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Sunday, October 6, 2019

SPS Chapter 10: When Two Druids Appear

Chapter 10:  When Two Druids Appear

One day I was listening to Oak Creek when two Druids dressed in white robes appeared in my office. My window was open, and I was used to a fairy being flitting in like a dragonfly and circling my head.  It (elemental being)seemed to check in and go back outside to celebrate the laughter of water as it cascaded over rocks.  Sedona was a paranormal smorgasbord of unusual entities.   One could sample the consciousness without fully emerging and that felt safe.  I was wary of joining the one Reptilian being I would see at night when Melinda Leslie was having a support group for abductees.   As Melinda would point out, it is very common for psychics to be abductees.  Those experiences seem to run in tandem with each other.  Reptilians are not all alike.  They are growing and overcoming darkness as are many other groups.

The Druid Visitors:

They were communicating a great deal about the Center of Light where I rented office space.  It was in a high energy spot and there was a small island in the creek where they loved to park themselves on very nice days.  The moment I saw them, I felt calm and centered.  One had slightly red hair and one was totally white haired and both had clean shaven angelic faces.  They wanted me to darken the room and that was almost impossible.  I would drop into a light trance where we would then exchange a delightful amount of information.

 The Druids were destroyed by the Romans, or nearly so.  Only some legends remain.  The Druids were usually older men due to the lengthy time in training.  A Druid is a student most of his life and indeed most of the teaching was oral in transference. 
The oral tradition was a result of the destruction of Atlantis and the lack of warning for some of the Order of Druid.  Like Noah they were able to climb into high places or be in boats when these catastrophes occurred.   As Edgar Cayce had mentioned, there were more than one earth changes that sunk Atlantis. 

A Druid used Socratic methods of teaching and nature itself was a drawing board.  ­“The best way to hide a pebble is on the beach” They were living a very simple life as ordinary men except on high holidays.  The word Holiday contains the word Holly.  Holy and Holly are similar in meaning.  If they had been too conspicuous, they would be destroyed and that is what happened. 
  Most of the Irish Kings were Druids and the adviser to the King was always the most learned and psychic of the order of the Druids.  Some say that Merlin is a title and not a name.  I believe that as well.  There were many different personalities that were called Merlin.  There was one Merlin who went into the woods to live as a hermit much like John the Baptist elected to do.

The King was chosen for his ability to “see”.  They were “seers” and diviners.  This insight gave them an advantage over the enemy.   The best way to navigate life was to not have an enemy and to settle skirmishes before they got out of hand.  For this reason, the Merlin and the King held court and they were the law of their community.  
 Those who were to enter the Order of Druid were invited to do so as a young teenager aged 12 to 13. Sometimes orphans would be selected but it seems that the linage was considered and the level of psychic or ESP ability.   If parents brought a son to the Order, that child would be tested.  Remember the story of Arthur?  Floating stones was a knowledge that was passed along via oral tradition.  To be able to change the frequency of a large stone and move it was a test.  When Arthur drew the sword from the stone, he absolutely demonstrated the ability to become one with that stone and it became lighter and malleable at once.  Stone circles were erected in Groves of Oak as places of worship and Solstice Reminders.  The sun would light up the stone that would indicate Yule Tide or Beltane or Samhain and mid-Summer.  Easter was a pagan Holiday and this Goddess showed up with her rabbit consort early in the morning.  Some say she blessed water that was left out. There were other mid solstice celebrations like Embolic. This would be a huge essay to try and go through the customs of each Holiday and discuss the purpose and ritual of each.   The stones were markers for these and there were other types of uses as well. 

Ben McBrady, of the old Gaelic Order, said that the true essence of Christianity was drawn from those Essenes that traveled and learned the wisdom of the Oaks or Druids. Jesus also traveled and studied with Druids from time to time.  Each Druid, and also, Essene was to study from age 12 until age 30.  Then they were ready to teach and travel.  All things being learned, some had specialties as some were builders and some made shoes.   They occupied their day doing manual labor when not reading or studying.  The lessons they taught were never in writing.  The were gifted story tellers, poets, and musicians. The minstrels were probably a sort of Druid.  They all were entertaining. 

So much has been lost along the way regarding the Druids, but they remain in stories about King Arthur and Merlin.  They say Gandalf is surely a Druid sort of wizard.  Druids used snakes in treating certain types bad water born parasites.  One very long worm was wrapped around a staff as it exited the blister on a human leg.  The caduceus from the Greek physician Hippocrates has much ancient symbolism to be sure.  The symbol of the snake may be a sign of a surgeon/healer who used snake venom in healing remedies.  Although snakes are venomous when the skin is bitten, when the venom is ingested in certain ways it will remove parasites.  The staff seems to be a symbol of the Druid as they had staffs they used as walking sticks.   Holly and mistletoe have medicinal properties. The berries are considered poisonous to eat; however, the leaves and bark are used in teas for a variety of diseases such as epilepsy, hypertension, headaches, menopausal symptoms, infertility, arthritis, and rheumatism and is reported to cure cancer.  Further reading also says it was widely used to treat anxiety, gall bladder and liver illnesses. It is no wonder the Druids carried pouches with medicine, and they were known to harvest the trees for these types of small oak and parasitic mistletoe.

