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Friday, November 22, 2013

Guided Meditation for Children

Part One
This little guided meditation is ripe for many types of media input.
I would like to see it as a video or even game.  Perhaps music and other types of interaction can be added.  

To do this exercise: Sit in a comfortable Chair or on the floor, legs crossed under you (Indian Style).  If you are on the floor, imagine you are sitting on a magic carpet..and it will carry you through the next ten scenes.  If you are in a big comfortable chair, sit back and enjoy the ride.  Your chair is on a magic track that will carry you like a Disney ride through the next 10 scenes.
OK. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Blow out worry. Breath in Happiness. Blow out tension.  Let your body relax. Breath in love, blow out any sadness.  Relax. 

Oh, I am ladybug.  I will be your guide and narrator. 
Eyes Closed?  Imagine we are beginning an adventure into 10 different worlds.  We are moving through a door and on the other side is a field of red poppies. 

Red Poppies:  The sky is blue and there is a path in front of us. We are entering the home of the bees.  The bees are smiling and happy to be taking a little sip of nectar from each red poppy.  There is a buzzing sound as hundred of bees are flying around a huge poppy field of brilliant red flowers.  We are gliding along a path and feeling happy too.  As we reach the end of this field we travel through a honey pot. 

Yes it is really big enough for us to glide through.  We can taste the honey and feel the honey covering us with a warm light.  It is not sticky and thick like most honey is.  This honey is like gold warm water and it baths us and helps us feel better.  It is delicious too. 

When we come out of the honey pot we feel amazing love and fullness. Now we are traveling through a pink car wash. 

  The only thing is that it is not for cars.  It is for auras.  An aura is a bubble of light that we are sitting in.  Auras usually protect us from thoughts and feelings we don’t like.  As we look at our aura, it has some smudges on it.  This looks like the mud on a window after a storm.  This Pink tunnel is full of pink light and it rains on us a little, coating our aura with pink foam.  It smells so good too. Have you ever smelled a pink carnation? Yes, that is exactly what that special pink foam smells like. Breathe deeply and enjoy that wonderful scent. As we slowly travel through this pink tunnel, big pink feathers the size of ostrich plums are sweeping us; sometimes they tickle us just a little bit. 

These big pink feathers are cleaning any dust that might still be on our aura.  There is a gentle warm wind that circles around us like a pink dust devil.  Have you ever seen those small whirlwinds that pick up the leaves?  This one is a playful whirlwind and it finishes our aura with a sparkle and shine.  We are leaving this aura “car” wash with a bright sparkling clear aura.  That feels wonderful.  We are spot free. 

Next we are entering the Orange Dreamland.  Have you ever drawn a picture of an orange pony?  There is a very pretty orange pony guiding our chair (or carpet) through a green meadow. 

 There are big trees with oranges hanging on each limb.  Yes, you can grab one. They are quite delicious. The air smells like tangerines. As you eat your orange, you feel quite healthy and strong.  Your whole body is stronger and you feel joy. 

 Joy is that very happy feeling. Can you think of someone that helps you feel joy?  It would be someone who hugs you and likes you very much. Our ride slows down enough that you can pet the orange pony.  She is so soft and gentle.  Have you ever pet a horse?  They are very strong but soft.  As we are saying good bye, two of the baby ponies come out from behind a tree.  One is lemon yellow and the boy is lime green.  Even their eyes are yellow and green.  They smile and say good bye. Don’t worry, you can come back and visit them again. 

We are entering a very dark night.  There is a flute playing softly somewhere.  It is like traveling through a cave at night.  We are quite safe. We come out of the cave to realize we are in space and there are many stars around us.  These stars are quite big, like the size of the moon.  They sing to us. The flute and violins start to fill the air. It is such a beautiful sound.  As the stars sing they shine silver light all over us.  The silver light has music in it and it vibrates just a little. It might feel like static electricity.  Maybe someone can help you feel that slight buzz sometime.  Ask an adult to help you feel that if you don’t know.  This light almost makes us feel like we can float in the air.  Have you floated in water?  That is a great thing to learn how to do.  You are like an astronaut floating weightless above your chair or carpet.  It is ok, you can do a slow somersault and your chair will catch you.  You will be fine.  That was such a fun ride. Now we are back in a dark tunnel again. 

 There is a small light ahead.  It is almost like being born all over again.  It is such a special feeling. You are a gift when you are born.  It is the best present your parents ever had.  How nice to be a gift once again. I feel new and appreciated, and full of joy…do you?  

As you travel through this tunnel a blue fairy flies with you.  She hugs you and promises to grant a wish.  Do you have a wish?  That is something that you really want to happen and soon.  No one else knows the wish that is in your heart put you.  So whisper it to her.  She will help you manifest your wish.