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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Be Attitudes and Abraham Hicks

From Jesus's Sermon on the Mount as reported via Matthew and Luke

Blessed Are:

The poor for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven

Those who mourn for they will be comforted

The meek for they will inherit the earth

Those who hunger and thirst, they will be filled

The merciful, for they will be shown mercy

The pure of heart: for they will see God

The Peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God

Those who are persecuted for righteousness sake...theirs is the kingdom of heaven

And why is this parable powerful? I think I might be on to something here!

There are so many versions of the be-attitudes and many interpretations as well.

If I see this in light of the Abraham Teachings, it becomes very powerful in the universal law.

Step one is in the asking. If someone is poor physically or spiritually;... they are asking,.. and it will be given. Conversely if someone is very rich, and all their worldly wants are provided, they are not asking and they are not going to get there if they don't ask.

asking has unbelievable power. Think about that for a second. If we are so "small and insignificant" how can it be that our ASKING summons the POWER THAT CREATED WORLDS?

Believing and Allowing are next. Ask and know that it is DONE! Say thank you God, for it has been done, I have sought the Kingdom of God and asked this: So Above, So Below. I have asked manifestation that brings brilliance, hope and beauty. I have asked to receive the gift of writing and communication. I have asked to perceive and receive. In the Lord's prayer we ask to not go down the rabbit hole of delusion, and deception.  Interesting in light of the polarity.  The contrast is always present.  Lead us not into it, but we need not invite it. 

When I was sick, I prayed to be well. When there was violence,... I prayed for peace. When my parents fought, I would get sick with asthma, in the hospital there were powerful beings with me.  Little did I know my heartfelt asking could change my world. Little did I know that I create(with the Blessing of the Universe) my reality. I could have never known that God delights in my creations and they are Celebrated in the Many Mansions of God.  Blessed is she/is who sees that.

Meekly, I take over the world by melting hearts and loving. Swords and bombs can never do that. And truly my pen is mightier than any weapon.

Blessed, Blessed am I.  We all are blessed.  Just Ask and then open your heart. 

Radical, Magical, Time Management: Abraham-Hicks Style

Her Majesty's Time

New Way to Allow More Time Management (Abe-Hicks Style)

We all know linear time is a joke?  How people and events dovetail eludes us. But we try to be "on time" and show up.

This concept is new to me and yet...in the past this has happened many times, and with some criticism from the peanut gallery. More on this...later.

There have been times I say to people, I just don't have time. There are times I bite off more than I can comfortably chew and I start to feel overwhelmed, tense and stressed out.

There are times I just plain procrastinate. I organize time to study or clean my often messy bedroom and yet, other things just grab me and I get derailed.

Time management is a huge issue in our world today. Neale Walsch says just showing up is more than half the battle. For the most part, I really try to show up. There is a bit more to this story (at least for me). Abraham states that one person connected to their Source Energy is more powerful than thousands who are not. Imagine showing up, connected and fully present, because that energy can change the outcome of things.

Imagine showing up at a board meeting fully plugged in? I find that the plugged in part has little to do with me personally. I just surrender to the situation. That seems like the easy way out, but actually no, something nothing short of a miracle often happens. For example you are on a steering committee and there are big personalities, and they seem to dominate with their vision and intentions, I get frustrated because I am not being "heard". That shows that I have my ideas and ego just as much present. Recently, I learned to assess the players, remove myself from this frantic energy, balance and ask for connection. I simply ask and allow. There is no force with this. And I'll be a monkey's uncle if it doesn't really happen. I feel quiet and at peace instead of "in pieces". All of a sudden someone asks me, "Nancy, what do you think?" Like a John Travolta devotee, when offered the stage...TAKE THE STAGE! That is what made John famous. I am surprised what comes out of my mouth and I am personally amazed at the confidence with which I say it. I remember being on the church board years ago and feeling "butt hurt" about not being heard. There is this young women who was not validated for her good ideas and abilities...long ago. Her family did not really "get" her. Yip, that was me. I don't have to play that part anymore. I am fully validated by the Universe.

