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Monday, December 26, 2016

My Higher Vibrations and Kinder Choices Diet

Vibrant Organic Fruit

I am excited to really jump into my somewhat new diet or life style way of being.  It is not entirely new,  I have been experimenting with new recipes and new ways of shopping, as well as cooking differently.
My way is not entirely vegetarian but mostly.  It is not entirely vegan but leans that way.  It is not paleo but shares some of those characteristics.  This is a different animal.

It is more plant based, local, raw, and whole food with all those micronutrients.  For me, that looks like a big leafy green salad with kale, spinach, cilantro, avocado, strawberries and nuts.  A typical dinner might be baba ganoush served on carrot sticks with some pumpkin or squash soup.  Bread has always been a weakness.  I am making my own gluten free white bread and slicing it thin for an occasional sandwich or toast.   Eggs and butter are on my plan in small and limited ways.  

Most things are made from scratch at home, but if I am out and about, there are three fast food places I will go to.  Chick-fil-A has a new super salad with kale and broccoli.  It is so good and I get a large.  Wendy’s has a one dollar ice tea and a small chili is only 250 calories with 23 grams of protein.  At home my chili is vegetarian with long simmering pinto beans, peppers, onions, tomatoes and seasonings I crave: Add a slice of homemade gluten free cornbread and it is perfect.   I will also stop at McDonald's and pull the bread from a fish sandwich and have a side salad and apple slices just like the kids have.   It is great to have all those choices and in time I might even upgrade to better and cleaner choices.  This works for me.  For sure it is a work in progress.

No matter how organic and raw, most of us must supplement.  The minerals in our soil are very depleted.  I supplement with plant based minerals.  That means that the minerals were complete for the quick growing vegetables that absorbed them and then were made into a liquid.  Gardening is now more than a hobby and many people have compost and feed their garden soil to produce healthier pesticide free produce.  That is the absolute best.  I have no room to even container garden where I live but I have learned where the local farmer’s markets are.  Some people can have goats for milk and chickens for eggs.  I can only dream of that down the road. 

I watched a great documentary on Gaia TV about all of this. 

How to be sugar free is another story and that is what makes my plan a bit different. I am still taking medication for type 2 diabetes. Edgar Cayce suggested drinking unsweetened diluted grape juice before each meal as an appetite suppressant.  We also dilute some other juices or add a bit of sparkling water.  We don’t buy the popular brand sodas these days.  I don’t notice a spike in blood sugar and it seems to slow down the digestion and I feel good and my hypothalamus feels satiated. Thank you, Mr. Cayce for that piece of advice. 
I hope to start juicing a bit more.  There are beautiful stories of detoxing and losing more weight with juicing.  

Bashar, who is channeled by Daryl Anke, mentions that we do not need to suffer with illness if we remember the basic rules for health.  Those are: clean air, clear clean water, movement or exercise, whole vibrant food, rest and staying stress free as much as we can.  All those diseases of old age need not happen.
Abraham Hicks says that what we eat is not as important as what we feel.  Feeling happy is paramount to health and feeling well.  That is important to know for me, if I am ever stuck at an airport or not in my own home,  Just blessing my food and water can help me maintain my balance. 
Last year Zachary and I quit smoking.  It has been a year for me, and Zach is on his way.  I smoked my last cigarette December of 2015.   I began walking more.  Then two months ago, I joined a gym.  This is the year we take our food into a seriously different place.  No one is expecting perfection, least of all me, but, I couldn’t be more on board with making a few more changes.

I must add the conceptual truth of 1 Corinthians 13:1. If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.  

We can look good and feel great but as a total person, love is the most important of qualities.  I think being kind is essential to health, real health anyway. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Why Does The Grinch Steal World Peace From Under Our Tree?

Every year we open our hearts and we become more generous.  We pray for world peace and yet another war erupts on our globe interrupting our hope and vision of a better world.  And then each year we carol and raise our voices once again.  Are we not sincere enough?  What will it take to have this take root on earth? 

I just watched an hour long You Tube video about the Clinton’s and the New World Order.

It was very eye opening.   I already knew a few of these revelations, especially about Haiti, But not the stories of Russian and Africa and several other global players who interacted with the Clinton Foundation.  

These are some of the most cold blooded “humans”; How they can sleep at night after causing wars and using disasters as fundraisers? It is beyond understanding. It reminds me of the movie "Charlie Wilson's War" 2007. It is like a movie, and they never get caught. It is the company they keep, those in very high places protect them.

Let me keep this short and share the link; then you decide. My writing is not stellar today and it is because we are a bit rushed.  Please watch this with an open mind. 

At the minute 31:47 there is a good explanation regarding Haiti.

minute 47.00 Hillary supported the keystone pipeline. We can thank her signing off on this deal as secretary of state and although she speaks of global warming she does the opposite. No one questions this??? That's scary. 

minute 55:00 visit to Columbia. Clinton's allow American Interests to cut down a large area of the rain forest. They speak of having a concern for Global Warming however they have consistently done the opposite.

I believe we need to know why world Peace is not coming as we sing about this at Christmas.  And what can we do, in a non violent way, to help to educate those around us and ring in a peaceful era?  

It is still my goal and I lay my life on the line quite often in support of a better world for all of us around the globe.  

I am a globalist in the most humanitarian of terms.