Friday, December 31, 2021

The Sasquatch Diet for 2022 And My Honest to God Bigfoot Sighting.


Bigfoot Diet may heal people of Diabetes

Today several wonderful epiphanies happened, and these ideas were heaven sent. The following ideas will prove life transforming. Ideas are golden things with wings.

 As many of you know, I am insulin dependent diabetic type 2.  What many may not know is I love Sasquatch.  I saw that big guy once when traveling through the Uintah Mountain range in Utah.  I had to pull over for a bathroom break.  I pulled off the road and looked around for trees or thick foliage.  I had on white pants and a Santa red top, but no one was on the road that I could see anyway.  But I was noticed.  I climbed down a hill a bit and as I climbed back up to my SUV, I saw some movement maybe 100 yards away.  The sun was still up, and I could make out a fur covered man hanging on the cliff side.  My eyes met his.  He did not stop or try to hide. In fact, I had a serious fear developing.  I felt that he could and would reach me in a matter of minutes.  The consciousness of this guy was powerful.  There was an intention to reach me.  I also started to feel rather frozen as though I could not think well.  I opened my car door and got in.  My keys were in my pocket, and I could barely reach them. I did put them in the ignition.  The only way I was going to leave was to not look at him. Fortunately, I drove off and none to soon.  I will add a few details.  From the first moment I saw him he appeared to be about 3 inches tall.  I mean the distance between me and him would have him appear that tall.  I knew it was a Big Foot.  He was very curious as he had an intensity to reach me.  There was mind speak or telepathic communication going on.  As I drove off it was like he was saying “wait just a minute”.  How do I know it was a “he”?  I am guessing.  He seemed to blend with that cliff, but he had brown fur.  Part of me wanted to speak to him and to know a bit more about his kind, however a woman alone on the road just can’t chance that sort of thing. I lived in Utah in 1993.  I have heard that there are many sightings in that area. From that day forward I read all I could on Sasquatch.  I have found many resources now.  I really like a YouTube channel called Buckeye Bigfoot.  There are a variety of stories, and some are scary, and some people form positive relationships with Bigfoot families.  Usually, those friendships are kept quiet from the outside world.

I have been listening to hunters and outdoorsy types who gift the Sasquatch with food.  I had a new worry today about Bigfoot becoming diabetic because people gift surgery and starchy treats.   For hundreds of thousands of years, the Bigfoot have been eating fish, nuts, berries, squash, apples, deer meat, and they seem to like eggs and chickens too.  They eat all meat uncooked.  They have dietary needs and likes much like humans.  I am pretty sure they are ancient relatives.  Humans are hybrids.

Lloyd Pye has some scientific skeleton research and human Alma genetics to share.  I believe the Alma species is a smaller more human size bipedal humanoid type ape.  This is a link to some of his research

Most of these types of human-like apes’ forage and seem to be omnivores. I decided that I would like to try sticking to the types of food a sasquatch would eat.  I was listening to Sarah Hallberg today.  She cured herself of cancer and cured some of her patients of diabetes too by changing her diet.  In short, I am going to be cutting out lots of carbs.  I am going to be seeing a dietician soon and I will share my personal preferences with her.  One thing that Sarah says is that diabetes can be removed entirely.  She has had great success with that. My preference is to not eat meat but instead eat nuts and eggs.  I don’t think I could eat it raw anyway.  I will add a link for Sarah’s Ted Talk.

It is quite a gift that I could combine an interests like Sasquatch and my personal need to lose weight and not need so much insulin into a whole plan for this year. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Chapter 29: Remember This When Life Is Smacking You Around


Grab this blog and read it. I love writing uplifting pieces in my blog. (But) Let’s face it, sometimes when people are at a low point and feeling like a punching bag, it might not help.  Abraham Hicks points out that most often the answers and remedies are at a different frequency.  You are listening to another radio frequency at a lower vibration.  Remembrance number one would be saying this to yourself:  Tomorrow when I wake up, I will be able to listen to that inspired radio program on a higher frequency.  I just need to get calm and survive today.  Sleep will break the momentum that occurred during a really bad totally lousy day.

