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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Whoa: Are You Sure There is No Karma, Abraham?

Places where I am conflicted with the Abraham Teachings.

I consider myself to be an Abrahamster.  I appreciate the channeling of the collective called Abraham via channel Ester Hicks.  I went to her conference in Phoenix on February 1, 2014.  It was great to see her in person but I did not get to ask a question in the hot seat.  My question was about Angels.  A man named Otto handed me a feather after the conference.  He asked if I was a medium, and I said “YES”.  Since I did not know him, I was thinking, OMG.  That was a confirmation of the question I had hoped to ask.

So, I remain a fan.  I am far better off after listening to Abraham for the last 5 years. It has broadened my horizon and I just feel happier these days.  So what is my gripe?  Abraham would say, “What is stuck in my vibrational craw”.  Two areas are conflicted to this day for me personally.  These beliefs seem to be juxtaposed in my center.  I feel that a better explanation needs to be offered to us earthlings who are in this world of physicality. 

Belief One:  Karma and the Akashic Records.

I think they are meaning ideas about Karma that do not benefit us.  Edgar Cayce mentioned some fears and health problems resulting from past life issues.  Two stories come to mind.  The first one was a woman born with a deformed hip.  She had been to many doctors and had multiple surgeries.  During her Cayce reading he said there was a spiritual and Karmic energy attached to this hip issue.  When she was sitting in a Roman Coliseum watching Christians being fed to lions, she laughed when one young lady's butt was bitten and torn by a lion.  Not only was it a sign of little compassion or empathy, the bigger issue was not allowing others to have their beliefs.  Even if someone has different beliefs than our own, we must allow and respect that.  We are all growing in conscious awareness at are own pace and in our own way.

Another Edgar Cayce reading involves a man who was born a dwarf.  He also had health issues.  He elected to be born to this body for his growth.  Cayce said that Hitler had asked him to destroy the wheat fields and orchards prior to the arrival of the allies in Germany.  He did this as asked but it must have triggered a huge spiritual rift later.
I myself do past life reading.  I am able to view Akashic records.  It does seem that we carry some soul memory via our energetic body into this life time.  There is some thread of connection. 

Each time Ester is asked about Karma it seems it upsets her and she says it is a flawed concept.  Perhaps some of the idea of retribution is faulty, but the soul memory and energy of key events I feel do cross into our present mind and body experience. 
I am hearing Abraham say,” yes, but you are not limited in this way. “ Take the value in an experience and go on…go on to create joy and love.  I just got some of this.  It is a complicated thing to explain and that is probably why she “dislikes” this subject.   

The other two issues for me are childhood abuse and personal boundaries.  Those are large topics as well.  I don’t feel moved to go through both of those today.  I have not yet heard a satisfactory explanation of children creating abuse in their lives yet.  Few of us are born in to TV perfect homes and families.  I suppose even as children, we can attract events or protect our environment.  I am not completely resolved on Angels, Abuse, Boundaries and Karma…all complex. 

The paradigm has not shifted but little by little I can see that none of these things need hold us back.

So more later, more realization is coming.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jump on the Love Train!

If you miss the train I'm on, you will know that I am gone.  You can hear the whistle blow 500 miles.  But, it is not too late.  It circles back around and you can get on board the love train right now.  

So we know it is important to love your enemies and there are powerful reasons for that.  They are not really your enemies.  We are all connected in some way as eternal beings.  The O’Jays sing a song called the Love Train.  I believe it is preferable to stay on that train and not get on the hate train.  The light beings are on that happy train.  The ones on the hate train are very limited.  I would say they are very disconnected from their true nature.

 I was listening to the Annie Jacobsen’s discussion of Operation Paperclip.  Some of the most brilliant scientist were brought to the USA after World War 2.  There was one huge problem; they were Nazi war criminals.  As I listen to what they did before coming here, I was thinking how can someone be so brilliant and lose their humanity along the way?  Where did their empathy for other human beings go?  I suppose they want to live in the dark world they are creating.  A world full of human suffering.  We have free will to make these kind of choices.  I am not wanting to join them in that world.  They will realize they are connected to their victims.  It might take a while to see that.   There is a common thread that connects us all.  Oneness is not sameness.  We have our own perspectives.  We all travel from being disconnected toward the sun.  From the mud to full bloom gorgeous. 

