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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Psychic Sedona: My Personal Vortex

Psychic Sedona Story

December 13, 2014

Sedona is a character in these pages and it is a vibrant red character.  I remember playing in Oak Creek as a child and losing a little red sneaker.  It was as if a creek nymph grabbed it from my five year old foot and scurried away with it.  Somewhere under layers of creek silt is a little shoe and memories of the best family vacations ever.  Somewhere there is a snapshot in time of skipping in creosol scented air that will never get lost.  I always said I wanted to die in Sedona.  Be careful because wishes sometimes come true.  I almost did die there and had to leave most of my belongings to camp on a friends couch in Phoenix.  I think Sedona makes people come face to face with their shadow side and in my case we (me and my shadow) had a tug of war that I barely overcame.  The tourist come and go, however; there is a tribe there of town people that remain.  There are the backbone of Sedona.  These are the shop owners, restaurant workers, postal service, banker, educators, doctors, and the town’s Psychics.  I was a psychic for over a year in fast lane.  I learned things I never dreamt of from some of the best known psychics.  The one thing I learned about working in a center full of psychics is this:  There is no hiding, anywhere.  When a group of psychics weigh in, like the minority report, no camouflage is going to make a difference.  As I said, there is one thing to do, learn and change.
 Sedona is the fast lane for psychic development and realization.  Someone can live for years going to work every day and barely know their co-workers and neighborhood.  I suppose that is comfortable and preferred by many folks.  I felt like I went through a weekly melt down in colorful Sedona. Weekly my transparency would demand an overhaul at the “Psychic Center”.   Throughout all this transformation, I developed some strong bonds with other psychics.  I won’t call those outside my circle of colleagues’ frauds or charlatans. There are some very talented people outside those I became familiar with.  There are some “psychics” I would not recommend but, I would say all are on a path.  Developmentally each psychic and healer must open up and channel truth to the best of their ability.  The question is this: Do you want to pay good money to someone underdeveloped?  I would say to the fledglings; get into a development group and do hundreds of free readings. In time you will reach the point where you have a talent worth trading or not.  I have many friends who are natural psychics and do not desire to do this for a living.  My son is one of those people.  He is gifted but would not be satisfied working as a professional.  Sedona is the Hollywood mecca for all New Age business.  I felt like a fish out of water coming to a Hollywood, make or break you environment.  I lasted over a year.  It is a transient town with some wanna be’s lasting a few weeks.  I might go back to visit but I would hope to live there or visit there more on my own terms.  I used up my savings in no time and was filling out a form for food stamps when things picked up for me there.  I had a shooting comet moment of glory before the crash.  I am happy to have had that flight across the night sky and the experience.  It was an education one cannot buy anywhere on the planet. 
To be continued…
Next chapter..
The Whirling Vortex House
Should I continue?  God I hope I get some “yes” votes.  I am already pulsing to write more.  I have my own permission slip on this…but…nice to get encouragement.  Nice but not absolutely necessary. 

I am not in Kansas anymore and Whoopi Goldberg here I come. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Costume Past Life Fun

Halloween Therapy. Yes Halloween can be somewhat therapeutic in the creative role play of choosing a character to be. It is a chance to step outside the normal box and be wild, crazy, fun, and even scary if you choose. 
As you will notice some people are celebrities, angels, monsters, historical figures, goblins, ghosts, cats, vampires, witches, 
wizards and etc.

As people choose a costume for a party or just to go about the neighborhood, you will be inspired to choose from a plethora of themes. Did you ever wonder if it is a past life memory? It does not have to be but it might be. 
I have noticed when I do past life readings, I find non-human expressions too. I have seen mer-people lives, a life time as a dragon, a life time as a bear, a life time as a reptilian being, dolphin, and Neanderthal or big foot beings. It is amazing

Right now I am offering a past life reading that will spark some remembrance and maybe lead to a costume idea.  Nice to figure out a personality that might lead to more insight later too. 

Just email me at mailto:nancysnimbus@gmail.com and/or select a 2o minute reading for 20 American Busks!

It is all on my website.  

Friday, July 11, 2014

Pray for Ukraine

The conflict between Russia and the Ukraine has many people confused in the USA. The media might not be as fair and objective regarding the situation there. Today the news reported 23 Ukraine Reuters killed in a gun exchange and their have been some bombs as well. Just like a wild fire or other natural disasters in the recent news. People are choosing to leave their homes. Many Pro Russian citizens in the Ukraine are quitting their jobs and moving to Crimea with their families. A two hour wait for a train ticket was the norm today as families wish to leave the conflicted area of Donetsk. The towns and cities along the Russian/ Ukraine boarder are the most unsafe places to be. Stephen Cohen, an American that lived in Russia for a good many years said position of our US military experts is aggravating the violence. The Kiev's position has been destroy the rebellion in the Ukraine by just killing them on the spot. There is little room for negotiating. Cohen (http://jordanrussiacenter.org/news) maintains that Putin’s position, at least until recently—that the entire Ukrainian government is a “neo-fascist junta”—is incorrect. Many members of the ruling coalition and its parliamentary majority are aspiring European-style democrats or moderate nationalists. The conflict gets little air time on our media, and when it does, it seems that the Ukraine soldiers are the “bad kids”. Russia appears to have started this conflict by moving aggressively into the Ukraine and it does appear that the Ukraine militia is trying to defend its boarders. There is widespread trauma for children and families in boarder cities. Trying to relocate to better areas is now the objective as cities become rubble.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Abraham Hicks: Google Ad Words: Split Enegy vs Clarity

About Split energy?

