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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Perfect Angel Station

The Perfect Angel Station

The Virtual Reality

This inspires me and I just lit up when I saw it on K.T.s Face Book page.  Adorable.  I kept trying to describe what the "real" station would look like.  I wanted the color and the warmth to be there.  In my tenure of social work I believe miracles happen for the asking and the perfect results show up for families. Often times the agencies get in the way with "band aid" fixes. 

We have discovered that take a family who is struggling and move them to a friendly and safe environment and they might have a chance.  If I could elaborate on a fictional family I would say this.  Move them to a new community and provide the skills and tools they need to create a better life.  California social workers found that housing was the first piece to put in place with families suffering with chronic problems.  It does make sense.  Abraham Maslow gave us the basics for human well being.  That would be safety and a sense of belongingness.  Many families have never experienced security.  The very wealthy families pass along the security to future generations and the reverse is true with poverty.

We all need to step in and provide the basics for at least one year.  It might take longer than one year, and I don't like cookie cutter approaches to fixing people and their lives, but one year will net some progress, I feel.  If we strip some money from our defense budget and put it into affordable housing and transitional housing this could be a whole new reality. 

From the step one model of help, people can start to realize other dreams and build a real life.  The California model took families on skid row and placed them in modest but functional housing units. Once there job placement and education was the next goal and these families received food stamps.  Many people don't know how to shop or cook anymore.  There was a need for life skills and other step one interventions. 

In the past, social workers have tried to bring food boxes to families and then find them appropriate jobs.  Often times this does not prove effective because the real root of the problem has not been identified.  That is why it might take a year to clear out old patterns and instill new ideas.  Most of these people are not lazy they just don't know how to climb out of their circumstances. 

Angel Station is my dream, I want to hire 12 social workers who can hook people up and encourage a better life strategy.  These are going to be life changing and game changing social workers.  Patch Adams had a free medical clinic in Virginia.  I hope to be agency free with my clinic if that is possible. 

Look how homey and colorful this station is.  When there is hope we can see the bridge and the path. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Cleaning Out Pandora's Big Dark Closet

Cleaning Out Pandora’s Big Dark Closet

This Was a Day of Contrast
A six minute video called 10 Signs of Spiritual Awakening is worth watching.  

http://youtu.be/txTsbeuY5gM  Just place this URL in your browser. 

 This video mentioned emotional cleaning of old trapped feelings.  This is a catch 22 in spiritual growth.  This is how I see it.  As I climb the ladder of awareness and understanding I begin to feel lighter, freer and much happier and then Pandora’s Box swallows me up.  It feels like a game of Shoots and Ladders and I landed on the wrong square.  Whoosh, I am back to square one and so discouraged.  On a clear or calm day I can see the logic for this.  My childhood had insecure and dark moments.  I feel there was abuse on several levels however I will not go into this victim mode right now.  It really doesn’t help overcome the abuse.  I am convinced that I choose this family and environment to speed up my progress.  My evolution was slow as a turtle I was told by my Higher Ups.  Being an “old soul” was now getting on the last nerve of my Cosmic Counterparts.    My soul group is prodding me along.  It seems like we have all the time in the world to progress and evolve, but maybe not.  There are so many of us here right now.  I think I wanted to be alive on earth for the 2012 experience of tipping the balance.  If enough humans cross the threshold together we will shift into a more humane energy.  Life expectancy should increase and mental and physical ailments should diminish quite a bit.  I probably needed a life time to speed up my pace so I could join the great wave of souls (having a human experience) as we cross the marathon marker.  It really is an exciting event and to be a participant is awesome.
I left my sometimes sad childhood just hanging out there.  I can trip on that emotional baggage sometimes.  It is necessary to clean out those memories and elevate those experiences.  It hurt at the time it happened.  As a social worker, I pray we change the old ways of parenting and in doing so kids will probably grow up substance abuse free.  We can teach them to roll with the punches and like themselves.  When kids experience abuse they blame themselves.  Often times they have the abusive parent on a pedestal and want to be loved by them.  Somehow that translates as this:  There must be something awful about me, for this person whom I love and adore to be so unkind and uncaring.  It sometimes takes 50 years of therapy to heal those inner bruises.  I accept and love me much more. There is great wealth in that realization.  Then every now and then poor red headed Pandora shows up..kind of like a meeker Annie.  In truth I am neither devil nor angel…I am human… and that is a privilege.  As a human I can weave the rich tapestry of emotion into my life.  I feel so colorful.  I am guided towards realizing the Big Picture by my own amazing emotions.  The vector of spiritual growth is quite curvy with ups and downs and the contrast of life.  For me it is truly a 2012 blessing to ride the back of discovery via feelings. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Seek First the Kingdom of God and All Else Is Added To YOU

A fuller Victory complete with Palms

I just realized the full meaning.  And the first part of the Lord's prayer also illuminates this. Our Father, is a sacred relationship we all hold.  If we do not put Our Creator first, nothing will be in alignment with us. Ester Hicks mentioned that the concept of God, Father/Mother God, Creator, and the All that is really is up for debate on earth.  Some people view God as a really powerful human. 

