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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Having Fun! 101

Essay on Fun, the low down on kicking up some good times and frivolity 

What is fun?  Is there a recipe for it? If so it must be made of chocolate and giggles.  It must be able to be shared easily with others and ideally it should raise our brain chemistry to a happy temperature.  It is probably something new or maybe it has become a family tradition. It might have happened spontaneously.  I remember being at my great aunts modest home for her birthday.  She played the flute and her friend played the piano.  They had been in the Phoenix Symphony orchestra years ago.  We felt incredibly rich and it seemed the angels drew near to listen.  That was fun!  Every Easter, the two boys and I had a new tradition.  It was a treasure hunt with two treasures and two sets of clues carefully placed in plastic eggs.  I wanted something that was not such a celebration of sugar in the early morning and something way less competitive.  The fun of non competitive tennis: We would take one or two kids to the tennis court and the goal was to keep the ball in play as long as possible.  We would volley the ball to each other. This was followed by a trip to the ice cream parlor. 

Creating your own waterpark;with sprinklers is a great way to enjoy the afternoon in a hot day in Phoenix.  We had a basket ball court that was largely unused due to the extreme heat. We hooked up sprinklers and passed out water guns and just had the most fun for an hour.  Backyards sometimes get muddy.  These kids did not have a play-yard just the court.  Fun is using what you have access to in a new and creative way.  
I think one way to keep kids out of trouble and away from illegal drugs is to teach them how to have fun in a safe way.  Things that foster fun are numerous and infinite.  Music that can be participated in is fun sort of like Karaoke is fun. Any activity that ask for creativity is fun if it is shared. Jokes can be fun too if that fit the audience. Sports can be fun and silly too as long as everyone wins.  And a note for the guys.  I love watching the Superbowl each year and it can be a great party for everyone. Dads can go outside and kick the ball around with the younger sports fans.  Many wives might enjoy it more if everyone participates in creating the game snacks.  Cleaning and cooking can be fun, (just ask Rachel Ray) I can remember tamale making parties. We played music and musical chairs and told jokes while making dozens of tamales for Christmas.  In Phoenix, Arizona it would not be Christmas without two or three kinds of tamales to share at a party.  

Thanksgiving should never depend on one person doing all the cooking (unless they really love to do it) The funnest Thanksgivings were where everyone brought their favorite dishes to share.  Later we would play games or music. I think it is fun to make holidays less and less about food in general.  You can encourage the cherished others to bring plastic containers to take things home.  It seems fun to not have to cook for a day or two.  Make cleaning up fun and everyone has a part to play.    
Bullet Points for Fun. 

  • It makes you feel good
  • It makes you laugh out loud. 
  • It really doesn’t cost that much. (It won’t break you
  • You look forward to doing it again. 
  • It seems to be created from a very happy place
  • It stimulates creativity and oneness
  • It allows someone to connect with others in a really good way. 
  • Once you experience it, it gets easier to find it again. 
  • It often draws on our empathy and compassion for others. 
  • It seems to celebrate the good parts of being human. 
  • It seems to encourage good sportsmanship and fair play. 
  • It also seems to celebrate nature and beauty, like a picnic in spring.  
  • It is like a cork floating to the top, it just seems to want to surface.
  • Like attracts like.  If someone tells a joke and tosses a ball to the next joke teller, pretty soon it become infectious. Everyone is laughing. 
  • For sand tray therapy groups: Ask members to recall a fun moment and find something in the miniature to represent that. 
  • Fun does not require a victim.  It is not real fun if someone else is made to feel bad or less than in the process. So slap stick comedy might not qualify. Some comedians do it so well that we almost have to laugh. 
  • Fun is bubbly but it does not require any substances.  Not really. 
  • In fact fun seems to only require a permission slip and some space. It is like leaving the gate open and inviting fun to show up. 
  • What discourages fun?  Fun has contrast for sure and perhaps we need to experience that as well sometimes.
Things that are most likely to displace fun. 
  • Right off the bat, death of a loved one.  Huge loss is often hard to manage and have fun too.  Loss of job or relationship, anything in fact that counts as a loss.  Even when we try and celebrate someone’s life at a funeral and tell jokes, it often is punctuated by the pain of saying good bye. 
  • Family dysfunction can be a real deal breaker for fun.  If a family is arguing and not being kind to each other, fun is scarce.  
  • Lack of structure and education can be a barrier to fun. Friday night sparks off the week end with the promise of fun.  Ether school is over or a work week is over.  If someone is a couch potato without goals or structure, fun is less find-able. Ever been out of work for a while? Not fun. Which also leads to income.  I think having income from somewhere reliable is needed for a healthy heaping of fun.  
  • Education is also vital to having fun. It is hard to be creative and communicate without the shared media and basic knowledge of others. There are many kids of education. Some non formal kinds include sewing circles, nature walks that identify healing herbs, dance classes and learning to sing at church.  Not all learning is in a class room. Fun and education go hand and hand more often than we think. 
  • Absence of community and apathy can foster bad connection and lack of fun. I remember watching “Christmas with the Kranks” and it is obvious that the Kranks have walled themselves off from their neighborhood.  They manage to reconcile with neighbors, at the end.  Being part of a community is often necessary for real fun to happen. 