Today I realize my split energy on several, maybe too many areas, and it is interesting.

I would call myself a strong want-er. Those are Abraham's words. I get ideas all the time. I feel passion about so many possibilities in my life.

I do desire and need more cash flow. Most of us have some split energy around that subject. The subject of money in general can often be loaded with mixed messages.

As an intuitive counselor I help people with clarity. That is the wonderful state of mind where it all comes together and confusion is not in the mix anymore. I help others sort out their split energy. So I am feeling a bit dismal that I have some of that. It feels like the saying: The shoe makers kids are shoeless, and, physician heal thyself. I am able to do this and so it stands to reason I should be able to clear up some things in my own world.

Split energy is inevitable. It does not mean that you are doing anything wrong...but it does indicate that you are sorting and shifting contrast and have some varied beliefs. It is uncomfortable and just like living causes a house to get messy, time must be taken to sort and reorganize. My physical space is messy and my body feels misaligned and I am really going through some manifestation.

Time to get it sorted through.

This all started with the hospitalization of my son and the time I spent at the hospital. I was not doing readings. I was not focused on my livelihood. People would call and I was too distracted to return phone calls and even get back to people. My mind was in a stressed place. My bank account went down and my chores remained undone. I walked into my home and said, it looks like I was on a 3 day drunk. For my personal standards it was really bad.

My brother said, why don't you try ad words by Google. It might send some new people your way. Well, it sounds good but I feel that split energy is the problem. The words for what I do seem fuzzy right now. There are so many things my guides bring through, in spite of my personal state of mind, that I find hard to clarify at this moment.  We, my guides and I seem to zero in on what people have in the personal escrow. That is Abrahamster talk for what are they really wanting to manifest. That is located where in their highest joy zone. They have a dream for themselves. The emotional well being they feel is an indication of how close they are  dovetailing with that dream. If we had no dreams brewing, we might have a sense of detachment from life. I think monks try and do that. Abe says we are here to live life and bang around in it. We are here to experience things and grow from that expansion. We not only are growing personally, we are on the leading edge of creation in general. The Universe benefits from us reaching for new awareness and new ways of being. Sitting in a cave all day and meditating is not usually indicated. In rare cases, a soul will do that. For most of us we desire the co creating that life can offer. 

When the eye beholds a singular vision the soul is full of joy”

I channel what is most needed. My guides seem to prioritize what is truly important and will give my client the most improved state of being. I am in an Ester Hicks like state of showing them who they are. My words are less important than what they feel and see for themselves during a session.

OK...back to defining what I do.

Allow people to realize their clarity and themselves. Improve their Source Connection. Help remove the amnesia of not remembering their true authentic self and demonstrate true connection with those in spirit by seeing post cards of that deceased loved ones life. Heal the gap between the seen and the unseen. Help ease the fear of death, because it is a transition. Help heal grief in showing people that love and relationships continue..albeit in a different way, after the shedding of the physical body.

OK and none of that says that I am a fortune teller...but I do see probable outcomes and probable future events.

My guides will help me. They are saying relax...do something you enjoy and we will bring it to clarity.  I fully trust that they will.  As far as money...it shows up. As far as clients...they just show up when I am ready. I have to be functioning well enough to receive them. I must clean up this space and my head.

That is something a Google ad cannot do. So for now, I might just do some Yoga and listen to music. For those who have a “real” job...sorry to say it. I have to maintain my vibrational integrity. That is my job. It might clear my wobble to have another job too If I can manage it.  I trust that will be revealed.  

This work is harder than it sounds. I am not on my feet all day like the nurses at the hospital. I admire them. I am not doing case management like I used to...but there is an odd parallel. Some readings are a type of social work, counseling, life coaching and motivational speaking rolled into one. It depends on what is needed.

No good hash tags yet, but I have faith, and they will come.

If wanted things don't manifest. You, like me, and like all of us, have split energy on a particular desire. Abe says back out of this and go general.  That means you are trying to hard and being too specific.  Just trust the Universe to show you and be your compass.

Hash tag: I allow harmonized energy around wanted desires and this allows the Universe to bring it into being.

Too long.

Wishing clarity for all of us today.  May it slip in through the crack of least resistance. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Arizona Mental Health's Huge Machine

June 11, 2014

addressed  to Our Arizona Governor... at the AZ State Capitol. 

Dear Janice Brewer,

Regarding the Management of Mental Health in Arizona

Let me introduce myself. I am a counselor in training. I have a year to go prior to taking my test for license and completing the internship requirement. My name is (Angelbell) and I also have had several family members in the mental health system. I face this issue with compassion as well as seeing a need for a sustainable system that really works. I am a fiscal conservative with a heart. I am a professional in the field. Most of all I am a mother with a young adult son hooked up to life support at the hospital after a recent suicide attempt. If there was ever motivation for reaching out and hoping for systemic change... it is now! I will add that against all odds, It looks hopeful that my son is going to recover. We are taking it one day at a time. His father and I are seeking an attorney to possibly help us look into what went terribly wrong.

That is who I am and I am the author of this letter.

I have had a long talk with Izra and Ray Thomas. Ray and I talked months ago as the new RHBA was taking place. The unfortunate thing for us; is that each new RHBA seems to erase the paperwork of the last RHBA. Since our son has been in the system since age 17 there should be reports going back 20 years. Even if those reports were an overview, hitting the highlights, it would be helpful.

