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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cinderella's Fantasy Deflated & Then Aerated

My favorite fairy tale, Cinderella, was enlivened by an amazing women for me.  There is a very positive message in most fairy tales that goodness triumphs in the end.  Somewhere there is a knight in shining armor, thank the stars above, who will fulfill our longings.  In fact the male role models are very positive.   Nowhere in that fantasy is the handsome prince a misaligned abusive brute.  He is totally charming and totally in love with Cinderella.  What if after three years this happily ever after story evaporates?  It might seem to evaporate but that means there is something even better down the road.  This story does not have a sad ending.

Recently, I was doing a tarot card reading for a lady who broke down in tears.  I felt horrible and yet I had the feeling she needed to cry.  She requested an appointment to counsel with me regarding career guidance.  Her cards revealed a heart with daggers in it.  I told her that I understand her tears.  The truth was an ugly one that she was trying to suppress, however; the truth was flooding through her eyes.  If nothing else we were able to allow that release and discover the origin of her sadness.  I was gifted with the fuller explanation of this cataclysmic event. 

I explained that a handsome man had swept her off her feet and it felt like a fairy tale coming true. This Prince constructed a reality that answered every possible hope she had held.   He made promises to her of undying love. Can anyone really promise that? Perhaps partnerships need to include the fact that people and relationships sometimes change. I suggest a new marriage contract. That is a blog down the road. Right now I am faced with the huge chasm of feeling dumped off a lovely romantic ride. My clients tears suggested she had just disconnected from the matrix. She swallowed the wrong pill in this situation.  

For a while my client was living the Cinderella story and trusting that it would continue.  She worked hard to cultivate the future with him. She had invested her life force, her love, and her money. This woman before me has the occupation of being a special education teacher as well as working a second job.  He on the other had has not been employed for a year.  She purchased an automobile in both of their names and yet he was never able to make a payment on that car.  Over the last year, he has become demanding and abusive.  I saw this woman was now realizing the dream was over, and yet she desired to hang on a bit longer. She had been like that frog in the pot of water.  At first the water feels comfortable like a Jacuzzi and slowly the heat increases.  She had barely enough energy to jump from this pot of hot water and save her life.  That is exactly what she needed to do. This couple was not legally married, but it might have been better for her if they were.  She then asked a question that took me back a few steps.  I assumed she understood that she needed to immediately leave this person. Sometimes things get better, but, this was not going to happen.

She looked quite worried and said, “But …will he be OK?”  I grimaced thinking that she still doesn’t see that she is the victim here.  I don’t like the word victim but it was evident that he was a parasitic self-serving con artist.  I even used the word narcissist to describe him.  Sometimes the heart does not hear the words right.  She still had feelings for him.  Anti social, narcissistic men are experts at painting a rosy picture and they do manage to make it appear real.  These narcissists are also very keen on sniffing out the type of women who will buy into their creative and well-designed fairy tale. I add that most men are not like this. Most men are wonderful. I said that this would not be a sad story. Women do believe these psychopaths sometimes but they are good at seduction.  In fact, I am quite sure that is why parents became the brokers of marriages in the old world.  Parents might better see past the illusionary fog of hormones and wishful thinking.  I had to regain my composure and say “let me see if I can explain this in a better way”.   I prayed and asked my guides to bring the words to me that she might hear.

I asked her for the name of this man.  Then I dealt some more cards and laid them out.  I said, he already has plan A and plan B worked out.  He knows that he cannot continue this lie to your heart and that you are waking up from a nice dream and realizing who he really is.  He already knows that his time is short in this relationship.  In fact, he might have plans of just driving away in the car you are making payments on. 

I am sure I sounded like “hard hearted Hanna”.  It was more and more clear to me, but, was becoming crystal clear to her?  She changed the subject and asked me about an old flame.  I dealt some very good cards regarding him.  They were a good match.  I described him and she remembered how happy she was during that relationship.  The energy around her changed a great deal.  I realized that her Higher Self stepped into this story.  Her Higher Self was the knight in shining armor that would rescue her from her present peril.  The Universe had that other glass slipper and was ready to slip it on her dainty foot. Like the fairy godmother, the Universe always knows our heart and our wishes. This fairy godmother knows what size slipper will fit you in advance.

I saw the Cinderella story as being an allegory of the relationship between the human childlike side of ourselves and the Higher God Connection.  Like a fairy godmother and dancing pumpkins and enchanted castles, the Universe conspires to make our dreams come true.  It was a beautiful realization for me and a splendid ending to this story.  My client was off on her next romantic adventure.  My only advice as she waltzed out my front door, “take it slow, desperation does not look good on us single females.”
Some would call that game playing, however; I do not.  When dating we need to step back and smell the roses from our balcony. In fact, the Cinderella story illuminates the necessity of being a bit of a mystery. By leaving the ball at midnight she exits on a high note leaving the prince entranced.  This Juliet on the balcony moment need not end tragically.  It can be a wonderful moment to savor.
As females we need to have a wait and see attitude before giving our tender hearts away.  I do speak from experience in this regard.  As I look back I can see the red flags emerging but the problem was:  I had already jumped in with both feet and was on the end of that hook.  Those hooks have some very pretty lures some times.   The Universe did send valiant messengers to save me and help me re-build my life.  I feel that I cannot survive another romantic pot hole.   I don’t think I can take another wild ride.   I do think my advice on this subject should be duly noted.  Now I can wear my own little tiara and enjoy my palace.   

This is me doing a hole in the wall photo. It is needing work.

