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Monday, May 6, 2013

Ted Gunderson and Remote Viewing Memoir

My Memories


Through a group of psychic friends I was introduced to Ted Gunderson, FBI agent in 2000-2001. I never met him in person, but we spoke quite often on the phone. He asked me some questions and I was asked to not answer over the phone, but to mail him a letter instead. 

 I did not know much about remote viewing but had been able to do it since my teen years.  I discovered it when I had a boyfriend stationed in Germany.  We corresponded often.  Before falling asleep one night I found myself thinking of him.  Almost instantly I was in Germany observing my then boyfriend.  It was daylight there and he was having an argument with another person.  This other soldier had some unique characteristics so it was easy to write about this experience and for him to confirm it.  This happened in real time and was not dream like or visionary.  My boyfriend also explained what the argument was about, but, I honestly can’t remember.  It seemed to be escalating to the point of physical punches, but, he walked away. 

Jumping ahead in time to the year 2000, I had just lost a job and was thinking about being a psychic once more. I started going to workshops and a metaphysical church to dust off those skills.  I got very close to a few people and one of them knew Ted quite well.  She insisted that we met via a conference call. Ted was very friendly and he had a way of testing me.   It seemed to me that Ted was asking questions about an incident involving a California Senator and the disappearance of his secretary. (I remembered her name) Chandra Levy.  The wrong guy is serving a life sentence for her death. Our legal system is a blood sucking mess.  Pray you are never arrested nor detained for suspicion because we are living the dark ages all over again.

 Although it was California, this was tied into the Oklahoma City Bombing, that incident had many players.  I saw as many as 20 people and it was quite dirty.   I asked Ted if Chandra was a brunette?  He said, yes.  I instantly felt ill.  I said “she sleeps with the fish”.  That is an odd thing to say, but I saw her floating in water under a warehouse in California that was near the ocean.  The last three days of her life were spent in torture. Also I saw the affair with Congressman Gary Condit. I believe some sensitive information was leaked to Levy about both the Oklahoma City bombing and the upcoming 9/11 event. Poor thing knew a bit too much for comfort. She was innocent and paid a heavy price.  I decided (note to self) I did not wish to be part of the FBI.  It is disturbing.   I never like scary or violent movies either.  Some people are just not cut out for that line of work.  He later asked me to remote view a few people involved in drug smuggling via flights into Arkansas.  There was a connection to the Clinton's.  I am careful here and cannot talk about all that was observed, however it changed me forever. 

 The whole experience with Ted was like leaving a virginal state of belief and entering a ugly side of life.   Ted told me about all the attempts on his life and most recently a scandal that had nearly ruined him. 

 A future question took me into an area that I would not have been even close to believing.  I was asked to go around the globe and look for underground bases that had something to do with alien beings.  Surprised as I was, I was taken to a location inside a hollow mountain about 100 miles north of Denver, Colorado.  I describe the side of the mountain as being “fake” and snow did not linger there but it was painted with white stucco.  Next I went to the east most end of the Hawaiian Islands where I saw an underground base in the shallow ledge of the water.  Above this was a huge green antennae and I saw it being connected to HAARP.   The aliens were more aquatic than the others.  At every turn I saw our government (or shadow government) being involved in alien encounters. The military was fully aware, present, and in cahoots with these different races.  This is something that I preferred not to believe. 

Ted was always pleasant on the phone and I did worry about his safety.  I wish I had the many letters sent to him in a box somewhere.  At the time I did not consider saving the information.  Once I had witnessed it, I knew all I cared to know.  The America I knew was changing dramatically.  When 9/11 happened, we called Ted.  My friend said, “Don’t tell me that it is the government!”  We both were desperately holding to a shred of hope that it was some outside group.  Ted said I hate to tell you both but it is an inside job.  Ted had investigated both the Kennedy assassination and  suicide of Marilyn Monroe.  He was aware of foul play and cover ups at this point in our history and it has continued and gone way over board with the 9/11 tragedy.  Ted became a rogue investigator after leaving the FBI. He treated all this as though it was a game and had a sense of humor.  As for me, I felt it to be dangerous and dirty. There was a collapse in my personal belief of a “safe” USA. I do feel safe but the government has little to do with that.  If many of our foreign neighbors seem angry and shout “death to America” you might not understand why.  Trust me, there is so much damage and manipulation in foreign countries, especially those countries dealing with drugs, like Vietnam and Afghanistan, and countries that have oil.   Our media never mentions it.  It is such a shock when something does come to the surface.  

 Someone on Face Book was suggesting I had been listening to Alex Jones too much and how dangerous of an influence he is.  I said, no I have my own sources.  Alex is digging and researching all the time.  I admire that.   I am not even sure I want to know who is behind all this.  I think the higher you go the worse it gets. There is the shadow side of the FBI and the CIA. It appears some agents can be bought. There is the Bilderberg Group as well. The wealthiest people meet with our presidents, senators and congressmen, as well as other world leaders once a year. I do not confuse this group with the Illuminati.  Different groups do different things.  The President does not have the power people think he does.  Those in power would easily use the President for target practice if he goes out of bounds on some issues.  So the one area that I do disagree with Alex and others on is blaming Obama.  He might not be totally innocent on all things, but, I still see a good person in there.  He is riding this out like the rest of us with white knuckles. OK; Obama's knuckles are not white and he does seem to maintain his composer under weird circumstances. God help us all! And God bless America and our constitution. I hope we recover the real democracy and dream of freedom. 

Link to the Ted Gunderson files:  http://educate-yourself.org/tg/ 

About Chandra Levy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chandra_Levy