This would be helpful in illuminating the life time prevalence of his diagnosis. Recently, my son went before an administrative law judge concerning his social security benefits. Although there are many hospitalizations. It seems that the file was devoid of any significant assessment. During a recent psychotic episode and a subsequent hospitalization, he was court ordered by one judge into treatment and simultaneously another judge decided that he was able to work and mentally stable. That was in April 2014. We have two opposing decisions from Judges who are not mental health professionals but, serve the agenda of different bureaucracies. We are speaking with John McCain's office in an appeal attempt to restore benefits at a time when Z's treatment and ability to continue demands this.

That seems ludicrous to anyone who hears it. It feels like the system has become dichotomous and bi-polar too. The who mental health system seems to be uncoordinated. It seems to be running with many players who are paid well, get good salaries, but it also feels like the families of the patients are doing all the care. I mean all the case management, coordination of services, and just day to day care taking. Unfortunately we don't get a pay check. Others who are detached, are paid. When I say I am a fiscal conservative, I mean we have got a big budget bureaucracy that is not even remotely serving its population or the natural support system of this population, such as family and friends of the seriously mentally ill.

As I have spent 20 years doing my own research beyond my Master's Degree requirements, I look deeply into effective treatment and what works. I was told I might have to pay big money to acquire guardianship for my son. I say why don't we leave out the judges and lawyers and have a team decision. Like the CFT's (Child Family Teams) I used to facilitate, The judge who spends a few moments reading reports and then votes yea or nae, does not know the family or situation as fully as other members of the team. Why are they even necessary? I think the present system is keeping judges and lawyers off the street and gainfully employed, but again, it is not the most compassionate and effective approach. It is not effective as far as best treatment and practice and it is not saving our tax payer dollars very well. We are really spinning our wheels, our time and our dime. And sadly our discarded mental health patients sleep on the streets.

Does not seem to be working well. The prison system, really benefits. I think members of our present legislation have bought stock in that? Rumor has it. Our jails are treating a greater number of the mentally ill. If only that were truly effective. It is certainly not. It is unconscionable.

Most of my frustration is with the crisis treatment centers and the hospitalizations. I was telling Izra Loring one of my stories and he was amazed. He thought it worked much differently. But before I tell that story. The trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry is on the fast tract to getting most of the allocated funding for the mentally ill.

I hate to say it... but those disenfranchised mental health patients are supporting so many well meaning agencies and industries. But...they suffer greatly when there are actually better alternatives than medication many times. Our RHBA's might not be fully exploring those options. I have found much researched evidence that nutrition and vitamin/mineral therapies are out performing medications. Many of the psych medications sedate or try to manage the symptoms. Some are helpful short term. The long term effects are very damaging to the brain and nervous system. And those medications are so expensive. Z's new non title 19 AHCCCS will not even cover the ones that cost several hundreds of dollars a month.

Well no wonder we have such a problem...a large part of the money is serving the psychiatrist or nurse practitioners and the toxic medications that don't cure but might help to some extent. Z's needs them right now due to the worsening of his condition. Alternatives don't seem to be reachable now. I am hopeful that in the future our system will look at more gentle yet powerful and effective alternatives. And the best part is...they are much less expensive.

Again the mental health budget is serving some people, unfortunately not those suffering with mental illness.

My son's case manager, sat with me for hours waiting for Z's turn in the court room. She said sometimes it takes all day...and this is required for court ordered treatment.  He felt his medication was not working for him very well and he stopped them suddenly. That is not the way to come off medication. A slow titration is needed.  I suppose that forcing him to take medication is important right now as long as we have the right ones. And they are helping him. The case manager could not bring her lap top or cell phone into the court room waiting area. I watched as a bus pulled up transporting my son in restraints into the waiting room for patients. This court room necessity is costing a bundle of money and works well for the judges. It is enormously inconvenient for all others in the picture. The case manger sometimes spends all day there several times a week as she works with 40 cases. I asked about a teleprompter, type of court system set up in the out patient clinics and in patient hospitals? That might shave off thousands of dollars and free up the case mangers to really work with the needs of clients.

My son complains that hospital stays are like prison. Very boring and non therapeutic. They were not able to even go outside to hear the birds chirp and sing,  or see trees and blue sky. That would make me more depressed than ever and if someone is already depressed it is not healthy. It is very confining for patients. They are not always treated very well by staff. It is very de-humanizing. And yet, my son needed to be there.  My son and I have talked about what a safe environment, that is kinder, would look like and how that could be achieved. If a poll were taken during the discharge...or afterword's I wonder if more opinions could be gathered.

I wont even start talking about the UPC as I could write a book.  There are no beds at UPC and people sit in chairs for days waiting for placement.  

If there is a steering committee regarding how to help the mental health system work in a better coordinated ...that time is now.

And I would love to be there in any capacity to weigh in on needed change.

A concerned mom.

PS some personal info redacted for this post


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Be Attitudes and Abraham Hicks

From Jesus's Sermon on the Mount as reported via Matthew and Luke

Blessed Are:

The poor for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven

Those who mourn for they will be comforted

The meek for they will inherit the earth

Those who hunger and thirst, they will be filled

The merciful, for they will be shown mercy

The pure of heart: for they will see God

The Peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God

Those who are persecuted for righteousness sake...theirs is the kingdom of heaven

And why is this parable powerful? I think I might be on to something here!

There are so many versions of the be-attitudes and many interpretations as well.

If I see this in light of the Abraham Teachings, it becomes very powerful in the universal law.

Step one is in the asking. If someone is poor physically or spiritually;... they are asking,.. and it will be given. Conversely if someone is very rich, and all their worldly wants are provided, they are not asking and they are not going to get there if they don't ask.

asking has unbelievable power. Think about that for a second. If we are so "small and insignificant" how can it be that our ASKING summons the POWER THAT CREATED WORLDS?