Friday, August 28, 2015

All You Need is a Happy Face Frog and Duct Tape


Just smile and fake it until you make it.  Or find the silver lining in a situation.  Or just make some lemonade out of those lemons.  Then you can pull yourself up by the boot straps and get back in that race because everybody plays the fool sometimes: Oh my and it doesn't seem to really take care of the issue sometimes.  
New Age Philosophy seems to want to bridge sadness with a quick fix.  When there is a frowny face put a happy face sticker on it and all is suddenly good with life.   Law of Attraction says that if you are fixated on a thought or feeling for more than 68 seconds, it gains momentum.  When a feeling or belief gains momentum it is because, just like sticky tape it will roll around picking up like minded others or thoughts.  It becomes a snow ball rolling downhill. 

Some teachers are telling the truth when they say there is no bottom to that rabbit hole. Usually it ends of course but not before it has caused some mayhem and destruction in its wake.  The collateral damage can be verbal outbursts and injuring others and it might be a near fatal car accident.  Anger, jealousy, insecurity, inferiority, intolerance, fear, worry and anxiety collect friends along the way.  These are bad friends and they are carnivorous in their ugly appetite.  So it is not good to allow those hitch hikers to tag along.  Some things are just tenacious in our memories.  I look for a solution that will really close up a wound and make it better. 

Somewhere inside me is a memory that I don’t want to think of.  There are childhood memories that just seem to come out of the blue and promise to play havoc with my mood.  I realize today that I have been avoiding things that happened.  I don’t like to think about them.  There are many ways of avoiding things and some of those ways are not healthy.  Going into a bar to drink and share a sad story is what all Hollywood movies seem to suggest.  That is not a good way to close a wound.  Some people get really involved in projects and work.  They become workaholics.  Unfortunately sooner or later they must take a Holiday or Vacation.  When they do they rarely enjoy it.  They have forgotten how to relax and have fun.   Some people become sex addicts or relationship addicts.  I think those two are close cousins.   A new relationship is always fun and exciting.   At some point you will really get to know that person.  There are semi funny stories about going away with someone for a fun trip and being stuck in an airport for 3 days.  You will see the not pretty side of the person you are with.  There is a long list of avoidance behaviors and none of them work very well.  They do not liberate you from a tragic memory for very long.  There are some things that will help. 

Back up from the memory.  Pretend you are a witness standing on the side line of a childhood event.  That may or may not help.  For me sometimes that is worse.  I wonder why I am not rushing in to saving a screaming victim. 

Today I found something that does work.  It worked for me and it is still working.  This epiphany is a Higher Mind one. That is why I am blogging about it.  Instead of running from a bad feeling memory or thought, I just allowed it to happen (on one condition.)  I asked God to hold my hand and heal it.  God, let’s look at this together and then it might evaporate from my life stage. In previous postings I speak of my Near Death Experience.  I was promised that I would not face this world alone and suffer when I returned to the present 3D world.    All I have to do is request; ask; pray for assistance and it will be given.  So I asked.  I felt a huge relief in looking at this memory from a slightly more expansive perspective.  I felt comforted in a deeper way by seeing there was a life lesson.  It was not a bad karma lesson at all.  There is almost no way to share what I learned with my readers.  It is so highly personal and specialized.  For the first time I could really let go.  It was not duct taped nor happy faced. There was a deeper lasting peace today.  In fact, I did not even have to totally understand why it happened in the first place. That sort of logic just isn’t a true satisfier.  I felt no anger or victimhood that it did happen. Forgiveness? What is that anyway?  I think I have tried that and it felt really nauseatingly fake. It had that duct tape a broken arm feeling. There is true forgiveness and for me that is acceptance that we all do dumb hurtful things at times. If we could see the bigger picture we probably would not have acted badly.  The forgiveness I felt today is more light hearted and liberating than those other feelings. 

Now I am starting to even smile a little.  This time it is a smile that is bubbling up like helium from my inner soul.   In the past managing my emotions was like herding cats.  There was some control but mostly I chose to avoid bad memories.   This time it feels like I fenced them in with a great deal of kindness and acceptance.  I even can go as far as to say these experiences have deepened me.  Bad experiences don't need to beat me up if I can just take them at their temporary value and let them go.  Without trying too hard I did become that observer and I had another Bigger Observer with me.  Instead of multiple viewpoints we all became one.  I am certainly going to try this again because it was a successful fix for my angst. Life is messy business sometimes.  It is not a paint by numbers project.  It is like this; don't do your own dentistry, plumbing or brain surgery.  You don't have to be the expert with the up to date manual.  Just Call Out 1 800 God Help.  It sure saved my butt today.




Monday, August 24, 2015

Points for Parenting Indigo Prodigies

They are all Prodigies of Course

Points for Parenting (from much hard earned experience.)

So you have an Indigo Child! That is such good news. Buy a pair of roller blades and get ready to have your beliefs challenged.

1.     We  are not molding them, they are here to teach us.  Yeah they did not come into this world a blank page that we will use behavioral techniques on to structure them.  These kids are very aware and realize the systems in place need replacing.  They are system busters.

2.    They demand respect.  They will respect you if you are honest and open with them.  There are ways to respect Indigo Children and still maintain house rules and boundaries.  Interesting that they are really good at defining what it is to be human and to have positive energy.  They prefer to keep the energy in a good place.  Have a round table discussion where everyone discusses the rules and contributes to those rules.  If anyone slips up on those rules, what should happen?  They are very insightful and creative about consequences.  Some of the old disciplines just don’t work.  And if you do decide to use corporal punishment that is going to destroy the trust you really need with your child.  They will build a huge emotional wall that resembles the cold war. The best parenting weapon you will have is the relationship you build with them. 

