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Sunday, March 1, 2015

What I Don't Know About Mental Health

More on Mental Health

There might be a war on and it is not one of swords but of research. It is a non stop cliff hanger when you have a loved one in a managed care system. I don't know what is more frustrating; the system or the odd behaviors of the loved one.  Really both.  Both and there seems to be no lack of dumb answers.  I am in the field.  I am training to be a therapist.  That so far has been a history lesson in the founding theories of Psychology.

I feel it is a mistake to align with the medical model when dealing with human behavior.  I am much more interested in causal relationships.  Even if I suspect I know the causes, then what is even more a worry is the cure.  I can attest that prevention is going to be an easier path than fixing damaged minds and hearts.

We cannot take the mind, emotions, beliefs, and physical body and separate them into components. They all work together.  There must be a holistic approach to well being if there is any improvement to be realized at all.

What we do know.  Early childhood trauma is the usual culprit in creating mental illness.  children are far more vulnerable to beliefs and fears.  Abandonment can last a life time.  Abuse and emotional estrangement can cause a fracture in the mind.  If redeemed early enough there will be no lasting psychosis.  Sometimes it only takes one caring person to save a life.

What happens if that person reaches adulthood?  It is much harder to help them.  In fact there are no really effective strategies and the current remedy is psycho-pharmaceuticals.  Many of these drugs are very toxic.  Some cause permanent nerve damage as well as sterility.  Often times it is as dangerous to stop taking these drugs as it is to be on them.  It can take a year to titrate off a a powerful drug that alters brain chemistry.  Many mass tort cases are being won out of court against the manufacturers of these anti-psychotic and anti-depression drugs.

Adolescence is a time when psychosis usually shows up.  One doctor explained to me that the increase in hormones, like testosterone, causes the brain to do neural flip flops.  It is no secret that teen aged boys start to behave in risky and illogical ways.  That is the norm. It is also a time when the fractured mind will most likely become obvious.  I also read that genomes can switch on at various times.  Genes can lie dormant until certain environmental factors are present.

There may also be new research pointing to the status of the pregnant mother.  Mothers who are malnourished or diabetic during pregnancy might have a huge part to play in the formation of certain limbic functions and the formation of the cerebral cortex.  There is such a delicate balance going on in utero.  I had gestational diabetes.  I am wondering about that.  Diabetes is a form of malnutrition. Dr. Wallach has found that it can be corrected by adding additional minerals during pregnancy and afterword during nursing.  We need about 80 trace minerals that our over used soil is not providing.  He maintains that electricity might have changed our health as much as convenience junk foods. In the good old days they added wood ash to the garden and that garden was organic as a matter of course,

Another factor is the stress that many young people grow up with and the controversial mind programming that occurs for youth these days. Many people may be more mind controlled than they are lead to believe.  Finding a healthy world view is difficult.

I just read an article on Dopamine blocking drugs.  They believe that a schizophrenic is experiencing too much dopamine in their brain chemistry.  I don't think that is the reason.  What is the reason?  That is a million dollar question.  That is a question that would put the pharmaceutical industry out of business.  Every treatment seems to be focused now on drugs.  All those psychiatrist would be pumping gas or waiting tables.  The research is largely funded by the pharmaceutical industry...if someone feels socially awkward...they will develop a pill for it or any other uncomfortable feeling.  I believe the answers are close at hand.  I might be on the trail even.  If I do find out some things..who will publish it.  Who will finance the trial studies.  Oh my, it is indeed darkest before the dawn.




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