Believing and Allowing are next. Ask and know that it is DONE! Say thank you God, for it has been done, I have sought the Kingdom of God and asked this: So Above, So Below. I have asked manifestation that brings brilliance, hope and beauty. I have asked to receive the gift of writing and communication. I have asked to perceive and receive. In the Lord's prayer we ask to not go down the rabbit hole of delusion, and deception.  Interesting in light of the polarity.  The contrast is always present.  Lead us not into it, but we need not invite it. 

When I was sick, I prayed to be well. When there was violence,... I prayed for peace. When my parents fought, I would get sick with asthma, in the hospital there were powerful beings with me.  Little did I know my heartfelt asking could change my world. Little did I know that I create(with the Blessing of the Universe) my reality. I could have never known that God delights in my creations and they are Celebrated in the Many Mansions of God.  Blessed is she/is who sees that.

Meekly, I take over the world by melting hearts and loving. Swords and bombs can never do that. And truly my pen is mightier than any weapon.

Blessed, Blessed am I.  We all are blessed.  Just Ask and then open your heart. 

Radical, Magical, Time Management: Abraham-Hicks Style

Her Majesty's Time

New Way to Allow More Time Management (Abe-Hicks Style)

We all know linear time is a joke?  How people and events dovetail eludes us. But we try to be "on time" and show up.

This concept is new to me and yet...in the past this has happened many times, and with some criticism from the peanut gallery. More on this...later.

There have been times I say to people, I just don't have time. There are times I bite off more than I can comfortably chew and I start to feel overwhelmed, tense and stressed out.

There are times I just plain procrastinate. I organize time to study or clean my often messy bedroom and yet, other things just grab me and I get derailed.

Time management is a huge issue in our world today. Neale Walsch says just showing up is more than half the battle. For the most part, I really try to show up. There is a bit more to this story (at least for me). Abraham states that one person connected to their Source Energy is more powerful than thousands who are not. Imagine showing up, connected and fully present, because that energy can change the outcome of things.

Imagine showing up at a board meeting fully plugged in? I find that the plugged in part has little to do with me personally. I just surrender to the situation. That seems like the easy way out, but actually no, something nothing short of a miracle often happens. For example you are on a steering committee and there are big personalities, and they seem to dominate with their vision and intentions, I get frustrated because I am not being "heard". That shows that I have my ideas and ego just as much present. Recently, I learned to assess the players, remove myself from this frantic energy, balance and ask for connection. I simply ask and allow. There is no force with this. And I'll be a monkey's uncle if it doesn't really happen. I feel quiet and at peace instead of "in pieces". All of a sudden someone asks me, "Nancy, what do you think?" Like a John Travolta devotee, when offered the stage...TAKE THE STAGE! That is what made John famous. I am surprised what comes out of my mouth and I am personally amazed at the confidence with which I say it. I remember being on the church board years ago and feeling "butt hurt" about not being heard. There is this young women who was not validated for her good ideas and abilities...long ago. Her family did not really "get" her. Yip, that was me. I don't have to play that part anymore. I am fully validated by the Universe.

Ok that is the experience of showing up and being inspired before you speak or act. That is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This is very different than the leadership we normally experience. The powerful fast talkers seem to prevail and prevail by steam rolling over others. That is hardly what I call success. If I have to steam roll over someone, well, I just lost the game.

But back to time management...that is slightly different but oddly similar.

Put everything on the back burner...yes even appointments. Everything. This is not the way the business world works. Trains run on time. It is a huge leap of faith and almost counter intuitive to work on the Universal Timing. I am not always allowing for this. It is the most rewarding practice and yet the one that I seem most resistant too. When I lived on the Navajo Reservation in Chinle, we called this living on reservation time. Clocks did not rule the day. The Native Americans are so plugged into a different type of flow of time and things just line up as they should. When some of my black friends used to ask, "hey, Nancy what time is it?" I would look at my watch and they would laugh. That was not what they wanted to know. What time is it now...it is time to get in synch with the Greater Timing. We all have biological clocks, astrological clocks, circadian clocks, and rhythms all around us. A great example is the people who were late to work the day of 9/11. One lady said, It was as if the Universe was using tricks to make me late and miss my train to the down town area where the Trade Center was. The world will criticize being late, and not showing up...but...sometimes...it is exactly the right thing.

What about when you make a promise? Try to keep them of course. Try to comply in this world but I will tell you this. There is a higher authority. The first thing in my Day Planner is: Did I sit with the POWER, did I LINE UP, did I align with GOD, Did I make the Kingdom of God, "hallowed" in the way I put all other actions on the back burner? I will know by the healthy happy way I feel if I did. Did I ask the Universal Manager to help me order my day?

The Universe will help you accomplish so much more than you possible could using your own known ways. Did you ever have a day where everything flowed and it was like you found extra hours in your day, and everything happened easily and succinctly? That is when you are surfing with the Universal Manager.

I do use my day planner...after I have lined up and become inspired I write things down with question marks. And phrases like I prefer to do this...and help me do this because I really don't want to do this. The Universe makes everything joyful.




Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo.Celebrate Each Day the Abraham Way!

There is a place where someone has almost tagged each calendar day as a Holiday.  I looked up my birthday and it is designated as National Camera Day.  I think that is lovely but not exciting to me.

What about a day called "Random Acts of Kindness Day?"  Cool enough.

Lately, there have been some difficult days for me, emotionally and physically.  I imagine calling that day, "I survived it" day.  I think sometimes that is enough.  Take a little Victory Lap around the house and say...don't know why it was a crappy day, it is over, I will let it go...tomorrow will seem brighter.