 The Romans attacked the area known to be alive with Druids and wiped them out.  This area was called Anglesey, Island of Mona, in Wales. Some of them no doubt escaped to Ireland and other Islands around the North Sea area.  Ben McBrady said that the story of Saint Patrick was about 99% fiction.  He maintains that if Patrick did exist at all, he came to Ireland much sooner and it would be about the turn of the timeline that the Romans invaded.  It is believed that Patrick became a student of the Druid teaching.  Although he was a priest of the early Christian/Roman Church. 
The Druids were the intellectual elite.  They were poets, astronomers, magicians, and astrologers. It took them 19 years to gain the necessary knowledge and skills in alchemy, medicine, law, the sciences, and more. They organized intellectual life, judicial processes, had skills to heal people, and were involved in developing strategies for war. They were an oasis of wisdom and highly respected in their society.  All these highly regarded skills and knowledge were apparent in Greece and other Druid/pagan cultures, but the Romans feared them.  

It has taken some time to remember and recount the two Druids present in Sedona.  They were amazing and interesting, and they made me aware of the value of the Druids.  They had a far-reaching influence.  The Druids got a bad rap from the Roman historians.  The Romans found them barbaric and the Druids did not think highly of the Romans who invaded their country.  Many so-called human sacrifices were not at all true.  There might have been pagans who did sacrificing but it is doubtful they were the elite of the Druid Order.  As Ben said, many of the characteristics and virtues of Christianity were flowing from Druid philosophy.

I was reading a great deal before writing this essay.  The Druids would weave bows of the Yew tree together to create a curtain between the stones of a sacred clearing.  Certain rituals were performed in darkness.  It has been a long time and I long to see my friends again.  For now I use pine aroma therapy to draw that sacred feeling I had when communicating telepathically with these friends.  

Sunday, July 28, 2019

SPS Chapter 8: Healing a Broken Heart in Half the Time

Sedona’s Psychic Sisterhood with sage advice from Sara Dewdrop

The best answers ever about healing a broken heart. 

 When it comes to love, I have been that gullible creature.  On several occasions I :played the fool” and cried while singing a country western song. Often, we are too eager to give our hearts away to a fantasy creature.  When we then slough the spell, we see the “ass” we have been devoted to.  Just like “A Midsummer's Night’s Dream” Titania is tricked into loving an ass who is really a human actor named “Bottom”.  For all those who fall prey to love’s myths and illusions, watching Shakespeare’s play might be eye opening.  It is an essay on jealousy, competition, misunderstandings, and the whole emotional drama of romance.  All of Shakespeare’s plays explore human relationships and the human condition in the most colorful language of all time.  I found Shakespeare to be a life saver on those lonely nights when human companionship eluded me.  Healing starts with knowledge and forgiveness. This is my discovery say I Sara. 

Most of my readings are about relationships.  When they are not about relationships in the romantic context, then they are about career and personal goals. When speaking of career, there is often a bit of advice on co-worker relationships.  There are some readings about purpose and spirituality.  Some readings are about children or pets.  And my all-time unique reading was about 4 “dead” cats. 

This couple was so devoted to all their cats and they were grieving some of them.  They requested medium contact with those departed cats, and they wanted to know their special cats were enjoying their afterlife experience. That was a stretch for me, but it went very well.  I was talking to each cat and each one had a different personality.  They had characteristics and mannerisms that helped this couple identify which cat was communicating with me.  Most pet readings are about that human/animal relationship.  I would like to address that subject in a chapter just about animal communication.  There is quite a bit of material to cover about relationships that are not human, and it might  be a bit humbling.  While waiting to see a doctor, I was leafing through a magazine. There was a photo of two fisherman holding up a huge fish. I was ready to turn the page when I noticed the expression or grimace on the fish’s face.  It was a look of extreme anxiety and reminded me of a child who could not scream.  Humans have tortured and exploited animals in many ways. Imagine having to live outside chained to a tree when it is freezing?  Animals can and do exceed humans in certain areas as you might have noticed.  Think of their devotion and heroism in saving lives.  Think of their purity of thought and feeling.  They are not capable of deceiving.  Think of their love and compassion that is so genuine and unconditional.  Humans can fall short of these unparalleled qualities. I watched a lady beat up her dog in a grocery store for not walking “right”.  All my bells and whistles went off,  I have been a social worker and I can’t un-see or un-learn what I know.  A Dad beat his two-year-old daughter to death for not being fully potty trained. I hope we grow and expand as humans.  If you have some time, read “Soul Dog” by Elena Mannes.  Her dog became her spiritual guru.  It is a delightful read.

