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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Seven Supporters of Alex Colliers and the Andromedan Teachings

Carrying the Flag of Alex & Andromedan Mentorship

This is the link to a You Tube Video.  We are not advertising this very much because it is fragile.

Both Raybeam and I have great admiration for what Alex has been through and his journey with the Andromedan race who are literally cousins to us humans.  They are trying to help us weather the storm and turn things around.  This transcript is called “Seven Souls Carrying on What Alex Collier started”. I wanted to use the word Andromedan in my title so the search engines will bring those who want to know more to the right place.
These sever souls include:  Nancy Lake, Robert Lake, Ashley Roya, Chad, Mona Scotia, and Raybeam Starchild. Wait to Finish this post.

Once we started talking about carrying on with what Alex started, I felt connected with the Blue Beings that Alex speaks of.  I seemed to know that they approved and said welcome aboard.  I remember saying, yes I am ready to be a conduit and channel for them.  I maybe should have read the fine print on that.  Since saying that I am on board, I am feeling an intense energy and also a great deal of joy.  All of a sudden everything has changed.  I feel that some people are seeing me as being weird or out there.  I left normal a long time ago.  I don’t think anyone expects me to be quite normal any more.  Still some people I know see being a channel for ET’s as a step into the social fringe.  Those people who know me well are saying step back into “normal” a little bit.   I lost a son in 2006 and I don’t expect to ever be normal again.  I have been psychic all my life and that puts me in a different boat.  I have been overweight most of my life and can’t figure out why.  I think it has kept me from obtaining the respect of (some) others and better paying positions.  I have two degrees so my ability to thrive in academia is understood, believed and documented.  I might be a natural teacher as well.   My life is full of peaks and valleys and struggles and some great luck and some minuses.  It is very much like a carnival ride.  I think I have tried to avoid the scary rides and after today I might be taking a ride on the thriller triple loop monster coaster. That is what it seems like.  Buckle your safety belt it is going to be bumpy in my world. 

I understand that Alex like to eat and enjoyed the occasional rum and coke.  I can’t do drugs or alcohol.  My brain chemistry is very sensitive. I do eat but trying to avoid the carbs.  The only way to calm my nervous energy is to listen to ASMR tapes on You Tube.  Certain sounds calm me and make my shoulders relax and I even get a pleasant sensation down my spine.  This is non medical, non drug, and legal.  That and bubble baths will have to suffice to let go of the intensity I feel in dealing with Andromedan warriors. They are really very amazing and I am going to enjoy the interaction.  I am remembering several things that Alex has said, and now I fully understand him.

We need better etiquette in dealing with non human and non earth beings.
 We are very ego centric in our view of ourselves and our place in the galaxy.  It would be good to be quiet and just listen when in the presence of some more advanced races.  They love us unconditionally but if we are to enlist the help of others and become part of the Galactic Federation we need to observe the protocol in addressing other groups.

They don’t want to do the work for us but they will help us. 
Being involved will mean leaving my coach potato self behind.  I must get more organized and busy. Many hands make light work.  I will learn to delegate and enlist others.  The Andromedans have said that money does not matter.  They can’t understand why we must pay to live on the planet we were born on.  Many of our indigenous tribes did not.  The earth based tribes did not build fences or roads either.  We can’t go back to those roots but among this group, money will not be an issue. We will work and produce what we need.  We will find the resources.  

Already people I know very well are saying, I just don’t believe in aliens or abductions.  I am not here to convert anyone to my way of thinking.  You do not have to believe anything to be my friend.  It is a free world and we are trying to maintain the freedom to believe what you wish to.  The only thing I might ask is to allow me my beliefs as well.  

And if you hang around me, you will witness things that do not fit into your world or paradigm, just be prepared for that.  It happens to my friends all the time. 
Here’s to my new life and new friends, the Andromedans. Cheers.

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