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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Medical Medium Nancy with Lots of Information on Diabetes 2

We have been fed lots of lies about Diabetes and Arthritis.  Stay tuned as there will be more and more coming down the lane.

May 3. 2020

I, Nancy, have stenosis all through my spine from my neck to my tail bone.  There is a way to deal with it and even reverse it.  This is my story from now working backwards.

Today, my blood sugar was 140 at fasting.  I know that is not quite perfect, however, five years ago it was above 400 and I had infections that would not heal.  They put me on metformin as they do everyone.  In my opinion that is cookie cutter one size fits all medicine.  They used to want to give me antibiotics for my many infections, but I refused. 

I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Zac. No one explained that I would have type 2 even after giving birth.  I continued to live well however I felt very tired and I was drinking lots of diet soda.  A light bulb went on today.

I was watching an add saying something like: “you don’t have to prick your finger and shoot insulin anymore because we have the solution.”  Some of their research and information was particularly good and even accurate.  Some of it was very misleading as well.  The part that sparked my interest was:  “drinking lots of diet soda would cause type 2 diabetes.”  It tricks the pancreas into releasing lots of insulin but then you are not receiving complete sugar or any sugar. Your cells want nutrients and insulin allows them to absorb the sugar in your blood.  Monosaccharide means one sugar molecule and that is not good for us.  They (monosaccharides) are like kindling to a fire and in this case a metabolism fire. They may leave you hungrier than before you ate the candy bar.  Other substantial sugar from fruit or fructose is an 8-molecule sugar structure that has more sustainable energy. Fruit also has fiber which is a benefit to anyone with diabetes 2.

I remember Edgar Cayce suggested that people with diabetes or those wanting to lose weight (90% of us) should drink a small glass of no sugar added grape juice diluted with water before eating meals.  I have done this with dinner.  I add sparkling water to a wine glass and Welch's grape juice with a twist of lime and stir.  Yummy.  Most important was the fact that I felt satiated faster.  It was a gentle appetite suppressant.  I did not feel the need for seconds or desert when dinner was over.  Smaller portions were on my plate without feeling deprived. 

This add (the one I read today) wanted 79 dollars for a product with cinnamon, and chromium picolinate. They also added some bonus books like a glycemic and carb counter information.  I have been taking a supplement from Youngevity called Sweet Eze that is 19 dollars for 120 capsules. You can buy carb counters for a few bucks.  So Really?  Give me a break.  I did sell Youngevity but now I let my son sell it. It adds about 20 dollars to his income. It is a good product so we share. 

 Dr. Wallach was a veterinarian who discovered that zoo monkeys were dying due to a lack of a mineral called Selenium.  In the wild they would forage and instinctively knew what to eat, and of course they were not able to do that in the zoo.  The newborn Rhesus monkeys would die within weeks. What is also remarkable is that the autopsies revealed that these baby monkeys had cystic fibrosis.That is huge news because Cystic Fibrosis was thought to be a human only disease and they did not know why or what caused it.  Wallach went on to treat human babies after obtaining his ND. One of Dr. Wallach's products for blood sugar control is Sweet Eze.

I will tell you that you can pick up the Sweet Eze ingredients elsewhere as the two main minerals are Chromium and Vanadium.  About 200 mcg of each per day goes a long way to helping lower blood sugar they say, because I am not a doctor.  In addition to these minerals it contains Cinnamon, Bitter melon fruit, Jambolana Seed extract and Ginseng root. I think the 19 dollars is a fare price.  In general plant derived minerals do matter in keeping our bodies healthy.  I will be happy to ship it to anyone anywhere.  Just email nancysnimbus@gmail.com

I have traveled a long journey and I also remember the day I was writing a goodbye letter to my family.  I was in so much pain from the stenosis. I looked horrible because I hurt too much to do much.  There were only a few positions I could stay in for a while that would support my neck in a certain way to be out of pain.  Doctor Wallach saved my life.  Remember I was ready to check out for good.  I fell asleep on my couch after finishing my letter. When I woke up, I noticed a flyer on the coffee table.  It was a pink flyer that said in bold print, ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM ARTHRITIS AND DIABETES 2?  It went on to say that these two ailments are related. 

I will explain that relationship in another medical medium type letter.  It also referred to diabetes 2 and arthritis as a pandemic.  Yes, it is a worldwide phenomenon.

There was a lady’s name and phone number at the bottom of the pink flyer and the rest is now history.  It took about 3 months of using osteo FX to feel better. That formula was literally a life saver for me.  I went off pain pills and began working part time as a receptionist so I could afford all the alternative treatments.  I had been receiving disability for a few years. Now off of it and this year I owe IRS some money so thank God for my stimulus check. It came along exactly at the right time.  The point is:  I am making money as an entrepreneur and this year it was enough to owe some money.  Sucks that the IRS is greedy.  
My mother had lupus and diabetes 2 and she was going down hill fast.  Prior to her death I had tried to get her to at least try a few things.  She was taking 11 prescribed medications everyday and by far the worst one was prednisone.  It would take up a chapter to describe what her doctors put her through her last year on the planet.  She trusted her doctors. Some are trying to help, but they don't have time to pour over research and they believe what they have learned.  End of story. 

