nation. Water and pollution are really going to be hot issues. I am seeing Bakersfield, and places east of there, look like they take on a life of their own.  The population shifts there.  There will be more Rocky Mountain snow water collected for fresh water needs.  There are certainly Rocky Mountains and lakes in that Eastern part of California as well as Northern California.

 Texas will have upheaval as well. The mighty ones will try and move towards the East gulf Coast.  In other words, much like the land grab with the Native People, some corporate entities want to take over certain pieces of real estate and they will create horrible conditions in those places; hoping the people will leave or sell their property. 

 The Northern States look busy and happy.  The state of Washington gets an economic boost.  The Windy City Weeps.  That is what I am hearing.  Even though these are not positive over all, some individuals and families and communities will be doing well.  

Florida is booming again with young life and not just retirement homes. Wisconsin is coming up in incredible ways.  If we were Europe, Wisconsin would look like Germany, very efficient and worker bee like.  Places along the Missouri River might get washed away.  The area is moving and unstable.  

 I think Arizona and California. and just the Southwest in general. is not Trumps usually playing field, there is much he doesn’t get about us.  I don’t expect huge changes for us. The only thing I see for my state is that we will continue to be a beacon with our higher education.  We know the East Coast Ivy League Colleges are wonderful but I see ASU right up there and receiving even more accolades in the future. The northern part of the states does break out into solar and other green technologies.  They will be aggressive about this.  Phoenix more slowly changes.

The Trump Presidency:

It will happen.  I think it will be a golden age for our Nation.  Eastern and Northern States just seem to do better with Trump on board.  The swamp drains slowly.  There will be a friendship between Obama and Trump and this might surprise us at this turn of the wheel.  There is a common factor there that many would not recognize.  The greatest opposition will come from insider Republicans who might just be part of the swamp situation.  There is a Democrat female who becomes part of the Trump team soon and she is exactly what is needed to pull everyone together.  Ivanka will have a place in politics in the future. 

 Trump will find the last year in office quite difficult.  It seems that some huge set back is faced in the third year.  I am having trouble seeing exactly what it is, perhaps the banking industry and a huge change.  After that it looks like a huge swimming pool where there was a swamp. 

I am seeing Mexico being changed by Trumps presence.  That should not scare anyone, because it needs to be changed.  Most of Mexico will benefit.  I would say the common people of Mexico will be better off.  Beyond a wall built there will be some roads and infrastructure that is sorely needed built into Mexico.  It looks like the gulf coast needs change.  The Baja area and West Coast is doing fine and is kept afloat by tourism and other ventures.

Closing the Predictions

There is no world war three. Not this year and not that I can see several years into the distance.  The media has been abysmal in creating drama and fear this last year.  We can expect changes in how news is presented. Perhaps some better controls on our media would help and I see some News stations just falling off the edge into oblivion.

The media is often more slanted and less balanced than the “fake news”.  Some of Trumps aspirations might happen down the road in a new term.  It would be wonderful if Ivanka or one of Trumps kids can take the next four years after Trump.  We will have to see what is next.  One thing is true, Trump is a hard worker and can envision great things. 

I wish everyone a blessed year, and you can dismiss things that don’t fit what you see for yourself.  This is rather general.

OH.  I did not do predictions last year.  I was in the hospital for several days with bronchitis and oxygen rate at 83%. I was not able to do 2016 predictions.  If you would like to see 2015 I have the link for you.  And I went back and commented on those things that did happen.  


Monday, December 26, 2016

My Higher Vibrations and Kinder Choices Diet

Vibrant Organic Fruit

I am excited to really jump into my somewhat new diet or life style way of being.  It is not entirely new,  I have been experimenting with new recipes and new ways of shopping, as well as cooking differently.
My way is not entirely vegetarian but mostly.  It is not entirely vegan but leans that way.  It is not paleo but shares some of those characteristics.  This is a different animal.

It is more plant based, local, raw, and whole food with all those micronutrients.  For me, that looks like a big leafy green salad with kale, spinach, cilantro, avocado, strawberries and nuts.  A typical dinner might be baba ganoush served on carrot sticks with some pumpkin or squash soup.  Bread has always been a weakness.  I am making my own gluten free white bread and slicing it thin for an occasional sandwich or toast.   Eggs and butter are on my plan in small and limited ways.  

