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Snap Shots of God: Scrap Book of NDE Accounts

When I was small I spent lots of time in a tree in the back yard. During my flower child years age 17 to 19, I took a psychedelic drug and spent the evening sitting under a tree and talking to it. The Tree told me it was God.  I felt that energy and that recognition. 

This is the readers digest version of my NDE and some others too. Most of the accounts of others really touch my heart and I join them in that remembrance.  I think Anita Moorjani was that person for me. Her humility and honest account brought back my own connection and joy. Howard Storms honest emotional rendering takes me right back there to that God Zone.

 There are some things that really get to me in a big way.  When I listen to some NDE's these folks are ready to start a whole new religion based on the revelations they had. They become a bit puffed up and  with the answers.  I want to assure you that I am not doing any of that here.  In fact I think that is why my NDE is showing up like a picture book for kids of all ages.  It is very simple.  The message was very easy to get.  I don't know if I could make it into a novel if I tried.  I am remembering more all the time however.  It was a huge down load of information and much of it goes unrealized.  Little by little things come back to me.  I have decided that near death or out of body experiences are such teachers and then continue to be a life time process. I like listening to other peoples experiences because they bring back a little piece of the puzzle.  Each story is creating a bigger picture of the mosaic of Who and What is "God".  I am the first to admit that all accounts are going to run through the human filter and culture of the individual.  That is what makes it so unique.  God (in my opinion) might be co creating with us and He/She/It loves variety and diversity.  That seems rather apparent when we look at life.  No one religion or person is going to be able to express the whole truth. Again, there is truth in all of them but it varies on who is interpreting things.

  There was an Oprah Winfrey show where several people were chosen from the audience and a whole team of people did a commercial about their life.  They all could have been superstars after that. If you have a dream team for publicity, and there is money waiting at the end of this (for others) wow, anything can happen.  The media seems to elevate and then dump celebrities all the time. 

Before you exit this post, please read the end, we are all children and we all do sparkle. 

When People have out of body or near death experiences, they have a difficult time explaining what God looked like.  For me it was dancing light that healed and loved me unconditionally.  It was a re-union with a long lost loved one.  I had missed this connection in my current life as Nancy.  I also ran across this YouTube where Tienke Klein a Jewish Nazi concentration camp survivor experienced Great Love, Light, And the presence of God during her NDE. Tienke's NDE on You Tube:

Dianne Sherman was raised Catholic.  When she encountered God in her NDE, He appears as a faceless monk.  He was dressed rather humbly and she felt the fatherly dynamic of love and caring emanating from him.  Although her NDE was short it was equally profound.  She was gifted or download with new perspective that would change her hole life.  Her biggest realization was that she need not be a victim in her present life.  Secondly, she felt that she could create heaven right now without dying. God did not judge her but was unconditionally loving.  She came back with more awareness and she was clairsentient and "psychic" regarding the humans around her after returning to this world.  This is very common for most NDE experiencers.  Also she cannot watch violent movies.  I thought I was alone with that but it turns out that I am in good company and a large group that reports this as well. Another message she came back with is "we are all connected to Source" and we will all rejoin our Father after this life.  It does not matter what religion you embraced while on earth. That is a very important realization.  

Dianne Sherman on You Tube:

The Hopi, Zuni and Navajo or Dine People have stories of the Kachina coming down from the Blue Star and speaking with them.  I do not know much more than the God like reverence of them and ceremonies and masks worn during ceremonies that resemble them.  I was able to watch a rain dance in the Hopi Village of Pollaca about 1975.

Many people describe God as being neither male or female but the all knowing presence during their re-emergence with Source Energy during the near death experience.  I did not want to leave the presence I felt.  A voice said "Ask for me, I am with you there (earth life) if you desire it.  You are the one who closed the door".  I was crying at having to leave this All Love Being.  I forget that all I have to do is ask sometimes.  I am still trying to do it all on my own many times.  I forget.

This is a photo of Eben Alexander's Sister.  She served as a guide during his near death experience. Eden did not know he had a sister because he had been adopted.  She was now transitioned to her eternal home and served as a beautiful guide. Eben also was aware of Light Beings. 

This is an artistic drawing of the butterfly that lifted and carried Eben Alexander during his out of body experience while he was in a coma.