  • And avoid serious injury or being really sick. Those are definitely not fun. 

So in essence it is necessary to lay a background where fun can grow in order to really get your game on. 

This is a really good video on not being so serious.  That is a major part of our culture and our problems.  


Monday, September 5, 2016

Bipolar Bears Skating with Abraham Hicks

Often times people who are experiencing depression, mania, and a disconnection from reality are not fully enjoying the contrast.  Contrast as Esther Hicks explains, has everything to do with living life and deciding what feels right and what is enjoyable.  Often people must experience an uncomfortable or “bad” experience to be clear about what they do want. The contrast is experiencing a rainy day so you can experience a sunny day.  Some people clearly are not enjoying it if they are pressed into situations that do not allow them to express who they really are.  Abraham suggests that bipolar symptoms are created by not allowing a strong energy or path to unfold.  Sometimes there is such a strong personality parent or caretaker, that the child cannot express or be their authentic self.  Many Bipolar people experience mood episodes that include delusional happenings like people with Schizophrenia diagnosis often experience.  Many bipolar diagnosed people are very intuitive and psychic, however, they have not learned to balance their current life with the impressions they are receiving from others.  Since they are often told that it is wrong to be psychic and have those awesome intuitive visions, they feel even more devalued and broken.  They develop more stigma that says there is something wrong with me.

Abraham Hicks calls bipolar diagnosed people:  Those who have strong wanters disease.  They focus on what they want in a very intense way.  They are often very creative people with strong intentions.  When you really know what you don’t want then you really know what you do want.  She has said this: the person labeled bipolar was born into a challenge and thus hit the ground running.  They often experience a current of negative emotion due to the fact that they really know what they desire but cannot line up with it.  Abe says:  "once you have tasted the sweetness of who you really are, you can’t go back to being satisfied without that."  Becoming self-actualized is paramount to the person with this diagnosis.

As far as gaining some control over the see saw of moods, Abe suggests the following mantra or affirmation: 

I am a powerful wanter, I plummet when I am not in alignment.  Some people do not have the strong wanting or desiring as much as I (diagnosis of bipolar disorder).  Powerful Wanting Creates Powerful Joy.  I can focus myself into feeling better.

When you are feeling good then go with it.  Milk it.  Happiness is the goal. 
They experience moving energy. Bipolar people can jump from one extreme to another…joy to despair…due to the power of focus.  They have repeatedly practiced extreme focus.  When you are focusing in an uncomfortable way, remember how powerful of a focuser you are, you can stop it as well. When you feel negative emotion it is rarely what someone else is doing.  You have the ability to observe what you wish to observe or focus on things that are pleasing to you instead of things that drag you down.

From listening to hundreds of Abraham Hicks material, some purchased and some on You Tube, I have a basic theory for the causation of the uncomfortable symptoms that have been tagged mental illness.  Very little of it stems from genetics except that we are all capable of experiencing some of the symptoms that are more exaggerated for those suffering with “mental illness.”  Instead of just being down in the dumps, or dissatisfied some people become chronically depressed.  Instead of just being apprehensive, some people experience chronic anxiety and panic attacks.  Instead of just being cautious about others some mistrust is developed into huge fantasies that of paranoia. 

Abraham Hicks has an emotional scale that is so helpful.  It is helpful to realize that we are all on the emotional scale, somewhere.  I find it helps identify the uncomfortable to nightmarish range of the scale in order to understand it and turn things around.  