Most things are made from scratch at home, but if I am out and about, there are three fast food places I will go to.  Chick-fil-A has a new super salad with kale and broccoli.  It is so good and I get a large.  Wendy’s has a one dollar ice tea and a small chili is only 250 calories with 23 grams of protein.  At home my chili is vegetarian with long simmering pinto beans, peppers, onions, tomatoes and seasonings I crave: Add a slice of homemade gluten free cornbread and it is perfect.   I will also stop at McDonald's and pull the bread from a fish sandwich and have a side salad and apple slices just like the kids have.   It is great to have all those choices and in time I might even upgrade to better and cleaner choices.  This works for me.  For sure it is a work in progress.

No matter how organic and raw, most of us must supplement.  The minerals in our soil are very depleted.  I supplement with plant based minerals.  That means that the minerals were complete for the quick growing vegetables that absorbed them and then were made into a liquid.  Gardening is now more than a hobby and many people have compost and feed their garden soil to produce healthier pesticide free produce.  That is the absolute best.  I have no room to even container garden where I live but I have learned where the local farmer’s markets are.  Some people can have goats for milk and chickens for eggs.  I can only dream of that down the road. 

I watched a great documentary on Gaia TV about all of this. 

How to be sugar free is another story and that is what makes my plan a bit different. I am still taking medication for type 2 diabetes. Edgar Cayce suggested drinking unsweetened diluted grape juice before each meal as an appetite suppressant.  We also dilute some other juices or add a bit of sparkling water.  We don’t buy the popular brand sodas these days.  I don’t notice a spike in blood sugar and it seems to slow down the digestion and I feel good and my hypothalamus feels satiated. Thank you, Mr. Cayce for that piece of advice. 
I hope to start juicing a bit more.  There are beautiful stories of detoxing and losing more weight with juicing.  

Bashar, who is channeled by Daryl Anke, mentions that we do not need to suffer with illness if we remember the basic rules for health.  Those are: clean air, clear clean water, movement or exercise, whole vibrant food, rest and staying stress free as much as we can.  All those diseases of old age need not happen.
Abraham Hicks says that what we eat is not as important as what we feel.  Feeling happy is paramount to health and feeling well.  That is important to know for me, if I am ever stuck at an airport or not in my own home,  Just blessing my food and water can help me maintain my balance. 
Last year Zachary and I quit smoking.  It has been a year for me, and Zach is on his way.  I smoked my last cigarette December of 2015.   I began walking more.  Then two months ago, I joined a gym.  This is the year we take our food into a seriously different place.  No one is expecting perfection, least of all me, but, I couldn’t be more on board with making a few more changes.

I must add the conceptual truth of 1 Corinthians 13:1. If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.  

We can look good and feel great but as a total person, love is the most important of qualities.  I think being kind is essential to health, real health anyway. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Why Does The Grinch Steal World Peace From Under Our Tree?

Every year we open our hearts and we become more generous.  We pray for world peace and yet another war erupts on our globe interrupting our hope and vision of a better world.  And then each year we carol and raise our voices once again.  Are we not sincere enough?  What will it take to have this take root on earth? 

I just watched an hour long You Tube video about the Clinton’s and the New World Order.

It was very eye opening.   I already knew a few of these revelations, especially about Haiti, But not the stories of Russian and Africa and several other global players who interacted with the Clinton Foundation.  

These are some of the most cold blooded “humans”; How they can sleep at night after causing wars and using disasters as fundraisers? It is beyond understanding. It reminds me of the movie "Charlie Wilson's War" 2007. It is like a movie, and they never get caught. It is the company they keep, those in very high places protect them.

Let me keep this short and share the link; then you decide. My writing is not stellar today and it is because we are a bit rushed.  Please watch this with an open mind. 

At the minute 31:47 there is a good explanation regarding Haiti.

minute 47.00 Hillary supported the keystone pipeline. We can thank her signing off on this deal as secretary of state and although she speaks of global warming she does the opposite. No one questions this??? That's scary. 

minute 55:00 visit to Columbia. Clinton's allow American Interests to cut down a large area of the rain forest. They speak of having a concern for Global Warming however they have consistently done the opposite.

I believe we need to know why world Peace is not coming as we sing about this at Christmas.  And what can we do, in a non violent way, to help to educate those around us and ring in a peaceful era?  

It is still my goal and I lay my life on the line quite often in support of a better world for all of us around the globe.  

I am a globalist in the most humanitarian of terms.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thank God the Election is Over, or Is It?

The Debates were like having a root canal.  Ouch! 