The lady whose name was on the pink flyer agreed to see me for free and she hooked me up with some free products as well.  She gave me a few books to read and return.  She said, “I want to educate your mind” and I would tell anyone out there, namely my readership, the same thing. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Healing takes a year or two and both lifestyle and supplements and even Edgar Cayce treatments can save you. 
I do not believe in PAIN.  When I am ready to leave this planet, I just want to exit in my sleep and up until that day, I am going to be pain free. 

I am still a work in progress but thank the Lord, I am going in the right direction and I am getting my answers.  In 2003 my neurologist refused to do surgery on my back.  He said it was because I was a liability with my unman-aged diabetes.  I felt he had given me a death sentence as my pain was just horrible and my metformin was not managing my blood sugar issue.  Just now I am feeling so grateful.  He linked the diabetes to my stenosis which is a form of arthritis.  I want to go into that link. There is a relationship and few doctors acknowledge that. 

And for God sake do not go easily under the knife.  It does not always work.
Please look for the next newsletter and blog for more psychic insights. 

This is part of my newsletter but not the whole thing. 

For now, I must close. 

Love and Health to Everyone.  Each day I get information to share
from those not in bodies. I work with Dr. Peebles, Angelic Healers, And Red Arrow, medicine man and personal guide.  I also have a silver colored dragon who loves and protects me. Not all dragons are “bad”. 

I do a hell of a lot of research.  Forgive my spelling as I am and always have been very dyslexic.  I do try and edit my writings and musings. 

Nancy from Angelbells Guidance
602 793 7611 in Phoenix, AZ

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Chapter 13. Being Extra Psychic at Christmas Time

Christmas Energy

As a psychic, empath, and intuitive counselor, I am so sensitive to energy, subtle energy.  Subtle in that I can be distracted by the noise that will lead me astray. Sometimes Christmas can be busy with lots of tinsel and time and trivia.  It seems like a brass band that marches through the season leaving little in its wake.  It can rob our pocketbooks and life force if we let it.  Each year I am focused on the things that are uplifting and fill my heart, instead of the pageantry of the season. Christmas can be a time when a critical mass of people believes in human kindness and miracles. That can be world changing.

 On the radio show Coast to Coast AM George Noory has done repeated experiments of getting the millions tuned into this nighttime talk show to concentrate with intention.  If it is flooding in Missouri, the mass of prayer is to stop that rain and weather.  It has been working every time.  As a collective we can turn the tide, quite literally.  I think that is why the “powers that be” desire to divide us along superficial party lines.  Really the Democrats and Republicans want the same thing.  At the end of the day we want to hand a good life down to our children and grandchildren.  There might be a few differences when it comes to values. But those differences start to come together when we can reach out and talk to one another.

Since I am a counselor for parents involved with DCS (Department of Child Safety) I hear sad stories.  In fact, they have a name for people with my job and it applies to first responders as well.  We experience secondhand trauma and burnout.  Recently, I felt like I had encountered people that were monsters. 

 They were very angry about DCS coming to the hospital to grab their baby the day after it was born.  It sounds very harsh indeed.  This couple had lost several other children and their parental rights had been severed for abuse to their children.  They are and have been drug addicts.  I always feel that it is my job to be the one person in a sea of others to support clients like this.  No, I don’t believe they should have their baby back, but it would be nice if they were entitled to receive pictures and news about how their children are doing. It could be that someday, they clean up and change and perhaps down the road they can reconnect with their kids.   In a way, the fact that they brought kids into this world is a gift to others.  Since one small child was murdered, the system holds no promise of reunifying this substance abuser family. Yes it is the worst of all possible family situations.  How do people get that disconnected from their own humanity we have to wonder?  Then, there is me doing self-healing to stay in this game in a meaningful way.  It all takes concentration and work on an inner level.  I realign daily.  I balance chakras, I pray and mend all the time.

There are wonderful breakthroughs where parents turn their lives around and the kids are returned.  I get to be part of that and there is no better feeling.  Each one of those stories could be a Christmas Story, a Hallmark Perfect Ending story.  The biological parents are usually invested much more in the long-term life of their child.  There are very horrible stories about foster homes and the misery they dealt out to the kids who lived there.  Kids that grew up in foster care write books about that experience.  Then they write about being aged out of the system and having no where to go at age 18.  When they try and reconnect with the family of origin there are horrible realizations about those family members if they are still living still living. They might discover mom drunk herself to death after losing her children.  Sometimes it takes years to track down a sibling, or absent parent or family friend.  I can say firsthand, it is the best of all possible outcomes when parents are helped into being stronger parents and kids can come home.  For that reason, I remain in this field.
The Human Tribe

The work I do as a psychic is often unpredictable.  I am meeting people from all over the world when I do phone consultations.  I am taking some chances.  In a way when I open myself up to read, it is a very intimate and unique relationship I establish.  Often, people grow very close to me, and I will say that all the people I read for are like family.  That is because I am seeing and touching the authentic person and more than the normal distance most humans maintain, we do bond for that short time.  Many people push to become a friend with me.  It is to the client’s advantage to form a friendship.  They will often get a better discounted deal.  I wonder if other psychics go through what I do?  I think they must. Keeping things organized with an appointment time and not doing things on the fly. That helps my mind stay balanced.  I meditate prior to a phone or personal session and I will meditate afterwards. My son has noticed dark entities attached to me after being on the phone with someone who has been immersed in darkness. That means I go through some extra cleansing.