The Growing Collective: Muck to Beauty

They say a lotus grows in pond scum and becomes one of the most beautiful flowers.  When I think of iconic people like St. Francis, and his personal growth, it really hits me.  As someone becomes more expansive and tuned into the God relationship, they become a collective.  David Wilcock, (Cayce past life), mentioned that as Edgar Cayce expanded he drew in the group soul.  That means that St. Francis and Edgar Cayce left the box of singularity behind.  They outgrew the shell of personality and become a collective of like-minded beings.

There might be thousands of individuals who become Cayce and St. Francis.  They were at one time small and in the muck of limited insight, and progressed to a blended sort of being.  So if someone was living as Queen Elizabeth 1, she was at her life’s climax a concert of souls.  The golden age of the bards was a collective.  It was many souls incarnating at the same time to bring the plays of Shakespeare to life.
This is helping me to realize that many of us now incarnated again, may have shared a life time as group souls. We were able to ride the leading edge and take it further than one consciousness could have done. 

I have said I knew St. Francis very well (past life, but seems like just yesterday).  He came into this world already knowing many spiritual basics.  He had to make some tough choices.  He had to leave his family or origin and venture out on his own.  He had to decide to heal himself from illness and not leave this world. He had to quit being a “play boy”. When young he knew how to party.  He had to trust in his own ability to develop a new paradigm and lead a new movement.  The guy was a mover and a shaker.  His organizational skills trump many now day CEO’s and it was the dark ages before the internet.  Many of these traits he came in with, he was born into wealth and privilege so he acquired some abilities as he grew up, and in the end, he invited all the “heavy hitters” to play with him.  It never was a solo journey. 

As he made the better of two choices he became more empowered by the collective.  New energy moved through him.  It became easy for him to just ask and things would happen.  That was because he did not act from a singular personality level.  He became a group consciousness.  Many benevolent beings jumped on board the St Francis mission and life.  He became the giant oak that could support all thousands of singing birds.  Birds that all praised the Infinite.
These are my realizations for today.  Thank you David Wilcock and Wynn Free for nudging me in this direction.  It brings great peace to my heart.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Guided Meditation for Children. Part Two

We will continue our journey from part one

if you wish to start there 

As we come out of the blue tunnel of light there is a green city in the distance,  It looks very magical and it beacons us on.

I have been there before and I am so happy to take you to one of my favorite places.  

We are here and the green gate opens for us. Every one is there to smile and greet us. These people in green are the friendliest folks I have ever met. They line up on the side of the green road and wave and smile at us.  They just love visitors. They love the green light in your heart and it makes them so happy.  Each heart light is just a little bit different like the pictures we paint, fingerprints,smiles,and snowflakes. 

There is a green parrot who speaks to us. He introduces himself us Jacob. He sings us a song and I think it is a Bob Marley song called "Three Little Birds". Jacob sits on your shoulder and sings it to you. That is his job. Jacob greets visitors and tells them that everything is going to be alright. 

Jacob tells us to come back soon and visit again.  We must go on now to the next experience on this ride.

We are floating through a lavender field. Excuse me, I must nibble on this flower. I am a lady bug who cannot resist flowers this fragrant.  Did you ever smell anything so wonderful in your life?  (find something lavender, like a candle scent) There are so many lavender humming birds here too. All around us we hear the hum and swish of little birds drawing nectar from each little blossom. We must look like flowers too. Little birds are flying by to greet us. Lavender helps me feel calm and peaceful. Do you feel that way too? Wonderful. just take that nice feeling with you as we go to our next place. 

I see it now. This is the purple forest and it is entirely magical. I hear waltz music playing. 

Any time that music is playing it means one thing. The purple roses are dancing. The purple roses seldom like to stay in one place all day.  It is lovely to watch them float around us in dreamy patterns. I love the way they smell and make me feel free. Freedom is playing and dancing like the roses do. I like that too. 

