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Friday, April 26, 2013

My Relationship with Jesus and Alex Jones

  Peace Wave

My relationship with Jesus is an ongoing process.   I have come to realize that my relationship with everything including Alex Jones is an ongoing process.  I do not claim to be any one religion or any one political leaning.  I am very much on the cafeteria plan with all that fits me and brings more love and light into my world.  

I was going to do a post  regarding prophecy from the point of view of an ex-Satanist who returned to his Christian roots.  He was lumping all things Wiccan and tarot cards and astrology into the Old Testament feeling that they are an abomination to God.  I have heard these views from my Baptist grandmother and she was worried about my gift of intuition long ago.  In the New Testament Paul speaks of gifts of the spirit, counseling and dream insight and healing and prophecy were all included.  The difference between seeing these as a spiritual gift and consorting with evil spirits is quite simple.  Are you using what you have to help others?   Also are you testing your spirits?  My guides are of the light only.  I don’t allow any lower astral entities in my home.  I am a medium who is very protected.  I had a dark soul come to me once.  This person was the departed father of a woman I was counseling with.  He was asking for forgiveness from her for not being a good father.  This could be a longer story but the main thing was, he was in the beginning stages of shifting towards the light.  Part of his aura was now light grey.  After the transition called death we continue to look at the pain we have caused others with new understanding and in the end there is redemption.  Even if a person claims to have a belief in Jesus they are not automatically forgiven until they have a fuller understanding of the part they might have played in life and why.  In the end we forgive ourselves and that is the bigger triumph.  Jesus always forgives and loves unconditionally but you would not think that if his message is misinterpreted. The fact that people convert at the end of their life to Christianity, does not undo everything, unless they are fully aware of all that they have caused.  Jesus frequently said, "go and sin no more". Why would he say that if that had cart blanch?  That happens quite frequently by some ministers and Christian orientations.  I don’t belong to a set of doctrines, I belong to God.  I listen to my inner guidance.  I am a work in progress so I am not alluding to being fully aware and God Realized.  I climb the mountain of consciousness.  There are many paths.  While on earth deception is possible.  It is possible for every one so stay uplifted.

Jesus spoke to the dead also.  Jesus was showing us at every turn what humans are capable of.  The dead are not dead.  Elijah and Moses where transfigured in a mist while Jesus was on the mountain top in serious discussion with them. Then Jesus spoke of reincarnation.  It is my interpretation of what he said about Elijah.  He mentioned that Elijah had come and gone and no one recognized who he was.  John the Baptist was Elijah.  The Roman counsel tried to present all biblical stories in a form that the general Roman Pagan would embrace.  Many things wound up on the cutting room floor, but they missed a few tad bits.  

I have read for many Christians.  They are sometimes surprised by my relationship with Jesus.  There is no higher energy that I have encountered.  There are many saints, sages and healers.  He has the most brilliant aura that looks like a rainbow and goes on for a city block.  Our relationship is solid.  He saved me (quite literally) from being murdered once.  I had a gun pointed in my stomach and I was taken out of my body at that moment.  If this person had fired, I would not have felt the pain at all.  That is nice to know that many are taken before the impact of a crash or serious fatality.  As I left my body I saw Jesus standing between me and my perpetrator.  He was on fire with white light and he was wearing his crown of thorns.  Wow that was quite a vision to see.  He said, “Nancy you are bought and paid for”.  I was thinking “I am so lucky”.  This person fired his weapon in the air twice and a hundred people were all ready on their phone to 911.  When I came back to physical I could hear sirens and this man was running away.  This is one of many up close and personal contacts I have had with the entity known as Jesus.  We are tight.  I have had visits from Sai Baba, Lincoln and Kennedy as well as Bob Marley who is gorgeous and sparkles.  Yes, I have been fortunate to see those departed in a very vivid way.  No one needs to accept this.  I know and that is all that matters. 