 There was one client/friend that kept text messaging me questions when I was sick in the hospital.  That was too much for me.  Boundaries are essential when doing this work.  I genuinely care about my clients.  I pray for them when they don’t even know I am doing that.  There is a type of friendship, but it is a different friendship.  It is not the same as an old friend who shares a great deal of common history and also a true friend is not going to emotionally dump on you and make demands of you.  Their conversation is truly a gift.  

In each of these paragraph segments in this chapter, I am talking about not going through burn out.  It is easy to do in counseling and it takes a while to regroup when burn out happens.  Another light worker told me to close down my first three chakras when doing readings.  Some people might be in such a drained and lifeless state of mind they “vampire” other people. Psychics are exceptionally vulnerable to this type of energy theft.  People divorced of their own divine connection to energy, take vital life force energy from others.  Unfortunately, this has happened to me.  It does not happen often, but, when it does happen, I am sick for a few days.  I am in bed and I am praying for recovery. 
Being a psychic is a blessing, most of the time, but it does take energy, focus, and time.  Mostly I know I make a difference.
The time I spend actively listening to problems that clients experience at home or at work, could be time I might be doing something I really enjoy. 
There is a monetary exchange for a reason.  One person thought that I enjoyed doing psychic readings for others and for that reason, no compensation was needed.  That might be true occasionally, but, much like traditional counseling, listening to others and trying to heal others is a “job” Even if I have good experiences during that reading, I am still at work.  I avoid people on trains or planes who want to spell their life story. Usually it is a long, hard and tear-filled journey.   Until a person can see all experiences as a learning curve and a blessing,  those experiences should be kept to a very few people. 
I can remember two times in my life when I asked someone if I could do a reading for them.  There was something so amazing and attractive about these personalities that I desired to touch in.  Most people show up in a stuck place and need clarity and assistance. 
What about those times I can’t help someone? 
That happens occasionally.  For some reason, I cannot connect and even worse, I feel that a door closed to knowing this person on any level.  I can never tell if it is them or me.  I do know the more people are crying and emotional in the lower frequencies, the harder it is to establish a connection.  It is better to wait until there is some calmness and a client can really be a participant in their own growth, discovery and healing. 

I have also noticed that some people are afraid to let out any signs of who they are.  They want a psychic reading to be a type of phenomena where I am shocking and awing them.  I used to do that shock and awe just for fun when I was younger.  Anymore, I want to do meaningful therapeutic work.
I already know I am psychic and sometimes I am really hot, and my guides are coming in strongly, and it is amazing.  That is not 100% of the time.  I believe some of the best readings are collaborative, and they involve the client at a very deep and insightful level.  Those are the readings that change lives.  Those are the ones I also treasure.
We are a human family; we have the same father/mother.  I can push past the outer veneer quickly and establish a more dynamic relationship with clients.  That might even be a little painful at times.  The pain comes with a message.  Something is wrong with the belief system of this client.  There needs to be a course correct. 
If someone leaves a message on Yelp that sounds terrible.  I know that I hit a nerve with that person.  It was not meant to harm them, but it had to happen.  In time they will understand. 

Psychic readings are more than entertainment, more than hearing what you want to hear and all about you evolving.  We all evolve, and we are all in it together.  Some people are just better at receiving subtle messages.  That is me.
Have yourself a merry little Christmas.  Hug yourself too.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Chapter 12. The flowering of psychic kids.

SPS Chapter 12:  The Flowering of Psychic Children

I Sara consider myself qualified to speak on this topic. My insight come from being a mom with psychic children and being a support to families in the Department of Child Safety system.  During my social worker days, I ran across some of the most amazing kids and their families.  I also realized that there is often a huge gap in understanding for parents, teachers, and the culture at large, when it comes to special kids with gifts. Let these light bringers teach us.  The new kids. 


My son Jason was amazing.  He had amazing perception and developed his language abilities early on.  We had just taken a shower and we were toweling off.  Jason was only 6 months old and he looked in the mirror at himself, pointed and said, “English” with perfect pronunciation. It made me wonder if he remembered a past lifetime where he was not “English”.  He did not say “white boy”.  I believe he might have been Asian and been in a very advanced culture.  I was never sure. 

 Jason was the one who could take toys out of the box and assemble them quickly at age four.  I would be trying to read the instructions and there were wheels, nuts and bolts, levers, washers and gaskets. It was often very complicated for me.  Jason also became very emotional and he would have the worst temper tantrums at times.  Art helped Jason cope with all the complicated things he felt.  Like his bio Dad, Jason could run very fast. His dad had won many track competitions in high school and college.  Bio dad might imply that I was not married.  I was married for four years but divorced when pregnant with Jason.  My next husband adopted him, and the name changed.  My life had some unexpected twists and turns.

