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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thank God the Election is Over, or Is It?

The Debates were like having a root canal.  Ouch! 

I am being told to let some of this election drama go.  As a psychic I need to balance my mind, ground myself to the earth, and align with the celestial realm, and know that I am taken care of.
Daily meditation helps me achieve better control and harmony and My son and I hike North Mountain too. Nature is grounding.  Certain sounds and music help to heal my soul.   Some of those sounds can be found in ASMR videos that I have spoken of before.  I have been more of a seeker of those good moods and less willing to embark on a downward spiral of anxiety and worry.  Lately, I have been more upset than I would prefer.

As I peruse my Face Book feeds there are many people who are pro Hillary and many pro Trump.  And they are unable to see the other person’s point of view.  That is the biggest shocker to me is the inability to reach across the aisle and feel the point of view of another.

 Of more interest, some of this division is taking place among psychics and those who have been considered “spiritual leaders”.  That is why I just do not try and comment any more.   I was getting into heated debates that went nowhere.    Many of the arguments just seemed to suggest that I am a bigot and buying into a certain paradigm such as hoping for a racist, homophobic, pig headed, male president. Not only do people believe that Trump is the embodiment of all those stereotypes but that all those who voted for him are some deplorable Americans who are cut from that stereotype cookie cutter too.  

Since being in social work most of my life, I always thought I was pretty culturally sensitive.  My deceased son was gay, so I felt accepting on that front as well.   None of these stereotypes seem to fit me.  I believe I have lived a life that would support that as well.  When I pulled people out of a homeless shelter that was on fire,  (1999),  I was not checking to see what color they were nor did I ask if they were Muslims of Gay  Trans-gendered Parents.  That is just not who I am and really what sort of monster would be asking those questions?  But who are those who refuse to accept the Hillary defeat? I am really trying to understand their perspective too.   Those who seemed to be friends prior to the election; they don’t know the first thing about me. How can they dismiss so much evidence and entertain such untruth? 

I am thinking where does this come from?   All I had to do is listen to the debates and some of Hillary’s talks and it was obvious.  She was hurling all these horrible facts around and everyone was cheering.  It did not matter if it was true or not. She needed fact checkers badly for what she was shouting out.  It always sounded like passionate shouting and sometimes a horsed out voice that squawked somewhat like Hitler.  Making people stand to listen.  

Trump did the same with saying Crooked Hillary. Well,  there is a great deal of evidence to support the crooked part. Trump has done some insensitive things.  But it seems that both campaigns should have been more about their vision of moving ahead.  I was happiest when Trump outlined his vision for the USA.  It felt very positive.  Unfortunately, Hillary’s past performance does not speak well of her.  It seemed to me that all she could do is hurl doubt and speak of Trumps unfitness.   I was relieved when they had to go all the way back to 2005 to dig up dirt on Trump.  That was a long time ago and shows how long and hard the opposition had to dig.

Then that disgusting video became viral and it was misquoted.  And the Michele Obama was worried about her daughters being exposed to that talk.   No one would have been exposed to it if it was not being promoted and smeared everywhere.  Some conversations do belong closeted.  I remember being at a bachelorette party and if we were tape recorded many of us would be facing extreme embarrassment.   That conversation was not meant to be shared with the world.  Some conversations are not meant to be shared no matter who you are. 

No one is saying Trump has all the answers and that is a perfect person.  It appears that he is filling his cabinet with the most dynamic of people.  I feel that he deserves a chance to be president and I am fearful of another Clinton administration.

Personally, I would love to have a female president in the USA.  I know that will happen.  Maybe in 12 years?  Down the road, we get a dynamic lady president. Of this I am quite sure.   She will bring more to the table than just her gender.  That is so important.  Leave the race card and gender card behind.  We vote for the person.   The time has come to expand and forge forward.  I have always voted for the person and not the party.  I voted for Obama and I am a registered Democrat. Many democrats voted for Trump.  That is a unique pattern this election and most likely contributed to polling errors. 

I have never seen so many angry people who have become very polarized and lash out.  There is a great deal of black and white thinking and in truth there are many shades of grey in this. True of mos of life.  It does scare me to think that we all have been manipulated by the main stream media and were gifted with truth from alternative sources. It is very important to research all the stories coming out.  Trump was messed with by the media.  They did put a very negative spin on all that he said.   It was not until Julian Assange and WikiLeaks that the Clinton’s were beginning to be questioned.  Comey did affect Hillary’s campaign and if she was elected President it would be like Nixon all over again, ending in an impeachment.  All those allegations need to be explored.  I am especially concerned about the pedophile rings.  Ted Gunderson mentioned that back in the year 2000.  That is not new.  It is something the FBI and CIA are aware of.    It is hard to bring those very powerful elite people to justice and stop it (without dead bodies piling up).  If women are truly concerned about the welfare of other young women please do some research, Hillary is not who you think she is. 

Trump spoke of illegals committing horrible crimes in the USA with impunity and then it was quoted as all Mexican’s are rapists. ?? Trump asked that a 300 pound, violent, disruptive, black man be removed from a rally (all on video) and then CNN reported as a headline:  Trump condones beating up a black man. ( Not even close) This is very biased and irresponsible news reporting.  Trump did not help the situation when he would get upset with the media. However, he was not treated fairly by them.   In truth, most of the voting populace does not watch mainstream news as much.  We don’t trust them.   It has grown increasingly worse sense Clear Channel bought all the independent radio broadcasting stations from the ‘80s until now.  We get one voice and one view and one “truth” and all else is “fake”.  What has happened to our “land of the free”?  Wouldn’t is be lovely to get several sides to a story?  Wouldn’t it be nice to hear good news and issues that really matter to us?  I am tired of hearing about the Kardashians.  Who are they anyway?  Why are their lives ultra-important?

And it appears that people think Hillary is their savior and ideal first woman president. When I saw all the tears of Hillary supporters, I had such a hard time understanding what was promised to them by a Hilary win?  I still don’t get it.  I think it is like Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny because it will not hold up to the light of day.  I think Santa Clause is more real in the magical happy place he touches in our heart. 

Trump is Trump, but he does not have the bad history that the Clintons do nor the rap sheet.  He has been outspoken on many things.  I was told if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything.  Trump did not get that memo.  He says stuff.  But Jesus said stuff like “money changers, thieves, hypocrites, etc.” Yeah, so I guess some people are just more outspoken whether or not they should be. I am not agreeing or condoning all of that.  My apologies are extended where there is hurt over any of this.  One thing to realize is many times he did not say all that stuff.  And just because he dislikes Rosey O'Donnell does not mean he is misogynist toward all women. 

I hope he will keep his campaign promises.  He is going to appoint a judge that will uphold the constitution and he will drain the swamp and he will invigorate the economy.   Those are some of the things I look forward to.  I have a different opinion regarding big oil and ecology. We need clean energy, water and air and less chem-trails. Yes, it is hard to find a candidate and now president elect with all the agreeing qualities I would like.

And Hillary hung Trump on a cross over not saying he would accept the election results.  Now a re-count in states Trump won.  Amazing. Those rules just don't apply to her.  They never do. 

After this week, I am unhooking myself from this.  I care about this nation, I pray for this nation, but, my guides tell me to concentrate on peace and what I hope the future will look like.  My personal goals are achievable no matter who is president.  The government has little to do with my personal well being. 

I move to place this situation in much Bigger Hands and I second that too.