Allow.  It is often hard to understand the concept of allowing.  I once heard someone describe it this way:

There is a man walking a tight rope a story up from the ground.  A lovely dove flies by and he tries to touch it, almost loosing his balance.  Then a raven flies close to him and he almost loses his balance pushing it away! The balance lies in accepting the gift and experience that comes toward you without losing your balance.  We hold on or try to push things away.

What would I call today?  I think I would call it Amazing Grace Day!  Many things had the potential to go all wrong.  I did some segment intending this AM.  Then someone I know and love called me an "asshole".  I could have let that settle in and take over my emotional state.  I just walked outside.  I took a 10 minute walk.  I remember what Abraham Hicks said about the behavior of others.  The anger and criticize of others 99% of the time is not even about you...it is about them.  It is a private war within of discontent and frustration.  You can seldom change someones perspective in the moment they are most upset, pinched off and out of balance.  There might be a healing conversation later when they are in a better and more receptive state. 

Amazing Grace is so perfect.  I went on to accomplish some goals and at the moment feel pretty good about myself. 

I think I will think of some more really good ways to celebrate and tag my days.  They all matter to me.

PS.  This same loved one threw away my lap top.  He is having a hard time.  I am missing blogging so much and it is sheer therapy.  I found a way. 

I can celebrate "I get to Friggin Blog Day"  no matter what. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

ASMR and the Importance of Non Sexual Pleasure

Non Sexual Pleasure, ASMR and Well-being

I was going to call this the best kept female secret.  I briefly thought of calling it Vagina Speak.  Much too brash and loud. Vagina's don't talk...so a name like Vagina Monologues turns me the other way.  It is too blatant and to out there for real female discussion.  If we were going to have one of those girl talks among best friends, we would begin speaking euphemistically of our personal discoveries.  We would speak with high respect of the magic that comes with sexual exploration.  If the discussion was done with the right decorum, I don't think blushing or shame would prevent us from telling our secrets.  I believe these discussions are held sacred among women and for a very good reason.  Abuse, control. manipulation of women and their bodies, is historically what occurs.  I think there is ample documentation of that.  

Is there female manipulation of men? Oh, of course.  John the Baptist died due to that.  It is a pretty strong hate and revenge that would lead a mother to trade her daughters virginity for the head of someone.  It happens.  Females who learn what triggers males are certainly at an advantage and vice verse.

There is no manual or how to book that really tells the story holistically.  True sexual education is not about our plumbing.  Masters and Johnson's novel studies, were the tip of the iceberg.  How wonderful (the Masters and Johnson research) to debunk the myths of thousands of years.  I am so proud of these researchers because they, like Freud, were pioneers into a much needed area of understanding.  This has been so taboo and it so needs to be treated differently, honestly, and with total respect for something that is a gift of life and bonding.  We will learn more about our anatomy, reactions and physiology....


The hitch is this:  The non sexual acquisition of pleasure.  This is where the medical model, science, religion, and history all collide.  We have been trained away from most types of pleasure by the edicts  of religion and moral authorities.  Quite sadly too.  ( I am convinced that humans have been brainwashed for the millennium to be servants to others) Sure the two of the ¨deadly sins¨ are gluttony, and lust. They occur in an imbalance, and part of that is the closeted treatment of what would really be good for us. Watch a kid make mud pies...too bad we grow up.

The sexual hormones in humans are too prominent to ignore and thus our survival as a species is insured. I believe some would call the non sexual pleasure between humans ¨foreplay¨.  Well, it can be that.  But I decided to make a somewhat bullet-ed list of human contact pleasure that is not sexual and the goal is not delayed orgasm.  I remember stepping in the shower with my six month old...water not as hot as usual and having the best time with bubbles and laughter.  In fact I did everything wrong as a Mom.  I breastfed in bed with my newborn and fell asleep with him in my queen size bed.  It would have been impossible to roll over on him...every subconscious part of me knew that he was there.  Even in a coma I would not have accidentally squished him.  We started showering together up until about age two.  I probably have some taboo about him getting older and maybe that is good? (too much hysteria about all that incest stuff) It could never happen. That is such a sick symptom of being estranged from our true bonds and humanness. What ugly thoughts we think sometimes.

 As a Mom I found it hard to find the time alone to take long, luxurious baths, and that is one of my little pleasures.  Showing with an infant is a very practical way to get clean and it was a bonding experience as well.  Bathing works well too.  Going on walks and smelling leaves and flowers is a marvelous discovery with little ones too.  I remember nature walks with my father as being some of the best quality time when I was little.  He made time for me, and it was not hurried or cut off.  So, I am offering a list of non sexual pleasures.

Why?  Without this part I don't think true intimacy even begins to happen.  I think we remain balled up and living with stress and isolation and that is contrary to our emotional well being.  It is a great heyday for the pharmaceutical industry.  They continue to sell ¨happy¨ pills and make trillions of dollars.  Maybe these simple human well being techniques need to be closeted to allow the mega rich to stay rich?  Oh, Good Grief...no.  It is a great non sexual pleasure of mine to write...and share...and care.  For that is human to the core of us.  Our core is peaceful and loving...and well we might be trained in soldiering...I think that might be the agenda of snakes.