A guy’s urgency:  I did psychic counseling yesterday right on the spot. I mean a young man called and asked if I could do a reading right now. That means that I am cooking dinner, so I turn off the stove and drop everything.  That is not my preference.  Life has segments or natural divisions.  There are times of the day I feel more psychic than others. Like I am not a morning person psychic.  I can pay bills so perhaps my left brain is working in the morning but not my right brain.  What if a friend calls and needs a ride to the hospital?  Any urgent situation takes away from my ability to be psychic.  I do this sacred work in a quiet receptive positive state of mind.   But, to my surprise I said yes to this young man.  After some time, I discovered that he was trying to stave off depression.  I would not call this an emergency, at least in my book, but it was for him.   It seems like we all need a safety plan for staving off depression.   Identify people you can call who know the wonderful side of you.   Perhaps identify comedies that left you up.  Have a few elevating songs on your personal play list.   If it is a really bad place, you are in and it even feels suicidal take a day trip.  I have always said if I feel like ending it all, I am going to get in my car and travel to Zion Canyon in Utah.  That and a stop at the Grand Canyon, should do the trick.  When you are past a tough time and as you bask in the knowing that you are OK and ready for the next adventure; remember this remembrance too two:  Develop your own safety plan for depression.  Get it on paper and find a bright colored binder for it.  Keep it handy.   It might save you some money on psychics later. 

Are you comparing yourself?  Are you kicking yourself in the pants? Another good remembrance is number three: Stop the self-criticism that is often at the root of your despair.  At least in my world, often it is there when I am at a low place.  Give yourself permission to be human and to fail before you succeed.  My mom was very critical of me and that did not help my self-esteem one little bit.  The worse is being compared to a sibling or a close friend.  Once my boss compared me to his daughter and it was not flattering.  I was begging off work due to cramps.  Most people, mainly men, think that all cramps are the same.  Just take some ibuprofen and get to work anyway. Boss guy said, “my daughter goes through that, and she never misses work.” I had dysmenorrhea or extreme cramps. I was not like his daughter. My pain felt like labor pains.  I can say they were exactly like labor pains after having gone through labor.  I would pass out at times.  I wish I had been sure enough of myself to ask a doctor to write a note to hand to PE coaches and future employers.   Until my first pregnancy cured this, I was made to feel wimpy and pathetic each month.  That is so sad to think of all those horrible messages until I was pregnant at age 26.  After a lifetime of research, I now know there are some simple remedies that help.   One is to drink lots of water and stay hydrated as you approach your cycle. I was a diet Pepsi drinker back then.

 During these low points, dismiss or forgive any perceived flaws. Some people believe that criticism serves as motivation to change and correct.  That is not really true. Love yourself and ask to see yourself as God sees you; that would be amazing.  You, me, all of us,  are amazing.  It is true that people are at different stages of development.  Some babies walk sooner than others and spiritually some people get concepts and have better than average awareness than others.  That gives life some variety.  We grow at different rates and in different ways.  This is the place where you hug yourself after a fall or trip.  This is where you get to gag your mother and put a stop to all that negative narrative.  At least in your imagination.  Some therapists suggest writing a letter to a parent and maybe don’t send it exactly right away. You can tell them that it would have been wonderful if they could have kept some of their opinions to themselves.  Later in my life I realized that my grandmother was very critical of my mother as a child.  It does seem cyclical and generational.  Give everyone a hall passes and go forward.    I never want to sound advice-y.  Please treat any crazy thing I say as a suggestion to be discarded easy as you will find much better remedies.  Best advice is to listen to yourself unless you are the one putting yourself down.  Then Stop that. 

Fluff Readings are usually not the answer.   I have rules about fluff readings.  I have had more than one person on my list of frequent flyers or return clients, needing fluff readings.  It is a real thing that psychics do.  At the psychic center I worked for in Sedona, the concierge would call and ask if I had time for a fluff and fold reading?   I was good at it.  People feeling bad about themselves would drag themselves to the psychic center. They want to hear all the good things about who they were.  I loved providing that service. I got to connect with the soul of that person, and genuinely see those sparkly places and positive qualities. It would make me tingle all over.  There is something I will say that is harmful about it.  Don’t elevate by comparing them to others.  For instance, if someone was to say to me, Nancy you are a good writer.  I would say thankyou so much.  I shouldn’t say, “well I am not Shakespeare or Hemingway.” That falls into self-depreciation.  I would be shooting myself in the foot to say that and also to say: “I am a good writer and much better than Sally over there.”  And even worse, Sally is a disorganized slob of word salad.” Wow. 