Since the logic for many of these not good feelings is faulty, going down the rabbit hole to discover where they stem from will take you on the limbic loop to nowhere.   Often there is no why except a faulty belief.  When I studied the Cognitive Restructuring of Beck I was a bit disappointed.  The reason it only works about half the time is the person must be ready to be restructured.  That is why I support person-centered or Carl Roger’s orientation.  The person must be calm and safe enough to peak through a new window. They can then re-direct their thinking and their life.  It is up to the person to decide on a better more reasonable path for themselves.   Many bipolar people have experienced trauma in early childhood as well as other injustices.  Some bipolar diagnosed people feel suicidal and helpless.  Split energy feels very terrible.  Split energy is wanting to die because life has become painful, but part of their being does not wish to die.  Abraham suggests making a decision to stay here and feel better knowing that tools exist that will help them climb out of depression (easily).

You can’t arm wrestle with bipolar bears.  They have to see the path open before them.  You can only love them unconditionally and support them in the way they wish to be supported.  You cannot consequence or punish someone into alignment. That will never work.  They do need to know that they are valued and celebrated.  For those who love someone who is experiencing symptoms, Abe suggests that this loved one should find all the reasons. strengths and qualities to illuminate why they like their loved one.  Point them forward by talking about the future and what they would like to have happen.  Sooth them when they try and catastrophize, saying, “it probably will all work out in the end.”  And sometimes, loved ones with problems don’t need caretakers to have all the answers to fix their problems.  We can just be good listeners.  In fact, that is often much better.

Try just doing things together if possible.   

Things to do together are things like go to a drummer circle, karaoke, hikes, bike, swim, go hear music together, do hot yoga together, get a guitar and take lessons, volley a tennis ball back and forth non competitively, do something crafty, make crafts together.  There are hundreds of things that allow togetherness without competition or judgement. 

We took a hula dance class once.  It was great fun!  It is hard to remain depressed when doing the hula.

Referenced from the following Abraham/ Esther Hicks You Tube Videos.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mountain Magic, Almost Heaven, Mt. Shasta

My adult son and I just returned from the Victory in the Light conference at the Methodist Family Camp on Castle Lake, near the famous Mt Shasta giant mountain.  It is snow crested year round.  The days were warm and bright with intense sun and the nights were heavenly and cool.  The stars were outstanding in their brilliance.  The photo above illustrates attendees gathered around a bon fire playing music, drums and dancing as thousands of light orbs gather and dance with them.  They are high energy beings and most likely forest sprites and nature divas (see post on Findhorn Fairy Magic) (later).  Keep smiling and reading for now.

Many people attending saw craft above the forest canopy in the evening sky.  I am not concerned whether those crafts are ours as in the “secret space program” that Corey Goode, David Wilcock and Mike Salla speak of or off world races here with an agenda.

So let me explain:  In 2010 I invited Charles Hall to speak in Payson, AZ, a small town off the bee line highway.  The night he spoke about the tall white alien race in Nevada, the sky over Payson lit up with craft.  My son was standing outside observing craft, stationary in the sky, (listening) witnessing our speaking event.  When it ended, they all winked out and were gone.  We had a chance to speak with Charles Hall in person before and after that event.  I wrote a check out of my own personal account.  I was a board member who was generous at that time and so, perhaps I am saying the personal time with Charles was justified.  I wrote a blog about him and a review of his Millennial Hospitality Book series.  I could speak volumes more but it would Segway this whole post.  

Bottom line, we (friends and family) have seen craft and I just except that they are in the sky like bumper cars.  Both of my boys have witness craft and have had abduction experiences.  I must admit I think me too.  I would much rather have one to one conferences with our alien friendlies than just experience the craft above me.  Indeed, that is beginning for me, and Charles said “in ten or fifteen years all will be disclosed.”  The government already plans for a slow trickle of information.  Charles’ guess is that by 2025 it is out there on the streets and on main stream TV.  That still seems a long way off and there is such revelation already happening.

The afterglow of Mt. Shasta still continues after I am home and adding up all the receipts from our road trip. Yes, it cost a bit to do this. We traveled from Phoenix to Mt. Shasta in a rental car and back.  There are many reasons we decided to travel this way.  Some are rather personal ones.  Both Zac, my son, and I are psychic empaths and have easy frustration and overload in the airports.  There was much deliberation in our travel plans.  Starting out was fun but we tired of the trip while going through the smoggy LA area.  We experienced some fatigue as well. I must acknowledge my son as the one who got us there.  A big shout out to Zac's use of Google navigator. 

left to right: Mike Salla, Laurie Eisenhower, Corey Goode, and Rob Potter
radio interviews back to camera.  

Zac making a short video walk at Mt. Shasta. 