Being in the vortex is that state of mind where we are connected to our Source Energy.  Nothing else really matters.  All the money and all it could buy would not make you happy if you are disconnected from your source energy.  On the other hand, a man/woman with very few possessions can be extremely happy if that man/woman is connected with who they truly are and that is a child of God. Be a child of God first and all is added to you.  True abundance, happiness and joy are only experienced when we are connected. 

What is the Kingdom of God?  That must be a very lovely place.  I imagine every happy feeling. I am seeing lots of color and pastels and a chorus of angels singing.  When I listen to birds sing in the morning it sounds like they are in line with this kingdom.  When cats purr and puppies play, it seems that it must be God's Kingdom being evidenced at that moment.  If one would doubt a kingdom of a Higher Power I want to whisk them to the Grand Canyon after a rain shower when rainbows appear and you feel the power.  This is the power that created worlds evidenced in the majesty of the canyon. 

At night when the stars shine on us and the sky is so big, I might start to feel small in the scheme of things.  The ocean is so enormous and my boat is feeling small and knocked by the waves.  We are told our Creator loves all creation, and yes even the tiny sparrow is cared for. It is important that we feel connected and cared for at all times.  That is the kingdom of God for me, that feeling that I am sitting on the lap of someone who adores me and they hug me through to the core of my being.  They chase out any doubt that I am not "good enough" just the way I am. 

That sums it all up. For me the Kingdom of God is the feeling I have while holding the hand of a benevolent Mother. She is made up of starlight and rainbows. Her smile is beaming with unconditional love.  The birds chirp and the angels are lifting us up with their celestial music as we watch the sun set on the Grand Canyon.  I want to just stay right here and not venture out.  My Kodak moment cannot entirely be captured on film and I will do my very best to carry this emotional feeling with me for the rest of the day. 

It is my hope and intention that when I start to speak or act that I will remember to not leave this vibration of love and peace.  Even in traffic, I will breath and relax because nothing that happens on the road is worth leaving this memory of "our Kingdom". 

I suppose it is a matter of focus and remembering what is important in my world. 

When was the Kingdom of God manifested through others in my life.  I just added a few of those experiences.

 I remember sitting on my "Daddys" shoulders when we were wading in the swimming pool and enjoying that bond. On the week ends I would crawl into bed with my parents and feel enveloped in warmth. I remember listening to my grandmother sing as she gardened. My favorite memory was sitting on my Grandpapa's lap while the adults would play cards. He let me lay the winning card down on the table. He said, "sweetie just lay that card down nice and slow".  Ah what memories of being loved and feeling connected. 

 Here's a suggestion:  Write down those scapebook, Kodak moments in your own childhood.  Then maybe you can carry them with you when you need to feel loved and cared for.   

( please ignor the message about war stamps unless we see this as a spiritual war?) but do share in this victory.  I will try and photoshop that off this angel.  She is lovely, strong and victorious. That is the vision I wanted to share.  

Monday, September 24, 2012

Time to do a chakra balance dance

Time to do a chakra balance dance

When, anytime you are feeling down, frustrated, overwhelmed, and lack luster.  One of my favorite authors for subjects regarding self love is SARK or Susan Kennedy.  The answer for so many relationship questions is simply, stop obsessing and enjoy dancing with yourself for a while.  

Don't wait for someone to come along to start feeling complete and balanced.  I was just reading an advertisement for a psychic reading.  It said, is he cheating on you?  Oh, my, if I felt that way I would change my focus immediately.  He may or may not be cheating.  There is no way to police what someone else does and worry only makes this worse.  My advice is do a chakra balance dance.  I do it and feel better in about 10 minutes.

Lower the lighting or just light candles and play some new age music.  I just start slowly waltzing in my kitchen, my living area too.  It is important to see the vivid colors of each chakra in your mind.  I place my hand on the root chakra and see a vivid red color...I ask my body to do a spin in the direction of this small generator within me.  Slowly I will spin clockwise or counter clockwise depending on the physical need of my body.  It is also very nice to do some yoga stretches and meditation when you finish this balance dance. 

Take the focus off what someone else might be doing because if your remain in balance and love no one can really hurt you.  It made me think a great deal when someone said, true spirituality is not allowing for injury.  If someone cannot harm you there is not need for retaliation and defensiveness.  We all prefer to be treated with respect.  Even if someone is the cause of your death, it must be forgiven as though you had a pre-arrangement for this to happen. 