  Obviously, we all have different gifts and as such, don’t compare.   A fluff reading is good until it crosses certain lines.  You have heard the phrase “a rising tide lifts all ships”.   At our center all humans are basically good and have good intentions.  It is a bright and preferred way to help each other if we can celebrate those talents and good traits all others.   Remembrance number four is this:  Appreciate other people because it will help you appreciate you.   Those golden traits are woven through all of us.  The contrast of life experiences will ask that we grow and expand into better people.  Just like shellfish grow new houses on their backs.  Without any harsh pressure change happens.   

These feels done.  I love the feeling of being able to share blogs.  It is all about self-expression and sharing.  Those are higher order actualizations.  That is what living is all about to me.  Now I am going to create a new safety plan.  A better safety plan because  rainey days happen.    

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Being a Ubuntu Millionaire


What if you had to barter everything? 

There was a show called The Kindness Diaries.  This guy could not use cash, checks, credit cards to get anything.  He depended on kindness from strangers.  Some people were skeptical of course.  It does sound like this guy was a con artist.  He completely changed accents depending on where people were from.  He mimicked behavior too.  He was in the end a decent person and he would gift kind generous people with various things.  He would pay their rent for up to a year.  He would donate to the charity of their choice.  But I could tell that life would be a struggle all the way around. 

Sometimes he would have to ask two dozen people to buy him gas.  He would tell them why he needed it and where he was going.  It takes a lot of energy to keep chatting people up.   I used to experience it all the time when my car was repossessed.   I have lost three cars and I pray never again.  Like me,  I bet everyone has had to ask for help at times and it can be humbling to say the least.  Leon was also able to gift people in a pay it forward manner.  He did not carry money on himself.  But he was a phone call away from the show’s producer.  They would reward some of the donating people with new possibilities.  They were way showers. People would share their dreams of making their communities better and the wealthy producers would pay for that to happen in increments down the road.  It was an amazing adventure for all the people involved and it was a reality show.  There were no actors.  It was amazing that usually those who would help were rather poor themselves. 

In one awkward moment, Leon asked a young female for gas and a place to stay for the night.  This seemed to cross the line and she was not sure that was a good idea.  Leon did not flinch.  He did not offer the usual “I am not looking for a hook up”.  This young woman called her boyfriend and asked if he could also spend the night.  It happened.  The three of them had a talk fest that lead to a school for children being built and funded. 

How wonderful that would be.  Everyday would be like a piece of heaven.

It would be difficult to pay all our various bills and commitments in a barter fashion.   The world is more complex in that way.  But there are new messengers on the way.  It is illegal to print money, but what about co-opts and “Disneyland” money or tokens?  Each Co-opt could have its own tokens.  Just buy some monopoly money.  I was part of a babysitting co-opt. We had to decide the rules.  Each child was equal to one unit per hour. That way a mom with 5 kids could still exchange babysitting time with a mom of two, but just less time.  I cringe when I remember leaving this group owing another money some time.  I hope I can offer another mom some time in the future.  I used to trade psychic readings with certain people.  I cannot believe I got burned.  I did a reading of some length for a lady and when it was my turn, she had “an emergency” come up and promised to call me back.  Well, no, that never happened.  I think the karma is often worse with our verbal promises.  For those with money, they can even the score easily, but without that convenience things are more “sweat and blood”.  As a reader and psychic I see many questionable behaviors.  People want me to remote view on someone or something.  That is spying but there is huge karma for me in doing that.  I always ask my guides before embarking on remote viewing.  There are times that I feel threatened because I can remote view.  During the days of easy lobotomies, many talented people became wards of the state or wards of their families after a lobotomy.  Psychics have always been a threat to some people in positions of power.  Threat of poverty is another way to silence people and keep them from rising in the world.  I am glad there are many ways to stay alive and be true to your principals.  Maybe the first thing to do is Clean your concepts about money.  This is a type of money laundering.  What fun.    


KenHonda teaches about money angels. Ken was saying that money is a happy thing.  Ken has been on many talk shows about becoming the right kind of millionaire.  You might ask, is there a bad kind of millionaire?  And yes, there are those.  There are those who control others with monopolies, and they can use people for sex slaves and serfs.  Perhaps the worse thing they do is to themselves.  They never feel that have enough and they are unhappy.  Ken teaches that money circulates. It flows around otherwise it becomes stagnant.  There are Scrooges out there among us.  Like Howard Hughes they become quite unhealthy, and they die.  He died at age 70 so that is not short.  It is just not a particularly happy life. 