Pleasure of a non sexual type should be encouraged.

mutual massage,  brushing hair,  bathing, feeding each other, finger painting, ASMR on You Tube, art and sculpture, grooming each other, music, creating music together, listening to music together,
 friendly contact sports, hugging, singing together, face to face conversation,  encouraging laughter, or joke telling, sightseeing as a group, story telling around a camp fire, water play, water slides, snow play, sledding,  exploring aromas or aroma therapy.  Nature walks for discovery of taste, texture and smells.  Bring all the senses on board.  tickling, velvet, silk pajamas, bouncing, sun bathing, back scratching, smearing pudding on your face….LOL.  

There are dozens of feelings and experiences not included here.  It is a long and growing list.

I started my own little book just about my pleasure discoveries.  And guys, stop being so macho, and definitely get into your feeling side.  You will live longer and love better.

Oh and humor helps too.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jumping into a pile of Moon Money

Yes it all flows together, the moon, money and me.  Zac is such an artist and created some moon money one time.  I think that is borrowed from a game.  It is possible to attract large amounts of money into your life, yes(!), the real spendable kind.  It is always best not to be too desperate. Sometimes that is the hard part. I do know. This is where my guides tell me to trust. Trust that the Universe sees you, knows you. Fear seems to create an obstacle that is not easy to explain. Your flow of energy needs to be playful and relaxed. I get tested on this all the time, and I admit to not passing this at every turn. I am getting better.

I have been listening to the Abrahamster stuff and doing a few personal experiments.  I imagine all the many tokens of abundance finding me easily.  It is really more than that.  Abe/Hicks states that having passion and joy creates a magical attraction of abundance in your life.  Just being more engaged in happiness will draw the right people and phenomena of money to you.  Remember the part in Avatar (2009 film) where the little seeds all land on Jake.  His heart is attracting them and he can't even brush them away.  That is called vibrational currency.  That type of energy can lead to playful and significant real dollar amassing.

The reason for today's post is this. I Love doing psychic readings. Link to that site: Angel Bells Hangout.  I meet the most amazing people and when I read for someone else, it always seems to answer one of my own questions as well. Amazing how that happens.  I Did a phone reading last night for an adorable person. This person was telling me that they work from home as a billing entrepreneur. She was feeling isolated and also worrying about bills. There was no real sparkle in her life. I scanned her in my assessing easy way. My guides showed me pictures of her being a gourmet cook and enjoying that. They showed me her grooming cute little dogs. And I saw her doing the country swing at a local country western night club. Three things that add some zest and sparkle to her life. She validated all three things, loves C & W music and dancing, loves to cook for others, loves animals and was a dog sitter at one time. I said, sometimes our passion can lead to money. I saw some creative ways to turn these hobbies and interests into money and it would get her out of the house. She closed that door quickly...saying will I will do my bookkeeping to pay the bills and then I might do some of those things. ¨Oh no, don't wait¨ I exclaimed.  Don't go back to isolating and being in a gloomy closet.

I tried to explain that she had it backwards with the flow of money. She would become a magnet for dollars by enjoying what she does and adding some enthusiasm to her life. It is hard to explain that concept to someone trained in thinking in ¨practical ways¨. We have so much of that programming embedded in us from well meaning others. Clearing this could take time but it doesn't have to. Her present paradigm was not working well anyway..thus she asked for a reading with this moon crazed moon child psychic. She had a grounded way about her and she was adorable on many levels, but it is time for a shift. This linear thinking (work now, play later, gotta keep my nose to the grindstone and ignore my life) really pinches us off from the pot of gold that only each soul can find,...we all need to embrace a more holistic view point.

And what a blessing to me.  I needed to see this clearly...more clearly.

Amen and Amen

adding a great Abraham Hicks Link..enjoy


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Don't Know Much...But I know I Luv YOU

March 26, 1979 to July 8 2006

I wrote a book about Jason, my son, who accidentally lost his life in California.  Jason was a teacher on so many levels. Parenting Indigo children is different.  It is more of a partnership. They don't do well with authoritative parenting.  They are leading with their heart. They are born wise, sensitive, old souls.  I wish I could do it all over again.  I have let go of any parenting mistakes and realize that I did get it right some of the time!   The relationship I have with Jason has grown.  In a way, he is closer to Zac and I in his eternal energetic form. Instead of hugging, I sense the hugs on the inside. We miss him being turf side, of course. I feel that Jason made this transition for reasons I might not fully understand.  It was not suicide, but, all death is actually agreed upon by the Higher Eternal Self and thus not a dictate of ¨God¨. During Jason's first year of transition, 2006-2007 there was a great deal of phenomena. On Mother's Day I found a card on my pillow. The inscription said, I love you always, unconditionally, Jason. And it was his handwriting.  I asked, Zachary.  He was as amazed as I was.  I write about all this in my book,  ¨Sunflowers for Jason¨.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Humans have much to Learn from Sasquatch

Sasquatch and the Human Connection

When speaking of Sasquatch or Bigfoot creatures, I am very cautious.  I feel there will be a time we can interact with them more freely.  They are ancient ancestors of the human race.  In being such, you might ask where the fork in the road is?  That is rather sad in my opinion.  

(since posting I found the best discussion on human/alien origin ever.  I am posting this to watch on You Tube when you have an hour or so of down time. )  Star Date:  August 19 2014

June 24 2015:  I found the best discussion on Sasquatch ever.  It is the most kind reverent interaction of learning and sharing I have found.  Two guys who live in the woods have made it their mission to understand the Sasquatch's living in this area of Canada. So I hope you will also finish my post and please view this video as well. 