It is so much more important to honor your life and live in the fullest possible way than to sulk and worry.  Right now I am thinking of my to do list.  It is rather long.  I am trying to move somethings around to make them more interesting.  I will also add some things that I want to do to my list.  It is a sad day when I am only doing chores or the things I must.  Once I add some fun actions it seems as though I gain several more hours and have more time than I thought. 

Today it starts with a chakra dance and more magic will follow.

PS:  I would love to hear from my readers.  I have readers from Thailand, Russia, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, North Korea, and the USA.  Please leave comments if you wish. Questions are also welcome. Namaste


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Which Idea Feels Better Game

Which idea feels Better (Game)

When it comes to making decisions there are many helpful strategies for you to look at.  You can make a list of pros and cons and then decide. Many folks listen to the experts or well meaning friends and then decide what to do next.  My what feels better game works very well in this regard.  I will explain it in small bite size pieces.

You will notice the "Moon" tarot card above.  The water is the subconscious or unseen motivation in our lives.  The lobster or crayfish is emerging in the moon light to reveal something of an answer from the watery depths.  There is a middle path between two towers and dogs bark or bay at the moon (dogs are demanding your attention).  The moon belongs to female intuition and refers to our monthly cycles as well.  When it comes to choosing the next right move or path, there is an element of the unknown.  It is best to ask your soul which way, which action, or non action feels right.

This lesson that I call a game is also a very important 2012 tool to put in your personal tool box.  I believe that the new moon is the time for planting seeds and the full moon is the harvest. Develop a full moon ritual and a new moon ritual that works for you.  Plan a small picnic with a little wine and other favorite foods. Take a folding chaise lounge chair with you,  Spend some time beneath the night sky.  Just appreciate all that has happened and visualize all that you desire to happen and lift it up in a moon beam. The results are very good for me.  Of-course life will deliver some unexpected things to deal with.  Not everything can wait for a proper ceremony. 

I will use my life to illustrate a recent decision making process.  When I came to Phoenix, I was sleeping on a friends couch and trying to regain my health.  It seemed that I would have to get a "real" job.  I left Sedona where I was a full time professional psychic.  My past resume includes many family support or social work type positions.  No one ever gets rich working for someone else. No one ever gets wealthy being a social worker, however, I was looking at crawling back an old haunt.  If heaven is guaranteed by how "Mother Teresa-ish" you have been, I should have enough points.  Heaven is a state of mind, and no one need die first to reside there.  Yes, the opposite is true as well.  Ever feel like "this is hell"?  Yip, sometimes it is that too. 

My friend told me about Phoenix Rising Now and that her good friend Ron and his lovely wife ran a metaphysical store.  I met Ron and liked him very much.  Life had opened a door once again to do this work that I love and I happen to be quite good at.  It wasn't that easy however.  The first several weeks I had very few clients.  No one knew I was there and I had done no advertising at all.  All of a sudden I was back sending out resumes once again.  Kit, my psychic friend, was inspired to call me and say, do you believe in yourself enough to take flyer's around the neighborhood.?  Ron copied 50 flyer's and I had delivered them to various businesses. The problem was by sending out resumes for an old way of livelihood,  my energy was divided and not focused on what I really wanted to do.  I wanted to spread the news and grow my business.  The flyer's helped.  I am much busier now. The way I made my decision was listening to my heart. I lit up and I felt much happier when I was delivering the flyer's.  It was a hot day in Phoenix, but, I barely noticed.  My feet seemed to have life of their own.  Part of my logical brain wanted to return to having a secure pay check every two weeks and perhaps dental insurance and other perks. This was a decision needing to be made.  I was going all in or all out on one or the other one of these choices.   

With the presidential race at hand, I think some of us are flipping a coin.  I don't think we are able to see the future entirely on which candidate is needed at this time.  I am voting for Obama.  I get that warm feeling about him.  It just feels better.  Birth certificate or not, I must go with a gut reaction on this.  I am not twisting the arms of others to do the same.  It is important to vote your conscience.

With choices it is helpful to go within and create each scene in your mind. How does that look for you?  Put yourself in the play you are writing.  How do you feel in that part?  You might have to do this several times to decide which feels more uplifting?  Which play makes your heart sing?  Some times the contrast might be small.  One play makes you feel "OK" and the other one feels a little more dull or lifeless.  Humm, if that is the case neither one are probably fulfilling your dreams or life path, however, I would choose the OK one until I realize something better.   

