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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Abraham Hicks in Phoenix, February 1st

copied from my monthly news letter....sorry for the format.

February 1st I attended the Law Of Attraction Seminar with Abraham. The workshop was very good. There were many subjects discussed as usual.  The points that I remember most:
 We do not need to age and become ill to exit earth. It is possible to gently lay your body down and transition. I want to have fun and joy up to the moment I leave.  

Another lady asked about her purpose in life. This is my paraphrased answer. We create purpose moment by moment. Each step we take is helping us express our highest purpose.We evolve into greater understanding and the next awesome version of ourselves.  We came into this life to experience joy and love. We came from joy and love, and in birth we are pinched off from our eternal self. The challenge is to re-connect in our physical world. Our purpose can be as big or little as we choose.  Some people feel they need to leave their mark or legacy behind. And they can really obsess about that too. That isn't the whole story.  Your job is to align with ¨God, Source, All That Is, Higher Self¨ and live each day from that amplified connection.  Then every one you meet and everything you do is inspired and full of purpose.  People think their purpose is to be a writer, a teacher, a rock star, a math teacher or ________(fill in the blank).  Most hold the belief that success is measured certain ways and we should achieve something significant.  That might be true in many ways.  We all have to earn a living and hopefully it is a career that you have a passion for.  I don't think St. Francis knew what he would become later in life, it just evolved as he followed his heart. For many ultra creative souls, they just follow their excitement and it carries them to greater heights. This is a controversy for some people who are very goal driven.  I am goal driven. I have two classes left before internship this summer.  I can't get too airy...fairy.  Well, yeah, I am airy fairy!  Never mind...I reserve the right to be dialectic in my golden years.  

I was disappointed I did not get called on to ask my question. I did raise my hand as did so many others. My question was about Angels. I had a website called Angel Station for many years. I feel the presence of Angels and have no doubt about their existence. My life has been saved many times by my guardians.

After the workshop, I met a man named Otis. He asked me if I was a ¨Medium¨ .  I said, Why yes I am. He handed me a feather.  He explained that his guides manifested the feather and told him it was for me. Wow...A day full of surprises and paranormal happenings!  It really was co creating at its best. 

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