Jason got into elementary school and was very bored.  (Bored to tears)  He would complete his math ahead of time.  Then he would draw as he waited for the class to finish.  The teacher was not in sync with Jason.  She would complain about him and criticize him in front of the students.  I tried to speak with her and then the principal.  I mentioned that Jason might be a gifted kid.  I would find out years later, that unless you ask for additional testing in writing, sending copies to the principal and district office as a certified letter, it doesn’t matter at all.  My words fell on deaf ears.  Unfortunately, Jason started to hate school.  Jason would have “morning sickness”.  He would miss school but was fine about noon.  I was too busy as a single parent to home school Jason, so he went to a Catholic, nun taught, special school.  They called me to pick up Jason.  He was having a meltdown.  My frustration continued with all these institutions of learning.  I was told by well meaning administers that I would just have to put my foot down and force him to go to school.  That power struggle was not working at all.  Jason and I went to family counseling.  I wish I could say we as a family found the answers.  I did the best I could to use Jason’s natural curiosity to help him learn.  We did go to the library quite often and Jason loved his art teacher.  Jason changed schools when we moved, and he met a best friend there.  Art was Jason’s biggest outlet and healer.   Jason was always my teacher.  The Sunflower painting is his. See top of page.

To sum up this child, Jason: He was very intuitive and insightful.  Children like him are rule breakers and game changers.  They have come into this world with many advanced skills.  If there was a rating for those with leadership and expert social skills, Jason would be at 100.  Jason died at age 27 ( bizarre accident of mixing Seroquel with Alcohol).  His funeral was attended by hundreds.  He made his mark with his art and his sense of humor.

Jason (painting) at the Gay Pride festival in San Diego, CA.  2005? His life partner took this photo.  Mom published a book called “Sunflowers for Jason”


Zachary was the quiet one.  He did not talk at all for the first three years.  Occasionally he would point to something and say “that”.  Zachary did not need to communicate with Jason or his mom, “me” this writer.  We just knew what he needed.  Zachary was not allowed to cry.  We would sense his distress and take care of him.  Zach also wore his pajamas to first grade.  Mom hired someone to get these kids off to school, but maybe that was not working out to well.  Zachary was a totally brilliant telepathic communicator.  For sure, his brother and family, were also able to pick up messages through thin air, but Zach was especially strong at transmission.

When Zachary was about 5, he wanted to go out on a date with his mom.  It was too cute.  He dressed up in a suit and he asked me to dress up as well.  I don’t even remember what we did, perhaps dinner and a movie.  Sometime after that, I was very sick with a migraine headache.  I did not say anything about it to my boys, but I was laying on the couch with a cold rag on my forehead.  Zachary walked up to me and said, Mom, I am going to take your headache away.  He placed his hands on my forehead and I could feel tremendous heat.  Within about 10 minutes Zach removed his hands and I sat up feeling pretty good.  I would have to be extra dense to not know Zach had a gift.  Some parents might not realize or not praise it.  I told Zach that he had something pretty spectacular. 

Over the years Zach was able to help me and others when they were in pain.  Once Zach became a teenager, he did not believe in himself anymore.  The world will knock out anything that appears to be different or un-explainable.  Kids like Zach need to be encouraged.  They need to know we live in an energetic world.  Science is just beginning to catch up to the dynamics of hands on healing. Just recently Zach once again started practicing healing.  He does not advertise, and he is selective.

This writer, Zach’s mom, has been talking to “dead” people for a while. I am a natural medium.  Imagine my surprise when Zach started to see visually and talk to departed souls with clairaudience as well.  He has spoken to Robin Williams and Sylvia Browne too.  “How long have you been a medium?” I asked.  Zach says it has always been that way, but he did not want anyone to know.  He does not want to be like me or Long Island Medium.  He does not like that sort of pressure.  When Zach was about 6 years old, he had an imaginary friend named “Star Boy”.  Star boy would set all the electric trucks and toys in motion.  One day the kids were not home, but the record player, toy ambulance, and some other gadgets, all came on at once.  That was what Star Boy did.  We went through about a year of very paranormal excitement until Star Boy went away. 

Zach became the gentle giant. If someone had asked him, “what are you going to be when you grow up?” I doubt if he would say a Peacekeeper.  He was very strong and one time a friend talked him into cornering and fighting someone.  Zach took down the school bully in front of a small crowd.  As a mom, I never worried too much when my two boys were together.  They could look out for each other.  Zachary was also an empath and later he would feel terrible about hurting another human being.  Those who loved Zach convinced him that he was a natural peacekeeper.  His size and agility stopped people and re-directed any violence before it happened.  When Zach was full grown, he stepped in front of me when I was confronted by a neighbor.  Once again, no one got hurt, but that neighbor had a change of mind.  Zach’s ability to stand his ground and speak his truth without resorting to violence was a gift in and of itself.  Zach nursed a baby sparrow back to health and before taking it to a bird sanctuary, mom snapped a picture.  Zach is strong, handsome, empathic, poetic, a writer extraordinaire, medium, a miraculous healer, and he is a great cook. Some lady will be lucky when he decides to settle down.  But most of all he is introverted and a natural peacekeeper.  Zach once was crying (about age 7).  He said, “I do not want to be in another war”.  He probably was a general in the army in many past wars like General Patton.  This mom explained that he did not have to join the military this time.  If Zach had of been born to a military family, he might have been up a creek.  The family he chose (this time) understood who he really was.

Zachary, age 19, with a little sparrow that fell out of the nest.  The parents were circling above this baby.  And a cat was stalking him. We rescued him. We hand fed him until he could fly. This was not the only bird that we nursed back to health.  Jason and Zach would bring home critters all the time. Is it just me, or is there a halo to this picture?  It was never photo-shopped.