It is so vital to be the author of your own life and enjoy the process too.  Toggle between scenes until you know which has more light and positive energy.  It gets easier each time you do it.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn Solstice Blessings. Pushing Past Pennilessness

Autumn Solstice Miracles
The penniless test

 My friend Kit called these penniless times “root chakra work” and I will explain why.  What is the penniless test?  If you grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in poverty or disadvantage you do not need any more testing.  One thing about 2012 is this: There will be more and more nice middle class people who face some hard choices.  Unexpectedly, one or more people in a family might be changing jobs or downsized just when their home is on the edge of foreclosure.  I have talked to so many folks about to lose their home when a miracle came through.   Some of folks have a very nonchalant attitude. Many seem to shrug suggesting that it is OK for their home to go back to the bank.  Either way they are going through a process and making choices.  These are times when people need to think outside the box and travel well out of their comfort zone.  When I “read” (go into an altered state and channel) for these people my guides show me solutions, but very often it involves something uncomfortable.  For instance, one delightful lady friend has been living with a man because of financial reasons.  The romance has faded and he does not seem to appreciate her as he once did.  There is workable situation financially so they have both settled into some sort of domestic partnership.   As the reading progressed we discovered that her mother is half owner of a lovely home in Oregon.  The aunt is living there now and there might be a need for an attorney to convince one party to sell or to buy out the other one.  I also saw that being passive is something that is not indicated and this situation has festered for some time and created some negative energy.  What started out as a relationship issue became several other vital areas needing help in her life.  Through the grapevine, I know that she is trying to make up her mind.  There were some huge challenges placed before her.  The end result will be fantastic when she jumps this hurdle, but I know change is hard for many people.  I have been thrown in the water and learned to swim many times.  I was warned of the challenges I would face when I was a teen ager.  I was also told it might be better for me to not marry and have children.  I had two boys who have traveled this crazy life with me.  I describe it as Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  But I am  wandering from the topic at hand, the 2012 slippery slope when it comes to keeping a job and keeping a home.   I lost everything recently.  My story about the mold is a few pages back.  Starting over, moving while quite ill, with pets and no job really happened to me.  When things seemed desperate, I would find money.  For several days I found pre paid cards in my path.  One card had 12 dollars on it at Quick Trip.  I used that for gas and one card had 7 dollars on it for Jack in the Box.  I laughed about the way The Universe was taking care of me.  My cats remained healthy and well fed, our clothes remained clean; my car remained in tip top shape with petrol in it.  Kit was indicating these test involve the very bottom chakra.   The root chakra (tail bone area) is the survival chakra.  It is very important to affirm that you are entitled to be here physically, at this time, and require your “daily bread” .  The root chakra demands that you lift your energy up and know that you are worthy and loved.  You are loved by Mother Earth and Father Sky.  With this firm belief, all will be brought to your feet as if by magic.  I am smiling a huge smile remembering the night I left Sedona with a small suitcase full of all the wrong things and a cat in a carrier.  I was waiting for a prescription when the pharmacist gave me a gift.  He put a sequined purple cow boy hat on my head.   He knew it belonged to me (or so he said).  It was an affirmation and a confirmation when I really needed one. I thought,  where ever life leads me next, I get to sparkle again. 
And so it is. I do feel shinny.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why Don't We Get Real News from an Unbiased Media?

To discover what is going on in the world I visit other people's blogs and foreign independent newspapers.  Our media is completely owned by "Big Brother".  I don't know who these invisible and powerful people are (I can find out quickly if need be) and it doesn't matter.  When Brittany and other celebrities are in the news for various behaviors, but true and vital news is missing, it is obvious to most of us that our media has been purchased and this is just getting worse.

I was still confused about the violence and unrest in Syria.  Our news is vacant on this subject.  I found a blog that I will quote:" Most Syrians are angry about what is being done to their country by the Assad regime. Increasingly, they are angry that the United States is stopping them from receiving the weapons that might have saved their children's lives."  Apparently there are some very gruesome photos of children being killed by attackers of the Assad regime.  Those bloody pictures fill the tabloids overseas, but even a mention of this is absent from our news.  In 1992 the UN did some strategic bombing in Serbia. Our military said there was a need to control the ethnic cleansing and violence in that area.  Unfortunately one or two strategic bomb hit a children's school and a hospital.  The USA never offered an appropriate apology.   A dead little girl holding a doll was on the front of a Serbian Newspaper with an outraged readership, but we never heard a word about this horrible mistake on our news channels.  If you flipped on the TV it might have been about a cat lost for days being reunited with its owner or Charlie Sheen's break-up.  You would not know why other countries are so upset with the USA.  It is not because we are Christian and they are Muslim or another religion.  In my opinion it is the bad foreign policy (that we don't decide upon) and then the cover ups and lies in our media.

I do believe communication is the key to resolving world conflict.  We all might need to make some small personal sacrifices in the future. We might have to share resources.  The really upsetting element is trying to reach others who are upset with the USA and say, these decisions were made with out the knowledge 99 % of the citizens of this country. What is worse is there is a monopoly now controlling our media owned by an elite group.  Remember when clear channel was buying all the little radio stations back in the 80's and 90's?  There is crucial world news is hidden from us.  We don't see the terrorist attacks coming and there is no heads up.  Ignorance is not bliss for me.