Ok that is the experience of showing up and being inspired before you speak or act. That is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This is very different than the leadership we normally experience. The powerful fast talkers seem to prevail and prevail by steam rolling over others. That is hardly what I call success. If I have to steam roll over someone, well, I just lost the game.

But back to time management...that is slightly different but oddly similar.

Put everything on the back burner...yes even appointments. Everything. This is not the way the business world works. Trains run on time. It is a huge leap of faith and almost counter intuitive to work on the Universal Timing. I am not always allowing for this. It is the most rewarding practice and yet the one that I seem most resistant too. When I lived on the Navajo Reservation in Chinle, we called this living on reservation time. Clocks did not rule the day. The Native Americans are so plugged into a different type of flow of time and things just line up as they should. When some of my black friends used to ask, "hey, Nancy what time is it?" I would look at my watch and they would laugh. That was not what they wanted to know. What time is it now...it is time to get in synch with the Greater Timing. We all have biological clocks, astrological clocks, circadian clocks, and rhythms all around us. A great example is the people who were late to work the day of 9/11. One lady said, It was as if the Universe was using tricks to make me late and miss my train to the down town area where the Trade Center was. The world will criticize being late, and not showing up...but...sometimes...it is exactly the right thing.

What about when you make a promise? Try to keep them of course. Try to comply in this world but I will tell you this. There is a higher authority. The first thing in my Day Planner is: Did I sit with the POWER, did I LINE UP, did I align with GOD, Did I make the Kingdom of God, "hallowed" in the way I put all other actions on the back burner? I will know by the healthy happy way I feel if I did. Did I ask the Universal Manager to help me order my day?

The Universe will help you accomplish so much more than you possible could using your own known ways. Did you ever have a day where everything flowed and it was like you found extra hours in your day, and everything happened easily and succinctly? That is when you are surfing with the Universal Manager.

I do use my day planner...after I have lined up and become inspired I write things down with question marks. And phrases like I prefer to do this...and help me do this because I really don't want to do this. The Universe makes everything joyful.




Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo.Celebrate Each Day the Abraham Way!

There is a place where someone has almost tagged each calendar day as a Holiday.  I looked up my birthday and it is designated as National Camera Day.  I think that is lovely but not exciting to me.

What about a day called "Random Acts of Kindness Day?"  Cool enough.

Lately, there have been some difficult days for me, emotionally and physically.  I imagine calling that day, "I survived it" day.  I think sometimes that is enough.  Take a little Victory Lap around the house and say...don't know why it was a crappy day, it is over, I will let it go...tomorrow will seem brighter.

Allow.  It is often hard to understand the concept of allowing.  I once heard someone describe it this way:

There is a man walking a tight rope a story up from the ground.  A lovely dove flies by and he tries to touch it, almost loosing his balance.  Then a raven flies close to him and he almost loses his balance pushing it away! The balance lies in accepting the gift and experience that comes toward you without losing your balance.  We hold on or try to push things away.

What would I call today?  I think I would call it Amazing Grace Day!  Many things had the potential to go all wrong.  I did some segment intending this AM.  Then someone I know and love called me an "asshole".  I could have let that settle in and take over my emotional state.  I just walked outside.  I took a 10 minute walk.  I remember what Abraham Hicks said about the behavior of others.  The anger and criticize of others 99% of the time is not even about you...it is about them.  It is a private war within of discontent and frustration.  You can seldom change someones perspective in the moment they are most upset, pinched off and out of balance.  There might be a healing conversation later when they are in a better and more receptive state. 

Amazing Grace is so perfect.  I went on to accomplish some goals and at the moment feel pretty good about myself. 

I think I will think of some more really good ways to celebrate and tag my days.  They all matter to me.

PS.  This same loved one threw away my lap top.  He is having a hard time.  I am missing blogging so much and it is sheer therapy.  I found a way. 

I can celebrate "I get to Friggin Blog Day"  no matter what.