Ganesha.  It has been said that Ganesh has the wisdom of the Universe in His Belly.  He is the remover of obstacles.  Sai Baba has said that God wears many hats,  has a thousands aspects and can choose the perfect form to connect with His/Her children. 

The war gods.  According to the Greeks, These Gods existed such as Poseidon.  They were wielders of great power and weather control.  Some historians like Zacharia Sitchin feels these were aliens called the Anunnaki.  They were very large and bearded and had the builder technologies that were shared with humans but slowly became lost knowledge over time after they left. 

In contrast to the more masculine gods of war and weather is the Grandmother Energy or Mother Earth energy that is softer and more nurturing.  As my Cherokee ancestor would say, "Mother Earth, Father Sky".  We are connected and stretch between them like a tree. 

When Barbara Bartalome had a near death experience on the operating table she reported a Presence that had been with her all her life.  She felt this presence around her but never turned to see a face. Her family was not religious and she had not gone to church.  She had always know God in the form of a very loving presence in her life since childhood. When her Grandfather died she was full of joy for him because he could now go home and be with God.  The other members of her family thought that was odd that she was not in tears.  They ask Barbara is she loved Grandpa? She said, "yes" but Grandpa is happy now.

Sai Baba has appeared to me at times.  It was been out of the Blue and Unexpected. He is aware of me.  I first met him as a young mother doing dishes and cooking in the kitchen.  The fragrance of Vibuti would fill the room and I could taste it. It was a flowery incense like taste.  Later I would learn that Sai Baba announces himself that way.  He healed millions of people during his life time.  He can represent God, as a Healer, and for me He comes almost like Santa Clause with a huge gift or blessing.

 Many are graced with the presence of the Virgin Mother Mary.  She often shows herself with pink roses and the fragrance is undeniable.  She is the Beauty of God. She defines the feminine Grace for Us during a time when the world craves more of the feminine aspect of God.  I feel blessed when she appears.

One young man described seeing warrior angels dressed in Hebrew Kilts or tunics during his near death experience. He was given a mission to complete when he was sent back to his body.

 This is the Fish God or Dagon,  His Priest would wear a fish head dressing that latter become the Miter design of the Pope of the Catholic Church.  I find that interesting.  No one comes back to say they had a discourse with Dagon but it is not impossible if God were to Orchestrate Such a vision to reach out and touch someone.

This cute guy is part of the legend of White Buffalo Calf Women.  She appeared to the planes Indians.  The Seven Tribes of the Lakota misnamed (Sioux).  She was a calf who transformed into a Gorgeous Woman.  She was powerful and Warrior Princess like.  She brought profound knowledge to the Native Americans of North America. Betty Eadie is now wearing her native American dress and saying, I need to embrace who I am.  She wrote a book about her NDE that I remember reading ages ago. I keep hoping to encounter an NDE from someone who has not heard of Christianity.  But I do believe the missionaries have taken it around the world into every corner.  Bettys NDE:

There are many artist renderings of Jesus.  Howard Storm and many people report seeing Jesus during a near death or out of body experience.  The impact is huge.  Howard had been an atheist as an adult and did not expect to be so embraced and changed by his Jesus Experience.  He writes a great deal about this.  I want to keep my discussion short so please google the names mentioned and better yet buy the book! 

When I mentioned Mother Earth I often have seen the Buddha as Father Sky.  There is such illumination with that image for me.  I just think he represents Peace and Serenity. I remember being engulfed in the utter blackness of space and then seeing the earth like a blue marble in the distance.  Most people speak of the tunnel which I did not experience at this time.  Dr. Rodionaia speaks of the intense blackness in his experience as well.

 Dr. George Rodonaia died for 3 days and came back to life when they were doing an autopsy in the morgue.  He saw God as being the Light and the Dark.  He explains that when we love nature and all beings we are serving God.  Dr. Rodonaia was an atheist prior to his NDE. He sums it up so well here: Many people have asked me what I believe in, how my NDE changed my life. All I can say is that I now believe in the God of the universe. Unlike many other people, however, I have never called God the light, because God is beyond our comprehension. God, I believe, is even more than the light, because God is also darkness. God is everything that exists, everything — and that is beyond our ability to comprehend at all. So I don’t believe in the God of the Jews, or the Christians, or the Hindus, or in any one religion’s idea of what God is or is not. It is all the same God, and that God showed me that the universe in which we live is a beautiful and marvelous mystery that is connected together forever and for always.