I always knew about Alex Jones and in the past did not enjoy him.  He seemed hyper emotional and perhaps in a state of over vigilance.  Recently I was on You Tube listening to him speaking with Dr. Wallach.  I use Youngevity products and feel I am improving and really swear by them.  Then the Boston Marathon Bombings happened.  I don’t want to say too much, but I feel the two men they caught are scapegoats.  Sometimes our government brings double agents over here and fixes them up with passports and housing and cars and all the things they dream of.  I think that description fits the older brother but not the younger one.  They had both men in custody before death and near fatal injury because they obtain written confessions from both of them.  Were they water boarded into confession? Did they have attorneys present?  None of the stories add up as to why they were shot.  While in custody confessing they did not have weapons. Did they ever have weapons?  I don’t think any of us will get the whole truth on this situation for a century.  There would be such mayhem if the truth were known. I see it.  I don’t like what I see and it upsets me very much.  I don’t want to villanize Obama or anyone else but there is a huge cover up.  I will just call it dark ops and globalist agenda.  If I were the mother of these two men I would be asking lots of questions and she is.  I would also question the lack of due process.  I get tired of people referring to anything not seen by mainstream media as “conspiracy” and crazy.  I am disappointed with mainstream media.  Anyway I have new found respect for Alex because he has the courage to question and so research.  I might not agree with everything he says, but as long as people have freedom of speech, he is allowed to have his view points.
I am allowed to have my view point’s too.  No one is asked to agree but just to consider.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Keeping Your Head Above Water & Shedding Weight with Chakra Healing

Keeping Your Head Above Water & Shedding Weight with Chakra Healing

There certainly is a body/mind connection with the many traumas we endure in life.  I have heard it said that after a trauma the body will become ill within 90 days.  It might be rather severe and can even be an accident.  If a wife looses a husband and she begins to grieve a great deal she might be involved in a horrible car accident.  This is because she is not as alert.  Being happy and at the top of your game is the best way to avoid illness and accidents.  Can we always be there?  Life throws us curve balls at times.
I was discussing my weight problem with my psychic friend and she suggested several helpful things for me to try.  

The Time Line of Me Gaining Weight 
She asked when I began to gain weight.   There were several noticeable times when large amounts of weight were accumulated on my body.  The first noticeable gain of 20 pounds was age 13.  I went through menarche.  That is the beginning of menstruation and my hormones were going awry. I was uncomfortable in my body and it seemed the boys in my class were taunting me and slinging arrows.  I know now that sometimes boys do this when they like a girl, but I was not hearing it that way.  I lost weight over the next year and started to look and feel much better. 

The next weight gaining event was during my first and second pregnancies.  I was able to lose weight after my first child but not the second one.  I had gained 40 pounds and it remained there for two more years.  In fact I don’t remember losing all of it just some. My friend asked me if there was something different about the second pregnancy.  My marriage was not going well and my mother seemed to be unhappy that there was only 9 months from the first pregnancy.  My boys were 18 months apart and the second one was not as welcome by family.  I developed gestational diabetes during the pregnancy and craved ice cream.  

The next event was about a year after my divorce.  I began dating a very nice man and fell deeply in love but that relationship did not last.  He told me that he was engaged and about the same time my ex husband became engaged and all of a sudden single life was dreadful for me.  I felt the responsibility of single parenthood and the reality that good choices in men are few, or so I believed, when you have two little children.  That belief is not exactly correct.  I have seen women beat those odds all the time. 

I think the last time was when I became ill with an auto immune disease.  I was having trouble with Jason who was 19 and drinking and using drugs.  I felt I had no control over his decisions and he became rather abusive with me and his younger brother.  My heart was broken and I questioned my parenting and my decisions.  I got upset daily and my body seemed to be reacting as well.
At each of these times, I felt negative self judgment and an inability to control the circumstances in my life.  My plans were falling apart and I was crying in a sea of broken dreams.  My childhood had not given me the resiliency I needed to face failures and get back up.  