I think that is my favorite music with fairy violins. They are the most talented as well as small and purple. 

Look into my big eyes. See me? It has been a pleasure being your guide today. I will take you back to where we started. To do this I will count to three. OK. 

One: we are starting to come home again.  Relax. You can always come back here again.

Two: Think of all the people you love. You can open your eyes now and find them.

Three: All these nice feelings, scents, and sounds can stay with you as you start to move and go forward with your day. Wiggle your toes. Yawn and Stretch a little. Go have fun. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Predictions

2015 Predictions

Happy New Year.  Each new year I draw some Tarot Cards and meditate on global predictions. 


Last year I felt that each state in the USA would make some enormous changes at a state level via the Governors.  That happened in the way of demanding labeling of GMO ingredients in foods.  It happened in legalization of medical marijuana. I believe there were other significant state level changes too.  I know that legal marriage between same sex partners continues to gain state by state approval.   I believe that will continue. I predicted in 2014 that Alaska would get a new dynamic governor.  This was a close race against a Republican incumbent.   There is a new dynamic (Independent Party) governor, Bill Walker.  I will call that a home run for me.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/11/14/alaska-governor-walker-parnell_n_6162488.html.  More will be happening on a local level this year.  City magistrates and leaders will honor the voice of the people more than at a federal level in many ways. 

2014 I predicted that in Arizona we would elect a male governor that I did not prefer and did not vote for.  That happened.  In many ways it will not be a tragedy.  I don’t see some of the changes I prefer happening in our state, but it appears that he will create some stability and some better communication in our state legislature.  I will have to be content to wait until the next gubernatorial election. 

I predicted a desalinization plant in or near Rocky Point, Mexico that would be international.  It would greatly help parts of southern Arizona, namely Yuma.  I did find an article that states a study for that and it was published in August 2014.  They are going to break ground and it is underway.  http://rockypoint360.com/tag/desalination-plant/.  I would call that a hit.  I believe this year there is even more on this and new jobs created for Mexico and Arizona.  It will be quite the partnership.  More across the border cooperation in education as well.  I see one of the best colleges being build.  It will rival Stanford and Yale in the scope and quality of curriculum.  The way to ease border conflict and immigration woes will emerge.  It is a more flexible agreement.  The problem was those people in Mexico fleeing poverty and corruption.   I think the drug cabal of the past will be fading in many areas.  With new citizen and immigration measures in place we all win.  Habla Espanol?  Keep practicing.  It is time we in the States learn more than one language.  It is becoming the norm in Arizona.
Last year I predicted that people who are frustrated with the status quo would have more problems assembling in a town hall forum.  I was looking at all the world wide protest that happened over this last year… And the police state level resistance to them.  I predicted that churches would step up and become more of a political voice and a place where people can discuss the issues at stake.  It is a trend that will continue.  The Catholic Pope seems to be helping in this regard as well as Protestant Dominations.  Zachary and I went to a Christmas Eve Candlelight service at a very progressive church and we intend to return.  I don’t know how to measure this trend for my accuracy…but personal observation tells me it is happening.  This year, beyond the church taken on some political advocacy, I see smaller groups of people meeting and I would call this master mind groups or groups that envision and put energy around the preferred intentions.  This feels safer and less infiltrated than larger known political groups.  The point is not to be too rattled by all that is happening but continue to support each other in what we are building for the future.  When you know what you don’t want, you will clearly know what you do want.

Huge divisions are happening within the Police and the Military.  Both the police and military will be dividing more than ever.  I told a young black police man in 2012 that he would have to decide which side of the line he is going to stand on.  He looked worried.  I said don’t be concerned because you are one of the good guys.  Eventually the white hats in all this win.  Please continue to respect our law officers and military.  They are aware of all the crazy decisions coming from the top.  You will continue to be surprised at all the happenings around this.  It continues for the next 5 to 10 years. 

I predicted “sensitive windows” last year.  I found some news on this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_glass

This year it will be a year for indoor gardening and edible landscaping.  Hydroponics really take off with more and better ways to do this for apartment dwellers.  All kinds of green technology is on the rise.