We were genetically altered and in my opinion, not for the better.  We are smaller and hairless in comparison to Sasquatch.  We are also more cerebral or analytical.  It might be wonderful to be cerebral if it did not disconnect us from the rich layer of understanding that is now subconscious.  I think I would call it emotions but then we have a cookie cutter, paint by numbers approach to that. We have fear, anger, disappointment, sadness, happiness, guilt, remorse, confusion, hate, intolerance, jealousy, admiration, lust, bonding, infatuation, grief, love, abandonment, and a few more I am sure.  I think there is a much broader range but it would be a shades of grey experience and would be so subtle as to be felt.  Now we are studying what psychologist called emotional intelligence, and non verbal communication.  Some say that the Sasquatch have a language among themselves.  They bury their dead, do not have wars with each other and have remarkable abilities they we do not have. Some feel the Sasquatch can step into Fourth and Fifth density.  That is a slightly higher vibration than most of us humans abide in.  I have done that frequency change accidentally and people literally run into me.  Twice drivers hit my car stating that they did not see me at all.  It can happen more easily than one would think.  If I were ever in real danger I wonder if I could do that shift.  Maybe fear would make it more difficult.  I don't know for sure. 

You will find some of our heritage in our emotions.  Crying, screaming, laughter, love of water, love of family extended family bonds, love of nature, love of certain kinds of foods, and perhaps the need to be held and hugged and groomed by others.  Screams that warn of danger and predators,  and laughter that makes life worth living; those are still with us to a large extent.  We have lost some of the subtle emotional concepts and the ability to look deep in someones eyes and communicate all we feel without a single word of utterance. 

I had a Bigfoot sighting.  I was driving through the Uintah Basin Mountains at twilight. My two little boys were in the back of the mini van. We pulled off the road out of necessity.  When I started my vehicle back up my headlights caught a pair of eyes that sent a chill through me. It was a very hairy, human like creature.  He was holding onto the side of a mountain ledge. I feel he was trying to get a better look at us.  He was at a about 100 yards away.  From my line of sight  he was about 3 feet tall.  I mean he was much larger in reality, but at my vantage point that was that size.  If you were looking at a human trekking up the side of a mountain,  and you were a distance back, they might appear to be 2 feet high.  Perspective.  

From that short connection, I started listening to stories. I really am good at sniffing out the fake stories, but some encounters fit perfectly with what I sense about Sasquatch Tribe.  I feel they are very intelligent, they have a type of language, they bury their dead.  Most importantly they are inter-dimensional and they have learned to shift between 3rd and 4th density.  They will leave a few clues for us, but unless they really wish to get to know you and have some sort of exchange, it will not happen.  

Like Native American Totem Animals, they can offer their protection to humans.  There are stories of people passing out or sustaining injuries while hiking and being helped by Sasquatches.   Those stories are few and far between for a reason.  

When we are more balanced and able to respect all animals, we will have more interaction.  When we are not a threat, we will have more interaction.  Until then they will remain elusive and for good reason!  

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ASMR: A Triumphant Time for Tingles

My Personal Experience

I am such a fan of ASMR. As an experiencer of the marvelous tingly sensations I also am aware of the thousands of others who also are getting tingled daily. There is a joyous and triumphant movement abounding. Someone needs to shout it out and it might as well be me. I jumped on the ASMR tingle wagon when my friend suggested I listen to one YouTube ASMR artist, Amethysts Whispers. Now I'm an addict and I just adore many current ASMR artist. The list of artists keeps evolving as I explore. When I come home after a busy and sometimes stressful day I head for my most comfortable chair, I turn off my phone and put in my ear plugs, and then I drift off to a pleasure zone where self care and "me time" exist in surplus.

The world fades away and I am surrounded by crinkly sounds, and warm whispers, and gentle brushing:  All calming my mind.  It would be enough to be sublimely relaxed but that is not the biggest prize in this session.  Very soon I start feeling pleasure and even more relaxation as I take a little magical ride on the delicious tingle carpet.  It is sheer heaven.  It is like getting a massage and then a little fairy  brushes your face with a feather. A tingle, and explosion of pleasure and a slight tickle sensation engulfs my body.  It is a traveling sensation as the Central Nervous System sparks a response through your brain, face shoulders and back. ASMR is short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. There is nothing like it.  It is like a force of nature takes over and lifts you up into a magical experience where trees hug you and you feel so completely loved and even celebrated.  Celebrated for just being you...the wonderful being you are.  I feel like I surrender to this cascade of pleasure and fall into a soft place of roses and happy clouds above me.  

Since I do psychic readings for people everyday, I do believe there is a connection between the sixth sense and ASMR. I believe everyone is psychic they just talk themselves out of really listening to it sometimes. On a side note: Mention ASMR and receive a free 15 minute psychic reading. email: Angel Bells Guidance (pick a good question).

Anyway, one day when I was really blue and in the dumps, I listened to nothing but ASMR over and over again.  There is a threshold.  I think at some point I decided the sensation was fading.  It never completely went away.  I just realized that for me ASMR is best enjoyed in half hour doses.  It feels like a rich chocolate dessert and a foot massage at the end of my day.  Like Christmas, it would lose some of its impact if we celebrated it weekly.  Like a non drug tranquilizer it helps remove stress and other worries and readies me for sleep.

The gift of self-soothing and peace of mind

As a social worker most of my life, Self-Care becomes essential. You cannot care for others if you are not being nourished spiritually. I started keeping a book of my little pleasures, no matter how small, so that when I need to treat myself it can be as simple as going over my list to find a little mini vacation for me.  I will share some of my list in the hope that it would spark others to do the same.  Sewing, craft making, blogging, fixing a delicious treat that is low carbs and yet very tasty, reading a chapter out of an inspirational book, or a good mystery, and snuggling with my furry angels (cats). Bike rides down beautiful areas of the valley, Climbing in a hot tub with friends. Visiting a natural hot spring and then sun bathing. I used to sun bath nude when younger. That is a nice experience too. Day trips to the Grand Canyon or Sedona are rejuvenating for my soul. I love comedies and renting a funny movie is just the ticket sometimes.  

