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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ASMR: A Triumphant Time for Tingles

My Personal Experience

I am such a fan of ASMR. As an experiencer of the marvelous tingly sensations I also am aware of the thousands of others who also are getting tingled daily. There is a joyous and triumphant movement abounding. Someone needs to shout it out and it might as well be me. I jumped on the ASMR tingle wagon when my friend suggested I listen to one YouTube ASMR artist, Amethysts Whispers. Now I'm an addict and I just adore many current ASMR artist. The list of artists keeps evolving as I explore. When I come home after a busy and sometimes stressful day I head for my most comfortable chair, I turn off my phone and put in my ear plugs, and then I drift off to a pleasure zone where self care and "me time" exist in surplus.

The world fades away and I am surrounded by crinkly sounds, and warm whispers, and gentle brushing:  All calming my mind.  It would be enough to be sublimely relaxed but that is not the biggest prize in this session.  Very soon I start feeling pleasure and even more relaxation as I take a little magical ride on the delicious tingle carpet.  It is sheer heaven.  It is like getting a massage and then a little fairy  brushes your face with a feather. A tingle, and explosion of pleasure and a slight tickle sensation engulfs my body.  It is a traveling sensation as the Central Nervous System sparks a response through your brain, face shoulders and back. ASMR is short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. There is nothing like it.  It is like a force of nature takes over and lifts you up into a magical experience where trees hug you and you feel so completely loved and even celebrated.  Celebrated for just being you...the wonderful being you are.  I feel like I surrender to this cascade of pleasure and fall into a soft place of roses and happy clouds above me.  

Since I do psychic readings for people everyday, I do believe there is a connection between the sixth sense and ASMR. I believe everyone is psychic they just talk themselves out of really listening to it sometimes. On a side note: Mention ASMR and receive a free 15 minute psychic reading. email: Angel Bells Guidance (pick a good question).

Anyway, one day when I was really blue and in the dumps, I listened to nothing but ASMR over and over again.  There is a threshold.  I think at some point I decided the sensation was fading.  It never completely went away.  I just realized that for me ASMR is best enjoyed in half hour doses.  It feels like a rich chocolate dessert and a foot massage at the end of my day.  Like Christmas, it would lose some of its impact if we celebrated it weekly.  Like a non drug tranquilizer it helps remove stress and other worries and readies me for sleep.

The gift of self-soothing and peace of mind

As a social worker most of my life, Self-Care becomes essential. You cannot care for others if you are not being nourished spiritually. I started keeping a book of my little pleasures, no matter how small, so that when I need to treat myself it can be as simple as going over my list to find a little mini vacation for me.  I will share some of my list in the hope that it would spark others to do the same.  Sewing, craft making, blogging, fixing a delicious treat that is low carbs and yet very tasty, reading a chapter out of an inspirational book, or a good mystery, and snuggling with my furry angels (cats). Bike rides down beautiful areas of the valley, Climbing in a hot tub with friends. Visiting a natural hot spring and then sun bathing. I used to sun bath nude when younger. That is a nice experience too. Day trips to the Grand Canyon or Sedona are rejuvenating for my soul. I love comedies and renting a funny movie is just the ticket sometimes.  

It really does not take a great deal of money to have those special moments.  The best deal in town is the YouTube community that does a great job of healing the restless places and gifting us with such pleasure and healing for free.

Why do so many of us experience ASMR (but not everyone)?

 I believe that ASMR is experienced by those who are more sensitive and in touch with their bodies and souls. As a kid I was very sensitive to all tactile sensory feelings. I could not stand itchy, scratchy, and too tight clothing or shoes.  When quite small my mother would dress me in cute ruffle dresses that I would tug at and remove. She was not happy about that. I could see colors around people and feel their discomfort as well.  I loved animals preferring them to humans sometimes. Some people had colors that were so ugly and voices that grated on my nerves. Then there are those I found beautiful inside and out! My Mom would often beret my judgements of beauty saying (she has a lantern jaw or she does not have any fashion sense) I could hear what people were going to say several seconds before they said it.  I was ultra sensitive.  My children and I are/were very psychic/intuitive/empathetic. and this is not a bizarre human characteristic. I believe we, the humans, are gifted with the knowing/sensing of subtle energies and the ability to navigate relationships with them. Emotions help us navigate well in our interpersonal relationships. I have heard that ET's are envious of the enormous pallet of human emotions we generate and even create between each others. Humans have the BIG box of crayons from which to express themselves. Emotions are very essential to happiness. Tribes that are friendly and live in harmony do not experience, crime, domestic violence, substance abuse, teen suicide and etc. I believe our authentic human heart desires this type of intimacy. At one time life was less stressful and we were able to listen to our bodies. We could dance and sing and nap without interference, If you watch your pets and children they are masters at this. 