The bond between the two brothers survives death.  When Zach and I drove to San Diego for Jason’s memorial service, This writer got lost on the elaborate freeway system.  Zach started experiencing taps on the side of his head.  If the tap was on the left side, we turned left, and on the right side, right turn.  At the end of this amazing number of turns we landed in the parking lot for “Sea World”.  We called Jason’s friend who met us there.  He was only about 10 minutes away.  The friend said, “I had to smile, this is where Jason used to come to see the 9:30 PM fireworks.  Just as he said that the fireworks were going off all around us.  It was as if they were heralding our arrival. 
Sometimes I wonder if I would have given birth to Jason knowing how it would end one day.  I could hardly survive the pain and loss.  It is clear now, that the relationship with Jason continues and we all benefited so much from the co-creation of this time together.  It was worth it.
Other kids with gifts
They are all around us, too many to count. In the social work field, I see kids that are leaders and they are breaking the cycle of violence and pushing their families to over come age old karma.  They are musicians, artist, writers, and they are speaking out and changing things in a way never imagined.  

When my boys were young the neighbor’s little girl liked to hang out with us. Her gift to us was the magical way she saw the world.  She allowed us to feel the laughter and fairies singing. She was a little ray of sunshine. I found out she had died.  A medium described her to me and said she called me “auntie”. 

When I was working with autistic kids there was a little boy who used to sing with me.  When he was singing, he was so angelic and happy.  The teacher felt it would be better to keep him on track. I would try but he reverted to a mushroom under a cloud.  We made no progress.  I often wonder if just connecting with autistic children any way possible is a good place to begin.

Kids are the most psychic when they are about 5.  Kindergarten is a place where everyone is an artist (Picasso s all) Everyone can dance and sing.  And there is little pressure or competition.  Most children are in line with who they really are, and they express great wisdom “out of the mouths of babes” is that saying.  It is a stage that fosters imagination, curiosity, and understanding.  As the brain matures, children transition from preoperational thinking into concrete operational thinking at age 8 and then there is continued cognitive development until adulthood.  We continue all our lives.  Teenagers experience so much competition and peer pressure.  No one would dare stand out as unique or different unless they want to commit social suicide.  Teenagers quite naturally gravitate to their peers and they are less connected to their families of origin.  If parents complain that their teen does not want to be at home. Congratulations, they are exactly at the right place for their age.  

James Van Praagh wrote a book to help guide Psychic Teenagers. Click here.

Goldie Hawn has developed a mindfulness program for children.  Her site is called mind up.  She uses a description of the brain to help kids feel a sense of control over their feelings, emotions and personal well-being.  That is so important.  Empower kids and do not allow superstition and fear to dominate.

  My kids grew up with paranormal activity around the house.  They were not afraid of those things going bump in the night.  If they were troubled, we would do a group prayer.  They did believe in a higher power.  They felt in charge of their own development.  Sometimes parents don’t have all the answers, but that is what makes life exciting.  We are all psychic.  It is part of our survival and just like animals we have some instincts that things are not OK.  Once when little I had a dream where a bee was buzzing around my head.  I woke up and heard a noise outside.  I went to my window and saw a man with a black hat trying to steal my bike.  I ran out with a flashlight and he was literally a deer caught in a head light.  He ran off and I brought my bike inside.  There are plenty of practical reasons to meditate and learn to use psychic gifts and premonitions.  No subject should be off limits.  When I was 6, I asked my family what the work f**k meant?  They were shocked but my father asked me where I had heard that word?  I said that my friend and I were at the park sitting in the trees when some boys said it to us.  They asked if we knew what that word meant?  My dad decided that my friend would be welcome to stay at our home where there was adult supervision. My friend’s mom was working long hours.  Single moms are at a disadvantage sometimes.  I would find out for myself.  

There is a book that is the bible of parenting.  Find it used if you can.  How to talk so kids will listen and how to listen so kids will talk.  If you want your kids to share with you at a deeper level, then create that safe zone when they have your undivided attention.  No TV in the background.  Parents should not interrogate…just allow kids to share on any subject that comes up.  Eventually the subject of dreams and visions and other psychic things will emerge.  They best families have robust conversations about lots of different things.  And it is OK.  And they remain intuitive for life.

The end.
our "bigger than life" Jason

Feel free to write me and ask questions about your kids. 

professional counselor and psychic in Phoenix, AZ

Sunday, October 6, 2019

SPS Chapter 10: When Two Druids Appear

Chapter 10:  When Two Druids Appear

One day I was listening to Oak Creek when two Druids dressed in white robes appeared in my office. My window was open, and I was used to a fairy being flitting in like a dragonfly and circling my head.  It (elemental being)seemed to check in and go back outside to celebrate the laughter of water as it cascaded over rocks.  Sedona was a paranormal smorgasbord of unusual entities.   One could sample the consciousness without fully emerging and that felt safe.  I was wary of joining the one Reptilian being I would see at night when Melinda Leslie was having a support group for abductees.   As Melinda would point out, it is very common for psychics to be abductees.  Those experiences seem to run in tandem with each other.  Reptilians are not all alike.  They are growing and overcoming darkness as are many other groups.

The Druid Visitors:

They were communicating a great deal about the Center of Light where I rented office space.  It was in a high energy spot and there was a small island in the creek where they loved to park themselves on very nice days.  The moment I saw them, I felt calm and centered.  One had slightly red hair and one was totally white haired and both had clean shaven angelic faces.  They wanted me to darken the room and that was almost impossible.  I would drop into a light trance where we would then exchange a delightful amount of information.