I am being told to let some of this election drama go.  As a psychic I need to balance my mind, ground myself to the earth, and align with the celestial realm, and know that I am taken care of.
Daily meditation helps me achieve better control and harmony and My son and I hike North Mountain too. Nature is grounding.  Certain sounds and music help to heal my soul.   Some of those sounds can be found in ASMR videos that I have spoken of before.  I have been more of a seeker of those good moods and less willing to embark on a downward spiral of anxiety and worry.  Lately, I have been more upset than I would prefer.

As I peruse my Face Book feeds there are many people who are pro Hillary and many pro Trump.  And they are unable to see the other person’s point of view.  That is the biggest shocker to me is the inability to reach across the aisle and feel the point of view of another.

 Of more interest, some of this division is taking place among psychics and those who have been considered “spiritual leaders”.  That is why I just do not try and comment any more.   I was getting into heated debates that went nowhere.    Many of the arguments just seemed to suggest that I am a bigot and buying into a certain paradigm such as hoping for a racist, homophobic, pig headed, male president. Not only do people believe that Trump is the embodiment of all those stereotypes but that all those who voted for him are some deplorable Americans who are cut from that stereotype cookie cutter too.  

Since being in social work most of my life, I always thought I was pretty culturally sensitive.  My deceased son was gay, so I felt accepting on that front as well.   None of these stereotypes seem to fit me.  I believe I have lived a life that would support that as well.  When I pulled people out of a homeless shelter that was on fire,  (1999),  I was not checking to see what color they were nor did I ask if they were Muslims of Gay  Trans-gendered Parents.  That is just not who I am and really what sort of monster would be asking those questions?  But who are those who refuse to accept the Hillary defeat? I am really trying to understand their perspective too.   Those who seemed to be friends prior to the election; they don’t know the first thing about me. How can they dismiss so much evidence and entertain such untruth? 

I am thinking where does this come from?   All I had to do is listen to the debates and some of Hillary’s talks and it was obvious.  She was hurling all these horrible facts around and everyone was cheering.  It did not matter if it was true or not. She needed fact checkers badly for what she was shouting out.  It always sounded like passionate shouting and sometimes a horsed out voice that squawked somewhat like Hitler.  Making people stand to listen.  

Trump did the same with saying Crooked Hillary. Well,  there is a great deal of evidence to support the crooked part. Trump has done some insensitive things.  But it seems that both campaigns should have been more about their vision of moving ahead.  I was happiest when Trump outlined his vision for the USA.  It felt very positive.  Unfortunately, Hillary’s past performance does not speak well of her.  It seemed to me that all she could do is hurl doubt and speak of Trumps unfitness.   I was relieved when they had to go all the way back to 2005 to dig up dirt on Trump.  That was a long time ago and shows how long and hard the opposition had to dig.

Then that disgusting video became viral and it was misquoted.  And the Michele Obama was worried about her daughters being exposed to that talk.   No one would have been exposed to it if it was not being promoted and smeared everywhere.  Some conversations do belong closeted.  I remember being at a bachelorette party and if we were tape recorded many of us would be facing extreme embarrassment.   That conversation was not meant to be shared with the world.  Some conversations are not meant to be shared no matter who you are. 

No one is saying Trump has all the answers and that is a perfect person.  It appears that he is filling his cabinet with the most dynamic of people.  I feel that he deserves a chance to be president and I am fearful of another Clinton administration.

Personally, I would love to have a female president in the USA.  I know that will happen.  Maybe in 12 years?  Down the road, we get a dynamic lady president. Of this I am quite sure.   She will bring more to the table than just her gender.  That is so important.  Leave the race card and gender card behind.  We vote for the person.   The time has come to expand and forge forward.  I have always voted for the person and not the party.  I voted for Obama and I am a registered Democrat. Many democrats voted for Trump.  That is a unique pattern this election and most likely contributed to polling errors. 

I have never seen so many angry people who have become very polarized and lash out.  There is a great deal of black and white thinking and in truth there are many shades of grey in this. True of mos of life.  It does scare me to think that we all have been manipulated by the main stream media and were gifted with truth from alternative sources. It is very important to research all the stories coming out.  Trump was messed with by the media.  They did put a very negative spin on all that he said.   It was not until Julian Assange and WikiLeaks that the Clinton’s were beginning to be questioned.  Comey did affect Hillary’s campaign and if she was elected President it would be like Nixon all over again, ending in an impeachment.  All those allegations need to be explored.  I am especially concerned about the pedophile rings.  Ted Gunderson mentioned that back in the year 2000.  That is not new.  It is something the FBI and CIA are aware of.    It is hard to bring those very powerful elite people to justice and stop it (without dead bodies piling up).  If women are truly concerned about the welfare of other young women please do some research, Hillary is not who you think she is. 