Just added this to illuminate the talk we are having. 
I just finished an amazing true story of a little girl raised by monkeys.  Marina Chapman was abducted from her Columbian Village by two men.  For some reason they abandoned her in the rain forest far from her home.  They had used a sedative by covering her mouth and nose with a cloth soaked in chloroform. When she woke up she was surrounded by a troop of monkeys.  They coaxed her to eat fruit and finally adopted her and they spent a good part of their day foraging for food but towards the end of the day they all groomed each other.  Grooming was a communal act of bonding and adult females groomed each other as well as siblings and couples.  I think this might be an ancient type of activity for us humans as well.  As they groomed Marina she felt comforted and calm. She mentions feeling tingles sometimes as well.  It seems we have abandoned this in favor of individualism, but, this type of grooming still happens at times. As a child I spent a great deal of time in the branches of a plum tree and I love running water as well.  I am sure that these things trigger a wonderful calmness in me.  Added on 10/25/15 (there is a font change) link below. 

Somehow our environment has become more individualistic, mechanized, and overly structured these days.  I believe this flies in the face of balance and mental health.  This way of harried living is wonderful for the pharmaceutical companies.  I think it benefits the drug dealers as well.  I also believe that humans are naturally peace loving beings. There will be disagreements and skirmishes, but. organized, distant and depersonalized warfare is the antithesis of our true nature.  Many veterans, including my father, remain damaged for life; emotionally.  There are those who would disagree with this last statement but truly I feel we are trained into being certain types of people and those obligations are not in our best interest.  The meek will inherit the earth because in the absence of violence we become more powerful creators.  Collectively we need to vote in this direction. Perhaps we need to reclaim who we are as humans from those who would desire us to be robot like.

What is that wonderful Response?

Some of us feel it is a phenomena of allowing the Universe, All That Is, to Flow through us. Religion is a man made construct. I am speaking of that connection to "God". God is a loaded word with many concepts emerging. I like to avoid that word which can bring up images of a deity who is judgmental and vengeful. I speak and blog about my near death experience where I was surrounded in white light and God spoke to me. I realized that I had been choked off from this benevolent, all loving, unconditional, being. In fact many religions teach things that are not true to the nature of the God I experienced.  There is a primal relationship.  I mean that I was greeted with the presence of a being that I had always known and was now estranged from on earth.  It was an ancient knowing within me that I was the offspring of this being.  We have forgotten who we are and where we came from. Being born human there is a veil over our mind.  We live life as amnesia patients. When I was re-emerged with this God Presence, I felt complete and joyful and I had all my answers.  There was no aching inside me to be loved, I was drenched in sublime affection.  I now think that our human relationships are a reminder of this and mimic this all encompassing love.  We crave connection.  ASMR is triggered in a certain part of our brain in response to extreme relaxation which in turn turns on some type of human "purring" just like cats and other animals.  It is a natural drug and maybe a type of brain hormone or chemistry like dopamine.  It is healing us. If Stress is a silent killer, then this would be natures antidote.

 Meditation can do this as well. I feel much better after quieting my mind and experiencing a higher self or energy. Not everyone can empty their head and go to that place. I think guided meditation and ASMR are the next best alternatives. They slow us down, distract us, comfort us create a pleasant state of mind and some sounds just resonate with our personal well being. It is somewhat mysterious and I think more and more we will discover the answers.

Those are some extra observations. Just relax, let go and allow. That helps the experience to happen.

Some of the gorgeous ASMR Angels…
Ilsa aka Ilsa the Water Whispers

Masha aka Maria Gentle Whispering
Violet aka Veni Vidi Vulpes

Ally aka ASMR Requests
Cosmic Tingles
Heather Feather

I will offer a link to some of my all time favorite ASMR sessions. 

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