 The Druids were destroyed by the Romans, or nearly so.  Only some legends remain.  The Druids were usually older men due to the lengthy time in training.  A Druid is a student most of his life and indeed most of the teaching was oral in transference. 
The oral tradition was a result of the destruction of Atlantis and the lack of warning for some of the Order of Druid.  Like Noah they were able to climb into high places or be in boats when these catastrophes occurred.   As Edgar Cayce had mentioned, there were more than one earth changes that sunk Atlantis. 

A Druid used Socratic methods of teaching and nature itself was a drawing board.  ­“The best way to hide a pebble is on the beach” They were living a very simple life as ordinary men except on high holidays.  The word Holiday contains the word Holly.  Holy and Holly are similar in meaning.  If they had been too conspicuous, they would be destroyed and that is what happened. 
  Most of the Irish Kings were Druids and the adviser to the King was always the most learned and psychic of the order of the Druids.  Some say that Merlin is a title and not a name.  I believe that as well.  There were many different personalities that were called Merlin.  There was one Merlin who went into the woods to live as a hermit much like John the Baptist elected to do.

The King was chosen for his ability to “see”.  They were “seers” and diviners.  This insight gave them an advantage over the enemy.   The best way to navigate life was to not have an enemy and to settle skirmishes before they got out of hand.  For this reason, the Merlin and the King held court and they were the law of their community.  
 Those who were to enter the Order of Druid were invited to do so as a young teenager aged 12 to 13. Sometimes orphans would be selected but it seems that the linage was considered and the level of psychic or ESP ability.   If parents brought a son to the Order, that child would be tested.  Remember the story of Arthur?  Floating stones was a knowledge that was passed along via oral tradition.  To be able to change the frequency of a large stone and move it was a test.  When Arthur drew the sword from the stone, he absolutely demonstrated the ability to become one with that stone and it became lighter and malleable at once.  Stone circles were erected in Groves of Oak as places of worship and Solstice Reminders.  The sun would light up the stone that would indicate Yule Tide or Beltane or Samhain and mid-Summer.  Easter was a pagan Holiday and this Goddess showed up with her rabbit consort early in the morning.  Some say she blessed water that was left out. There were other mid solstice celebrations like Embolic. This would be a huge essay to try and go through the customs of each Holiday and discuss the purpose and ritual of each.   The stones were markers for these and there were other types of uses as well. 

Ben McBrady, of the old Gaelic Order, said that the true essence of Christianity was drawn from those Essenes that traveled and learned the wisdom of the Oaks or Druids. Jesus also traveled and studied with Druids from time to time.  Each Druid, and also, Essene was to study from age 12 until age 30.  Then they were ready to teach and travel.  All things being learned, some had specialties as some were builders and some made shoes.   They occupied their day doing manual labor when not reading or studying.  The lessons they taught were never in writing.  The were gifted story tellers, poets, and musicians. The minstrels were probably a sort of Druid.  They all were entertaining. 

So much has been lost along the way regarding the Druids, but they remain in stories about King Arthur and Merlin.  They say Gandalf is surely a Druid sort of wizard.  Druids used snakes in treating certain types bad water born parasites.  One very long worm was wrapped around a staff as it exited the blister on a human leg.  The caduceus from the Greek physician Hippocrates has much ancient symbolism to be sure.  The symbol of the snake may be a sign of a surgeon/healer who used snake venom in healing remedies.  Although snakes are venomous when the skin is bitten, when the venom is ingested in certain ways it will remove parasites.  The staff seems to be a symbol of the Druid as they had staffs they used as walking sticks.   Holly and mistletoe have medicinal properties. The berries are considered poisonous to eat; however, the leaves and bark are used in teas for a variety of diseases such as epilepsy, hypertension, headaches, menopausal symptoms, infertility, arthritis, and rheumatism and is reported to cure cancer.  Further reading also says it was widely used to treat anxiety, gall bladder and liver illnesses. It is no wonder the Druids carried pouches with medicine, and they were known to harvest the trees for these types of small oak and parasitic mistletoe.

 The Romans attacked the area known to be alive with Druids and wiped them out.  This area was called Anglesey, Island of Mona, in Wales. Some of them no doubt escaped to Ireland and other Islands around the North Sea area.  Ben McBrady said that the story of Saint Patrick was about 99% fiction.  He maintains that if Patrick did exist at all, he came to Ireland much sooner and it would be about the turn of the timeline that the Romans invaded.  It is believed that Patrick became a student of the Druid teaching.  Although he was a priest of the early Christian/Roman Church. 
The Druids were the intellectual elite.  They were poets, astronomers, magicians, and astrologers. It took them 19 years to gain the necessary knowledge and skills in alchemy, medicine, law, the sciences, and more. They organized intellectual life, judicial processes, had skills to heal people, and were involved in developing strategies for war. They were an oasis of wisdom and highly respected in their society.  All these highly regarded skills and knowledge were apparent in Greece and other Druid/pagan cultures, but the Romans feared them.  

