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Why do People Desire Tarot Card Readings?

Tarot Card Readings: Why do People Want Them?
I have a long history with Tarot Cards and they are tools for accessing the subconscious mind.  Yes, they are only tools.  This is not what Hollywood movies wish to portray.  They use the cards in different ways from being spooky to being magical and that is not at all true.  If I throw down a bunch of Rorschach ink blot cards would that cause the same paranoia?  The ink blots also use subjective reasoning and perception to reach into the subconscious. Religious dogma and Hollywood have made a problem by spouting misleading information.  Some people have mixed feelings about the deck.  First let me attempt to answer the first question in this title.  Why do people seek fortune tellers or psychics for advice on some things?
I worked as a professional psychic in Sedona for over a year.  Sedona is a very enhanced environment for manifestation and it seems to be a hub for New Age beliefs.  I enjoyed all the people I met and I regard the time spent there with great fondness.  Financially, I did well there.  I made a lot of money.  I highlight that because people are willing to spend serious money to see psychics.  The proof of behavior is only trumped by what another will pay to access this knowledge. Another realization was “the type” of people who see us psychics.  I will tell you all walks of life and I had a steady stream of professionals.  I had doctors, nurses, counselors, therapists, other psychics, Hollywood celebrities, and even a couple who were ambassadors from the United Nations. 

                       Lincoln visiting troops 1863
Historically, Abraham Lincoln employed the counsel of mediums and psychics.  Did he listen? Yes, he did and he benefited and so did we.  A psychic told him to visit his troops in person during a period of waning support during the civil war.  His logic argued the necessity of being physically present.  He was told he would turn the tide in the war.  His presence rejuvenated the troops enough to continue on to victory.  There was something iconic about Abe presence and I think we would all react with awe at seeing him in person. You probably prefer a reference on that.  I have read about 2 dozen biographies on Abe Lincoln and I honestly don’t remember which one that came from.  I just remember the story. This quote is copied from The Spiritualist Association of Great Brittan.

“The fact that Abraham Lincoln consulted Spiritualist Mediums,
  and even attended séances in the White House is NOT found
  in any middle or high school American History textbook. Therefore,
  the average American is totally oblivious to the fact that
  Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which freed the slaves,
  was inspired from the Spirit World”.

Nettie Maynard was the trance was the channel medium used quite frequently by Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln.  We all can thank her then for encouraging the Emancipation Proclamation.

 There are several American Presidents who have consulted
  Mediums and several European Royals as well. 
  Queen Victoria was one of those as well as a Czar of Russia.
  I believe there were fewer stigmas in those times.

 For some odd reason the medical, scientific, and religious agencies seem to have a fear of the unknown When it comes to psychic phenomena.  There have been many hidden military explorations
  of remote Viewing and other types of paranormal experiments. 

And so Why do people seek or enlist the help of psychics?  Answer the Question; will you Nancy?  Abe and others seek knowledge that is beyond the usual logic of this world.  The spirit side of our wisdom sees beyond the current circumstances into a broader field of reasoning.  I suppose you would call it the “bigger picture”.   Just being psychic is not enough.  I believe I must leave my “Nancy Brian” alone and go to the source for the answer.  I turn to the Source or God.  As I do this asking, I drop into an altered state and become more receptive.  I have learned over the years to access my subconscious mind.  The next logical question would be how do you know this is God or even accurate or good information?  That is a million dollar question.  I have learned to trust.  I am going into uncharted territory; however, my feeling side alerts me to misinterpretation.  When I misinterpret a symbol or phrase, my body reacts with tension.  When I am with the spirit of God I am joyful and at peace and the information flows.   The subjective part of subconscious reality is the use of symbols, anecdotes, metaphor, parable, small scenario, and symbols.  Some of this information is rather cryptic in nature.  I believe to be longer would alert the logic part of the brain to further interpretation. One very happy experience was a couple reading I did.  There was a couple sitting on the fence and my reading was pushing them together.  I even foretold of having a basketball team of boys.  They were destined to have many boy children and it was correct that they both loved sports especially basketball.  When I read for the handsome boyfriend I received two very quick and equally strong symbols.  One was a water color on canvass of a sunrise and the other symbol was a birthday cake with lit candles.  I hesitate a moment and try to access the feeling side of this vision.  A loving Grandmother enters my field of visions and says “Happy Birthday Scott”!  I tell Scott all that is being conveyed.  Tomorrow is his birthday and this tarot card reading is a birthday present. (I did not know that) He painted a lovely sunrise watercolor on canvass as a gift for his Grandmother long ago.  For Scott, it all made sense.  For me, I just swim in the trust and glory of God and that is my reward.  That is an example of the short pieces that come to me that I don’t really always understand.  Why do people pay good money to see someone like me?  Where else can you get that type of information?  That is a short and simple explanation. 
In the space of about ½ hour, Scott and Jill moved from sitting on the fence into a committed relationship. They also decided that they are selling one home and moving into hers as a result.  On top of that decision there were giggles, tears and the realization that life continues beyond the change called death.  Not a bad yield in so little time.
I believe this discussion could indeed become a whole volume in its answer.  I hope I have at least hit some of the highlights in this post.  Perhaps I will continue later.

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