Stuck in a Love Rut
There are some people who seem to be stuck in a love rut.  They are looking for love in all the wrong places.  Since 2011, I have had yearly or bi-yearly calls from the same people regarding dissatisfaction with their partners or lack of partner.  To me it seems they are looking for the perfect person, but is anyone perfect?  There needs to be a foundation of stability for each of us. There is an expression: Each tub sits on its own bottom. Another human cannot replace the being that is your inner soul. They say in psychology that the primary relationship is your mother.  Truly, the primary relationship is you and you.   If the morning starts without plugging into your inner being then your morning is empty like a sky without a rainbow, without the fresh dewy air, and without the song of birds.   Is it possible for two people who are empty and unhappy to come together and “complete” each other?  I don’t think so.  They might enjoy each other for a while, until some of the life stressors happen.  Life stressors include having a newborn baby.   Babies are so delightful and such a blessing.  My babies helped me become a more vital human being and I discovered a layer of love I might not have known otherwise.  The other shoe drops for young couples.  There are sleepless nights and little time to enjoy each other.  Having a baby does not always bring a couple together if they are not already solidly in friendship and in love.
When Food is Love
I read a book with that title by Genene Roth.  When family and significant others have not been able to fill a certain kind of void, some people turn to food or substances.  Food can comfort us however there is a problem with that.  I have been to a nutritionist for years and I know how to eat.  That does not explain some binges I have been on.  I observed myself eating bread, one piece after the other, and I could not stop.  At that moment I was very frustrated.  Things were not going my way.  There are certain emotional zones that seem to trigger a binge and the top three are; boredom, frustration, and depression.  If I am too depressed and darn near suicidal, I don’t eat. When I am in slight depression or dysthymia it feels awful and I want to binge.  It is not a good spot to be stuck in.  Personally, I learned it from my Dad.  He was a workaholic and I am pretty sure staying ultra-busy was his coping skill.  Now that I have identified that certain emotional patterns or zones lead to weight gain and overeating, I am vigilant doing something else to break out of it.  I would like to explore the relationship that some of us chubby people have with food.  That would be another chapter. It will be delicious to write it out.

Yeah, so Do Something Else! 

After a breakup, it is time to be kind to yourself.  Some people will eat ice cream and cry on a good friend’s shoulder.  This weird horrible feeling really should not last more than a week or two, because if it does, there really is a deeper issue.  I know that all the words and advice in the world are not heard by those heartbroken and betrayed.  If you have trouble letting go there are some things that might hasten your recovery. One of my best friends said to me, “he is either there with you or he is not”. I was eating ice cream and asking if a fella was coming back around.  As a psychic I get that question all the darn time.  Will he or she come back around?  When I have really looked seriously into the future of that person’s life.  It always looks like they are very happy with someone else down the road.  It appears that even if that person did do a U turn and stopped by to say hi on New Year’s Eve, the person I am reading for would be out celebrating with someone significant to them.  Will he or she come back is often a non-question.  I am not sure why it is asked so much? But me too, I have asked the same. 

 So. when I say get busy living life do anything that will lift you up and add purpose, don’t wait, just do it. Rather than focus on meeting someone that will probably just be a rebound, do something else. Examples: Take up a water color class, get in a hiking club, take a dance class, join a poetry reading club, go swimming, walking, biking, join a book club, join a church singles club just to meet others and go to movies together, volunteer, volunteer especially with children because they are delightfully happy.  There are so many things to do and be interested in.  Remember Jim Carrey in a movie called Yes Man?  Say Yes to those things that you normally don’t do. Somehow the Universe is conspiring to bring a wonderful person into your world.  Don’t try looking, the harder you try, the worse the match usually is. Just be receptive when it does happen, when things line up and you feel that sparkle and you giggle the next day for no good reason; Life is happening just go with the flow.  

Why does it take so long?  The time between relationships can be very short.  It just depends on how fast you heal.  When you know what you don’t want (in a relationship partner), then that contrast allows you to focus on what you do want.  It is like writing a letter to Santa Clause, you have a list of characteristics that you like. It seems like the Universe is listening, and it will happen in perfect time.

  I hear people say:
 I just don’t want someone who plays games, or my boyfriend just wont commit.  My girlfriend is an alcoholic, I just want her to get sober and be the sort of person I want her to be. I’m an alcoholic, but I think my boyfriend should just deal with it and accept me this way. My husband served me divorce papers and left, and I did not see that coming.  

 There is a wee bit of game playing in the beginning of every relationship but usually by the third or fourth date all the cards should be on the table.  Does this person want to have children?  Is this person just wanting to casually date? Does this person just want recreational sex?  If it seems that animals are vicious and treacherous, just observe how hearts are carved up and lives destroyed by not being honest with another person over agendas and plans.  They say you can spot a narcissist by the trail of destruction they leave behind.  Odd fact is narcissist do not really like themselves, but they could never face that truth either, so they don’t know.  They will find their own faults in others and instead judge and blame them.  Who is in worse shape the narcissist or the person who attracts them?  When I worked at a domestic violence shelter, I could not get used to women going back to the guys that beat them up, but then, the shelter life is not heaven either.  Again, there is a whole subject in how to strengthen women enough to become independent.  That might be another whole chapter or two.  Those we chose often will show us who we are and where more development is necessary.  That is true of all of us, all God’s children and relationships will ask us to grow and evolve on our path.  The hermit in a cave might not be as holy as a father with six kids trying to make his family happy.  Just maybe there are holy paths that ask a great deal of us, but that might be just the ticket. That is what we wanted this time around.