It has taken some time to remember and recount the two Druids present in Sedona.  They were amazing and interesting, and they made me aware of the value of the Druids.  They had a far-reaching influence.  The Druids got a bad rap from the Roman historians.  The Romans found them barbaric and the Druids did not think highly of the Romans who invaded their country.  Many so-called human sacrifices were not at all true.  There might have been pagans who did sacrificing but it is doubtful they were the elite of the Druid Order.  As Ben said, many of the characteristics and virtues of Christianity were flowing from Druid philosophy.

I was reading a great deal before writing this essay.  The Druids would weave bows of the Yew tree together to create a curtain between the stones of a sacred clearing.  Certain rituals were performed in darkness.  It has been a long time and I long to see my friends again.  For now I use pine aroma therapy to draw that sacred feeling I had when communicating telepathically with these friends.  

Sunday, July 28, 2019

SPS Chapter 8: Healing a Broken Heart in Half the Time

Sedona’s Psychic Sisterhood with sage advice from Sara Dewdrop

The best answers ever about healing a broken heart. 

 When it comes to love, I have been that gullible creature.  On several occasions I :played the fool” and cried while singing a country western song. Often, we are too eager to give our hearts away to a fantasy creature.  When we then slough the spell, we see the “ass” we have been devoted to.  Just like “A Midsummer's Night’s Dream” Titania is tricked into loving an ass who is really a human actor named “Bottom”.  For all those who fall prey to love’s myths and illusions, watching Shakespeare’s play might be eye opening.  It is an essay on jealousy, competition, misunderstandings, and the whole emotional drama of romance.  All of Shakespeare’s plays explore human relationships and the human condition in the most colorful language of all time.  I found Shakespeare to be a life saver on those lonely nights when human companionship eluded me.  Healing starts with knowledge and forgiveness. This is my discovery say I Sara. 

Most of my readings are about relationships.  When they are not about relationships in the romantic context, then they are about career and personal goals. When speaking of career, there is often a bit of advice on co-worker relationships.  There are some readings about purpose and spirituality.  Some readings are about children or pets.  And my all-time unique reading was about 4 “dead” cats. 

This couple was so devoted to all their cats and they were grieving some of them.  They requested medium contact with those departed cats, and they wanted to know their special cats were enjoying their afterlife experience. That was a stretch for me, but it went very well.  I was talking to each cat and each one had a different personality.  They had characteristics and mannerisms that helped this couple identify which cat was communicating with me.  Most pet readings are about that human/animal relationship.  I would like to address that subject in a chapter just about animal communication.  There is quite a bit of material to cover about relationships that are not human, and it might  be a bit humbling.  While waiting to see a doctor, I was leafing through a magazine. There was a photo of two fisherman holding up a huge fish. I was ready to turn the page when I noticed the expression or grimace on the fish’s face.  It was a look of extreme anxiety and reminded me of a child who could not scream.  Humans have tortured and exploited animals in many ways. Imagine having to live outside chained to a tree when it is freezing?  Animals can and do exceed humans in certain areas as you might have noticed.  Think of their devotion and heroism in saving lives.  Think of their purity of thought and feeling.  They are not capable of deceiving.  Think of their love and compassion that is so genuine and unconditional.  Humans can fall short of these unparalleled qualities. I watched a lady beat up her dog in a grocery store for not walking “right”.  All my bells and whistles went off,  I have been a social worker and I can’t un-see or un-learn what I know.  A Dad beat his two-year-old daughter to death for not being fully potty trained. I hope we grow and expand as humans.  If you have some time, read “Soul Dog” by Elena Mannes.  Her dog became her spiritual guru.  It is a delightful read.

Stuck in a Love Rut
There are some people who seem to be stuck in a love rut.  They are looking for love in all the wrong places.  Since 2011, I have had yearly or bi-yearly calls from the same people regarding dissatisfaction with their partners or lack of partner.  To me it seems they are looking for the perfect person, but is anyone perfect?  There needs to be a foundation of stability for each of us. There is an expression: Each tub sits on its own bottom. Another human cannot replace the being that is your inner soul. They say in psychology that the primary relationship is your mother.  Truly, the primary relationship is you and you.   If the morning starts without plugging into your inner being then your morning is empty like a sky without a rainbow, without the fresh dewy air, and without the song of birds.   Is it possible for two people who are empty and unhappy to come together and “complete” each other?  I don’t think so.  They might enjoy each other for a while, until some of the life stressors happen.  Life stressors include having a newborn baby.   Babies are so delightful and such a blessing.  My babies helped me become a more vital human being and I discovered a layer of love I might not have known otherwise.  The other shoe drops for young couples.  There are sleepless nights and little time to enjoy each other.  Having a baby does not always bring a couple together if they are not already solidly in friendship and in love.
When Food is Love
I read a book with that title by Genene Roth.  When family and significant others have not been able to fill a certain kind of void, some people turn to food or substances.  Food can comfort us however there is a problem with that.  I have been to a nutritionist for years and I know how to eat.  That does not explain some binges I have been on.  I observed myself eating bread, one piece after the other, and I could not stop.  At that moment I was very frustrated.  Things were not going my way.  There are certain emotional zones that seem to trigger a binge and the top three are; boredom, frustration, and depression.  If I am too depressed and darn near suicidal, I don’t eat. When I am in slight depression or dysthymia it feels awful and I want to binge.  It is not a good spot to be stuck in.  Personally, I learned it from my Dad.  He was a workaholic and I am pretty sure staying ultra-busy was his coping skill.  Now that I have identified that certain emotional patterns or zones lead to weight gain and overeating, I am vigilant doing something else to break out of it.  I would like to explore the relationship that some of us chubby people have with food.  That would be another chapter. It will be delicious to write it out.