This artistic rendering of Jesus reminds me of our relationship.  He is a chosen human form of God.  The Vastness and All Inclusive Nature of God often needs a Good Uncle, or Caring Parent side when interacting with us.  My Jesus experience is indescribable.  He is the person I would most like to hang out with if given a choice.  We laugh and share deeply.  I saw him on a round stage in a dream, when he walked on stage there was a collective sigh as though we were all in love with him and he was the heart throb in that room.  He is gorgeous. Dynamic, Mesmerizing, Life Changing, and A great Speaker!  For me I find it hard to call myself a Christian because I do not fit perfectly into that box and interpretation that is supposed to be about Jesus and yet there are certainly some of his teachings within that faith. Also, when people do experience Jesus in their NDE they assume that it is a message to rejoin the faith of their childhood.  When I listen to some NDE that have a very Christian flavor, I do feel that they are adding to the actual experience and making it a Christian experience.  Please don't do that.  If anything is going on it is a course correction or a righting of inaccurate interpretations. When someone is in the true Presence of Jesus they will understand where present Christianity has strayed from the Bigger Picture. They will see how all religions unit and compliment each other and they are not juxtaposed.

Who can forget Charlton Heston as Moses or Big Hur?   Moses represents the leadership and the protection that God has promised.  I am sure that some have met Moses during an NDE but I have not read about those experiences.  I would love to hear about it.

I had my near death experience over 30 years ago.  I think how did it change me?  I did not come back as a saint with all the answers.  The answer almost entirely wraps around the God/Me relationship.  I needed the fullness of that  relationship and the cup of love overflowing in my life.  I was promised that I would remember that and experience that once back in this 3D reality.  I have continued to make mistakes and at times choke myself off from God when I get angry or fearful or doubtful.  This earth life has knocked the wind out of me many times. I have been told that it did not need to be so hard.  I just did not listen to the subtle voices saying "don't do that". I had some contracted experiences but they did not need to be as challenging as I made them.

  I was told how very important this life is.  This life is full of golden opportunities. I was shown movie clips of the future and certain contracted events. I am sorry to say I don't recall that at all. Those golden moments that Angels spoke of  are not the ones we often think of. Hollywood moments are not exactly what defines a Golden Moment spiritually. Many concur that on returning to their body and earth life; it was not the promotion or the graduation ceremony that was "golden" in the life review.  What are those unique treasured moments?  That is for each individual to unwarp and discover. It is why we are here.  There are some things you cannot just read about.  You have to get your hands in the clay and experience things.  It is like dreaming about a vacation and reading a travel log but that will not yield the full adventure.  You have to really be there and live it. 

I see the light in the eyes of people who did experience the Big Love of God.  Many were atheist or unsure of their beliefs before the out of body and reemergence experience.  The hardest thing to explain is the immense joy and love that are felt.  It really is hard to come back to this world.  I miss knowing who I really am.  I know who I was and realized that I was like an amnesia patient on earth. I was barely alive and rather zombie like compared to my authentic self.  It is nice to know how valued we are.  The world does not always give us that positive message.  We are prized beyond all comprehension. 

In many ways the Jesus parable of the prodigal son, is true of all of us.  We somehow forget our worth and become distracted by temptations and lures.  We sell our birthright for trinkets.  Then when we are sitting at rock bottom, we finally cry out.  We look for love in all the wrong places and faces.  We become prey to the agendas of others who do not really care about us.  How wonderful it is to have the connection during the out of body adventure.  All other experiences pale in comparison.

God is one of those trigger words that will cause an argument.  Everyone has a version or concept.  All I would pass on is this.  If this version is not loving and life affirming, it is not valid.  Most of us NDE people know that if we know nothing else.  Don't let religion take your soul and truth.  Religion has been used to harness and control people.  That should not happen.  You just have to trust me on that.
PMH Atwater has done some amazing and comprehensive research on all this.  I am in my own search but she is the leading go to person on this subject.  Please listen to her and watch her on You Tube.

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