My job as a psychic is not always to “just tell the truth”.  Oh my, if it was that easy. I have a really nasty Yelp review from a lady who did not want to hear the truth at all. I offered to return her money, but that was not satisfactory.  She could not unhear what I said.  There was a pretty Yugoslavian blond lady who came to my home for a reading.  I do realize that Yugoslavia has broken apart into several different countries, and she was from one of those newly formed countries, but I can’t remember.  She was served divorce papers and then her husband left.  They owned and home and had a child together.  She asked me if her husband would return to their home.  I said, yes, but it will only be to pick up his belongings and then return to a dark-haired woman.  I suggested she gather his things and take them to a storage facility so all she need do is hand him the key.  At that suggestion she burst into tears and left.  She did not offer any money or gratuity for my honesty and accuracy.  About six months later she returned to tell me that I was totally right.  She wanted another reading and I did ask for payment in advance.  Once bitten twice shy is the saying I would use.  Again, she left in a very emotional way.  This time it was over custody of their child, and she was not thrilled with my answer.  I believe she did overcome all this and did find a nice guy to settle down with.  I must wonder if honesty is the best policy, when clearly, it might not be.  Sometimes I think it would be better to just not read for people who are not ready for the truth.  That way I am not side stepping break up issues and no lies are being offered.   Many of these people do come back to say, “I went to a dozen other psychics and you were the only one to tell me the truth”.  Clearly, this is not the way to become rich and famous.  I should have gone into computer science. 

Again, my best advice is Get busy doing something else and create some joy in friends and the things that matter to you.  I have been single for 25 years and I love it.  But I still wonder if there might be a certain someone out there.  Maybe.  Until then I am at play in the fields of the Lord. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Sara and Sedona’s Psychic Sisterhood: Chapter 7, Sylvia Browne is Around!

 For all my Sedona Sisters!

I Sara have experienced many levels of being. I have traveled extensively in search of things I would have and could have found in my own back yard.  If it is to be it will magnetize to me.  Those people, entities and highest adventures will find me, and quite easily, right where I am, here now.  For me, Sara, that is perfection and living life in a sacrosanct way.

About a year ago I began hearing and seeing departed celebrities.  In the past I have had conversations with ex-presidents such as Kennedy, Lincoln, Roosevelt.  Also, I have touched in with Janis Joplin, Shakespeare, St Francis, and lately, Robin Williams.   I totally appreciate the comedians.  

Not too long ago, I had an experience with a client that was not positive.  It is very humbling to struggle during a reading and not fully connect. I surrender and realize that nothing will happen with that situation.  This client will go away rather empty and I will feel like a failure.  There is no charge of course, but that does not seem to be an issue.  More and more I see money as an energetic exchange.  When a waitress does a great job and the food is also prepared well, it is a joy to leave a tip.  Money brings with it a blessing of encouragement and appreciation. 

I continued to feel rather blue and discouraged.  I spoke with my sister psychics who convened by the lovely oak creek. I explained how I was feeling and asked what advice they might have for me.  In general, their shared wisdom was to just shake it off.  This does happen occasionally for all psychics.  If it happened all the time, perhaps, it would be time to put away the shingle that says: The Psychic is In; $5 dollars please.  In fact, I have a red headed friend who is an amazing psychic.  She says she would never be able to be a professional psychic because she cannot summon her gift on demand.  When I call her with a question, she will say I am not on right now, or she will chime in.  She is very gifted.  When money is not involved it does de-stress the situation.  It would be nice to say:  I will try to help, I will try and see for you, I will listen to the Universe for you, but, there is no guarantee and forgive me if I interpret incorrectly.  This is sacred work that I do.  I am not an accountant; I am interpreting subtle energies and visions.  There is no amount of money equal to what I do.  I am being paid for my time.  I am being paid for the full concentration to the person at hand.  I will refund all money if necessary.  I understand that is needed as well.  No one wants to feel cheated.  No psychic wants to be considered a “charlatan”. It is all part of the unique field of intuitive counseling that goes on.  There must be that underlying trust in the work we do.   

I suppose that I was still wearing a Sara scowl when Sylvia Browne showed up. 

Sylvia was a psychic who was on TV quite a bit, taking audience questions.  Her death was the first in a string of psychic deaths for me.  Cheryl Lynn, Scottie, Sandra Cousins, and Sylvia all departed from this world at about the same age.  I ask my unseen audience to research more about her.  But back to my first encounter with her.

As I sat alone, Sylvia walked up to me (in spirit) and said, “Just Fuck it!”  That was exactly what she said, so I cannot sanitize it here.   I felt such intense love from her and a chuckle.  In her Sylvia way, she healed me.   She seemed to be making a grand gesture on the idea of perfection.  There is no such thing.  We can all be wrong sometimes.

 Sylvia was a prolific writer. As a psychic she helped solve crimes and she was right about 85% to 90% of the time.  I don’t think 100% is possible.  When she was on the Montel Williams show for years, but there were mistakes. She might have been seeing a different time line or interpreted things wrong.   God bless her because she was the real deal and was publicly crucified by some for her “mistakes”. https://youtu.be/uPBU-nwBEjw and https://youtu.be/9yzz8vaZgE8

 As I sit here today, I feel the warmth of Sylvia asking me to continue and go on.  I hear her say, “you really can make a living at this”.  There may be a time I can quit my day job and embrace this work whole heartedly with out going without some of those creature comforts I need.  When I listen to Sylvia, I am encouraged, and I am asked to jump out on that limb (without fear) when I get a hunch.  In Sedona I often did endure the probing of the skeptics and their guardedness.  Some people are very guarded during readings.  Perhaps they don’t want to be found out about something, but they make the reading difficult.   Approaching a reading more openly is recommended.  I believe getting the best answers is a collaboration between all parties.