Trump spoke of illegals committing horrible crimes in the USA with impunity and then it was quoted as all Mexican’s are rapists. ?? Trump asked that a 300 pound, violent, disruptive, black man be removed from a rally (all on video) and then CNN reported as a headline:  Trump condones beating up a black man. ( Not even close) This is very biased and irresponsible news reporting.  Trump did not help the situation when he would get upset with the media. However, he was not treated fairly by them.   In truth, most of the voting populace does not watch mainstream news as much.  We don’t trust them.   It has grown increasingly worse sense Clear Channel bought all the independent radio broadcasting stations from the ‘80s until now.  We get one voice and one view and one “truth” and all else is “fake”.  What has happened to our “land of the free”?  Wouldn’t is be lovely to get several sides to a story?  Wouldn’t it be nice to hear good news and issues that really matter to us?  I am tired of hearing about the Kardashians.  Who are they anyway?  Why are their lives ultra-important?

And it appears that people think Hillary is their savior and ideal first woman president. When I saw all the tears of Hillary supporters, I had such a hard time understanding what was promised to them by a Hilary win?  I still don’t get it.  I think it is like Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny because it will not hold up to the light of day.  I think Santa Clause is more real in the magical happy place he touches in our heart. 

Trump is Trump, but he does not have the bad history that the Clintons do nor the rap sheet.  He has been outspoken on many things.  I was told if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything.  Trump did not get that memo.  He says stuff.  But Jesus said stuff like “money changers, thieves, hypocrites, etc.” Yeah, so I guess some people are just more outspoken whether or not they should be. I am not agreeing or condoning all of that.  My apologies are extended where there is hurt over any of this.  One thing to realize is many times he did not say all that stuff.  And just because he dislikes Rosey O'Donnell does not mean he is misogynist toward all women. 

I hope he will keep his campaign promises.  He is going to appoint a judge that will uphold the constitution and he will drain the swamp and he will invigorate the economy.   Those are some of the things I look forward to.  I have a different opinion regarding big oil and ecology. We need clean energy, water and air and less chem-trails. Yes, it is hard to find a candidate and now president elect with all the agreeing qualities I would like.

And Hillary hung Trump on a cross over not saying he would accept the election results.  Now a re-count in states Trump won.  Amazing. Those rules just don't apply to her.  They never do. 

After this week, I am unhooking myself from this.  I care about this nation, I pray for this nation, but, my guides tell me to concentrate on peace and what I hope the future will look like.  My personal goals are achievable no matter who is president.  The government has little to do with my personal well being. 

I move to place this situation in much Bigger Hands and I second that too.  

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Having Fun! 101

Essay on Fun, the low down on kicking up some good times and frivolity 

What is fun?  Is there a recipe for it? If so it must be made of chocolate and giggles.  It must be able to be shared easily with others and ideally it should raise our brain chemistry to a happy temperature.  It is probably something new or maybe it has become a family tradition. It might have happened spontaneously.  I remember being at my great aunts modest home for her birthday.  She played the flute and her friend played the piano.  They had been in the Phoenix Symphony orchestra years ago.  We felt incredibly rich and it seemed the angels drew near to listen.  That was fun!  Every Easter, the two boys and I had a new tradition.  It was a treasure hunt with two treasures and two sets of clues carefully placed in plastic eggs.  I wanted something that was not such a celebration of sugar in the early morning and something way less competitive.  The fun of non competitive tennis: We would take one or two kids to the tennis court and the goal was to keep the ball in play as long as possible.  We would volley the ball to each other. This was followed by a trip to the ice cream parlor. 

Creating your own waterpark;with sprinklers is a great way to enjoy the afternoon in a hot day in Phoenix.  We had a basket ball court that was largely unused due to the extreme heat. We hooked up sprinklers and passed out water guns and just had the most fun for an hour.  Backyards sometimes get muddy.  These kids did not have a play-yard just the court.  Fun is using what you have access to in a new and creative way.  
I think one way to keep kids out of trouble and away from illegal drugs is to teach them how to have fun in a safe way.  Things that foster fun are numerous and infinite.  Music that can be participated in is fun sort of like Karaoke is fun. Any activity that ask for creativity is fun if it is shared. Jokes can be fun too if that fit the audience. Sports can be fun and silly too as long as everyone wins.  And a note for the guys.  I love watching the Superbowl each year and it can be a great party for everyone. Dads can go outside and kick the ball around with the younger sports fans.  Many wives might enjoy it more if everyone participates in creating the game snacks.  Cleaning and cooking can be fun, (just ask Rachel Ray) I can remember tamale making parties. We played music and musical chairs and told jokes while making dozens of tamales for Christmas.  In Phoenix, Arizona it would not be Christmas without two or three kinds of tamales to share at a party.  