 Once in Mt. Shasta we were elevated to a new energy and experience.  I kept stating that I felt like I had come home.  I never knew I missed it having never seen it.  Once there I felt that it was worth the journey.  Ideally we could have stayed a few more days.  I felt a playful energy and the smile of a mother beholding her beloved children.  Mt. Shasta is massive and lifts herself out of the earth's crust with such grace.  She is always crested with snow at the top and often wears a halo of puffy lenticular clouds that form above the peak. It is awe-inspiring to see this majesty and breath the lush pine scented breeze of the forest floor.  Mt. Shasta has always drawn mystics from around the world.  Zac and I had also purchased tickets to the conference at a church camp.  This was the 2016 "Secret Space Program" venue of topics and speakers.  

I really enjoyed the question and answer segment of the conference.  Corey Goode, Rob Potter, Laura Eisenhower and Mike Salla were all quest speakers.  They did an excellent job of presenting their material.  Much of this material I had heard before so it was interesting to get a bit more detail. In between engagement with speakers I met so many people.  There was a slogan floating “everyone has a story” and they all did.  It was very nice to share and hear the stories of others.  I took many photos and found everyone to be extraordinary that we spoke to.  It was not just the celebrities but all those gathered that made this an adventure and a gallery of sparkly people.

I have to jump to the following for a second...excuse me. 
I am an animal communicator.  I met Matisha (link below) at Mt. Shasta. 

Today I am also aware of dolphins crying.  Sadly, they are hunted in Japan this time of the year.  Please send prayers and donations to those trying to protect them.  If you remember the movie “the Cove” about the Japanese practice of killing dolphins who compete with certain fishing practices, sad movie for sure.  Dolphins are extremely intelligent in many ways that we cannot even evaluate. In my post regarding the future cites (beyond the Jetsons) I mention dolphins or beluga whales communicating with our human scientist about the oceans in an effort to correct and help that environment. Also see http://www.songofhome.com/Matisha-Tour-Schedule.htm for more on dolphin human interaction.  

And in my post on Future Cities: Beyond the Jetsons....(I have future dreams sometimes)

 I also mentioned the huge birds that were like Macaws.  They also communicated with us on various dimensions and helps with the stratosphere and correcting our sky or atmospheric conditions.  When acknowledging other species in a respectful way, I believe we are that much closer to interfacing with other highly advanced civilizations.

If it seemed like a departure from Mt. Shasta, no, it is all one big circle of connection.I am stopping this here.  I realize I will come back with more later.  There is much more to say regarding this trip of ours.  Taking a break. 

Barbara Eden now (I dream of Jeannie)
Stay tuned in.  

I return with some more memories.  Today is 9/20/16.  At one point Corey was standing behind me and he was connecting telepathically.  I heard and felt intense chatter in my mind, and I turned to look at him.  I wondered what he was saying.  I am sure I had a huge question mark eliminating from my forehead.   I am starting to see it as a tap on the shoulder and now I think I get it.  I look forward to Tuesdays and Gaia TV for another update with Corey.  Today I remarked the following in the chat box: 

 I always enjoy these Tuesday gatherings. I met Corey in person at Mt. Shasta. We had a short but nice conversation. Based on things he said, this is hard for his family and I hope there is a solution there that allows more quality family time for him. Corey does not know his role in things yet. It is a process but he is that guy that we love and trust and perhaps the spokes person for us humans (real humans). I also I saw or had a memory flash of being on "a bus" to the moon. When Corey spoke at Mt Shasta I also had a memory of sitting in an egg shaped seat with a safety belt or harness. There were perhaps 10 seats like mine in a circle. I was on an aircraft with two "stewardess people" and I was excited because we were going to "Hawaii". We made several stops along the way in the mainland. I don't remember having any luggage. ??? I hope I at least had a bathing suit some where. I believe I was given some screen memories. Some times Corey seems hazy or fuzzy on a memory and I totally get that. When a memory surfaces It seems a bit illogical and foggy. Anyway. I have recovered a great deal of stuff, but I don't know why I would be going through any of those experiences. - See more at: http://www.gaia.com/video/encounters-ancient-sentinels#comment-662546

I also had the same dream again.  I am standing in a private jet or plane.  I look like a cross between Barbara Eden and Hillary with platinum hair and I wear a blue dress-suit.  When I say standing it is exactly that I am looking out at a azure blue sky through an oval window.  I know I am on my way to receive some sort of award.  I guess the time line is growing closer to that personal event.  And it makes me wonder if I get some "work" done...I don't look like Barbara right now. I am still salt and pepper with curly hair and only 5 ft tall.  Things really change for me.  Amazing dream 

private plane with big oval windows in my frequent dream