I would notice, especially in Sedona, that people want to test the psychics.   I would accidentally “prove” myself time and again.  I had a family show up to summon a departed loved one.  It was a joyous feeling as everyone gathered.  The wife, and daughters of a beloved but departed father all gathered in my office.  When “Butch” entered our circle, I felt totally able to channel for him.  He was a big personality.  There was a box of tissue being passed to all present.  When we cry, (I call those tears, “connection tears”) those tears mean; the flood gates have parted, and we are no longer separated.  Amen.  Death cannot destroy the love and connection we have to our loved ones.   In fact, all relationships are eternal.  If there is unfinished business, it will be finished on the other side.  

We all enjoyed the personality of Butch.  But before leaving our session This Dad, turned to me and showed me something.  I said, Butch is holding a cellophane wrapped candy cane.  I blushed a bit, not understanding what that meant.  Everyone, the mother and daughters began crying again.  Butch’s eldest daughter explained that she was wearing her Dad’s coat to help pull in his energy.  When she reached into his pocket there was a cellophane wrapped candy cane this AM. 

I felt like I was part of an inside joke.  I began to cry as well. 

The point I want to make here is: I was doing my best to bring Butch through and he did come through brilliantly.  This family never put pressure on me to prove a certain phrase for them.  I have had people asked me to give them a pass phrase before.  I will explain what that is.  I had a session with a middle-aged lady who said that her mother passed away from cancer several months ago.  Before her mother died, she and her daughter devised a “pass phrase” that would be asked for when seeking the advice of a medium.  I said to her, let me see what I can get if I quiet my mind.  I felt a bit discouraged.  I told her that all I could see for 60 seconds was the color green and then I saw an ordinary looking cup.  The daughter sprung into those connection tears at once.   The pass phrase was green cup.   I thought I had really flunked that test.  I am one who does not like tests.  I don’t like the performance anxiety that sort of thing produces.  I just want to do what I do and hope it reaches people in the right way. 

Sylvia Browne was a very successful psychic.  In fact, it was almost impossible for people to get appointments with her as she was booked up way into the future.  It seems almost ridiculous that people would throw her under the bus for making mistakes on the TV shows she was on.  They would make a blanket statement like, “that just proves that there is no such thing as being psychic”.  All it proves is, no matter how famous someone is, or popular someone is, mistakes can happen.

I will support all the psychics out there.  As a sisterhood, there are no better people to be around.  There are some marvelous male psychics like James Van Praagh too. Many of the gay psychics are phenomenal.  These men can pull from the female brain and creativity in a way most men cannot.  There are heterosexual psychic men as well.  They are a special group like the Essenes were.  Those Essenes are and were trained in certain ways that modern men are not. Predominately, the realm of psychic mastery is more often seen in females. It is a power and strength women hold.  I will point to the longevity of the Oracle of Delphi as evidence.  I remember Delphi! I remember having a shorter life span due to some of the hallucinogenic substances and smoke that we consumed.  I remember that most of the priestesses lived underground in caves.  The caves also had gardens and water falls.  One priestess would serve as the oracle for a while and take a break and others would serve.  That is why they were often cloaked.  Perhaps they all had the name of Sybil.  I support that sisterhood and will always support those who try and reach the furthest distance in bringing the wisdom to others.  For me there is no greater office. 

Now my lovely friends and readership, I will join my honored friend, Sylvia for tea.   There is so much to talk about!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

SPSS.Chapter 6. The Dearly Departed

my maternal great grandfather and mother John and Lydia

Sara's Psychic Sisterhood in Sedona.
The Dearly Departed

Within the mecca of psychics, Sedona, AZ, there are those who are Mediums and they act as translators between the two worlds. It is the most fascinating of all the many things called paranormal to me.  “I enjoy it immensely”, say I Sara” What is different about this connection, it is pure happiness for one thing. I remember James Van Praagh and I laughing until our sides hurt. He saw Abraham Lincoln materialize the same time I did in one of his work shops.  It is now understood that Abe is part of my soul group, as is Saint Francis of Assisi, Shakespeare, and a few other iconic figures.  Apparently, James Van Praagh is also a member of this group. All of us on earth have a soul group rooting for us that did not land on earth with us this time. I Sara do not wish to name drop because that is a drip drip drip. All of us evolving souls in 3D have iconic people in our soul families. There are always some ahead and some behind. That is how we get through this world. We take someone’s hand above and extend our hand to someone behind.  

Unlike Tarot Cards and Tea Leaf’s there is great energy and excitement when the loved ones draw near and when connection is made.  The joy expressed is barely describable. The loved ones who have shed their skin suit are looking forward to speaking and touching in with their loved ones who are still incarnate more than receiving a million dollars. They are with us more often than not and wanting to be with us in so many ways. Love never dies It is excellent to have a “Day of the Dead” to remember and celebrate all of our family and friends on the other side. There is a stigma with calling the departed DEAD.  That is a four letter word. They feel liberated and fully connected as beings. We here on Terra fir-ma might appear to be the zombie walking dead to them.  I have a dream to illustrate this.  I had a dream about my father’s mother shortly after she had expired.  She drove up in a taxi cab to my home.  She had a small overnight case with her and she was so excited to see me.  As she started to come towards me, I said in a surprised way, “but Grandmother, you are dead.”  She turned gray and void of color and the expression was the most lifeless and sad ever. It was a dream, and yet I am sorry that I said that word in my dream. No one should ever be labeled “dead”