3.    They will have emotional outbursts.  Anger is not necessarily a bad thing with them.  I look back at my experience with my child’s anger andI am glad that he was allowed to express it.  If it gets too bad, everyone takes a time out.  Learning nonviolent communication is going to save the day. Parents can benefit by getting in a class that shows you how not to be inflammatory and escalate an emotional situation. 

4.    They are naturally curious about the world and each other.  Some of the best learning opportunities are just following their lead.  What do they want know?  As I parented an indigo who wanted to build things and figure out how everything worked;  I had to find a handyman type to explain gadgets and appliances.  This little guy could put together a toy that came in pieces faster than I could read the instructions.  He just got it.  My second one was a non verbal telepathic communicator from the start.  Getting him to use words was on going. 

5.    I found it helpful to have art supplies around.  Indigos have many unexpressed feelings. They can draw their feelings and concepts and that can really save the day. If they are bored they draw.  Mine would draw in school.  The teacher was perplexed but he said: I finished my work and it was easy so I started to draw. Keeping them challenged in public school is a headache. I learned later that a parent must apply for gifted testing in writing. That is how it is here. I would suggest it but I obviously did not know my rights and they ignored it.

6.    Nature walks help ground us all but it is essential for Indigo kids. Nature can teach all of us many valuable lessons.  Animals are great educators.  One day at the park my two boys were trying to feed the grasshoppers.  A man walked over.  He admired the tranquility that my boys displayed and said, “in my day we (us kids) might have hurt them for fun”.  Perish that thought.  Indigos are very empathetic.  They naturally respect all sentient life and they might ask to be vegetarian early on.

7.    Indigos might talk about past lives, they might be aware of spirit entities, they might communicate telepathically with other children who can do that.  They might be able to bend spoons or move objects.  Parents need to be at ease with all these developments.  Indigos will find their own teachers.  They will look for mentors to aid them in development.  They don't expect parents to have universal knowledge. Never lie about that.  It is perfectly ok to say "I just don't know that answer".

8.     Bottom line, they appreciate their parents without coaxing that natural relationship.  They want a positive relationship and they will be the one to instigate happier more fulfilling discussions with their parents.  Often just clear honest discussion will be all the discipline needed.  They will honor the point of view of the parent most of the time.  If they don’t honor it, know that it is not because they disrespect you (us), it is because there is a flawed basic premise in what we are saying.   They see through things in a way our parents did not.  It is often much easier to say,  I feel worried when you don’t come right home after school than to say if you are not home after school, there will be a consequence.   Sometimes they need to see the parent’s point of view from an emotional vantage point.  That works very well. They often feel parents are brain washed by the status quo, but if you can appeal to their sensitive nature they will accept that you just need them to behave a certain way.  Worked well about 60% of the time.

9.      Somethings are non-negotiable in parenting.  Anything that is dangerous to self or others or extremely important to a parent might have some consequences.  Do not yell or punish when others are present, such as friends or out in public.  Speak in a normal tone of voice.  If they do not seem to hear you.  Stop what you are doing and go over to them. Get at eye level and repeat your request.  Clearly in a normal tone of voice.  Example:  Honey don’t pick the cat up that way. Honey keeps on doing it and ignores suggestion.  Normally a parent would just yell louder and maybe even add a verbal threat.  Instead, go over to Honey and say, “This is a mommy cat about ready to have her kittens so we are going to put her down so she can relax.”  Usually, Honey will do it because you are right there.  If not then take the cat from Honey and redirect Honey to some other activity.  Sounds like work, but not really, in time when you reinforce your words with action, they listen to you right away and you won’t be screaming at them.  That raises your blood pressure and cortisol. Stress and fear based parenting are not as effective and that kind of strategy leads to more unhealthy behavior. 

10.There are lots of parenting books out there.  The ones that teach you to listen are really important.  I missed that part in my childhood and I was not always good at really listening to my two guys.  Being fully present and holding the space that says: you are important and I am listening; that is the best reward and validation for kids.  My mom would say “I love you” but her actions did not show that.  It doesn’t take money to impress kids.  If kids ask for something expensive, just honor it with some fantasy and vision.  If they want to have a “rocket ship” then start drawing pictures of the one they want.  Visit a space camp or start a really cool scrap book full of rocket ships.  That same thing applies to wanting a pet Koala bear.  My mom would slam those ideas into the trash with a “money doesn’t grow on trees” talk.  Don’t slam good, fun, creative ideas.  You can milk those moments and use them.  Talk about a token reward system, you have the fuel for that fire.  Good report card gets 50 dollars put into the space camp fund.  (There might be a scholarship available too). 


Indigos are taking us all to a better place.  I learned so much from my two boys.  I wasn’t the best indigo parent and of course I got tired, impatient, yelled and behaved poorly at times.  I learned a great deal when I enrolled myself in a parenting class. My guys were ages 9 and 11 and the old ways just were not working.  I started enjoying them more and life became a lot easier once I caught on.  I found the teen years to be absolutely delightful.  They were becoming their own persons and pushing on to new intellectual heights.  I learned to hang with them.  They were budding standup comedians and we all laughed till it hurt at times.  That’s how I learned to roll.  Don’t put me on a pedestal, because, I don’t need to be there, but, I am passing some things along that helped saved the day for me.  Hope you enjoyed my points and maybe they will work for you too
 Go Indigos!


