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Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Essay on Hybrid Children

For those who were abducted and became part of the breeding program; the dreams and trace memories make no sense. Until one day the pieces all fit together. Honestly, I am not sure all the pieces are there but I feel more at peace about what happen.  I still weigh this experience as to the gift and sacrifice involved.  This was a hard essay to write.  I find myself going back over it again and again. 

 I can remember saying “I am not a barn yard animal” much to the amusement of my alien captors.  I can remember horrible clinics and rows of beds with women writhing in pain.  I can remember meeting and bonding with children other than the two boys I carried and bore on earth through marriage and normal conception.  It was heart wrenching to realize that these children were “mine”. I felt such love but they were taken from my arms and fostered elsewhere.  It defies all that we hold sacred about family and logic to fully remember what took place.  I remember one alien nurse telling me I would understand all of this one day.  Beyond the emotional and physical trauma, there is a higher purpose, if one can grasp it.  I hope we do finally understand why we were asked to participate this way.  Then maybe we will find peace with the sacrifice we made and the gift of life we gave.  Gave is a generous term for what feels like sheer thievery.  They say we all agreed to this in a soul contract. We need a rescue and so do the Greys.  It is a mutually beneficial exchange.
I have been told that human genetics are the grand prize.  The aliens draw from our blended racial origins. They are fond of Native American and African racial blends.  I am part Cherokee, Irish and French.  I believe there is more than one tribe in my family tree.  My father’s mother was a descendent of Daniel Boone’s line. She looked Creole with long jet black hair and blue eyes and the early American frontier life was full of births and deaths and secrets. Alliances with some tribes of Native People and inner marriage happened quite a bit.  I am diabetic as well as my cousins and most of my family.  The diet 400 years ago was full of natural food, roots, herbs, and fish and game.  For some with Ancient American Heritage is hard to eat refined starches and not have big problems.  We just don’t do well with that or alcohol.  Soul food for me is all of the squashes, beans, corn, corn meal, watermelons and berries.  I love stews with or without meat.  Being a vegetarian is hard and makes me feel a bit run down.  I care about the humane treatment of animals so I am trying to find good alternatives.  I mention all this knowing that genetics play a role in how we think, eat, behave and especially with the hybrid program.
Another genetic element that might be as good as gold to the aliens is the Neanderthal line of genetics.  They were purposely hunted and killed.  They hid in caves to escape extinction.  What is now being discovered is how “intelligent” they actually were.  They had developed language.  It is believed that those with Celtic Origins, which include parts of France, Wales, and Ireland, are carrying some of the improved Neanderthal genetics.  It is believed they were freckled with red hair, a bit stocky, and had a more narrow jaw line.   If a human has any combination of these groups, they are in high alien hybrid demand.  I don’t know why and I didn’t make the rules on this.  Other researchers have said that ancient races came to earth and we are like royalty because we carry the un-tampered genetics of Lyrian and 20 other races. Humans have abilities we don’t know about.  We are learning now.
 The problem seems to be a bit of unsavory human/alien history.  We were “dumbed” down genetically to create a slave race. (Generally it is assumed to be the Reptilians) We became better than color TV as entertainment too.  We think our hormones were enhanced or altered.  I will say we are not like other primates in mating practices.  Just let your imaginations do the walking here.  We were used many ways.  The good news is that our long lost galactic relatives, who left us here, are now trying to correct and balance out our bodies and allow us to rediscover the hidden treasures we forgot we had. Parts of our brain will wake up and the “junk” DNA will begin to activate. 
Why did the Grey’s need to create alien hybrids from our genetic material? They evolved into a race that cloned itself and their genetic information became weak and problematic. They were heading for extinction.  They became good at robotic self repair I understand.  They existed in a different dimension. They were so delighted to find us, Earth, and a place where they once shared similar human genetics.  They had to create bodies that could house the type of human they had become and time was of essence. They did some time traveling to do all this.  Some families have been on their radar since early human development, in prehistoric times.  They seem to follow certain family trees with each generation being a slight improvement on the last.  Some of the alien perspective seems to suggest we were not able to understand the medical aspects of our abductions.  Bashar explained that it is similar to when we take our pets to the veterinarians.  We would like to say, “I am really trying to help you, don’t be afraid”.  Of course that hardly helps smooth the fear of little “Fluffy”.  I believe our alien abductors would prefer more cooperation and fewer traumas from human participants.  That was not possible; there was a huge gap in understanding.  But they did leave a little mess behind…and maybe it was intentional.
There are trace memories of children, pregnancies that suddenly terminated. Memories of dimly lit clinics with odd nurses and doctors  in my personal memories.  The more emotional the memory, the more profound and tangible it becomes. Then there are the “love bite” memories.  It seems that certain people were brought together on ships and in clinics to become couples.  It is difficult to realize that you can have such an emotional bond for someone who is really unavailable.  I had that happen with a man who was married with children.  There was no way to really be together in this lifetime of different paths.  Bud Hopkins wrote about this in his book called “Witnessed”.  The aliens have become romance strategist.  Some abduction events only harvest sperm and ova in the least invasive way.  Sometimes the aliens want a mating of a super couple.  They want certain genetics and characteristics combined.  They have introduced two people in childhood and then later and finally they orchestrate a romantic and passionate mating of the two.  More often than not this couple would not have come together under the usual circumstances.  I will add my own story to illustrate.
When I was about eleven I met a little toddler boy who would occasionally come and visit me then disappear.  He was adorable, black, and I really liked him.  I remember getting in trouble for dating a black teenager in high school.  I was not rebellious, or wishing any harm to my parents.  That ability to see inside someone and like them for who they are was always my reason for connecting. It was a gift I possessed. But now I realize that I had been paired with a black man who was at least 10 years younger than me.  I remember being on board a space craft when I was in my thirties and a mantas being told me I was pregnant. I explained that I was single and that was impossible.  I then seemed to accept that I was a little bit pregnant and asked who the father was.  To answer that question a curtain was drawn back and I was looking at a handsome young black man sitting in a medical cubical.  I emphatically said, “I don’t know him from Adam”.  I could not place ever meeting him and let alone having unprotected sex with him.  I must fast forward to having a naked mulatto baby placed in my arms and he was just perfect, I bonded totally.  He smiled at me and there was such a transferance of knowing and love in that smile.  I woke up sad that I would not be his guardian in this life. The most terrible emotional pain was up ahead when I met the father where I worked and it was love at first sight for me.  He was married and totally unavailable. I was now in my late forties and obviously older than him.  We did some innocent flirting at work.  I had to leave that job but not until I met my work friend for lunch and a drink.  I needed something to boost my courage.  I told him my dreams and memories.  I am sure that was the oddest conversation he ever had…but perhaps there are some experiences and memories surfacing for him as well.  I became one of those nut jobs in his mind…nut job with a crush.  It did not go well.  That is what I mean by alien orchestrated romance. It is very often impossible to be with that person for many reasons. This is called the love bit syndrome.
The pay off might be the new world that we are creating: A world where humans and hybrids will interact and create a better world. Personally I feel that I have gained knowledge and new skills from all the alien interaction.  My intelligence has expanded and I have telepathic ability.  Other people might want to share how their lives have improved by being part of this program. 

January 7, 2015

Answers do come.  For all those who have commented here.  I found a You Tube video that really does shed some light on all this.


Please view it.Bridgetts talk