Ken teaches some of the same concepts of bartering.  What skills do you have that you can trade with others?  Friends are wealth.  Be sure and nurture friendships.  How many friends would let you stay with them for a week?  Ken explains if you have 10 friends who would trust you and allow you to stay with them for at least one week, that will equal 10 weeks of free rent.   During that time, you could find another job.  And Ken warns against finding just any old job.  He believes that we must do what we love.  People should wake up knowing that their day will be purposeful and full of joy and that will build a brighter future for everyone.  I started a business with my polaroid camera and a 50 add.  I became a match making service in an area of Connecticut that lacked social venues.  It was a fun job and I made some successful matches.  I remember some people wanting to take it from me.  We had a lunch where they kept saying we want to do this and that.  They wanted to expand.   They kept inserting themselves into my creation.  Yes. I think money needs to be cleansed.  Money has been misused and the greedy seems to own everything.  There are some very aggressive people, and they will trick and deceive to get money.  That is why is a good to know money is not the end all be all.  There is the ancient concept of ubuntu. 

The word “ubuntu” is from some southern African languages and it literally means “humanness.” To have ubuntu is to be a person who is living a genuinely human way of life, whereas to lack ubuntu is to be missing human excellence. Money is not dry as numbers on a ledger.  It cannot be so according to ubuntu. The idea is ancient as is the idea of tribal communities.  “I am because we are” is a ubuntu concept.  We spring from a family and a community.  It is the gold and treasure of someone to be kind and friendly and to consider the community in personal choices.  Also, in concrete ways if the community needs meat, a hunting party is selected. If the community needs irrigation for a crop coming in, all grab a shovel and devote time to digging one.  If an argument between families happens, it would be up to the community to help solve the issue in the best way.

I saw this concept of community with my Cherokee side of the family.  Everyone pitched in to help each other.  We had the best time each year when we gathered for our family reunion.  They laughed and joked.  They could tell one story after another.  I felt the community looked deep into my eyes and soul and I felt affirmed that I was me because of them.  It was a great feeling.  It is also part of my remembrance that they never discussed being Cherokee.  Children were not advised of this heritage.  Often social workers would remove Native American children and placed them in remote schools.  I wanted to know more about my unspoken heritage.  Also, the trail of tears was a sobering subject. They never spoke of the disenfranchisement of a whole tribe. It is like the brand name was removed but the true essence remained.  It was enough to know the unknown at that time.  Now people in Oklahoma are speaking the Cherokee language fluently once again.  I am rich beyond words for knowing that culture.  I would be poor for not experiencing the black eyes peas and cornbread they all loved.  There is so much more about Ubuntu available please feel free to research it.  This is a link about Nelson Mandela and the Ubuntu concept.  Click

To be a happy millionaire and someone free of the negative concepts of money many paradigms must change.  We can begin taken the control of our lives back and not be servants of the money changers.  

Right livelihood is needed.  Do you aim to be an integral part of your community, and do you bake your bread with love if you are the town baker?  Are you digging a ditch if that is what your community asks of you? Are you there to mentor young people in your community?  Would you be willing to march to the sea to harvest sea salt?  Would you show the little ones how to spin and sew clothes like Mahatma Gandhi did?  These things seem small, but they changed the course of history.  The English provided things and taxed them to death.

  These things are ubuntu. These things change history.  Would you allow a friend to spend a week or two with you for free?  Does your heart expand and offer generosity to others who might be having a hard time?  If so, you will eliminate homelessness. 

Norse legends of Yule Tide and New Years Eve have men making promises on the stone of truth.  In these contracts said solemnly in the presence of community and in the presence of much ail drinking, all upheld were solidly.  No financial baking was needed.  The community would have consequences for breaking such an oath.  This is a good time of the year to refresh our human spirit and live better in the new year. 