Yeah, so Do Something Else! 

After a breakup, it is time to be kind to yourself.  Some people will eat ice cream and cry on a good friend’s shoulder.  This weird horrible feeling really should not last more than a week or two, because if it does, there really is a deeper issue.  I know that all the words and advice in the world are not heard by those heartbroken and betrayed.  If you have trouble letting go there are some things that might hasten your recovery. One of my best friends said to me, “he is either there with you or he is not”. I was eating ice cream and asking if a fella was coming back around.  As a psychic I get that question all the darn time.  Will he or she come back around?  When I have really looked seriously into the future of that person’s life.  It always looks like they are very happy with someone else down the road.  It appears that even if that person did do a U turn and stopped by to say hi on New Year’s Eve, the person I am reading for would be out celebrating with someone significant to them.  Will he or she come back is often a non-question.  I am not sure why it is asked so much? But me too, I have asked the same. 

 So. when I say get busy living life do anything that will lift you up and add purpose, don’t wait, just do it. Rather than focus on meeting someone that will probably just be a rebound, do something else. Examples: Take up a water color class, get in a hiking club, take a dance class, join a poetry reading club, go swimming, walking, biking, join a book club, join a church singles club just to meet others and go to movies together, volunteer, volunteer especially with children because they are delightfully happy.  There are so many things to do and be interested in.  Remember Jim Carrey in a movie called Yes Man?  Say Yes to those things that you normally don’t do. Somehow the Universe is conspiring to bring a wonderful person into your world.  Don’t try looking, the harder you try, the worse the match usually is. Just be receptive when it does happen, when things line up and you feel that sparkle and you giggle the next day for no good reason; Life is happening just go with the flow.  

Why does it take so long?  The time between relationships can be very short.  It just depends on how fast you heal.  When you know what you don’t want (in a relationship partner), then that contrast allows you to focus on what you do want.  It is like writing a letter to Santa Clause, you have a list of characteristics that you like. It seems like the Universe is listening, and it will happen in perfect time.

  I hear people say:
 I just don’t want someone who plays games, or my boyfriend just wont commit.  My girlfriend is an alcoholic, I just want her to get sober and be the sort of person I want her to be. I’m an alcoholic, but I think my boyfriend should just deal with it and accept me this way. My husband served me divorce papers and left, and I did not see that coming.  

 There is a wee bit of game playing in the beginning of every relationship but usually by the third or fourth date all the cards should be on the table.  Does this person want to have children?  Is this person just wanting to casually date? Does this person just want recreational sex?  If it seems that animals are vicious and treacherous, just observe how hearts are carved up and lives destroyed by not being honest with another person over agendas and plans.  They say you can spot a narcissist by the trail of destruction they leave behind.  Odd fact is narcissist do not really like themselves, but they could never face that truth either, so they don’t know.  They will find their own faults in others and instead judge and blame them.  Who is in worse shape the narcissist or the person who attracts them?  When I worked at a domestic violence shelter, I could not get used to women going back to the guys that beat them up, but then, the shelter life is not heaven either.  Again, there is a whole subject in how to strengthen women enough to become independent.  That might be another whole chapter or two.  Those we chose often will show us who we are and where more development is necessary.  That is true of all of us, all God’s children and relationships will ask us to grow and evolve on our path.  The hermit in a cave might not be as holy as a father with six kids trying to make his family happy.  Just maybe there are holy paths that ask a great deal of us, but that might be just the ticket. That is what we wanted this time around.

My job as a psychic is not always to “just tell the truth”.  Oh my, if it was that easy. I have a really nasty Yelp review from a lady who did not want to hear the truth at all. I offered to return her money, but that was not satisfactory.  She could not unhear what I said.  There was a pretty Yugoslavian blond lady who came to my home for a reading.  I do realize that Yugoslavia has broken apart into several different countries, and she was from one of those newly formed countries, but I can’t remember.  She was served divorce papers and then her husband left.  They owned and home and had a child together.  She asked me if her husband would return to their home.  I said, yes, but it will only be to pick up his belongings and then return to a dark-haired woman.  I suggested she gather his things and take them to a storage facility so all she need do is hand him the key.  At that suggestion she burst into tears and left.  She did not offer any money or gratuity for my honesty and accuracy.  About six months later she returned to tell me that I was totally right.  She wanted another reading and I did ask for payment in advance.  Once bitten twice shy is the saying I would use.  Again, she left in a very emotional way.  This time it was over custody of their child, and she was not thrilled with my answer.  I believe she did overcome all this and did find a nice guy to settle down with.  I must wonder if honesty is the best policy, when clearly, it might not be.  Sometimes I think it would be better to just not read for people who are not ready for the truth.  That way I am not side stepping break up issues and no lies are being offered.   Many of these people do come back to say, “I went to a dozen other psychics and you were the only one to tell me the truth”.  Clearly, this is not the way to become rich and famous.  I should have gone into computer science. 

Again, my best advice is Get busy doing something else and create some joy in friends and the things that matter to you.  I have been single for 25 years and I love it.  But I still wonder if there might be a certain someone out there.  Maybe.  Until then I am at play in the fields of the Lord.