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Jan Ross and My Personal Proof of the Paranormal

 Jan Ross and My Personal Proof of the Paranormal


Jan Ross and My Personal Proof of the Paranormal

I keep a journal of certain paranormal events that have happened in my life . I take many things about my paranormal life for granted. Many paranormal things land on the cutting room floor where my journal is concerned. I have been psychic and experienced many abnormal things since childhood. This is quite normal for me. Abnormal would be not being the way I am. For me… paranormal is normal. I never have considered myself a circus freak. Actually, I believed that everyone was just like me most of my childhood. This made me very honest. If everyone can read each other’s auras and intentions, crime and dishonesty would become nonexistent. It was hard to understand why some people would try and be deceitful. I got snowed or horns waggled now and then too (taken by a con). Yes, at an inner level I knew something was wrong and nothing made sense, but, I went along with it anyway. Most of those misadventures were when I thought I was in love with someone. I get very dumb and non psychic when my hormones act up. There have been times I succumbed to peer pressure like most young people do. My inner voice was screaming inside because it did not make any logical sense to me. Another ongoing issue for me was my self esteem. I knew what I felt and I knew what was “right” but there are more confident beings who talk a fast game. I did manage to unravel many plans in my youth. People who believed me dumb and simple minded found their agendas laid wide open in public sometimes. I totally saw what was going on and I revealed it. This never makes one popular. The greatest lesson learned was to keep my own counsel. Just because I see something and know something doesn’t mean I should share it with others. That is always a judgment call. It took me a while to realize we all perceive differently. When people are not as aware of subtle energies and they are not clairvoyant I consider them sight impaired. I might refer to them as color blind. That is how I imagine it. If you see in living color and then realize your friends see in black and white, it can be disillusioning. I believe we are all supposed to see and hear and know and future generations will have whole conversations telepathically as I have.
There are many psychic readings that stand out as my personal Proof favorites: Here are two of them

Frankly Scarlet, I Need a Girlfriend!

About 10 years ago I begain working the psychic fair at the Jan Ross Bookstore in Phoenix. Jan Ross was a Phoenix Big Name Psychic and bless her soul; she paved the way for the rest of us. I got to know Jan just as she was exiting this world due to cancer. Jan was 75 and divorced. She had cured herself of cancer several times already and decided this time she would say good bye. I had about six months of working in her store and getting to know her before her exit. During one psychic fair, a rather thin man sat down at my table. As I looked him over, a huge red Macaw formed on his shoulder. I asked him about the beautiful large parrot or Macaw. I wondered if this was a pirate past life showing up. He explained that the McCaw, Scarlet, was the reason he sought psychic counsel. She was very bonded to this man and she was laying eggs that of course could not be fertilized by her human companion. She wanted a “baby” or fledgling. Her owner could not date nor have a life of his own. He had brought some women over to his home and Scarlet had chased them off. She was extremely jealous. We talked of finding her a mate and I suppose that is very difficult with Macaws. I am not sure we totally solved this relationship issue during the short reading, but, one thing was apparent. Scarlet was there for the reading as well. I could feel her energy and her concern. She had as much an interest in the discussion as her owner. I will never forget it. If I should doubt myself, I need only remember the Gone with The Wind Heroine.

All I can see is Green

Many people wish to remain a blank slate during their readings. They are cautious about sharing personal information and even guard their body language. This behavior used to bother me. I prefer a friendly atmosphere and I believe the most insightful readings are a combined effort between reader and client. In other words there is a spirit of cooperation. When someone throws up a brick wall it requires more energy to read. My feeling was I am not a circus act. Think of me as a highly skilled professional counselor who has a Masters degree in Psychology and also I happen to be very intuitive. They are getting the best of both worlds. I don’t feel a need to “prove” my ability, nor do I wish to spend the time and energy on entertainment. Maybe it is my ego, but I am not a “dog and pony act”. Go somewhere else for that please! Well, in the recent past I have allowed more showmanship. Sometimes, in certain situations, a demonstration of the paranormal is needed. Then there are those who try and decide if money is my motive.  I do charge because the energy and time I use to counsel for others, means I am not working for someone else. I prefer to think I am reasonable and offer so much for so little.  This is Devine income and I believe it returns to my clients 10 fold.

Last year I did a short Tarot Reading for a woman who remained oddly quiet and unmoved through the whole reading. I asked her if she had questions for me. She said she had hoped to hear from a departed loved one. I had felt the loving energy of a Mother in her reading but failed to mention it.  (I usually feel loved ones during a session, however, some people do not ask for this and they watch their minues in asking for a short reading) I told her that her mother was present and seems to have a cup in her hand. She asked me the color of the cup. I went blank. I could see nothing and then all of a sudden my head just filled with an emerald green color. I told her all I can see is green, a vivid green color. With those words this young women broke her silence and started sobbing as she reached for my tissue box. It was as if an emotional damn had broken. When she had become calm again, she told me that her mother had been in the hospital dying of cancer for three weeks last year. She visited her every day. They had decided to use a code word(s) to verify true authentic connection when enlisting the services of a medium. Her mother had chosen the words “green cup”. (I got chills) OK folks I sat their with my mouth open. Do I doubt myself?  Other psychics tell me I second guess myself too much and just relax. 

 for you skeptics, even if I had this person’s real full name, even a Google and search would not reveal information like that. For me, it was personal proof that I was truly in touch with Mom. And it is my guess it was pretty good proof for my client as well.

I can’t believe that people who only give me their first name (like Bob or Jeff) to book an appointment with me, think that I can Google and research them prior to a psychic reading. I am way too busy and thank God I don’t have to do that. I would consider that boring and time consuming. I would pick another line of work fast because that would not be fulfilling in the least.

For more information about a real legend Jan Ross, please click this link



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