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Sunday, February 15, 2015

About Angel Bell

Angelbell is an alternate handle.  I call it an entertainment name.  I once had an interactive website called Angel Station 444.  I was feeling an increase in angelic presence in 2000 when I developed that site.  I remember being on line for 12 hours when the 9/11 tragedy happened. We supported each other just by chatting. My site was accidentally deleted in 2005.  None of us are sure what happened.  I had 500 members who knew me as Angelbell instead of Nancy.  Naturally that handle has stuck.

Tarot has been in my life for a really long time. It is a tool and like any tool, the hands, creative insight, and knowledge of the master, make all the difference.  Tarot cards are made from card board.  In and of themselves they hold no power.  They are rich in symbolism and for a clairvoyant like myself, they allow me to focus and prioritize the energy and downloaded information I am receiving.  They are also very useful in my subconscious world.

I had a dream last night. The high priestess had several gifts wrapped in shiny gold paper. She handed me one of them.  They were sitting on a raised table.  It reminded me of Christmas Eve when we children were allowed to open one gift, and the rest of them in the morning. So as I was once promised, ahead of me are golden opportunities. Once, I was dying. On the other side, I asked to not come back to this life. I was told (by God) Nancy don't miss the "golden" opportunities that await.

 I am excited! I am in one of those times. In my dream the High Priestess was the female form of God.  I have noticed that originally God had a male voice in a past NDE. http://angelbell444.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-time-of-my-life-my-near-death.html God can choose to wear different costumes and skin to reach us as needed.  God is the most misconstrued word in our language and everyone has their own definition.

The time is coming where we can agree on similar aspects of God, The All That Is, and the Source Energy.  I believe that energy feels like overflowing love and freedom.  I speak and blog of my near death experience where more than anything I realized the depth of my relationship with God and how much I had missed His/Her presence in this life.

I am a huge fan of Ester Hicks and the Abraham teachings.  I went to her workshop in Phoenix and was glued to my seat.  Her teachings have made a great impact on my life as well as Bashar's teachings.  My blog of Abraham is: http://angelbell444.blogspot.com/2014/02/abraham-hicks-in-phoenix-february-1st.html

How did I get started in all this?  It began with many paranormal experiences in childhood. I had questions that were not being answered in Sunday school.  I have a wonderful blog about Anne my Gypsy friend. She became my mentor during my teen years for becoming a psychic card reader.  She taught me how to do that. http://angelbell444.blogspot.com/2012/11/anne-my-red-headded-gyspy-friend.html

 I married and became a mother.  Put away my deck of cards for many years. After my divorce many moons ago, I found myself pursuing a degree.  In 1993 I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northern Arizona University.  I recently completed all course work for my Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling.  I think I have a solid A so far.  Maybe even summa cum laude (will see soon) and I am entering internship.  I will need a 1000 hours to be licensed. 

 I do stay busy these days.  So going back to my past as a social worker, or family support helper, I found my intuition was alive and working without cards.  I was being guided on how to best help families.  At that time I was paid very little and worked a 50 hour work week.  I had two children that really needed me as well.  I soon become run down and had to take some time off.  Somewhere in all this extra thinking time I decided to return to school to pursue a Master’s degree in Counseling.  I do well with academia. What I have found is that many of the metaphysical paradigms exist in psychology.  They have been coined and “discovered” by many noteworthy people.  They have become foundations and theories under a different name.  Columbus did not discover America, it was always there.  The difference between metaphysical, Native American shaman, Ancient Philosophy and Psychology is the language used for the very same thing.  

After all the psychology classes I value the training I received from Anne even more.  It is the fast track to therapy.  I see the problems and solutions so much faster.  What would take six weeks of discovery on a therapist couch happens in about 10 minutes.  I hope that there will be a wider acceptance of intuition in our field. They are trying to be more like the medical model.  And in my opinion that is not working out too well. 

I believe that I knew St Francis of Assisi in a very personal way.  This time around I honor my body and like sensual pleasures I don’t believe are wrong. Not to say I am immoral nor am I hedonistic. Just the right amount of things this time. I am also anti-poverty.  I learned that one does not need live and austere life to be spiritual.  Starving and having bleeding feet is not preferred this time around.  I also remember being cold.  I did that and wore the tee shirt. I wrote a blog about St. Francis, as I knew him.  http://angelbell444.blogspot.com/2014/01/my-life-as-saint-francis.html

I found my ancestors on the Alabama Indian Removal document of 1835 and that confirmed what had been only hinted at all my life. I am a wonderful blend of Cherokee and Irish.  I know the Irish or Celtic people more easily are in touch with their intuition.  The Cherokee are just so clairsentient.  It is a nice genetic package for the work I do.  I was born in Arizona and lived in Phoenix most of my life.  I moved to Sedona in 2010.  I just loved it there.  I learned so many things from the psychic community there.  It was an education that would not be possible anywhere else. 

I had to leave Sedona in 2012 when toxic black mold was discovered in the damp walls where I was living.  So I wrote an early blog about surviving black mold.  I almost did not survive.  And I lost everything financially in having to move fast with the bare minimum.  I used up my savings and slept on a friends couch for a while until I got better.  I am not alone, many people experience this.  http://angelbell444.blogspot.com/2012/09/surviving-toxic-black-mold-sickness.html

Another part of my experience is being abducted and on board craft and in clinics.  I do blog about that part as well. There is a connection between being psychic, creative, and high IQ and alien abduction experiencers. 

I am such a fan of David Wilcock and Alex Collier.  I blog about my Andromedians connections here:  http://angelbell444.blogspot.com/2012/12/seven-supporters-of-alex-colliers-and.html

Almost all my blogs are autobiographic in nature.  There are more life line points of course than those mentioned.  It would be a long blog and everyone would surely tire in the reading.

At this time I am a professional psychic, medium, life coach, author and speaker.

Please visit my website to see my list of services.  Angel Bells Guidance

There are a few photos that do say a thousand words. I will share and hope they tell you a little story too.

Me and John Wayne.  Springerville, Arizona.  I am on the left.  1968 age 15.

Me in the red shirt with Vance holding our little boys. On our way to Scotland from
Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, AZ  1981
Nancy and Nellie Bly. Uncanny resemblance.  Maybe a past incarnation?  This time,
I had wanted to be a journalist.  My father passing at age 19 and similar unusual happenings, did not
allow that for me.  I also wanted to travel all over, but some joyous things, like two little boys kept me from venturing out there.

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