When people schedule a session for medium work,
 It does not always work right.  Some loved ones cannot get through the river of tears and the feeling of loss. You cannot find that which is lost, if that is your belief.  It is like mowing down a wall of thorns to bring that person through.  In one experience, the departed father kept trying to reach through me to his daughter.  He finally brought through his mother to soften up the experience.  It appeared that his mother was trying to act as a liaison and battery.  It was looking bleak when the father showed me a picture of himself with a salt and peppered mustache and the rest flowed much easier. For this reason I. Sara,
Have always offered a disclaimer of “I will see if we can connect,” and it is always easier without the subject of money.  With money, I say this, everyone should receive something for their time. If there is no money exchanged, then bills don’t get paid and that psychic with the rare ability to connect with departed loved ones, winds up having to take an office job. With my experience with social work, I helped people but not in the dynamic way that I knew I could. I have student loans from graduating with two Master’s degrees. It would seem practical to be practicing in that field, right? My heart becomes heavy working in that field and I long to embrace the rosier side of the paranormal work.  The bad part of a money exchange is there are no guarantees. I have grown confident in my ability, but, there is always that one reading that is not breaking through. Fortunately it is not very often.  

The etiology of a medium:
I Sara, have been doing this type of work since I can remember.

At the age of nine, I remember resting due to the fact that my father asked me to take a nap. I was feeling a spinning feeling. I opened my eyes and the room was also spinning around as though I was in a dryer spin cycle.  There was something else.  I was in a tunnel and when I looked up I saw the faces of several men looking down the tunnel at me.  It was as though I was at the bottom of the well looking up at faces.  I came to know them as all my father figures.  Great Grandfathers and Great Great Grandfathers. One in particular had a very long bushy beard. I found him in a family album as being my grandmothers Grandfather, Bradly. His life would be about the time of the civil war when men did wear those types of beards. For all of us there must be 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents and 16 great great grandparents.  If we are counting only male persons. I saw at least six grandparent figures. They were to be my support system as I grew up. Soon after this vision, my father disappeared for several months. My father was burdened with bi-polar depression. Then he had another side of his personality where he was the life of a party.  My brothers and I never knew which side of father was going to show up. My father passed from this world when I was 19.  I was kneeling on a prayer bench waiting for my fathers memorial service to begin. As I studied the floor before me, a man in a suit walked out towards the pulpit on the stage front before me.  As I looked up expecting that it would be the minister, I met my fathers brilliant blue eyes and clean shaven face. I remember saying “Daddy” and then tried to calm myself.  It was a vivid Kodak moment. He was there at the memorial service just as much as the ensemble of friends and family.

Those are two poignant episodes of medium-ship in my youth.  When I was 9 I knew nothing about the tunnel that souls go through or the vortex spinning when you are pulled through too rapidly.  I would learn all this as I grew up. My etiology had its own progression and direction without my foreknowledge.  I guess “it was in the cards”.  Try as I may to blend into this world I just would not be “normal” like everyone else. The message I received is “there is something really wrong with me”.  Until I met others like me, I would feel misunderstood.  

I am not dead, I am just different.  There is a book with that title. The author is describing a little boy trying to communicate with his mother.  The “dead” don’t want to meddle in our affairs and they are quite busy on other realms learning and healing.  They will show up during times of great duress.  I can remember seeing my father as a young adult. I had my own apartment by then and I had a few friends over. We were smoking “pot” in my kitchen.  When I walked into the living room I saw my father sitting on the couch.  Again I said, “Daddy”?  I asked my friends to leave.  Perhaps I was hanging out with the wrong friends.  I believed there was a warning in that visitation. Any time I have seen my father or Grandmother it is significant. I have to do some re-examination of my life.

Common Myths about the Departed.

You do not need to go to a grave yard to visit with them. They are not in the ground anyway.  If a person goes to the graveyard to converse with Mother or Father or Sister or Grandma.  The loved one will be summoned to the graveyard by that desire to touch in. When I go shopping it will summon my oldest son Jason and it just seems more fun than being at a graveyard.

As Allison Debois wrote in her book “Don’t Kiss Them Good bye”
You do not have to say good bye forever.  When some of my clients break down and sob during a session with their loved one I call that melt down “connection tears”. Often the pain of loosing someone will cause people to wall themselves off and become numb. There really is no need to do that.  They are access-able. All relationships are eternal.
If a loved one commits suicide they are forever damned. That is not true at all.  I have spoken to several departed by suicide and they are doing very well on the other side. Sometimes they regret their decision but they have gone on as thought it were just a small inconvenience.  
You do not need to remain single if your spouse is departed. Very often a departed loved one is trying to bring the right person to the loved one left on earth. They really want you to be happy.

Try keeping a journal with questions in it for your loved one…questions about anyone or anything.  I really enjoy getting those answers in the most surprising ways. I call it the boomerang effect.  Throw out that question.  It will come back and usually in a very short time with a perfect answer.

Forgive yourself for not being there at the death bed.  They forgive you completely and now they get to hug you in a deeper way then they ever could when in a body. Don’t beat yourself up at all.  That is easier said than done. Often times the departed are put on a pedestal by their loved ones.  They made mistakes too.