I must dig to discover what is really going on.  Facebook and other social media do have some chat going on about the rest of the world and what our military or NATO has done and is doing there.

I am asking the Angels to loose the grip on reporting the news.  I should not have to dig so hard.

One interesting You Tube has been forcoming with news from Drake and the Lady Dragon.  Drake is a military insider...who is spilling the beans.  His voice is heard more and more.  He maintains there is a second revolutionary war needed in America and a rather large chunk of our military will be organizing actions to return our nation to the citizens and not the Federal Reservist.  From there we can rebuild according to the original concept of our democracy.  A country where everyone's voice matters and our real issues are not on the cutting room floor at the news stations.

Angels please move fast

Monday, September 17, 2012

Side Step Controntation

Side Step Confrontation with Teenagers

Learn to roll with resistance. That was one of the many key elements  discussed this week end in my class on Motivational Interviewing.  Our teacher said you can't argue people into agreeing with you.  Arguing only makes the position of the other person stronger.  It is quite the opposite that is effective. If you can empathize with another person's view point and step into their shoes, you stand a much better chance of building a bridge. 

I am remembering my teenagers either now grown or now in heaven.  One here and one with God.  It is important to really understand their thinking and their obstacles. What is important in their life right now is probably not the same as the parents sense of priorities. 

Empathy does not mean agreement.  There are many points of view and empathy simply means understanding how another person feels and helping them explore their own priorities a little bit better. 

Another key element in moving people past ambivalence was highlighting when they are moving past a stuck place.  There are so many times when we resolve issues and reach for higher ground.  If you are problem solving with teenagers, be sure and high light when they have turned the corner and are demonstrating more evolved logic and reasoning.  It is a process and parents can certainly affirm positives and be the cheerleader for their children.

Take the pressure off a situation for a moment.  Talk about something that is neutral territory for a while.  Give teenagers the time to work through personal problems and explore their own values. This is a personal task that no one else can do for them.  We must decide who we are and what we stand for.  Children are not carbon copies of their parents.  Actually it is the job of a teenager to accentuate how much they are not like their parents. I remember wearing things I knew my mother would not like.  It was my way of saving, this is my body and I am expressing myself as an individual. 

We grow out of that and somewhere in adulthood we marvel at how well our parents managed things. My mother had dinner on the table exactly at 6 every night,  I was not that organized.  I had a wide window on how our evenings came together and just hoped that evening did not include fast food.  There are no wrong or right answers about parenting, but, life is much easier when you learn to communicate with your teenagers in a peaceful non confronting way.  Teenagers are enduring enormous stress and physical change.  It is a crucial time in their life. 

Moving past family dynamics, I wonder how we can use motivational interviewing to achieve "world peace".  I was reading that a stupid (I watched it) D rated movie about Muhammad caused the riots in Syria?  I watched that movie and it is horrible.  It does insult a religious icon.  That is not reaching a nice neutral place to build a bridge.  In fact it was my suspicion that someone was trying to incite a riot and anti American sentiments.  Why would someone wish for violence?  It is hard to imagine for most of us, but there are some political advantages to war and chaos.  Chaos causes fear and people elect leaders that they think will protect them.  It appears there is orchestrated saber rattling going on, and yet, I don't want to feed into it.  I will point at it and think...can we move past this and quickly?

What are your feelings and thoughts?

Signing Off, for now, Angel Bell

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Encourage the Examination of Assumptions

Encourage the examination of assumptions

I just began another grad class called motivational interviewing.  Perhaps you have heard of Emotional Interviewing and I will be sharing more on how everyone can use it, especially parents with teenagers.  My goal is to be the most effective counselor I can possibly be.  Let me break that down a bit.
According to my Angels and Higher Ups, “You have the opportunity and position to influence the thinking of those around you. You do not have time for approval seeking just initiate new ideas and challenge the assumed truths that others hold but challenge with respect and kindness.  Later people will thank you.”  This is what I received in my meditation and I always ask to be of service and to line up my personal will with the will of the Highest Good. Furthermore I must sacrifice some privacy to help others evolve and discover new ways of looking at things.  I would like to look at two rather sticky beliefs.  Religion and Intentional communities.


 Religion in general does hold truth.  Each religion is someone’s idea of a path towards God and greater realization.  This path is very individual.  There are thousands of paths to God and greater personal awareness.  In this respect religion can be very limiting.  Refuse to be put in a box that is not your own making.  Edgar Cayce said this: "Don't quit your place of worship because you have outgrown it, just make it a better place because you are there".  I love Edgar Cayce and how very true that is.  Our churches and synagogues try and do charitable works and uphold family values.  We can get involved for those reasons.

Intentional Communities

One assumption I would like to challenge and maybe get some response to it this:  What prevents people from forming intentional communities?  We could benefit in so many ways be sharing resources right now, I think.  Some of my concerns are rather petty but they might be yours too.