Friday, August 21, 2015

Blue Bunny Hugs for Blue Kid

(if any part of this story seems oddly familiar then I have a bit of news for you.  I published a very similar story/article in Ezine Magazine about 10 years ago.  Strangest thing happened.  I was watching a commercial one day about a little boy who lost his teddy bear " Tony" at a hotel and it was mailed back to him etc.  I can't remember the product being advertised.  I thought, this is beyond coincident.  The script writer is a well known writer in Hollywood.  I wrote to him and said "did you snag my story from my article?  He never answered, but the commercial was taken down immediately.   Amazing)

Children do get depressed, or blue at times.  Once upon a time, a four year old with a curly mop of hair, needed a bunny hug.  How fortunate she was to  have such a wise and comforting fluffy blue companion. You can't buy one of those on every street corner.  James Stewart had Harvey (Movie: Harvey 1950) but I had Tony.  My sweet valiant friend.

 My parents say,  Tony arrived in an Basket on my third Easter Holiday. It was a perfect gift. He was a handsome blue eared friend and he had black button eyes that reflected such knowing.  Over the years he faded and had mustard stains.  When I found him in a box as an adult, he was so small and used looking.  I held a once iconic friend in my hands and it looked like a very small grey toy rabbit that held no significance at all. And yet Tony caused a hotel staff to look everywhere for him. There was no peace  until he was found and  Federal  Expressed back to me. Now that is power alright!  He went with me on all the family vacations. 

Tony was with me in my overnight bag when I stayed with my Grandparents.  He really enjoyed being around them just as much as I did.  Grandmother asked me, "why do you call him Tony"?  I explained that he told me his name was Tony and I never questioned it beyond that.  My Grandmother seemed distressed saying, "that is a "mob" name." I am laughing as an adult. She probably saw the Godfather trilogy.  My brow crunched up and I retorted  "Tony is very brave and he will not let the mob get me, so don't worry about that."  I could always speak my truth with Tony by my side.

Tony and I had many grand adventures.  I told him everything.  He held onto my precious secrets for about five years.  Then he went into an old toy box around age eight.  It hardly seems appropriate or fitting to bury and old friend like that.  He helped me survive childhood in a way no adult could have.  He was my "brain trust", My Confidant, My Mentor, My Advisor, My Cheerleader, in general the one who held my hand through every trying moment until age eight happened. 

 At age eight, I had a 3rd grade teacher who took me under her wing.  She saw something in me that everyone else might have missed.  Everyone but Tony did not seem to see the real me.   It is amazing what one teacher can do. But ...before age eight,

I had to hide in the closet sometimes with Tony.  My Mom had quite a temper at times.  We were scared hiding in the dark as well as under the bed for hours.  Eventually,  my Dad came home and Tony and I would run to meet him.  I am pretty sure Tony loved my Dad as much as I did. 

There was no such thing as sleep without Tony in my bed.  He was my Guardian Supreme while I slept.  There was no need to say any other prayer. There are worrisome prayers that say things like "if I should die before I wake".  I knew without a doubt Tony would not let that happen.  He was fearless in the dark.  Tony understood my angst as we were read Dr. Seuss books.  Often there were things stacked precariously almost ready to topple over. An elephant would be standing on an imbalanced table.  Several items would be stacked all wrong on a tray.  I was an expert at age five on stacking things to climb up into my closet.  I had fallen and knocked the wind out of me once.  That was an out of body experience not to be repeated.   

Tony was able to magically take away pain when I was in the hospital. He put a blue bubble around me and I was warm and pain free.  I had frequent hospital visits up to about age eight.  those were the tough years.  Age four to eight.

At age four  I had pneumonia.  I was ready to check out and Tony understood that it might be ok for me to die.  I was on my way out, when I heard my mother praying.  She said, I am sorry that I have not been a good mother.   We, Tony and I, decided to give her a second chance. She looked at me with love in her eyes.  I had never seen that before.  The next day...

I was alone in the hospital room except for Tony. A very handsome doctor walked in and pushed my hair back to look at me.   He had the nurse fix my hair and they all complimented me on how pretty I looked.  I loved that doctor and wanted to go home with him.  That doctor talked to my Grandparents when they came to visit.

At age eight I moved in with my Grandparents when my parents were divorcing.  At age eight I went to a small private school my Grandparents paid for.  At age eight had  so many new friends at my new school.  I blogged about going from autistic to brilliant in two years and it is the absolute truth.

How can I tell Tony, whoever that enchanted soul was, thank you.  Without you Tony I would not have made it to age Eight.  

I would like to comment here about my Mother, now deceased.  We never had the discussion we needed to have on earth.  As a therapist in training,  I would diagnose her as a Borderline Personality.  That diagnosis has some stigma, and she was very resistant to getting psychological help or labels. It was tried and suggested by my Father, and my Grandparents and perhaps others I do not know about.  This is not a tell all because Mom had some very creative qualities and she was able to love one of my two boys and not the other one.  She decided she could only care about one. That was an interesting thing to have to explain to my youngest son.  I didn't understand her logic many times. I forgive all that happened because I totally understand Borderline Personality Disorder and I do very well with people suffering from that diagnosis.  It is all about loyalty to them and they have such fear of abandonment.  My Mother would react violently to any perception of dis-loyalty.  I would get an ulcer prior to Mother's Day each year.  I had to really be psychic and know what was expected.  I can relax now and I can say, I must have chosen her for a big life lesson, hope I don't need to repeat it. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

The One Penny Prayer

Each time you find a penny stop and say a prayer.  They say it means that someone in heaven is thinking of you.  They represent many blessings and hidden messages.

I experience "pennies" all the time and they magically appear in spots that I just vacuumed or thoroughly swept.  There is that saying "Pennies From Heaven".

I believe that our spiritual fan club of guides and loved ones are able to find and gift pennies. There are so many of them lost in canals and pipes, drains sewers, and lakes.  I really think that they go unclaimed and that makes them fair trade. 