Fortunately I have a better grasp now of who I am and the skills to overcome some trying circumstances. but I still can't shed my poundage.

My friend suggested I go through each chakra with the affirmation of I am perfect the way I am.   I can let go of those feelings of inadequacy and disappointment.  I accept that I went through those experiences and those feelings but now it is a brand new page and brand new day.  Self acceptance and forgiveness seemed to be at the bottom of the big bottom I have. 
Our bodies are chemical laboratories and metabolism shifts and goes up and down.  I don’t think it matters what you eat but how your body uses it and digests it.  
Each chakra has some health issues attached to it if there is an imbalance.  My sacral and solar plexus were either closed or not working well.  After going through each chakra I felt that the bottom 4 were involved in hanging on to past energies.  The red root chakra deals with basic survival issues and sex. The orange sacral chakra has more to do with balance and receiving and letting go.  It is a creative chakra and my friend suggested doing art or something that would open the flow of creativity. If that is a problem then I can just imagine being creative.  My guidance took me to a lagoon with dolphins and we swim and play there for a while.  I feel less tension after I am playful.  The next chakra is the yellow solar plexus area in the stomach.  That is the area of self nourishment.  Food is a symbol of survival and of love and belonging.  Being able to take in love and then release it or give it back is the ebb and flow that this chakra should feel.  This chakra needed me to say “ I am enough” and I appreciate myself.  The next chakra is green and considered the heart chakra.  I felt open here but I needed that emerald spinning wheel to help open the bottom four.  I feel such spiritual love and realize a relationship with God that usually this wheel is quite open and bright.  My blue throat chakra is open and I am a writer and express my thoughts.  Most open is usually the third eye and my clairvoyance is nice and purple.  Some people say indigo. I seem to have a deep purple and the indigo seems to be more toward the pineal with some pink and white light at the top chakra.  When I write I see some lemon yellow hues in the “lotus” chakra. There are issues with money and food and I am to be more in the flow with those two survival items. 

I did this and felt much better then there was a physical reaction for me.  The next day I was in the bathroom literally getting rid of water and waste.  I did not travel far from a bathroom.  I see this letting go of the garbage I don’t need as directly related to the meditations I am doing.  

It will probably be good to update in a few months with more on this process.  

Friday 4/13

I am feeling much better this AM.  I have the desire to take a walk and do yoga.  It is such a blessing when you body guides you and there is no resistance.  I am remaining in a calm state more often. Calmness seems to be something missing in my world.  I am trusting this process.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shy Away From TV News