Friday, November 12, 2021

More Angel Stories


Angel Stories

When I am having fun and laughing with good friends, the angels are there. When The radio plays a song that has a message for me,  I feel the presence of angels.  I find feathers and pennies and see angels out of the side of my vision. I am so grateful.  I hear angels all the time. Sometimes angels influence ordinary people.   I had a lady walk up to me and hand me a book when I was 15. She said, “I really think this book is for you.” The title was Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. Angels are especially with all of us during a frightful event.  Amazing things happen. When I was 15,  I was climbing up a cliff and coming back down I slipped. I was airborne. I lost consciousness and when I opened my eyes, I was hanging by the seat of my pants on a thorn tree. Really. I had chills and another worldly feeling as I climbed down the rest of the way.

 I do see angels in clouds. My cat is like an angel with fur. She knows when I need healing or love. When I am driving, I hear instructions. Like: pull over, slow down, look to your right etc. My life has been saved at least a hundred times. Now when I get into the car, I just ask. I say please keep me safe and keep others safe in case I goof. One time I saw a 10-foot angel wearing a tunic and sandals, he was standing on the back of a gasoline truck. I can see things that aren't there? But they are real. Another prayer of mine is God help me see this better or differently. I can get stuck on a problem. I have been doing automatic writing...only I am typing. I channel when I type my blog essays. I used to just get in my car and then blank out. The next moment I would be getting out of my car. It happened very naturally. It sounds scary but it was very safe. When Arch Angel Michael shows up, he is also huge in stature but the thing I notice the most is the royal blue light of his sword. A friend saw that too. She saw a streak of blue in the room. This also saved me when a man was running towards me, he was going to attack and suddenly there was a gale wind that blew him into a wall and knocked him out.

Sometimes miraculous mistakes happen.  My two little boys, age 5 and age 6 were with me hunting for low rent two bedroom apartments.  I had written down several addresses.  We walked into the office of a HUD apartment complex. We were at the wrong address but the manager said that she had a vacancy.  She told us that all morning she had called people who were on the waiting list and no one had answered or gotten back with her.  Usually the wait is a year or two. She handed me a lease to fill out.  The rent was zero for us.  I was looking for work, but the lease is based on income.  I did not have any.  I was so happy,  

Sometimes I have become invisible to others. It sounds too incredible but each time it has happened I felt my frequency change. It is a frequency shift of some kind, and it feels natural, but I am not sure how it happens.

OK one more short story. We were traveling from Phoenix to San Diego. My son and I were on the road and got very lost. We asked the angles to help guide us. Zak start feeling a tapping on the side of his head. He said I think we should turn right. Then taping again on his left side. We turned. It is so funny but after about 6 or 7 tapping signals we pulled into Sea World and the fireworks were going off. We called a friend and said we are sitting in the sea world parking lot. They thought that was so funny because the memorial service was for someone who always ended his day by watching the fireworks at Sea World. Good news for us. The friend lived a few blocks away from Sea World.


 Another adventure happened at the Smithsonian Museum. I was with family and somehow, we became separated. My brother asked me to find them. My brother did not believe in "this stuff" but he had seen me do it before. I asked my angels, and I closed my eyes. I was turning around in a large circle when I stopped and pointed. Several yards away we saw the family emerge and we walked right to them. I love angel stories.

Let me say this.  I don’t always line up with my angels and that is usually when things go terrible wrong.  I don’t want to sound like an angel Pollyanna type.  I have gone through some horrible events.  Later I was shown that my angels were trying to intervein in my behalf, but I was being stubborn or dim witted.  Even Pollyanna had her dark moment in the book.  There is a contrast or learning event that must show up for all of us.  If we just skip through this life we probably will not learn the spiritual lessons and we probably will not grow and expand. 

I will advise this.  Line up every morning with your Source energy.  When I run amuck and when I get tempted and give in, my belief in God is weak.  God will be there and will provide for us when we ask.



Thursday, October 28, 2021

Extreme Tip Toeing Before the Leap


As a kid I used to use extreme stealth when coming in the door from school.  I turned invisible.  I made it to my room most afternoons and hid under my bed.   I did not wake the sleeping dragon.  Usually this would work, and my dad would be home by 6 pm.  Some days it was not safe to emerge if my parents were fighting.  Some days dinner was not a safe time either.  A plate of spaghetti might miss my head as it flew and hit the wall.  Those were the nights that I might have a bronchial attack and have to go to the hospital.   My pediatrician was very nice.   He would ask the nurses to comb my hair and pin it back.  He could see into my soul.   I just kept working on being more invisible and I did not have a real self.  