Really they add up. A Thousand of them adds up to 10 dollars. That might be a nice little treat.  I think it is good to have penny jars and save them.  Of course we have dimes and nickels in the mix.  I went to a Coin Star machine (a sorting machine) with about 17 dollars in coins once.  But something weird happened.  The machine broke down.  The manager took it apart and there were some coins trapped.  He cleaned them out and handed them to me.  I said thank you, and then realized they were not quarters but dollars.  That added about 10 more dollars to my purse.  Wow. Honestly they were not mine but I was gone before I noticed. I had to smile. I filled up my gas tank too.

Also I had a dream that pennies might be worth more than you think. From 1783 to 1837, a cent was pure copper. But newer pennies are made mostly of zinc. In 1962, the cent's tin content, which was quite small, was removed.  That made the metal composition of the cent 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc.  I keep looking for pennies minted in the 50's.  That was my birth decade and so the birth year is special. 

 I believe copper will go up.  I had a dream that I was trying to buy a copper necklace in the future and it was 600 dollars.  Wow.  All pure metals will continue to raise in value.  So when thrift store shopping look at copper and other metal items because they could become quite valuable.

So all that is material and that is not the most powerful reason to have them.  It is the energy.  If spirit has placed one in your path, please hold it a moment.  You will feel a blessing or energy within an apported penny. 

I think of Pennies representing the human population.  Yeah really.  There are over 7 billion people in the world but my calculator won't even process that number.  So, in the USA there are around 3 million so divided by 100 that would be 30,000,000 dollars if people were pennies.  All bright shinny pennies just waiting to be spent in a good way. We sparkle that way. The bible calls humans the salt of the earth.  They say that is because we with our emotional palate and palette, we add color and flavor to life. As humans we create meaning for the universe in a 3D way. Things would be drab emotionally (like Spock) without us.  

Imagine two things when doing a penny prayer,  if everyone in the USA said a prayer for someone else's well being every time they found a penny,  the energy would absolutely collectively change our country.  Imagine an avalanche of pennies hitting a stone wall and taking it down.  Energetically, the human agendas would triumph.  When you see a penny, bless someone you love in heaven for it and say a wish, intention and prayer for someone you love still living.  Then save it.

Take a moment because this will be that which draws an endless stream of money to you as well.  There was an experiment one lady tried and it worked.  She started a "Go Fund Me" program that asked everyone to donate a dollar.  I think she actually bought a home with it.  She netted 500,000 from it.  So if a million US citizens pitched in a dollar to a person or cause they believe in, of course that would provide a miracle for someone.  Just one dollar or 100 pennies from heaven can move mountains for someone.   

As a side note. 
Gypsies wore their coins in various ways.  They were sewn into hems and aprons.  Or with some metal work, made into belts. When doing a prosperity prayer for someone, I can just hear the chinking of these belts as I envision Gypsies dancing.  Just a very abundant image for me.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Our ET Brothers Won't Allow Nukes Flying. They Shut down US, Russian Silos.

            Playing cards:  Blue Avian Beings, Lion Beings, Reptilian Beings. Any bets on humans?

There is such a stir in the USA about the flying saucers hovering over nuclear missal silos and shutting them down.  It is very uncomfortable for the admirals and 5 star generals to realize they are not in control. 

I understand from inside sources that the Russian's have also experienced this phenomena. 

I am so sorry to tell you all this.  We will not be able to blow each other up.  There are wars being played out on the ground but we will not exchange missals any time soon. 

I also have heard that we (USA) were asked to not go back to the moon.  There are military bases on the dark side belonging to several ET groups.  They do not have to travel light years to monitor us.  They are stationed close by.  If you wonder why we did not continue to explore space after the moon landing there are some good reasons.  I understand we do have a US base on the moon now.  Like the artic circle the moon is divided up into small regions that resemble a Federation of Alien Races. 

There is such controversy over allowing Iran to have a nuclear weapon.  I am thinking that if they do get one, no big deal.  They will join the other elites who remain powerless due to the fact they are monitored and regularly shut down by our alien brothers.  I am very grateful for this.  Money does not rule this world after all. 

As in the photo above, there is a blue avian being race that is very powerful.  They have quarantined this whole solar system for our own good.  We are transitioning through a powerful electro magnetic field coming from the center of our Milky Way Solar System. 

I say get on the peace train.  We are One. 

I am going to include some links to validate all this. 






Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lost That "I Am Securely Connected to God Feeling?" 10 Ways to Get It Back!

Step One:  Find a piece of dirt and sit on it. 

It is called grounding.  I recommend finding some stones that feel good when you hold them and make a circle around you with them.  Next be sure that bare skin and bare feet are touching the earth. There is that Native American tradition of creating a medicine bag.  If you have a little pouch of any kind,  just fill it with a pinch of dirt and a couple of rocks.  It really is that simple.  If you are sitting in an office 10 stories up, no problem, you have a medicine pouch.  If possible sit near a tree or hug a tree.  Oh and another important part read my last blog.  It will feel expansive and that will help.


2. Hug a cute fluffy animal.  Animals are automatically connected to God with out much effort. They live in the now moment and do not need to amass wealth to feel secure.  They trust life.  And even if they die they do not fret as they know they are returning to source and it will be OK.  Breath deeply and slowly as you hug and pet.  Tell them you need to feel calm and connected too. They get it and they hear you.  They might not catch every word but the concept behind the words is easy for them.

