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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Costume Past Life Fun

Halloween Therapy. Yes Halloween can be somewhat therapeutic in the creative role play of choosing a character to be. It is a chance to step outside the normal box and be wild, crazy, fun, and even scary if you choose. 
As you will notice some people are celebrities, angels, monsters, historical figures, goblins, ghosts, cats, vampires, witches, 
wizards and etc.

As people choose a costume for a party or just to go about the neighborhood, you will be inspired to choose from a plethora of themes. Did you ever wonder if it is a past life memory? It does not have to be but it might be. 
I have noticed when I do past life readings, I find non-human expressions too. I have seen mer-people lives, a life time as a dragon, a life time as a bear, a life time as a reptilian being, dolphin, and Neanderthal or big foot beings. It is amazing

Right now I am offering a past life reading that will spark some remembrance and maybe lead to a costume idea.  Nice to figure out a personality that might lead to more insight later too. 

Just email me at mailto:nancysnimbus@gmail.com and/or select a 2o minute reading for 20 American Busks!

It is all on my website.