Last year 2014 I predicted a huge fear campaign for a super bug or virus.  http://angelbell444.blogspot.com/2014/01/2014-predictions-part-two.html

I think I call that a ding ding ding.  The Ebola fear campaign was raging most of this last year.  I still think there will be news of a vaccination for this down the road.  I use a yellow light of caution with almost all vaccinations.  Kids getting new vaccinations in the 60’s were accidentally infected with a cancer causing live virus.  Now how does that happen?  I have looked at all the articles on this.  I believe it was a polio vaccine that infected thousands of school children.  I will dig up that research.  Where there is smoke there is fire. 

As I try to retell all the correct predictions, it takes some focus on what is unique for this year. 
The biggest news will be the many accidental deaths of bankers.  The banking system is about to break up in a huge apocalyptic way.  I predict that there will be a USA form of economy that is only a credit system.  All numbers and transparent accounting.  There will be credit cards and the old fashioned books issues long ago for savings accounts.  Someone will only sign their name for non-credit card dealings.  There must be a third party unlike the usually bartering systems of old.  This will take more than one year to totally transform and change but there is a big wave happening and evidenced this year.   How we exchange goods and services changes and is slowly yet painfully pulled from the Federal Reserve. 

This change will free up new and timely jobs and services.  It will put flow back into a fiat economy that is inflated and stagnate on borrowing and lending.   It creates new types of money for new needed enterprise.  We have been so corralled by the banks.
That is the most exciting thing.  Woo Hoo. 
2015 is a year where many will panic and make some bad choices…around everything.  It is better to stay where you are, relationship, home, career and all, than to jump from the fire into the frying pan. 
There will be new leadership where the law is concerned.  New Lawyers new ways of reaching justice.  The whole system is ready to birth a new egg.  Again this takes time.  We see it begin this year.

I will end with a feeling that if we don’t lose our heads it will be a great year.   It looks like even the Democratic Party will be splitting in many of its core decisions.  It looks like there is a red and black team or two sides this year and facing the elections.  With so much liquid change, some people will feel anxious.  I say go with the flow, relax.  It is taking us to a better place in the end. 

Best Wishes for a year of harmony and small safe changes. 


PS.  I just remember saying last year that volcanoes could have benefits or be channeled by drilling wells that allow for power and also maybe to eliminate our toxic non biodegradable waste. I did not see much on this until today.  There is research that says in certain countries this is being seriously looked at.  But did it actually happen in 2014.  I am still looking.


Last year I said there would be a new innovative American Car Company.

 I just found out I was right on about that.  Accidentally I found a new electric car company called
Green Tech based in Virginia. I did not hear about them until recently.  They are really taking off now.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Psychic Sedona: My Personal Vortex