3.  Pray.  Ask for God to show you and make it clear that you are not separated.  The best time to connect with God is when you don't have an urgent situation or crisis to deal with.  OK so if your like me and most of us, you are most likely to be on your knees when a crisis hits.  Use God like the Corning Ware dishes and not the Havilland china.  Best not to save God for a special occasion.  Each Day ask to feel the security and love and joy from true connection. It is really best to start your day this way.  Eileen Cady (from Findhorn) used to have to go into the public restroom to find a quiet place to pray, to center, and to meditate.  We have iPod now.  Do a quiet soft music one for when you need to zone out.  Call this the God Connection Play list. When you ask you will receive.  It will take longer if you are upset or panicked.  The moment you surrender to a situation and let go, you are like a balloon filling up with helium. Breath that in.  Like a cork you will lift and bob to the surface or float up in a breeze.  Fear holds us down.

Sub note:  Why did I wait until number three to say pray?  God (in my opinion) is always waiting for the best moment to speak with us.  It is much preferred to create that perfect space.  I call it the invite God to tea time technique.

4.  Get comfortable under your tree or in a quiet spot and then ask.  It really works out well.  Which leads me to the next request.  Ask or invite your guides to tea as well.  Your Higher Power will know who needs to show up for you.  As I said last post, we are all God's Children.  He longs for all of us to connect.

5,  Stop Worry Before It Starts:  Don't assume the worst.  Katie Byron does a type of questioning or self-talk with her clients.  She asks:  Is it true?  Often there are so many things that we struggle with that have no real basis and then we don't have control.  If it is true is there anything you can do right now to make it a little better?  If so, then what would that be. This leads to gracefully into my next idea. 

6, Call a friend.  Decide who your designated friends are ahead of time.  People that will give you a few moments to pray with you and up lift you.  That is one thing that AA does for its members.  They have a phone tree of names.  Being that person on the end of a call gives you the chance to encourage someone with a few words.  The trick is be that light house and don't jump down the rabbit hole with them.  Really.  If some one is drowning you want to be the guy holding a floating donut. So don't sink down there. And don't hesitate to reach out to a spiritual person when you need to.

7. Take a walk.

 Walking can relieve stress and there are so many pretty things to see.

 The night sky is full of magic.  Can you not feel the Intelligence of this Universe looking at the planets spinning peacefully in their orbit.  They are not bouncing around and bumping into each other like billiard balls in space.  Thank goodness.  Walk where there is a view.  I always said if I was ever suicidal enough to have a real plan, I would find my way to the Grand Canyon.  I don't think there are many who do not feel the presence of God when looking at that canyon.  So get out and walk. Wheel yourself, drive or bike if that is a better fit. Walking and singing is helpful.  Singing leads me to the next thing and I think you will like this one.

8.  Sing.  Sing at the top of your lungs.

 Get in the car and sing or out in the boonies and fresh mountain air and sing.  Go for a walk, go for a walk with someone you like, go for a walk to a neighbors house, sing.  Start singing Happy Birthday to Me.  Really every day is your birthday when you wake up and have a clean slate in front of you.  Sing to the Heavens, sing a hymn, sing a prayer.  It is a pretty fast way to be connected to God.

9.  Clean your space.  Really clean your home or at least your bedroom.  Offer to help someone clean their home.  And use a broom or feathers to move the air around too  The Native Americans call this smudging.  First clean.  Take all clutter away.  Put it in boxes or give it away.  Open the windows, let in the sun shine.  Sing or chant while you clean and then finish by burning sage, or Palo Santo.  I use an abalone sea shell to burn my sage in. . You can use a small broom to sweep the smoke if no really big feathers are near.  Be sure to move in circles with nothing but good thoughts.  bless each corner.  It makes for such a nice place to live and meditate and entertain angels.  They are all around.

10.My typing teacher said, don't just be good, be good for something.  I watch older women crochet or knit and that is great for those who tend to worry.  It would be fine to play with beads or a rosary.  They say with each bead think of a good memory.  It can be a small memory like your first kiss.  For me it is the first time I held my baby boys.  There are good memories available.  Sometimes when we are engulfed in sadness and disconnection, it is really hard to remember.  It would be good to create a scrap book of treasured happy memories.  So happy memories and busy hands lead to a place of opening the heart where God just naturally steps in.  Doing these things creates a space, a sacred space and it is my promise that it works every time. 


Snap Shots of God: Scrap Book of NDE Accounts

When I was small I spent lots of time in a tree in the back yard. During my flower child years age 17 to 19, I took a psychedelic drug and spent the evening sitting under a tree and talking to it. The Tree told me it was God.  I felt that energy and that recognition. 

This is the readers digest version of my NDE and some others too. Most of the accounts of others really touch my heart and I join them in that remembrance.  I think Anita Moorjani was that person for me. Her humility and honest account brought back my own connection and joy. Howard Storms honest emotional rendering takes me right back there to that God Zone.

 There are some things that really get to me in a big way.  When I listen to some NDE's these folks are ready to start a whole new religion based on the revelations they had. They become a bit puffed up and  with the answers.  I want to assure you that I am not doing any of that here.  In fact I think that is why my NDE is showing up like a picture book for kids of all ages.  It is very simple.  The message was very easy to get.  I don't know if I could make it into a novel if I tried.  I am remembering more all the time however.  It was a huge down load of information and much of it goes unrealized.  Little by little things come back to me.  I have decided that near death or out of body experiences are such teachers and then continue to be a life time process. I like listening to other peoples experiences because they bring back a little piece of the puzzle.  Each story is creating a bigger picture of the mosaic of Who and What is "God".  I am the first to admit that all accounts are going to run through the human filter and culture of the individual.  That is what makes it so unique.  God (in my opinion) might be co creating with us and He/She/It loves variety and diversity.  That seems rather apparent when we look at life.  No one religion or person is going to be able to express the whole truth. Again, there is truth in all of them but it varies on who is interpreting things.