It really does not take a great deal of money to have those special moments.  The best deal in town is the YouTube community that does a great job of healing the restless places and gifting us with such pleasure and healing for free.

Why do so many of us experience ASMR (but not everyone)?

 I believe that ASMR is experienced by those who are more sensitive and in touch with their bodies and souls. As a kid I was very sensitive to all tactile sensory feelings. I could not stand itchy, scratchy, and too tight clothing or shoes.  When quite small my mother would dress me in cute ruffle dresses that I would tug at and remove. She was not happy about that. I could see colors around people and feel their discomfort as well.  I loved animals preferring them to humans sometimes. Some people had colors that were so ugly and voices that grated on my nerves. Then there are those I found beautiful inside and out! My Mom would often beret my judgements of beauty saying (she has a lantern jaw or she does not have any fashion sense) I could hear what people were going to say several seconds before they said it.  I was ultra sensitive.  My children and I are/were very psychic/intuitive/empathetic. and this is not a bizarre human characteristic. I believe we, the humans, are gifted with the knowing/sensing of subtle energies and the ability to navigate relationships with them. Emotions help us navigate well in our interpersonal relationships. I have heard that ET's are envious of the enormous pallet of human emotions we generate and even create between each others. Humans have the BIG box of crayons from which to express themselves. Emotions are very essential to happiness. Tribes that are friendly and live in harmony do not experience, crime, domestic violence, substance abuse, teen suicide and etc. I believe our authentic human heart desires this type of intimacy. At one time life was less stressful and we were able to listen to our bodies. We could dance and sing and nap without interference, If you watch your pets and children they are masters at this. 

Just added this to illuminate the talk we are having. 
I just finished an amazing true story of a little girl raised by monkeys.  Marina Chapman was abducted from her Columbian Village by two men.  For some reason they abandoned her in the rain forest far from her home.  They had used a sedative by covering her mouth and nose with a cloth soaked in chloroform. When she woke up she was surrounded by a troop of monkeys.  They coaxed her to eat fruit and finally adopted her and they spent a good part of their day foraging for food but towards the end of the day they all groomed each other.  Grooming was a communal act of bonding and adult females groomed each other as well as siblings and couples.  I think this might be an ancient type of activity for us humans as well.  As they groomed Marina she felt comforted and calm. She mentions feeling tingles sometimes as well.  It seems we have abandoned this in favor of individualism, but, this type of grooming still happens at times. As a child I spent a great deal of time in the branches of a plum tree and I love running water as well.  I am sure that these things trigger a wonderful calmness in me.  Added on 10/25/15 (there is a font change) link below. 

Somehow our environment has become more individualistic, mechanized, and overly structured these days.  I believe this flies in the face of balance and mental health.  This way of harried living is wonderful for the pharmaceutical companies.  I think it benefits the drug dealers as well.  I also believe that humans are naturally peace loving beings. There will be disagreements and skirmishes, but. organized, distant and depersonalized warfare is the antithesis of our true nature.  Many veterans, including my father, remain damaged for life; emotionally.  There are those who would disagree with this last statement but truly I feel we are trained into being certain types of people and those obligations are not in our best interest.  The meek will inherit the earth because in the absence of violence we become more powerful creators.  Collectively we need to vote in this direction. Perhaps we need to reclaim who we are as humans from those who would desire us to be robot like.

What is that wonderful Response?

Some of us feel it is a phenomena of allowing the Universe, All That Is, to Flow through us. Religion is a man made construct. I am speaking of that connection to "God". God is a loaded word with many concepts emerging. I like to avoid that word which can bring up images of a deity who is judgmental and vengeful. I speak and blog about my near death experience where I was surrounded in white light and God spoke to me. I realized that I had been choked off from this benevolent, all loving, unconditional, being. In fact many religions teach things that are not true to the nature of the God I experienced.  There is a primal relationship.  I mean that I was greeted with the presence of a being that I had always known and was now estranged from on earth.  It was an ancient knowing within me that I was the offspring of this being.  We have forgotten who we are and where we came from. Being born human there is a veil over our mind.  We live life as amnesia patients. When I was re-emerged with this God Presence, I felt complete and joyful and I had all my answers.  There was no aching inside me to be loved, I was drenched in sublime affection.  I now think that our human relationships are a reminder of this and mimic this all encompassing love.  We crave connection.  ASMR is triggered in a certain part of our brain in response to extreme relaxation which in turn turns on some type of human "purring" just like cats and other animals.  It is a natural drug and maybe a type of brain hormone or chemistry like dopamine.  It is healing us. If Stress is a silent killer, then this would be natures antidote.

 Meditation can do this as well. I feel much better after quieting my mind and experiencing a higher self or energy. Not everyone can empty their head and go to that place. I think guided meditation and ASMR are the next best alternatives. They slow us down, distract us, comfort us create a pleasant state of mind and some sounds just resonate with our personal well being. It is somewhat mysterious and I think more and more we will discover the answers.

Those are some extra observations. Just relax, let go and allow. That helps the experience to happen.

Some of the gorgeous ASMR Angels…
Ilsa aka Ilsa the Water Whispers

Masha aka Maria Gentle Whispering
Violet aka Veni Vidi Vulpes

Ally aka ASMR Requests
Cosmic Tingles
Heather Feather

I will offer a link to some of my all time favorite ASMR sessions.