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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Beyond the Jetson's: Our Future Cities and Autos

The Jetsons? Future Moon Travel? Cities, Hover Cars and light rail:

Our visions over the years are revealing themselves like a Jules Vern novel.  Yes, our dreams and visions spurred many a dinner table conversation

over the years. My two sons and I shared our fantastic vision of what is to be here on earth and elsewhere.  Elsewhere, includes the moon and Mars.  I only have dreams of those two destinations that I can recall.  There was one dream that gives me a headache both in remembering it and trying to describe it.  We went to some jump off in a square looking ship and it flipped us into another dimension.  That is hard to explain.  Here on earth travel and life changes dramatically: I am going to describe what our group has experienced on earth.

The Jetsons? Future Moon Travel, Cities, Cars and Planes

Over the years, my two sons and I have had so many future dreams and we had a fantastic vision of what is to be here on earth and elsewhere.  Elsewhere, includes the moon and Mars.  I only have dreams of those two destinations that I can recall.  There was one dream that gives me a headache both in remembering it and trying to describe it.  We went to some jump off in a square looking ship and it flipped us into another dimension.  That is hard to explain.  Here on earth travel and life changes dramatically: I am going to describe what our group has experienced on earth.

Travel is quite different.  I was cruising along about 20 feet off the ground in a hover craft and our destination was in sight.  We were heading toward a domed city.  The grass was a vivid green color beneath us and the sun seemed very bright.  I felt as though the atmosphere had changed with more light coming through the ozone.  I lived in a different body than the one I have now.  I would guess my age about 30 years old and I have platinum blond hair that seems to be very thin and has some blue streaks in it.  I look like a Barbie doll in shape as I appear longer limbed and yet more delicate in physique.  Some of my senses are more acute than I currently have.  I suspect some genetic altering goes on, but it seems to benefit us in many ways.  Funny that I know I am me… this personality or being in a different form.  I could not find an exact picture of the craft.   I found two pictures that have some of the features.  First noticeable feature was the huge rubber doughnut the craft sat in.  This craft was programmable and could only fly within certain altitude parameters.  Airspace was divided into certain altitude ranges for certain type of craft.  Many collisions were diverted by programming into a main computer flight database.  Speed and altitude was strictly enforced and we could not do much spontaneous exploration.  We traveled fast, but safely.  I think the dome kept us from natural hazards like fallen trees etc.  The two pictures below will help to visualize the aerodynamic style and the dome looking all window cockpit.
This is a recent find, a flying car, seems that it is in the works already.  The only problem is I don’t see this small version in the future.  

(I have added some things recently remembered)
Before the domed cities are totally ready and help us survive the elements, there are some other steps we seem to take.  Over population does continue for a while and then, it seems to suddenly stop.  That does scare me a bit.  Before this population shift happens there are roller-coaster electric cars.  I would describe them as small electric vehicles that are programmed to simply get on and off a sort of light rail system.  The two tracks take these cars on a high speed journey.  There are hundreds of connected cars on the rail.  It does up and around and sideways just like an amusement park ride.  It debuckles the cars at programmed destinations.  I was reading about this recently.  With this type of transport you could have cars that travel around mountains and other lovely spots, like the grand canyon without interfering with animals who migrate. This would be eco friendly and does not pollute our air. Paved roads are things of the past. Some use them for amusement purposes only. 
The Big City
  This part reminded me of the Jetsons on steroids.  There were sky scrapers that were built out of a new type of metal and these structures went up overnight.  Some were built on hillsides some were built in water with a aquarium type view of coral reefs.  This metal is very strong and seems to be a crystal nano bot. It is programmed somehow into the vertical shape. The nice thing is it is transparent.  It adjusts to let in the right amount of light much like tinted windows on a car. We can avoid problems like mold and rot to buildings in the future. There is no fear of heights because it is slightly flexible to earth movement.  It really solves lots of issues. There are inner walls for smaller buildings that have built in solar supplied sources for appliances.  Appliances change quite a bit.  I see slide out bath tubs and different kitchens. All are much more energy efficient.  The inner walls are not transparent but are reinforced with a different type of metal as well.  The buildings seem to have their own intelligence. In the country there are cabin homes that come in pieces.  It is like ordering a modular home kit. They arrive on a truck.  People put them together fairly easily, as though they are throwing up a tent. Again the outer walls are a transparent metal and it is wonderful. This kit has several rods that when activated “grow” the outer wall within hours.  The view of the forest is all around like having huge picture windows but there are no joints to let in moisture. Nice. 