 Have you ever had a really bad roommate?  Have you had boundary issues at work with co-workers?  If you are a home owner you might appreciate the fence between you and a noisy neighbor.  I am just throwing out the obvious concerns, but there are others.  Have you ever had to stay with a friend for a while and found it taxed the friendship?  Perhaps you were unable to stay friends after being around each other in a different less fun way.

Now flip this around a bit.  You have just survived a disaster.  It can be any type of disaster but it as devastated millions of people.  All you have is gone, and your neighborhood has disappeared too.   Look at all those complaints and concerns we just mentioned and decide if there is a positive and respectful way that you could have made your needs and boundaries known?  In what way can coming together serve us all.  What little sacrifices need to be made?  

Just food for thought…or is it?  Something tells me we need to think this through.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Surviving Toxic Black Mold Sickness or Environmental Toxins.

Today is 6/28/2017.  I am adding a new resource here for everyone.  Alan Bell was a high powered crime investigator who fell ill from a "sick building" and thus became a survivor of environment toxicity which mold is also in that category. As he became more ill and had more medical tests he started experiencing grand mal seizures just like I did. I did not achieve the answers all at once. It was a real task to even understand what I was dying of. 

I will leave his You Tube link here.  


and a You Tube about toxic mold that killed little kids in an sick apartment black mold hell.  


and his website link is:  http://alanbell.me/index.php/about/

Independence Day July 4th 2017.  I really appreciate Dr. Josh Ave. I agree with his natural remedies except for bone broth and meat. All other green living juice,  that did save my life. 
and his link:  https://youtu.be/9G-T0bNLUss 

My Mold Sickness survival story

The beginning of July, 2012, I became quite ill.  It was different than any cold or flu virus I had ever experienced.  Two weeks went by and my eyes were jaundiced and red.  I was trying to finish a research paper when I passed out and woke up convulsing and shaking as though I had Parkinson's disease.  I was not sleeping well and had developed bronchitis.  I have been a smoker in the past and seem to get bronchitis once in a while. I quit that nasty habit. This was different.  I would not be able to breath and then panic. I was talking to my professor on the phone when I went into a coughing spasm, passed out and woke up with my cell phone on the ground in front of me.  I called her back saying:  "And this is exactly why I need an incomplete right now".  She did grant it.  Concentrating on reading and homework became more challenging.  My brain was not working well.  

My eye sight has always been good.  At age 60, I do not wear glasses.  All of a sudden things were very blurry.  Emotionally, I was disconnected, anxious and depressed.  I was in over my head and the medical people did not seem to have a clue.

I went to the hospital 3 times in July.  Each time the results of X rays and other tests seem to say that I am not really very sick at all.  My blood pressure was normal and my oxygen saturation was better than usual even when I am healthy.  The odd thing was I experienced shortness of breath all the time.

I happened to be on line researching my symptoms when I found an article about black mold sickness written by ? someone.  I have since tried looking for it and it never turns up.  I do think there was a bit of fairy magic in my finding it the first time. 

I started remembering how the windows leaked when it rained and that the walls were at times damp in our trailer.  All at once I was putting two and two together.  Our environment had mold.  Lots of mold.  This realization began a great night mare for me.  This was the beginning of a jog through hell.  After calling all the government or environmental protection agencies, I quickly realized that I must save my own ass.  There was no such thing as government protection or even inspection.  I hired an EPA Certified Toxic Mold Remediation Specialist to tell us what we already knew.  Visually, Matt, the inspector, could see the black mold in every room of our home.  He wrote up a report.  Just the facts ma'am!  I felt better that I had an expert report to validate my concern.  The landlord was in la la land about all this.  He placed an ozone generator in my home for a few hours.  That does not help by the way.  It does not re-mediate the mold.  It might be good for prevention. I am not sure.

What does hell look like:  Trying to move while you are coughing and passing out,  Going to the hospital for breathing treatments and more narcotic cough medicine, running through my savings and not being able to work, borrowing money from friends and relatives, having people tell me their new age philosophy... (I created this and they have good lives due to the fact that they are positive and use the law of attraction.)  Oh my God, the list never stops.  The landlord yelled at me and called me a mentally ill fat cow. Now I think it did seem fitting of Mad Cow disease.  If I was not so deathly ill and passing out I might be able to weather this in a more positive frame of mind.  It is absolutely true about the LAW of ATTRACTION. It exists like the law of gravity exists.  I was drawing to me some unwanted stuff because I was panicked and feeling rotten.  So it has a snow ball rolling down hill effect.  Like Velcro one bad energy experience will draw another.  Advice, never say this:  This cannot get any worse!  It can and it will unless you change quickly.

Breaking the cycle.

 I was talking to my friend Edna about a health concern of hers.  I heard myself say, "there is an answer for you, there is always an answer".  We don't see the answers and there is plenty of misinformation out there even from experts.  The answers are there. 

