Thursday, March 19, 2015

Co-Creating with a Crystal Ball

In my morning meditation I was highlighting all the aspects I like about being an intuitive counselor, psychic, channel, and medium.  What has hooked me into this?  But I don't like the cheap definition of "fortune teller".  That is a poverty stricken image for me.
I love it when the client and I are "catching fire".  Co-creating is going on and I feel so magnificent.  Many teachers believe that we are all God's children and His/Her Heaven as well.  He/She experiences new leading edge expansion through us.  I like that.  It seems that would be the case. To see the All That Is growing with us adds a rainbow to a gray sky.  
There is physical manifestation going on too.  There are flashes of light and orbs and things start to move on their own. I used to have a music box on the table. I bought it for 5 dollars at a thrift store. I put two AA batteries in it and nothing happened. But I left it on my table.  When I was doing a tarot card reading for a couple it started to work.  There was this odd whirring sound, and then it played music.  Any time a loved one was present during a reading it would work.  Ha. Love that.  James Van Praagh told me I was a physical medium.  Apports happen too. Those are lost objects.  They appear. During my reading yesterday one of my lost earrings appeared. 
There is magic in several people coming together and brain storming a solution for an issue.  Really all problems serve as spring boards to higher creation. 
So I used to think I wanted to be an advisor to the "stars".  Those are people in a position of influence and they can make a more profound impact on others. 
I have a newer revelation.  We are all stars, bright shinny ones.   I get so much benefit from seeing people reach for the next level.  My favorite readings are the ones that allow me to experience the beauty and talent (untapped) of the person in front of me.  It really is a "God" thing.  It is a divine moment unparalleled  in its ability to delight me and make my day.
For all of us there is a trickle down effect,  like the widening ripples after throwing a stone into a still pond.  Our growth radiates out and effects everyone around us. 
The impact of new insight is something hard to define.  It is magical and breathtaking,  When I get to experience a new paradigm with others...a bond is formed.  It is rather like being the birthing coach and witnessing new life.  I feel like the midwife. 
It is indeed transforming and spectacular.  I feel like I am watching a black and white movie that turned to Technicolor.  And somehow I am now "family".  Yes, I just became cousin Nancy or Angel Bell.  Many of my clients do become good friends and very family like.  I can't go back to seeing them as "the stranger who just walked in my door".
The way to be the Star in my experience is to ask for it, and to truly believe that when two or three come together, in true expectation, that it can happen.  Wow.  That is as good as it gets.
Short story.  I volunteered at a middle school as a "fortune teller" in a booth.  There were several of us helping at a school carnival.  It was a fundraising event.  I had a great time.  Most of the kids I read for were about 12 to 14 years old.  I saw amazing things in all of them and for all of them.  I think I felt like "Catcher in the Rye"  helping them deal with some of the "land mines"  ahead and showing them their own strengths and talents.  They had lots of talent.  How fun to hold a crystal ball out in front of them where all the good stuff shows up.  Things they never saw about themselves became clear.  I saw one girl winning a surfing championship.  Her mother started dancing around.  They were debating sending her to surfing school in Hawaii.  Usually kids in Arizona, don't do the surfer thing.  Yes they were surprised I saw it.  I was surprised and happy too.  It is so incredible to get validated like that.  Generally kids and young adults have such pure positive energy and I get to splash around in it for a while. Fun. 
There are so many blessings in doing the work I do.  I just need to highlight those.  And say...I love it and bring me some more clients that want to grow and expand and make a difference. 
I am making a difference heart, one life, one realization at a time.
I see a whole constellation of stars (my people)

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