  There was an Oprah Winfrey show where several people were chosen from the audience and a whole team of people did a commercial about their life.  They all could have been superstars after that. If you have a dream team for publicity, and there is money waiting at the end of this (for others) wow, anything can happen.  The media seems to elevate and then dump celebrities all the time. 

Before you exit this post, please read the end, we are all children and we all do sparkle. 

When People have out of body or near death experiences, they have a difficult time explaining what God looked like.  For me it was dancing light that healed and loved me unconditionally.  It was a re-union with a long lost loved one.  I had missed this connection in my current life as Nancy.  I also ran across this YouTube where Tienke Klein a Jewish Nazi concentration camp survivor experienced Great Love, Light, And the presence of God during her NDE. Tienke's NDE on You Tube:

Dianne Sherman was raised Catholic.  When she encountered God in her NDE, He appears as a faceless monk.  He was dressed rather humbly and she felt the fatherly dynamic of love and caring emanating from him.  Although her NDE was short it was equally profound.  She was gifted or download with new perspective that would change her hole life.  Her biggest realization was that she need not be a victim in her present life.  Secondly, she felt that she could create heaven right now without dying. God did not judge her but was unconditionally loving.  She came back with more awareness and she was clairsentient and "psychic" regarding the humans around her after returning to this world.  This is very common for most NDE experiencers.  Also she cannot watch violent movies.  I thought I was alone with that but it turns out that I am in good company and a large group that reports this as well. Another message she came back with is "we are all connected to Source" and we will all rejoin our Father after this life.  It does not matter what religion you embraced while on earth. That is a very important realization.  

Dianne Sherman on You Tube: https://youtu.be/Tz5J5MndYgo

The Hopi, Zuni and Navajo or Dine People have stories of the Kachina coming down from the Blue Star and speaking with them.  I do not know much more than the God like reverence of them and ceremonies and masks worn during ceremonies that resemble them.  I was able to watch a rain dance in the Hopi Village of Pollaca about 1975.

Many people describe God as being neither male or female but the all knowing presence during their re-emergence with Source Energy during the near death experience.  I did not want to leave the presence I felt.  A voice said "Ask for me, I am with you there (earth life) if you desire it.  You are the one who closed the door".  I was crying at having to leave this All Love Being.  I forget that all I have to do is ask sometimes.  I am still trying to do it all on my own many times.  I forget.

This is a photo of Eben Alexander's Sister.  She served as a guide during his near death experience. Eden did not know he had a sister because he had been adopted.  She was now transitioned to her eternal home and served as a beautiful guide. Eben also was aware of Light Beings. 

This is an artistic drawing of the butterfly that lifted and carried Eben Alexander during his out of body experience while he was in a coma.

Ganesha.  It has been said that Ganesh has the wisdom of the Universe in His Belly.  He is the remover of obstacles.  Sai Baba has said that God wears many hats,  has a thousands aspects and can choose the perfect form to connect with His/Her children. 

The war gods.  According to the Greeks, These Gods existed such as Poseidon.  They were wielders of great power and weather control.  Some historians like Zacharia Sitchin feels these were aliens called the Anunnaki.  They were very large and bearded and had the builder technologies that were shared with humans but slowly became lost knowledge over time after they left. 

In contrast to the more masculine gods of war and weather is the Grandmother Energy or Mother Earth energy that is softer and more nurturing.  As my Cherokee ancestor would say, "Mother Earth, Father Sky".  We are connected and stretch between them like a tree. 

When Barbara Bartalome had a near death experience on the operating table she reported a Presence that had been with her all her life.  She felt this presence around her but never turned to see a face. Her family was not religious and she had not gone to church.  She had always know God in the form of a very loving presence in her life since childhood. When her Grandfather died she was full of joy for him because he could now go home and be with God.  The other members of her family thought that was odd that she was not in tears.  They ask Barbara is she loved Grandpa? She said, "yes" but Grandpa is happy now. https://youtu.be/ZXqrEsCRars

Sai Baba has appeared to me at times.  It was been out of the Blue and Unexpected. He is aware of me.  I first met him as a young mother doing dishes and cooking in the kitchen.  The fragrance of Vibuti would fill the room and I could taste it. It was a flowery incense like taste.  Later I would learn that Sai Baba announces himself that way.  He healed millions of people during his life time.  He can represent God, as a Healer, and for me He comes almost like Santa Clause with a huge gift or blessing.

 Many are graced with the presence of the Virgin Mother Mary.  She often shows herself with pink roses and the fragrance is undeniable.  She is the Beauty of God. She defines the feminine Grace for Us during a time when the world craves more of the feminine aspect of God.  I feel blessed when she appears.

One young man described seeing warrior angels dressed in Hebrew Kilts or tunics during his near death experience. He was given a mission to complete when he was sent back to his body.

 This is the Fish God or Dagon,  His Priest would wear a fish head dressing that latter become the Miter design of the Pope of the Catholic Church.  I find that interesting.  No one comes back to say they had a discourse with Dagon but it is not impossible if God were to Orchestrate Such a vision to reach out and touch someone.

This cute guy is part of the legend of White Buffalo Calf Women.  She appeared to the planes Indians.  The Seven Tribes of the Lakota misnamed (Sioux).  She was a calf who transformed into a Gorgeous Woman.  She was powerful and Warrior Princess like.  She brought profound knowledge to the Native Americans of North America. Betty Eadie is now wearing her native American dress and saying, I need to embrace who I am.  She wrote a book about her NDE that I remember reading ages ago. I keep hoping to encounter an NDE from someone who has not heard of Christianity.  But I do believe the missionaries have taken it around the world into every corner.  Bettys NDE: https://youtu.be/g_-FGpAa7Ro

There are many artist renderings of Jesus.  Howard Storm and many people report seeing Jesus during a near death or out of body experience.  The impact is huge.  Howard had been an atheist as an adult and did not expect to be so embraced and changed by his Jesus Experience.  He writes a great deal about this.  I want to keep my discussion short so please google the names mentioned and better yet buy the book! 