I had to go back to kindergarten and retrace all the steps.  I had to take all the baby steps all over again.  I started each day being grateful for all the little things.  I can walk, I can breath, and I can read and comprehend if I take my time at it.  It occurs to me that none of this is about the money, or government, it is about creating the world I prefer to live in.  I will find the answers and overcome this.  I can't focus on what I don't want in my life.  If I give lots of negative energy to being upset about what I don't like, I will be sure and create more of it. " What you resist persists", Ester Hicks says that and it is so true.

Put much more energy into what you do want.  The mind is a powerful creator.  I want to overcome this.  There is a name for what I have developed.  Dr. Richie Shoemaker wrote a book called Surviving Mold.  What he says about the red eyes is this:  Mold creates a chronic inflammatory response syndrome or (CIRS).  The mold is a foreign invader that my body went crazy fighting.  Even when I am out of that environment, my antigens are still fighting.  Dr. Shoemaker calls it Leptin resistance and sciatic shock.  Yes, the Parkinson like convulsions and shaking, weight gain, high blood sugar surges just like type two diabetes and even certain cancers set in. This causes weight gain, and that is exactly what I do not need.

 It can be very scary stuff.  There are 500 hundred doctors who work with this treatment he developed.  Michael Gray, MD is in Arizona.  Little by little I researched this problem and I am getting some solid answers. 

I will continue to be proactive in my dreams and my steps.  That is what the 2012 change is all about.  I might have been a victim but I don't have to remain a victim.  There are answers.

I will keep posting more about the treatment and surviving of mold.  We need legislature to protect us.  At one time landlords could paint with lead based paint.  Now they can't. There are volumes of health related concerns regarding "bad buildings and bad plumbing and damp walls.  Toxic mold is not good for us.  Getting congress to act on our behalf is a worth while campaign.  

I would like to add that this fight has continued. Today is October 26th and I am not watching scary Halloween Movies. Life has been frightening enough.  I developed a raging case of diabetes and was craving all things sugar laden.  Now I am on Glucophage. It seems that green juices and vegetables help as well as exercise. I am slowly better.  I applied for disability last year and have not received it yet.  I do not feel that I can go back to work full time. It has effected my life and attorneys will not touch this. There are so many statutes protecting landlords and builders. Many people can spend their life fortune fighting this in court and to no avail.  Something really needs to change with consumer and renter protections.  I was enjoying good health before this happened.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Changing Season of 2012

I was asked by a dear friend (C.B.) to comment a little more on the previously mentioned "Changing Season of Mankind".  She is asking me to dig in a little deeper to that subject because so many people are leery and unsure of how to plan for 2012 and what to do.

Let me start with humility: I don't think I have all the answers. Now, let me correct what I just said with a Higher Version of Myself:  At some super conscious level, I have access to all the answers without limit.  Remember reading a classic novel as a younger person and then reading it again as an adult?  Your understanding grew and you had more life experience.  God, The All That Is, is every ready to reach us at the level of understanding we possess.   If I ask, if any of us ask, in faith, and believe in faith, the answer will appear.  I have witnessed this in my own life so many times.  I will send out a question like a golden boomerang to the Universe, and wait with great faith and the hope of a child when Christmas is near, that it is going to return and be just perfect.  It has happened that complete strangers have walked up to me and voiced the perfect answer.  In one day I was told three times by three different people that I need to watch the movie "Brave".  Zac and I just had to do it.  The Universe, God, The All That Is, let me know that see Brave was something I needed to do.  If you hear something three times, pay very close attention.  Three 4's or 444 is the angle's are calling you number.  Three numbers in a row have a significant message for your day and this moment for you.  There are several sites that deal with numerology.  Get acquainted with the meaning of numbers in sequence.  Another oracle that appears for me are visits from the animal kingdom.  I have a deck of animal spirit cards and suggest to all of my readers to become as the Native Americans in their ability to read the subtle hints of the animals.

It is said that our departed ancestors may influence a small bird, or insect or larger animal for a small time.  That takes some spirit energy, and like any manifestation request, ask only when the need is really urgent.  I was lost once and ask for directions.  A bat flew around my head three times and then took off in a southerly direction.  My dog Goldie and I were traveling across Wisconsin. I got off the main highway looking for a rest stop when my loaded down F150 Ford got stuck in the mud. I never knew that flies could bite!  The deer flies would not leave us alone.  I was starting to pucker up and cry a bit.  My prayer was an earnest one:  Help!  It was not a long prayer.  Bats are never out in the daytime.  This one was.  I took note of that.  I laughed and said, we're going this way Goldie!  We walked about 1/4 mile when I noticed some trucks parked at a tavern.  The tavern was called "Lucky Ducky Tavern".  It was in the middle of absolutely nowhere.  All around the dirt road leading up to it were crops of corn or wheat or oh, I don't even know, but rows of green foliage.  It was a Sunday so I did not feel too lucky about getting a tow truck or even how much money I was going to pay.  They might triple the normal rate being that it was a Sunday afternoon.  I walked into a very friendly porker game.  Six farmers were sitting around a table in their overalls and drinking beer.  I told them my story.  Two of them said, no problem, we will pull your truck out with our trackers.  In ten minutes they were back with my truck and handed me the keys.  Absolutely no charge!  In fact they only wanted me to call when I reached my destination.