One lovely lady did not want to sell her home because she knew that her loved one was there with her. Her husband, now free and in full realization with his eternal self, said that he would move with her where ever she wanted to go. I was slightly jealous of the love they had created for each other. I suppose there is the blessing of a perfect relationship and then a price for it as well. I don’t think there needs to be that price. Just be blessed and satisfied that you could enjoy such a wonderful relationship and you will reunite in heaven.

Loved ones will leave signs and symbols to say they are around.

The problem with pets for me:  It is hard to know exactly if cats are still alive or not.  They appear to be so present and seem to be with their human family no matter what. We have past cats show up and play with our now existing cat. We hear meows. I have heard the jingle of cat toys when there was no cat there. Cats and dogs and other animals are connected to Source Energy and they love us unconditionally. I had a pet duck. He showed up in a dream and introduced me to his wife and dozen or so offspring. He was very proud and wore a Scottish Tam in my dream. The best thing to do is to ask them if they are in spirit. They will show you.

They want us to grow and be happy and not focus on them all the time.  One thing that “death” will do is demand that we become more self-sufficient.  That is exactly what has to happen to go on.

Just don’t call them “DEAD”.  

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Sara's Psychic Sisterhood. Chapter Five. All About Angels. With a Wink to Lorna Byrne and Howard Storm.

Sara’s Psychic Sisterhood
The Debate on Angels

There are so many “Angel Readers” among the Sedona psychic scene and in general there are the “Angel Experts”.  I am thinking of Doreen Virtue and Lorna Byrne.  I am reading Angels in my Hair right now.  The Angelic readers in Sedona are not always in agreement about who or what the Angels are. They only know that their messages are from Archangels and especially Michael.  One Angelic Angel psychic reader believed that they are Warriors fighting a battle for the upliftment of mankind.  Perhaps that is why they were present when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. They pronounced “Hark Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Mankind”.  I can only tell you my own spin on this whole Angel thing. 

 Like Lorna Byrne, I have struggled with dyslexia all my life and the term “retarded” became branded on my forehead when I was in first grade.  The teacher was so vocal about it that the other kids did not play with me.  This spunky young teacher was such a soul killer and I began to hate school.  I was in a totally different world as a small child. Escaped into my imagination and I drew all the time instead of listening to the lessons.  My family also was lead to believe I was "special education." There were a few English teachers who felt that I had a gift and encouraged me to write.  That was such a blessing.  

In my adulthood I scored beyond the exam I took.  That exam only measured to IQ 144. (Shipley Intelligence Test) I will never know exactly what I measured but the realization I had was, OMG,  I could have applied to a very good college instead of taking a night class here and there. It is sad that a teacher can damage a kid that way. Teachers are powerful in their influence and I experienced both good and bad teachers in my life. 

Each night I watched a light show at night while falling asleep at age 5.  Light would come in different vivid colors and unfold in front of my eyes eventually putting me asleep. I was such an empath and I could feel the pain of others.  My mothers friend came over and I could feel the pain in her shoulder. She did talk about it later and admitted to having bursitis.  I could not endure violence even in cartoons.  My favorite afternoon TV show was “The Cisco Kid”. It made me laugh.  When family members argued I would go hide in my room and hug “Tony”.  My blue stuffed rabbit was all powerful and all wise and I shared all my childhood angst with him.  Some children’s books were disturbing.  I was not a fan of Dr. Seuss. As an adult I love his works and especially ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.”  As a four-year-old I was very anxious that the characters would fall and hurt themselves.  As a little one I was no stranger to climbing and falling with the air slammed out of my lungs.  The Seuss illustrations would have the cat on a bicycle holding a fish in a bowl and other characters were precariously balanced on tables that were off base.  It looked like a recipe for disaster.  All through my childhood I had the feeling someone really big was watching over me.  There was an especially scary time when I was hiking and took off on my own.  I was climbing down a cliff when my foot slipped.  I was airborne for a second and could not scream.  I had the sensation of surrendering my life as I looked at the jagged rocks below.  Oddly, I don’t remember the next few moments except that I was caught in a thorn bush by the seat of my pants.  I was still shaking and trembling as I realized a profound thing had just happened.  I was surrounded in a mist of love and I knew that there was something much bigger than I that had rescued me.  Since I was at church camp, I could now state that  “I was saved” and really did experience that in a large way.

 Some Christian concepts did not always match my personal philosophy. I had a very hard time with any sort of judgement like “we are all sinners”.  Always I knew that we were children of a benevolent God and as such, we had a Divine Spark inside us and we were cherished.  I find it interesting that Lorna Byrne received that same message from the Angels she communicates with.  I was not quite as visual as she is.  Out of the corner of my eye, I would see a smile, or a bright aura.  There were times that all I could see was a flaming blue sword (for a second).  I learned later that was the signature of “Michael”.  Then there were all those “strangers” who just showed up at the right time.  People who would give me directions or warnings at the right moment.  I developed a rule for myself: If I heard something three times in a row, I should absolutely follow it.  Sometimes it might be three people I hardly know talking about a movie or book, “Sara you should really read this book”.  One lady just placed a book in my hand when I was a teenager.  She might not be an Angel, but I think she was inspired to give me that book. 

