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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Surviving Toxic Black Mold Sickness or Environmental Toxins.

Today is 6/28/2017.  I am adding a new resource here for everyone.  Alan Bell was a high powered crime investigator who fell ill from a "sick building" and thus became a survivor of environment toxicity which mold is also in that category. As he became more ill and had more medical tests he started experiencing grand mal seizures just like I did. I did not achieve the answers all at once. It was a real task to even understand what I was dying of. 

I will leave his You Tube link here.  


and a You Tube about toxic mold that killed little kids in an sick apartment black mold hell.  


and his website link is:  http://alanbell.me/index.php/about/

Independence Day July 4th 2017.  I really appreciate Dr. Josh Ave. I agree with his natural remedies except for bone broth and meat. All other green living juice,  that did save my life. 
and his link:  https://youtu.be/9G-T0bNLUss 

My Mold Sickness survival story

The beginning of July, 2012, I became quite ill.  It was different than any cold or flu virus I had ever experienced.  Two weeks went by and my eyes were jaundiced and red.  I was trying to finish a research paper when I passed out and woke up convulsing and shaking as though I had Parkinson's disease.  I was not sleeping well and had developed bronchitis.  I have been a smoker in the past and seem to get bronchitis once in a while. I quit that nasty habit. This was different.  I would not be able to breath and then panic. I was talking to my professor on the phone when I went into a coughing spasm, passed out and woke up with my cell phone on the ground in front of me.  I called her back saying:  "And this is exactly why I need an incomplete right now".  She did grant it.  Concentrating on reading and homework became more challenging.  My brain was not working well.  

My eye sight has always been good.  At age 60, I do not wear glasses.  All of a sudden things were very blurry.  Emotionally, I was disconnected, anxious and depressed.  I was in over my head and the medical people did not seem to have a clue.

I went to the hospital 3 times in July.  Each time the results of X rays and other tests seem to say that I am not really very sick at all.  My blood pressure was normal and my oxygen saturation was better than usual even when I am healthy.  The odd thing was I experienced shortness of breath all the time.

I happened to be on line researching my symptoms when I found an article about black mold sickness written by ? someone.  I have since tried looking for it and it never turns up.  I do think there was a bit of fairy magic in my finding it the first time. 

I started remembering how the windows leaked when it rained and that the walls were at times damp in our trailer.  All at once I was putting two and two together.  Our environment had mold.  Lots of mold.  This realization began a great night mare for me.  This was the beginning of a jog through hell.  After calling all the government or environmental protection agencies, I quickly realized that I must save my own ass.  There was no such thing as government protection or even inspection.  I hired an EPA Certified Toxic Mold Remediation Specialist to tell us what we already knew.  Visually, Matt, the inspector, could see the black mold in every room of our home.  He wrote up a report.  Just the facts ma'am!  I felt better that I had an expert report to validate my concern.  The landlord was in la la land about all this.  He placed an ozone generator in my home for a few hours.  That does not help by the way.  It does not re-mediate the mold.  It might be good for prevention. I am not sure.

What does hell look like:  Trying to move while you are coughing and passing out,  Going to the hospital for breathing treatments and more narcotic cough medicine, running through my savings and not being able to work, borrowing money from friends and relatives, having people tell me their new age philosophy... (I created this and they have good lives due to the fact that they are positive and use the law of attraction.)  Oh my God, the list never stops.  The landlord yelled at me and called me a mentally ill fat cow. Now I think it did seem fitting of Mad Cow disease.  If I was not so deathly ill and passing out I might be able to weather this in a more positive frame of mind.  It is absolutely true about the LAW of ATTRACTION. It exists like the law of gravity exists.  I was drawing to me some unwanted stuff because I was panicked and feeling rotten.  So it has a snow ball rolling down hill effect.  Like Velcro one bad energy experience will draw another.  Advice, never say this:  This cannot get any worse!  It can and it will unless you change quickly.

Breaking the cycle.

 I was talking to my friend Edna about a health concern of hers.  I heard myself say, "there is an answer for you, there is always an answer".  We don't see the answers and there is plenty of misinformation out there even from experts.  The answers are there. 

I had to go back to kindergarten and retrace all the steps.  I had to take all the baby steps all over again.  I started each day being grateful for all the little things.  I can walk, I can breath, and I can read and comprehend if I take my time at it.  It occurs to me that none of this is about the money, or government, it is about creating the world I prefer to live in.  I will find the answers and overcome this.  I can't focus on what I don't want in my life.  If I give lots of negative energy to being upset about what I don't like, I will be sure and create more of it. " What you resist persists", Ester Hicks says that and it is so true.

Put much more energy into what you do want.  The mind is a powerful creator.  I want to overcome this.  There is a name for what I have developed.  Dr. Richie Shoemaker wrote a book called Surviving Mold.  What he says about the red eyes is this:  Mold creates a chronic inflammatory response syndrome or (CIRS).  The mold is a foreign invader that my body went crazy fighting.  Even when I am out of that environment, my antigens are still fighting.  Dr. Shoemaker calls it Leptin resistance and sciatic shock.  Yes, the Parkinson like convulsions and shaking, weight gain, high blood sugar surges just like type two diabetes and even certain cancers set in. This causes weight gain, and that is exactly what I do not need.

 It can be very scary stuff.  There are 500 hundred doctors who work with this treatment he developed.  Michael Gray, MD is in Arizona.  Little by little I researched this problem and I am getting some solid answers. 

I will continue to be proactive in my dreams and my steps.  That is what the 2012 change is all about.  I might have been a victim but I don't have to remain a victim.  There are answers.

I will keep posting more about the treatment and surviving of mold.  We need legislature to protect us.  At one time landlords could paint with lead based paint.  Now they can't. There are volumes of health related concerns regarding "bad buildings and bad plumbing and damp walls.  Toxic mold is not good for us.  Getting congress to act on our behalf is a worth while campaign.  

I would like to add that this fight has continued. Today is October 26th and I am not watching scary Halloween Movies. Life has been frightening enough.  I developed a raging case of diabetes and was craving all things sugar laden.  Now I am on Glucophage. It seems that green juices and vegetables help as well as exercise. I am slowly better.  I applied for disability last year and have not received it yet.  I do not feel that I can go back to work full time. It has effected my life and attorneys will not touch this. There are so many statutes protecting landlords and builders. Many people can spend their life fortune fighting this in court and to no avail.  Something really needs to change with consumer and renter protections.  I was enjoying good health before this happened.


  1. The thing that seems to help is wheat grass. I get a shot of wheat grass juice every other day and I try and eat more leafy green salads. I still cough a bit and feel tired sometimes. Get some vitamins and especially the B complex ones. As cold prevention be sure and eat tangerines and other citrus in the winter. Take extra vitamin C and Vitamin D3. This creates more resiliency.

  2. I'm so sorry for all the things that you went through. I hope you keep going on through the road of recovery and your health will be fully restored in time. You're right; prevention of mold growth is something that should be legally enforced for landowners. And mold growth removal should also be part of their mandatory services for tenants. Mold exposure is deadly, and the health costs that can be incurred due to it is no joke.

    Water Damage LLC Services

    1. Thank you Gail. I don't know if you realize that the EPA and Government agencies to not investigate. I think if someone is a home owner they might have a bit more protection. All the legislation around this has been watered down and no one seems to be responsible or liable...but it can kill you. Mold is a killer. I read an article by a veterinarian that pet die from mold. He did autopsies on pets with respiratory failure to find mold in the lungs. They have very small lungs.