Shy away from the TV News
I would like to say just stop watching it.  However, I realize so many people have their favorite shows and some of them are OK and then there is the news.  I have been discovering that the TV has signals that help watchers enter a relaxed hypnotic state and they are far more vulnerable to suggestion in that state of mind. I found myself going to a sports bar to watch the Super Bowl and the Democratic Convention.  I went to a meet up about the Democratic Platform and I think that did not trance me out.
Meetup.com is a great service.  People actually talk to one and other there. I think any form of communication is preferable.  TV is one way communication and you are invited to agree.  I was listening to You Tube coverage of an Oregon UFO sighting seen by many people.  The news reporter was joking and ridiculing this incident.  Her co anchor said he believed and supported the Oregonians and she was also making fun of this comment.  This is not unbiased reporting.  Another thing is the news seems to attack certain points of view and individuals.   Our media is owned by the Rothschild group.
They are known to support the New World Order.  Order is a kind world for control and domination.
On Face Book we have had discussion about thinking for yourself.  That is the preferred way to be.  I feel the need to outline what to look for in the New World Order agenda.   If people know ahead of the game how to spot these ideals and agenda’s they will be more awakened and forearmed.  I am developing a list and even with the best list there will be some omissions and gray areas.
1.           Does this erode family cohesion and family values?  If yes, that is NWO.  They want us behaving like orphans.  Families keep the stress level down and help each other.
2.           Does it make it hard for people to network and share opinions?  Also NWO.
3.           Does it support GMO food tyrants?  Oil consumption and more dependency on pill popping?
4.           Does it prohibit banking and getting loans?  Anything to do with large banks and their plans is usually NWO.
5.           Are your insights subject to jokes and ridicule?  Your insights are as valuable as anyone else’s.
6.           Are there city or state rules and laws preventing you from gardening?  Usually not in the back yard, but what about the front and community housing areas should be able to support produce?  This is by design making you more dependent on grocers. 
7.           Is it hard to impossible to break a lease for good reason?  Landlords have unfair privilege and laws are spawned in their favor?  Weakening the rights of the middle class is a big NWO agenda.
8.           Voting rights?  Is it harder to vote and did you receive a provisional ballot?  Most provisional ballots are tossed out.  You lost your voice.  Anything that prohibits fare voting and transparent elections is NWO
9.           Do you notice chemical haze and X’s in the sky.  This is black ops weather and population control.
10.                Are you accepting being treated badly at airports?  Most people do not enjoy traveling anymore. There is a tendency to treat people like possible terrorists and also de-humanize them. The more you are allowing bad treatment and herding…the more they win.  Perhaps some scrutiny is advised but they should be “nice” at least.
11.        The legal system is very bad and does not work well.  It is more like a big club and the rights of the individual clearly do not matter.  Our prison and justice system is big business. 
12.        Education is big business.  Teachers cannot do exactly what they feel their students need. They are more ordered towards certain curriculum s.  When knowledge is forced and children cannot follow their natural curiosity and explore, they are being programmed and trained away from thinking for themselves.  Definitely NOW
13.        Our water is being tampered with.  Basic human health requires clean air, clean water, and pesticide free food.  All three are being poisoned systematically.  Then you can spend your life savings on chemo therapy that does not work well.  Mammograms actually increase breast cancer risks.  
14.        Ordering children and adults to have flu shots is not free will.  Some of those vaccines are highly suspect and may cause health issues down the road. 
15.        General contempt for USA middle class is very key in the NWO agenda. You are much more of a threat to them than you can ever imagine.  The moment you wake up and smell the NWO coffee, they will run for the hills, back paddling all the way. Assert your human rights, but, without violence. Do it Gandhi style. Passive resistance.  I envisioned swooping in by parachute and rescuing that woman that is supposed to be flogged publically.  She is a 15 year old who was repeatedly raped by her guardian.  I think it is Maldives, off the coast of India. The women are always considered the gate keepers and if men rape them it is because they somehow allowed it.  We all know that only pedophiles believe that hogwash, and perhaps (some) men in Iran. I can see myself leaping to her rescue like Wonder Woman, only I must not harm another in doing so.  When it comes to kids and animals we must at least attempt to help. 
16.        Being exposed to more violence and disgusting horrible events is not healthy. Does the news rely on gruesome events to carry the day?  I react to seeing animals and children treated badly.  This increases our sense of not being in control and buying into fear and anxiety.  Why?  People in fear are not creative and progressive.  They huddle down to a minimal existence and start to see themselves more as victims with no real options. You become more controllable. You think that could be me next or my family.  This is a horrible fearful way to live.  Even if it is risky be assertive and stand up to this type of programming.  There are far more positive stories to look at.
17.        Do you feel that you are being persuaded to hate a group or particular person?  After 9/11 some innocent turban wearing Americans were killed.  Most people were blaming Iraq for the bombing.  They didn’t do it but why did the media jump on that band wagon?  Guess who was behind all that?  Sure NWO
Please remember to question and research things presented on the news. Hold on to creativity and a humanistic vision and keep talking to each other.  Go for a walk, read books, plan outings instead of watching TV.  My neighbors little boy is in front of the TV all day long. The walls are thin and I know by the constant drone of the shows they watch.  Kids have less of a filter than adults. De-program and reach for higher thoughts.  It just makes good sense. 

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