There are times I still hide and pretend to be someone else.  This is actually a joyful piece.  I overcame a hurdle today.  I felt queasy as I listened to a tape recording of myself.  I was being asked some very challenging questions by a judge. My whole personality shrunk into a wispy thing.  I was struggling and stuttering and quite pathetic.  Then something magical happened I opened and said, I have a mental health diagnosis.  I had a very traumatic childhood.   Sometimes it is hard to explain to others what made me do something or what I was thinking at that time. 

The only thing is this:  I said it to myself, and the recording was several years ago.  It was still a profound experience.  I was so clear and unapologetic.  I was full of self-appreciation.  I fully forgave myself and gave myself a hero’s badge for living through all those tough years.  And most of all I was being my own advocate. 

Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, has a story to illustrate what I went through today.  He calls it the rubber band effect. When you put a rubber band around your wrist and pull it back to the maximum stretch, and let it go…ouch.  That impact could be also like a slingshot or wrist rocket.  The release will travel much further into the light from the darkness.   I did that.  I slung myself into the bright and knowing part of me.  In the contrast I could see the powerless me and the Huge me calling all the shots. 

Lately I have been unable to blog feeling timid about my upcoming trial.  After today I know I can face the others and tell my truth.  That is quite a victory.   I will keep you all posted. 

Nancy age five


Sunday, October 17, 2021

Chapter 11 SPS Being a Medium is Just Like Cold Calling


I am going to state without a shred of doubt that I am a medium.  Well, sometimes maybe there is a moment of doubt.  I have been seeing and feeling departed beings since being quite small.   As a young person, I did not ask to see them.  They would show up and talk to me.   I mentioned seeing 6 great grandfathers looking down at me like looking over the edge of a well when I was young.  I have identified them from family albums.  What diversity.  One of them looks like the white-haired banker from Monopoly.  He is one of the Sorrell’s and he was rich.  One has a huge grey beard, and he was a farmer from Arkansas.  Pretty sure he was from the Emsley Woods’ clan and they were of Welch heritage I hear.  There is a red headed frontiersman, and he is one from the Boone’ clan.  They say his name was Squire Boone, one of Daniels’s brothers.  There is a sea captain, and he was Captain Fox.  He was an English sailor who started a line of merchant ships running to the new colonies in America.  He retired to a lovely seacoast town in Virginia and married. He had a flock of girls.  He reminds me of Rex Harrison in the Ghost and Mrs. Muir.  Then there is Nickolas Bell.  He is from Cherokee County, Alabama, and for sure he is Cherokee.  He married an Irish woman and they had about 10 children.  Nickolas was a pharmacist they say.  Could make medicine for people.  Below is a picture of him with family.  (picture above) The second picture is of Nickolas’s grandson Alex.  Alex was part Welsh and part Cherokee.  Who is the most psychic Cherokee or Welsh Celtics?  I am not sure.  

Like most of his peers they have adopted Anglicized names.  The Cherokee were bi-cultural and spoke both Cherokee and English at the time of the Indian Removal act in Alabama.  It is a blessing that they were able to blend in as “Dark Dutch” and homestead land in Texas.  So far, I have an interesting list of surnames:  Sorrell, Woods, Fox, Boone, and Bell.  I think that number six must be Frank Kendig.   He was part of the Swiss Mennonite bunch.  His census records say that he was a railroad engineer.  Just like the movie “An American Quilt” they tell of the variety of the New Land and the horrors too from the Cherokee side.   Some how it all comes together, and I can pass it on to my one remaining son.  So on to the experience I had yesterday with what I call “cold calling”. 

I scheduled an appointment for a young couple to visit me for some extra special intuitive counseling.   They were wearing their covid 19 masks in my home and I asked them to remove them.  It felt awkward and like the connection was not as good as I had hoped.   I felt like I was working too hard.  I explained that it was like a hard sell or a cold call.  With the departed you can invite them to come in and talk but you cannot drag them in.   Just like with Long Island Medium, she will talk to those who have departed loved one’s present, And in a crowd of people, only those who insist on speaking to their loved ones are chosen.  My departed son, Jason, was a loud “ghost” on a talk show with Theresa Caputo.  At minute 17:15 of the interview, Theresa was speaking about Jason’s accidental death at age 27.  He was taking 2 new medications and had an alcoholic drink that night.   The coroner’s report said that all these substances overly sedated him. But no one substance was the cause of his death.    Link:,  Jason had a big personality, and he knows how to communicate with psychics and Mediums. He was very psychic too.  I remember James Von Praagh stopped his lecture to say, “I was not going to do any readings today, but there is a young man here and I must reach out to someone out there in the audience with his message”. There were about three hundred plus people in that audience at the Celebrate Your Life venue in Phoenix.  I will revisit this another time about Jason.  But Jason is the neon sign blinking when there is a medium in the room.  He is an easy sell.