Psychic Sedona Story

December 13, 2014

Sedona is a character in these pages and it is a vibrant red character.  I remember playing in Oak Creek as a child and losing a little red sneaker.  It was as if a creek nymph grabbed it from my five year old foot and scurried away with it.  Somewhere under layers of creek silt is a little shoe and memories of the best family vacations ever.  Somewhere there is a snapshot in time of skipping in creosol scented air that will never get lost.  I always said I wanted to die in Sedona.  Be careful because wishes sometimes come true.  I almost did die there and had to leave most of my belongings to camp on a friends couch in Phoenix.  I think Sedona makes people come face to face with their shadow side and in my case we (me and my shadow) had a tug of war that I barely overcame.  The tourist come and go, however; there is a tribe there of town people that remain.  There are the backbone of Sedona.  These are the shop owners, restaurant workers, postal service, banker, educators, doctors, and the town’s Psychics.  I was a psychic for over a year in fast lane.  I learned things I never dreamt of from some of the best known psychics.  The one thing I learned about working in a center full of psychics is this:  There is no hiding, anywhere.  When a group of psychics weigh in, like the minority report, no camouflage is going to make a difference.  As I said, there is one thing to do, learn and change.
 Sedona is the fast lane for psychic development and realization.  Someone can live for years going to work every day and barely know their co-workers and neighborhood.  I suppose that is comfortable and preferred by many folks.  I felt like I went through a weekly melt down in colorful Sedona. Weekly my transparency would demand an overhaul at the “Psychic Center”.   Throughout all this transformation, I developed some strong bonds with other psychics.  I won’t call those outside my circle of colleagues’ frauds or charlatans. There are some very talented people outside those I became familiar with.  There are some “psychics” I would not recommend but, I would say all are on a path.  Developmentally each psychic and healer must open up and channel truth to the best of their ability.  The question is this: Do you want to pay good money to someone underdeveloped?  I would say to the fledglings; get into a development group and do hundreds of free readings. In time you will reach the point where you have a talent worth trading or not.  I have many friends who are natural psychics and do not desire to do this for a living.  My son is one of those people.  He is gifted but would not be satisfied working as a professional.  Sedona is the Hollywood mecca for all New Age business.  I felt like a fish out of water coming to a Hollywood, make or break you environment.  I lasted over a year.  It is a transient town with some wanna be’s lasting a few weeks.  I might go back to visit but I would hope to live there or visit there more on my own terms.  I used up my savings in no time and was filling out a form for food stamps when things picked up for me there.  I had a shooting comet moment of glory before the crash.  I am happy to have had that flight across the night sky and the experience.  It was an education one cannot buy anywhere on the planet. 
To be continued…
Next chapter..
The Whirling Vortex House
Should I continue?  God I hope I get some “yes” votes.  I am already pulsing to write more.  I have my own permission slip on this…but…nice to get encouragement.  Nice but not absolutely necessary. 

I am not in Kansas anymore and Whoopi Goldberg here I come. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Costume Past Life Fun

Halloween Therapy. Yes Halloween can be somewhat therapeutic in the creative role play of choosing a character to be. It is a chance to step outside the normal box and be wild, crazy, fun, and even scary if you choose. 
As you will notice some people are celebrities, angels, monsters, historical figures, goblins, ghosts, cats, vampires, witches, 
wizards and etc.

As people choose a costume for a party or just to go about the neighborhood, you will be inspired to choose from a plethora of themes. Did you ever wonder if it is a past life memory? It does not have to be but it might be. 
I have noticed when I do past life readings, I find non-human expressions too. I have seen mer-people lives, a life time as a dragon, a life time as a bear, a life time as a reptilian being, dolphin, and Neanderthal or big foot beings. It is amazing

Right now I am offering a past life reading that will spark some remembrance and maybe lead to a costume idea.  Nice to figure out a personality that might lead to more insight later too. 

Just email me at mailto:nancysnimbus@gmail.com and/or select a 2o minute reading for 20 American Busks!

It is all on my website.  

Friday, July 11, 2014

Pray for Ukraine

The conflict between Russia and the Ukraine has many people confused in the USA. The media might not be as fair and objective regarding the situation there. Today the news reported 23 Ukraine Reuters killed in a gun exchange and their have been some bombs as well. Just like a wild fire or other natural disasters in the recent news. People are choosing to leave their homes. Many Pro Russian citizens in the Ukraine are quitting their jobs and moving to Crimea with their families. A two hour wait for a train ticket was the norm today as families wish to leave the conflicted area of Donetsk. The towns and cities along the Russian/ Ukraine boarder are the most unsafe places to be. Stephen Cohen, an American that lived in Russia for a good many years said position of our US military experts is aggravating the violence. The Kiev's position has been destroy the rebellion in the Ukraine by just killing them on the spot. There is little room for negotiating. Cohen (http://jordanrussiacenter.org/news) maintains that Putin’s position, at least until recently—that the entire Ukrainian government is a “neo-fascist junta”—is incorrect. Many members of the ruling coalition and its parliamentary majority are aspiring European-style democrats or moderate nationalists. The conflict gets little air time on our media, and when it does, it seems that the Ukraine soldiers are the “bad kids”. Russia appears to have started this conflict by moving aggressively into the Ukraine and it does appear that the Ukraine militia is trying to defend its boarders. There is widespread trauma for children and families in boarder cities. Trying to relocate to better areas is now the objective as cities become rubble.