In my opinion, there are Angelic beings assigned to us.  I have had some belief that they are a part of us and they are the part that cannot be on earth.  Angels are very careful not to overstep the boundaries of free will.  Many miracles have been cloaked in what could be a simple coincidence.  Many times, I made the choice to listen to Angelic messages that were often very subtle.  Then there was one very direct “in my face” message in the year 2001.

        One morning before coffee, I was awakened by a “flock” of pretty Angels.  There was a group of very ethereal female Angels hovering above the ground.  They were wearing flowing pastel gowns and I am not sure I saw any wings. I noticed they were in an aura of light. I am guessing there were 9 Angles having a quiet conversation.  One brunette Angel stepped forward as a spokesperson and said, “Go Home”.   It was very short and yet very powerful. After that pronouncement they vanished.  I pondered what “Go Home” meant, but not for long.  Very soon, my mother called on the land line with a message that my younger brother had died.  He had been found in his apartment lifeless. He died on Ground Hog Day.  Everything was surreal and unsettling,  I took a shower and received a few more phone calls from my mother. She was crying and unsure of how to proceed.  I heard myself say, “don’t worry mother, I am on my way home.”  That was what was needed and meant by “go home”.  And it was a vivid vision that never left me. No one could argue that I was in a state of duress or grief, because at that moment, I was unaware of the untimely death of my brother.  I was awake and fully cognizant of my surroundings. I was looking forward to a glorious day.  Nothing would suggest it was imagined or contrived.

        I am sure that I may have made my guardian Angels cry at times.  I have been “stupid” and made bad choices.  When I have been allowed to make a bad decision, it was probably a growth opportunity.  Those dark nights of the soul are a chance to grow. We do grow and expand from those times when we did not listen to sage advice.  It must be hard for our Angels to watch.  I have also been told that I did not need to go through some of the hardships I walked through.  That made me feel especially dumb.  Knowing that some things might have been avoided, has made me wonder why then I elected to go through them?  I believe I was hoodwinked, conned, blindsided, and gave in to some darker self-interests at times.  In some experiences it was the company I was keeping.  Like many young people, I did not get the best information from others. 

Even though I took some dangerous turns, there was always someone there to watch over me.  At one point I had a loaded shot gun pointed at my stomach.  I had dated a bad apple for sure and I ended that relationship quickly and left town.  When I returned, he showed up drunk on my door step and forced his way into my home.  Again, I felt that I surrendered my life when I saw that gun.  I was sure he would shoot me.  I left my body and once out of  body and what might have been a painful ending, I could see Jesus with a crown of thorns standing behind this man.  For some odd reason, he did not shoot me, and he left.  I had not been religious at that point.  But seeing Jesus with thorns made me think of another truth.  I was bought and paid for.  Weather or not I had made a mistake in being with this person, it felt like Jesus was asserting his will into this situation and saying, “no I am taking on this karma and she is released”.  Looking back at some close calls, my life story paralleled  Calamity Jane especially when younger, and Angels are the best answer I have for still being alive.

        From that day forward, I felt a bond with Jesus, but I never felt I found the right church with the right message about him.  I have always felt that the message of Christianity has become a garbled one.  If there is love and an open acceptance of others in a church then, it is in alignment with the message of Jesus, and if not, in my opinion find a more open minded church.

  Another realization for me is this:  Wherever Jesus appears there are Angels too.  That was driven home in a dream I once had.  I was in a white robe in an auditorium of Angels and anticipation was all around.  Jesus came out on stage and there was a collective sigh as we clutched our hands to our breasts.  Jesus was just gorgeous. His personality filled the room in such a charismatic way.  He spoke to the group and then he asked me to please come forward.  I felt very nervous and self-conscious.  I heard some murmuring of the other Angels.  Murmurs such as, “I don’t think she is strong enough” As I approached Jesus, he touched the middle of my back, and I slouched over and fell on the floor.  I believe now that incidence illustrated that my belief was weak, and I needed a bit more back bone.  In hindsight, that would be totally correct at that period of my life.  I was being talked into things that were not right for me.  I often wonder if I had been an Angel prior to this life, who made a bad choice and now, I am here to realize many things. I could not have realized any of this as one who has not been human.  There is free will for me, but there is also my own pre-birth soul contract to come into this life and stretch, grow, and understand in a different way.  I have set up the family, country and circumstances ahead of being born into them.  I could not be more certain of that.  In general, our soul group had big things to accomplish.  Brave souls, this group.

To wrap up my own feelings about Angels.  They have been real and very present in my life.  Certainly, I make mistakes and I am OK with that.  I am not sure that anyone is an expert on Angels. None of us have all the answers all the time. Some things that I question:  Is there a hierarchy?  Are some Angels warriors and some Arch Angels? They must be asked to intervene?  It is said that Angels have not been human and not all Angels have wings.  Loved ones who have passed over are not the same thing as Angels. 

Howard Storm said his angles looked like balls of light.  I love the You Tube videos of Howard Storm and he does have the aura of one who has really been turned around by his near-death experience.  He is the real deal.  With everyone having their interpretation of Angelic experiences, I think there is no one right answer except, yes, they are real.  All else is opinion.  That is my opinion.
Ask for your own experience and I am sure it will happen, especially at Christmas time.  There is such thing as the Christmas Spirit.

Hark, Be of Glad Tidings!