Back to working too hard to pull a ghost through the ethers:  I suggested I just do a tarot reading to warm up the connections.  That worked very well and there was a lot of accurate information for my clients.   All of a sudden, I "saw" someone getting shot in the chest with a gun.  I blurted out who got shot in the chest with a gun? 

It was so dramatic, and I could not continue the reading.  It was one of the loved ones.  It was the younger brother of the male client and he mentioned that it was gang related.   I told him that there was a flood of love coming through with this brother.   I cannot or should not say too much as I don’t want to disclose this client’s identity.   What is interesting is this client was new to me and new to the idea of speaking to departed.  It was a huge break through for him in realizing that life continues after the transition called death.  His grief had been especially painful due to his belief that his brother was “gone” forever. 

There must be an easier way to communicate but I guess I will stay with what I know.  Many of my readers are mediums and psychics. Some are famous and there are many mediums like Sylvia Browne on the other side that are guides for me.  If anyone has warm up exercises to ease the process of medium work, I would love to hear from you.  Please email me:


Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Free Effective Mental Health Therapies and Why They Work


The most effective free mental health therapies across all demographics


 Since the Rockefellers started pouring millions into mental health research ( about 1950) it all became very unhealthy and it became mostly about money.  It became more about lying to the public about new breakthroughs; and down the road these breakthroughs resulted in deaths and discarded people.  Brilliant neurosurgeons generated surgical procedures like lobotomies.  Toxic medications were used to numb people down.

 When they have damaged healthy brains enough and charged enough money, the patients were discharged.  Usually, they are discharged to their families.  The families then must care for a damaged loved one on their own skinny nickel with little or no respite.  After those procedures do not work and the symptoms return there are few that will take any accountability for the mess they created. 

The mentally ill were problematic in the asylums. They tore off their clothes and screamed all night long.  No one, including the other patients, could relax.  Things have not changed over the last few centuries.  My brother, now deceased, described his stay at the psychiatric hospital as a snake pit.  The food is often worse than prisoners get.  Those who work in the psychiatric hospital often are not very patient.  My son saw a patient get raped.  She was screaming “f..k me” because she was so emotionally distraught.  It really damaged my son to see that.  There are so many types of abuse reported.  I reported it and I had to go through many pages of red tape.  After about 6 months I got a response saying, “thank you and this matter had been addressed”. That was all. The mentally ill are not regarded as real human beings who have value.

 I have not seen the families uniting to change the mental health system. It seems that when there is a great new uprising of voices, they are quieted or co-opted. That is a sad thing to witness.  There is no money for healthy therapies, there is only money for medication.  As a social worker, I would pick up people from the psychiatric hospital, but they were homeless.  They had their baggy of pills but no roof over their head.  Their families probably became exhausted trying to help and had just disappeared.   Locating family can be impossible for the social workers. 

Once an ambulance took my son to a hospital, they gave me his shoes and phone and keys.  I went back in the morning, and no one could find him.  He had no money, no shoes, no phone and Oh my God.  I was so distraught. The medical staff explained that once a patient is discharged, they are on their own.  Fortunately, my son came walking up to me.  He had been outside smoking a cigarette.  I felt like a millionaire.   

 Van Gogh went to a lovely quaint sanitarium.  It was the inspiration for many of his paintings.  The stars exploded in the night sky and the fields of grapes and sunflowers appeared vibrant and happy.  The nuns ran a very kind environment for those who needed a calm atmosphere.  This is one very beneficial type of therapy.  People heal well in nature where there is a calmness and nothing too exciting. 

Both my brother and my son were musicians.  Music is another healing therapy. Just having someone to talk to is a miracle. Just being a good listener is a great benefit.  Often the mentally ill become isolated.  Being in groups helps people connect.  Art therapy, and narrative therapy are low cost and quite effective. 