Thanksgiving should never depend on one person doing all the cooking (unless they really love to do it) The funnest Thanksgivings were where everyone brought their favorite dishes to share.  Later we would play games or music. I think it is fun to make holidays less and less about food in general.  You can encourage the cherished others to bring plastic containers to take things home.  It seems fun to not have to cook for a day or two.  Make cleaning up fun and everyone has a part to play.    
Bullet Points for Fun. 

  • It makes you feel good
  • It makes you laugh out loud. 
  • It really doesn’t cost that much. (It won’t break you
  • You look forward to doing it again. 
  • It seems to be created from a very happy place
  • It stimulates creativity and oneness
  • It allows someone to connect with others in a really good way. 
  • Once you experience it, it gets easier to find it again. 
  • It often draws on our empathy and compassion for others. 
  • It seems to celebrate the good parts of being human. 
  • It seems to encourage good sportsmanship and fair play. 
  • It also seems to celebrate nature and beauty, like a picnic in spring.  
  • It is like a cork floating to the top, it just seems to want to surface.
  • Like attracts like.  If someone tells a joke and tosses a ball to the next joke teller, pretty soon it become infectious. Everyone is laughing. 
  • For sand tray therapy groups: Ask members to recall a fun moment and find something in the miniature to represent that. 
  • Fun does not require a victim.  It is not real fun if someone else is made to feel bad or less than in the process. So slap stick comedy might not qualify. Some comedians do it so well that we almost have to laugh. 
  • Fun is bubbly but it does not require any substances.  Not really. 
  • In fact fun seems to only require a permission slip and some space. It is like leaving the gate open and inviting fun to show up. 
  • What discourages fun?  Fun has contrast for sure and perhaps we need to experience that as well sometimes.
Things that are most likely to displace fun. 
  • Right off the bat, death of a loved one.  Huge loss is often hard to manage and have fun too.  Loss of job or relationship, anything in fact that counts as a loss.  Even when we try and celebrate someone’s life at a funeral and tell jokes, it often is punctuated by the pain of saying good bye. 
  • Family dysfunction can be a real deal breaker for fun.  If a family is arguing and not being kind to each other, fun is scarce.  
  • Lack of structure and education can be a barrier to fun. Friday night sparks off the week end with the promise of fun.  Ether school is over or a work week is over.  If someone is a couch potato without goals or structure, fun is less find-able. Ever been out of work for a while? Not fun. Which also leads to income.  I think having income from somewhere reliable is needed for a healthy heaping of fun.  
  • Education is also vital to having fun. It is hard to be creative and communicate without the shared media and basic knowledge of others. There are many kids of education. Some non formal kinds include sewing circles, nature walks that identify healing herbs, dance classes and learning to sing at church.  Not all learning is in a class room. Fun and education go hand and hand more often than we think. 
  • Absence of community and apathy can foster bad connection and lack of fun. I remember watching “Christmas with the Kranks” and it is obvious that the Kranks have walled themselves off from their neighborhood.  They manage to reconcile with neighbors, at the end.  Being part of a community is often necessary for real fun to happen. 

  • And avoid serious injury or being really sick. Those are definitely not fun. 

So in essence it is necessary to lay a background where fun can grow in order to really get your game on. 

This is a really good video on not being so serious.  That is a major part of our culture and our problems.  


Monday, September 5, 2016

Bipolar Bears Skating with Abraham Hicks

Often times people who are experiencing depression, mania, and a disconnection from reality are not fully enjoying the contrast.  Contrast as Esther Hicks explains, has everything to do with living life and deciding what feels right and what is enjoyable.  Often people must experience an uncomfortable or “bad” experience to be clear about what they do want. The contrast is experiencing a rainy day so you can experience a sunny day.  Some people clearly are not enjoying it if they are pressed into situations that do not allow them to express who they really are.  Abraham suggests that bipolar symptoms are created by not allowing a strong energy or path to unfold.  Sometimes there is such a strong personality parent or caretaker, that the child cannot express or be their authentic self.  Many Bipolar people experience mood episodes that include delusional happenings like people with Schizophrenia diagnosis often experience.  Many bipolar diagnosed people are very intuitive and psychic, however, they have not learned to balance their current life with the impressions they are receiving from others.  Since they are often told that it is wrong to be psychic and have those awesome intuitive visions, they feel even more devalued and broken.  They develop more stigma that says there is something wrong with me.