Is that a 2012 story?  Yip. It is a perfect story of human kindness, God, prayer, and nature all cooperating during what could have been a pretty scary experience for a young lady and her dog.

This is the choice that we all need to make for 2012.  It can be a scary story or one of humanity turning the corner.  It is up to each of us to realize that we have a part to play in this drama.  Decide what is important to you.  Know what you stand for and then stand for it.  The Angels are drawing in close, our ET friends that care about humans (not all of them do) are available,  Other humans of the light are drawing in, so we need to have faith that we are all going to awaken and turn a great corner.

From the looks of things, lets run and not hesitate to that turning point.  Quick, we need that change.

I will be writing much more and adding little down home lessons in the near future.

Stay tuned in.

Fire Birds Everywhere

 I started this post on the 29th of September, 2012.  What a ride it has been.  I have over 2000 hits on this blog.  People from around the glob.  I only wish that they would leave a post now and then.
It has been very rewarding to be able to share my musings and writings.  Nancy 12/17/12

It is not a coincidence that everywhere I turn I bump into the Phoenix Bird.

I was reading about the legend of fire birds who live a thousand years and then burst into flames and are birthed again in a new body.

Where I work, Phoenix Rising Now, the fire bird logo is everywhere.  I just signed a lease and at the top of the page the manager also is using the fire bird logo.

Where I work and live I am surrounded by fire birds, and then there is the ah-ha moment.  My body is doing this right now.  I am shedding an old body.  I am not dying as in really sloughing it off and casting it aside.  I tried that a few times and my guides say, no, not yet.

But the little blue Arcturians have been visiting every night since I was quite ill in Sedona.  I am aware of their presence and then my body is in their care and I am not sure what all goes on but I have slept for about 20 hours at a time after they visit.

Is it time to take more medication?  I don't take any medication at all.  I was spending the night with Kit who woke up to see my little blue friends and they said that she needed healing too so the last thing she remembers is they walked over to her side of the bed.  Confirmation on all these visit by another real human being is quite helpful right now.  Zac sees them as well.

Anita Owens is another friend who has been healed almost instantly by Arcturians.  I prefer she tell her own story but I will try and remember it second hand.  She was in an accident and part of her face was peeled off.  She was in the hospital when she saw the little chubby blue people come in her room and tell her not to worry they would fix her face.  Anita is quite attractive and you really have to look closely to even see the small scars that indicate there was once an issue. 

The whole subject of rebirth, turning a new chapter and rising again fit in with my life right now.  It also fits into the whole timing of 2012.  Many useless things will fall away.  Change will happen and it is happening quite quickly at this time. There is some sacrifice for us in these changes.  I don't feel that anything unusual is being asked of me.  There is this feeling of less is more.  I am getting rid of clutter and redefining what is really important to me.

After having my near death experience long ago, I don't fear that transition at all.  One thing I do fear is losing my mind or brain.  I started to feel very disconnected when I was sick.  I remember saying don't leave me this way, God.  My brain is my favorite organ and I really need it to be working.  That will be a real struggle if I am still in my flesh mobile without my ability to navigate it.  I shudder to think.  I think getting back to health means, fully connected with mind and body type health.

To foster that apparent need another coincidence just took place.  I was standing in Ron's shop when a small brown stone called out to me.  It was not the "prettiest" nor flashy-ist stone. It was a rather nondescript piece of brown agate wrapped in copper wire and hung on a piece of black cord. When I picked it up I was transformed and my aura extended 50 feet.  There was a blast of white light the dropped from the ceiling to the floor.  Ron told me that that was my fire agate. When I held it to the light, it is transparent with the pattern of red fire inside it and some gold showing through as well. There appears to be a small shape in the stone.  You guessed it,  a very small fire bird with red and gold flecks.  It's price was only 15 dollars.  My pockets were empty and I was thinking about needing the gasoline to get back home.  I was holding my agate when someone walked through the door needing an emergency reading.  Nancy (her real name) did not even know why she pulled in the drive way but she simply had to come in and meet me.

OK,...I have goose bumps now.  Two more readings happened that day.  It was more than enough to buy us sushi for dinner, a tank of gas and the fire agate. 

And so it is: Amen and on with my apparent re birthing and the changing season of mankind.

Bright Blissful Happenings...for us.