I was reading about vitamin therapy.  There was a trial study done with psychotic patients.  They were given intravenous vitamins.  Their moods leveled off and they became happy.  Often the mentally ill people are not eating well.  They are mal nourished and will die from uncontrolled diabetes and other ailments.   

I doubt if I could prove it but, prenatal care prevents mental illness.  Moms with problems might be creating a child who will have on going mental illness. 

Dr. Wallach was a veterinarian, He was called by a zoo to do autopsies on Rhesus monkeys.  All the babies had been dying within a few months of being born. It turned out to be a lack of Selenium.  In the wild, monkeys forage almost all day.  They know what they need to survive.  The zoo had changed their diet and it was very deficient in certain minerals.  The autopsies reveal these newborns had cystic fibrosis.  It looked like the human disease but how could this be?  Genetically these monkeys were not very different than humans.  This leads to a whole new topic.  For years cystic fibrosis was thought to be a genetic anomaly. 

The end of this story is that pregnant and lactating mothers need all the minerals and micronutrients found in the garden of Eden.  The overly processed foods could be causing lots of issues down the road.  Good diets and other simple therapies can help someone regain their mental health. 

Unfortunately, Big Pharma develops lifetime customers.  Our family is in recovery and doing better than it has ever been.  We are doing it the ways I just described. 

The best things in life are free.  


Sunday, September 26, 2021

Clearing Stuck Energy. Chapter 14 SPS

Sweeping Your Chakras and Cleaning Your Energy


This essay might be one that grows in time.  I am always thinking of new things that work when it comes to increasing and elevating energy.

Nothing is worse than being stuck in the muck.  Think of a babbling brook in comparison.  The easiest way of lifting a weight is to take a walk.  If the weather is nice the birds will sing to you. 

Journal a bit.  If there is a worry or anxiety, ask to be shown the way.  You could pay money to talk to a psychologist and I might be the one who would collect that money.  I call it cognitive re-structuring.  In layman’s terms that is straightening out some crooked thinking. 

Chakras are little energy centers and are represented by whirling vortexes of light.  Sometimes they are off kilter and slow.  I like to listen to tuning forks or music while I relax and breath into each chakra.  Here is the link for this alignment with singing bowls.

As I was just doing this exercise, I was instructed to keep the light of God turned on in my crown chakra.  I also was asked to place my hands gently over my eyes. 


Colored Light and Sound Healing.  As a child I would see and experience a light show each night in the dark.  It was like fireworks and these lights would change from red to green to yellow to violet and many colors in between.  I went to sleep that way.  If you can have some one touch you with tuning forks and use color therapy, I really believe that your whole being will be uplifted.  You might as well experience aroma therapy at the same time.  What a wonderful way to spend an hour.  

A water fast is refreshing.  I am experiencing some type of upset stomach today.  It is probably because my son offered me a store-bought hot dog and I ate it.  But now I feel Queasy.  Tea and fruit will help undo this.  Tonight, I am making a broth-y soup for dinner.  If you are unwell and feeling down lightening the diet will help.

As I write this chapter, I will see and feel what should be said.  Remember I mentioned cognitive re-structuring?  That is searching for beliefs that do not serve you and changing them.  I am pretty good at this.  It is one of the ways I feel gifted and able to help someone.  I do use Tarot Cards for this.  I turn over 3 cards asking to see those thoughts that need restructuring.  I love doing this work because it reminds me of being at Delphi long long ago (but it seems like yesterday).  Try it and see if you discover any thoughts that need re-arranging. 

Being with children or animals is so uplifting and healing.  Try entertaining them and playing with them for a while.  It is bound to change your mood and raise your energy.

Doing some Yoga is also amazing.  Yoga stretches will help align chakras and increase blood flow to the various organs.  The deep breathing will help calm that body and allow for meditation. Yoga followed by a candle meditation is just a perfect pairing to elevate your energy. 

The last one for now…I will return with a few more. 

I love gospel music. I feel energized for sure and I might even dance a little to this music. Try it sometimes and see if it works for you.  The Reverend Oris Mays sang this song. (Link Below)  He had to sit down at the end. I believe Oris died at age 61.  It is one of my sad thoughts to know Black men seem to die much younger than they should.  I cry a little.  My father died at age 49.  He was white.  Let us say a prayer for men because they seem to “carry the heavy load” and God Help Them All.   This song is called Hallelujah Anyway.

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