When I mentioned Mother Earth I often have seen the Buddha as Father Sky.  There is such illumination with that image for me.  I just think he represents Peace and Serenity. I remember being engulfed in the utter blackness of space and then seeing the earth like a blue marble in the distance.  Most people speak of the tunnel which I did not experience at this time.  Dr. Rodionaia speaks of the intense blackness in his experience as well.

 Dr. George Rodonaia died for 3 days and came back to life when they were doing an autopsy in the morgue.  He saw God as being the Light and the Dark.  He explains that when we love nature and all beings we are serving God.  Dr. Rodonaia was an atheist prior to his NDE. He sums it up so well here: Many people have asked me what I believe in, how my NDE changed my life. All I can say is that I now believe in the God of the universe. Unlike many other people, however, I have never called God the light, because God is beyond our comprehension. God, I believe, is even more than the light, because God is also darkness. God is everything that exists, everything — and that is beyond our ability to comprehend at all. So I don’t believe in the God of the Jews, or the Christians, or the Hindus, or in any one religion’s idea of what God is or is not. It is all the same God, and that God showed me that the universe in which we live is a beautiful and marvelous mystery that is connected together forever and for always.


This artistic rendering of Jesus reminds me of our relationship.  He is a chosen human form of God.  The Vastness and All Inclusive Nature of God often needs a Good Uncle, or Caring Parent side when interacting with us.  My Jesus experience is indescribable.  He is the person I would most like to hang out with if given a choice.  We laugh and share deeply.  I saw him on a round stage in a dream, when he walked on stage there was a collective sigh as though we were all in love with him and he was the heart throb in that room.  He is gorgeous. Dynamic, Mesmerizing, Life Changing, and A great Speaker!  For me I find it hard to call myself a Christian because I do not fit perfectly into that box and interpretation that is supposed to be about Jesus and yet there are certainly some of his teachings within that faith. Also, when people do experience Jesus in their NDE they assume that it is a message to rejoin the faith of their childhood.  When I listen to some NDE that have a very Christian flavor, I do feel that they are adding to the actual experience and making it a Christian experience.  Please don't do that.  If anything is going on it is a course correction or a righting of inaccurate interpretations. When someone is in the true Presence of Jesus they will understand where present Christianity has strayed from the Bigger Picture. They will see how all religions unit and compliment each other and they are not juxtaposed.

Who can forget Charlton Heston as Moses or Big Hur?   Moses represents the leadership and the protection that God has promised.  I am sure that some have met Moses during an NDE but I have not read about those experiences.  I would love to hear about it.

I had my near death experience over 30 years ago.  I think how did it change me?  I did not come back as a saint with all the answers.  The answer almost entirely wraps around the God/Me relationship.  I needed the fullness of that  relationship and the cup of love overflowing in my life.  I was promised that I would remember that and experience that once back in this 3D reality.  I have continued to make mistakes and at times choke myself off from God when I get angry or fearful or doubtful.  This earth life has knocked the wind out of me many times. I have been told that it did not need to be so hard.  I just did not listen to the subtle voices saying "don't do that". I had some contracted experiences but they did not need to be as challenging as I made them.

  I was told how very important this life is.  This life is full of golden opportunities. I was shown movie clips of the future and certain contracted events. I am sorry to say I don't recall that at all. Those golden moments that Angels spoke of  are not the ones we often think of. Hollywood moments are not exactly what defines a Golden Moment spiritually. Many concur that on returning to their body and earth life; it was not the promotion or the graduation ceremony that was "golden" in the life review.  What are those unique treasured moments?  That is for each individual to unwarp and discover. It is why we are here.  There are some things you cannot just read about.  You have to get your hands in the clay and experience things.  It is like dreaming about a vacation and reading a travel log but that will not yield the full adventure.  You have to really be there and live it. 

I see the light in the eyes of people who did experience the Big Love of God.  Many were atheist or unsure of their beliefs before the out of body and reemergence experience.  The hardest thing to explain is the immense joy and love that are felt.  It really is hard to come back to this world.  I miss knowing who I really am.  I know who I was and realized that I was like an amnesia patient on earth. I was barely alive and rather zombie like compared to my authentic self.  It is nice to know how valued we are.  The world does not always give us that positive message.  We are prized beyond all comprehension. 

In many ways the Jesus parable of the prodigal son, is true of all of us.  We somehow forget our worth and become distracted by temptations and lures.  We sell our birthright for trinkets.  Then when we are sitting at rock bottom, we finally cry out.  We look for love in all the wrong places and faces.  We become prey to the agendas of others who do not really care about us.  How wonderful it is to have the connection during the out of body adventure.  All other experiences pale in comparison.

God is one of those trigger words that will cause an argument.  Everyone has a version or concept.  All I would pass on is this.  If this version is not loving and life affirming, it is not valid.  Most of us NDE people know that if we know nothing else.  Don't let religion take your soul and truth.  Religion has been used to harness and control people.  That should not happen.  You just have to trust me on that.
PMH Atwater has done some amazing and comprehensive research on all this.  I am in my own search but she is the leading go to person on this subject.  Please listen to her and watch her on You Tube.  https://youtu.be/QL1zGoNLAW4