Abraham Hicks calls bipolar diagnosed people:  Those who have strong wanters disease.  They focus on what they want in a very intense way.  They are often very creative people with strong intentions.  When you really know what you don’t want then you really know what you do want.  She has said this: the person labeled bipolar was born into a challenge and thus hit the ground running.  They often experience a current of negative emotion due to the fact that they really know what they desire but cannot line up with it.  Abe says:  "once you have tasted the sweetness of who you really are, you can’t go back to being satisfied without that."  Becoming self-actualized is paramount to the person with this diagnosis.

As far as gaining some control over the see saw of moods, Abe suggests the following mantra or affirmation: 

I am a powerful wanter, I plummet when I am not in alignment.  Some people do not have the strong wanting or desiring as much as I (diagnosis of bipolar disorder).  Powerful Wanting Creates Powerful Joy.  I can focus myself into feeling better.

When you are feeling good then go with it.  Milk it.  Happiness is the goal. 
They experience moving energy. Bipolar people can jump from one extreme to another…joy to despair…due to the power of focus.  They have repeatedly practiced extreme focus.  When you are focusing in an uncomfortable way, remember how powerful of a focuser you are, you can stop it as well. When you feel negative emotion it is rarely what someone else is doing.  You have the ability to observe what you wish to observe or focus on things that are pleasing to you instead of things that drag you down.

From listening to hundreds of Abraham Hicks material, some purchased and some on You Tube, I have a basic theory for the causation of the uncomfortable symptoms that have been tagged mental illness.  Very little of it stems from genetics except that we are all capable of experiencing some of the symptoms that are more exaggerated for those suffering with “mental illness.”  Instead of just being down in the dumps, or dissatisfied some people become chronically depressed.  Instead of just being apprehensive, some people experience chronic anxiety and panic attacks.  Instead of just being cautious about others some mistrust is developed into huge fantasies that of paranoia. 

Abraham Hicks has an emotional scale that is so helpful.  It is helpful to realize that we are all on the emotional scale, somewhere.  I find it helps identify the uncomfortable to nightmarish range of the scale in order to understand it and turn things around.  

Since the logic for many of these not good feelings is faulty, going down the rabbit hole to discover where they stem from will take you on the limbic loop to nowhere.   Often there is no why except a faulty belief.  When I studied the Cognitive Restructuring of Beck I was a bit disappointed.  The reason it only works about half the time is the person must be ready to be restructured.  That is why I support person-centered or Carl Roger’s orientation.  The person must be calm and safe enough to peak through a new window. They can then re-direct their thinking and their life.  It is up to the person to decide on a better more reasonable path for themselves.   Many bipolar people have experienced trauma in early childhood as well as other injustices.  Some bipolar diagnosed people feel suicidal and helpless.  Split energy feels very terrible.  Split energy is wanting to die because life has become painful, but part of their being does not wish to die.  Abraham suggests making a decision to stay here and feel better knowing that tools exist that will help them climb out of depression (easily).

You can’t arm wrestle with bipolar bears.  They have to see the path open before them.  You can only love them unconditionally and support them in the way they wish to be supported.  You cannot consequence or punish someone into alignment. That will never work.  They do need to know that they are valued and celebrated.  For those who love someone who is experiencing symptoms, Abe suggests that this loved one should find all the reasons. strengths and qualities to illuminate why they like their loved one.  Point them forward by talking about the future and what they would like to have happen.  Sooth them when they try and catastrophize, saying, “it probably will all work out in the end.”  And sometimes, loved ones with problems don’t need caretakers to have all the answers to fix their problems.  We can just be good listeners.  In fact, that is often much better.

Try just doing things together if possible.   

Things to do together are things like go to a drummer circle, karaoke, hikes, bike, swim, go hear music together, do hot yoga together, get a guitar and take lessons, volley a tennis ball back and forth non competitively, do something crafty, make crafts together.  There are hundreds of things that allow togetherness without competition or judgement. 

We took a hula dance class once.  It was great fun!  It is hard to remain depressed when doing the hula.

Referenced from the following Abraham/ Esther Hicks You Tube Videos.