 Big Bustling City again:
The carports for the super structures were like the Jetsons.  There were ports many stories in the air.  There were bridge ways between large buildings.  I can’t imagine where this was but I believe Portland and the New York Islands had a huge bridge way.  Travel across the USA could be done in 8 hours.  New York and Ontario changed in land mass to islands.  There are Texas mega cities also and Michigan too.  People do not live in the country too much.  Survival demands an almost hive mentality and we do many things differently. Zach experienced underground apartments and shopping centers in the Phoenix area.  I prefer to think the population reduces because some people move to Mars or another earth like planet.  I hope that is the case. I keep seeing a stream of population going between the Gliese 581g planet and earth. There are also two more planets that we terraform. While terraforming goes on, there are domes with plant life set up on planets. Trees are a major way to create oxygen. These domes were in ancient times called “Edens” according to some sources. Adds a bit of a twist to the old tale. Perhaps mixing with the indigenous life forms is ill advised in the beginning. It may cause a much shorter life span or death.  The original earth continues but at a slower pace with fewer occupants.  I feel like those who live here are universal diplomats or the “communication hub of the wheel” for other satellite communities

Today 12/17/12, I add a few things about future societal norms that I remember from other dreams and visions.  Abortion ceases to be a divisive problem.  Those young women who become pregnant can transfer the baby to a surrogate mother at about 5 ½ months of pregnancy.  The fetus is too fragile for this before the second trimester.  A young unwed mother need not miss school or suffer the birth pain. She is able to choose the best situation for her unborn child. This seems to be a win/win for all. 

9/19/15. I am inserting a link here.  It is far easier to transfer a fetus to an artificial womb and safer too.  It is tricky to ask a very fragile fetus to attach to a new real womb.  They have raised animals like goats in an artificial womb successfully for several weeks.  Also the adoptive mother could share some genetics with the fetus as well so that all parents contribute around 25% of genetic information but infusing their blood with the unborn child.  This would be a really happy situation for everyone.


Open arrangements for future communication are also non problematic.  We remember watching the movie “Juno” with mixed feelings about her decision.  It is quite a sacrifice for these young girls.  As birth control and the science regarding fertility advance this is less of an issue for all concerned. The whole subject of religion becomes more scientific. That is not to diminish its sacred place but many concepts are now universal and documented.  The fact that people are like radios and can broadcast and receive messages via a magnetic field is not longer viewed as an oddity.  Relationships change into different categories.  There are domestic partnerships and parenting partnerships and the discussion of infidelity does not occur. There is more openness around human sexuality and physical relationships. Religion finally leaves the bedroom and transcends to other topics. The exchange of money changes dramatically.  There are requests and come type of data bank. If someone needs something that is not provided, such as housing, medical, food, storage, education and many recreational things as well, they submit a request.  It is much like applying for a grant and the reasons this is something that they need.  Coins are not used.  There is a museum for the history of money.  Education is a collaborative decision between the student and higher learning.  It depends on how well they do or the aptitude of the student. There is no cost for this. I don’t see “pets” too much in the future.  Perhaps they are there somewhere. Mental illness is solved through mineral and vitamin therapy and non stressful environments.  There are intelligent birds.  They look like big Macaws but they are beyond human intelligence and so are some of the Dolphin and whale species.  We confer with them on scientific and environmental issues.  That is totally amazing.  This future will be worth the trouble we are going through now…for our grand-kids.   
The Moon
The moon has long been in use by our military and as I believe is rather hollow in places where basis exist.  There is reptile human like race there or so they say.  That I cannot vouch for.  What is interesting is that people will travel there in a bus like vehicle that runs on some sort of cable from the earth to the moon.  My guess is it takes several hours to get there.  I have been a passenger in a dream and my stomach hurt.  There are medications that calm the body before this flight but my body seemed to have an issue.  Once on the moon, there is a Las Vegas type lounge and entertainments.  The most breath taking views of earth and the stars exist.  I believe that all this takes place on only the dark side.  The sun proves too intense otherwise.  We do allow some reptilians to remain there with a yellow light of caution.  There are the “good” factions and some groups do see the benefit in cooperation.


This model is more similar to that one in my vision, however it is sitting in a rubber donut around it.
This car is electric and all ready here. It is oddly similar to future bumper cars that attach like daisy chain cars on a rail. 


.  I have been on Mars in my dreams and I believe we are already there.  The sky appears peach colored instead of blue and no one has windows. There might be privacy but a different method like folding patricians and special curtains. There is not as much of an issue with some things deemed private,  The culture there prefers openness and the breeze.  The Mars breeze is necessary and constant.  There must be oxygen and underground water.  I would have to dream a bit more about what we do there

November 28th. I find it interesting that facts and photos seem to be tagging me on the shoulder since writing this.  There is a Mars colony planned as I write this. It is a private venture. There was a photo of a capsul landing on Mars.  Notice the color of the sky.  The sky stays that color even at "noon" when things get the brightest there.  A day is 24 hours and 39 minutes on Mars.   So I share this picture and they are going to put domes on Mars to grow plants. Plants yeild oxygen.  Amazing. 

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