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Friday, February 17, 2017

How Can We, the American People Come Together and Save Our Country.

Can we, the American people, unite and take back this country?  In this essay the best and brightest ideas are summarized from Steel.

It must be noted that people are almost divorcing over the new direction and the recent Trump/Hillary election.  There are many factions trying to get us to fight among ourselves and choose sides.  There is only one side, we are the American family, and we need to pull together against a common threat. 

According to Robert Steel, of the CIA there is quite a war going on within our CIA.  John Bannon is on one side of that division. He was financed by the Saudis and was able to lie to get Hillary Clinton as a Primary winner.  She stole 13 primaries from Bernie Sanders.  They were able to electronically control voting machines.  That is exactly what they accused the Trump campaign of doing. Only after investigation Trump gained some more of the popular votes.  

There are super powers trying to take down Trump for various reasons Steel has analysized.  None of these reasons have anything to do with his raw and sometimes curt behavior or “racism, homophobia, xenophobia” and all the other unsavory labels the media has hurled at Trump. Remember the handicapped reporter and Trump waving his hands around. That reporter was not spastic at all and in fact presents as a highly competent and intellectual person. Why are so many trying to get rid of Trump and attack his character?  If you knew all the high-level pedophiles that are in the government and stand to be drained from the swamp, it would make more sense.  It would make you gag but it would all be plausible.  Satanist elite pedophiles are only one of the opposing forces for Trump.

1. Enemy number one:  George Soros, who hopes to keep us controlled, and in poverty and self-sacrificing like a Renfield character.  The shrinking middle class must cough up more and more fiat money in this man-made rat race.  Soros is a rat.  He plans on busing 300,000 mercenary’s violent protesters, who don’t know what they are protesting, to storm Washington DC.

2, Dick Chaney is enemy number two.  He ran the nation with Bush as a mouth piece.  Why is he doing this?  There was a book called Dick Chaney, and the High Jacking of the American Presidency.  It is a long story but Trump had better dump Reince Priebus and all the other moles surrounding him.  Trump genuinely likes some of these people.  Robert Steel hope to see Trump surround himself with the following people:  Ralph Nader, Jessie Ventura, Cynthia McKinney, Robert David Steel, and Dennis Kucinich.   Personally, I would add Catherine Austin-Fitts.  https://youtu.be/Bx9_paDhpQs. Steel feels that this is a very diversified group but it would break the isolation of Trumps immediate advisers.  Steel feels that Steve Bannon is a real asset but does not hold all the needed world view.  I love Steve Bannon, and I quote him here:   "I'm not a white nationalist, I'm a nationalist. I'm an economic nationalist; The globalists gutted the, American working class and created a middle class in Asia.” I just read an article asking people to sign a petition again the anti-Semitic (Bannon gets a cut from the Seinfeld show) and the white supremacist Steve Bannon.  I guess no one needs to prove anything anymore to write it or label someone. 

 3. Enemy three is the “deep state”.  I am not sure exactly how many people fit into that group.  It appears that Obama is one of these deep state people.  I would call them perhaps middle management for the upper level elite banking cabal.  I think I can say that Nancy Pelosi and many of the Washington insiders are part of this group and have sold their soul at this point.

Robert Steel would like Trump to have a daily 7 minute chat with “America”.  If he talks to us and gets some feedback he will win back all those who never intended to vote for him.  With all of America or at least 80% to 90% of us on board.  These Federalist or Globalist will not control us any longer.  We can kick them to the curb…or another planet. 

Trump needs all of America to rally behind him.  We don’t want 1963 to happen all over again.  Those who did not like Kennedy at the beginning were weeping as the carriage went down Pennsylvania Avenue.  I feel that would also be the sentiment of 90% of America once they get what Trump is trying to do.  Once they understand the monsters that he is up against.  I think after he lowers taxes he will be even more popular. 

Please listen to this video.  It is making my head spin with all the pieces falling into place.  That is a good thing.
Link to the You Tube where this is discussed how Trump can overcome the tyranny that wants to murder him as soon as possible.   

Friday, February 10, 2017

I Was in a B Rated Romance Novel

I am and I was, until today, but I had no idea how to write a better script.   Now I look back, after shifting through boyfriend’s past.  I have 20/20 after two divorces.  And for once I am looking with great appreciation at each relationship.   That is a new vista. 

I stand on a mountain top today and see all my experiences in greater depth.  I know that some people, (family and friends) were painful and I must wonder why I invited them in?  I know that some people were amazing gifts, and I let go of them too soon, or even worse, they did not get a chance.  Accidentally there were beautiful moments that fell into my lap.  How did that happen for me?   I have been both open and closed to meaningful rendezvous. 

I sit here wanting to write the perfect romance for me.  It would have to star Goldie Hawn or Susan Sarandon because I am now in my 60’s, but, I don’t think I could have written this romance as a young person.  I was too out of touch with my authentic self.  I was trying to live up to the expectations of others.  My family seemed to carve out some parts of my life by guilt and suggestion.  What did I really desire for my life, there were a few clues but it took shifting through the sands of men, jobs, and accomplishments, to figure it all out.  When you know “what” you don’t want, you will reach for a happier place to be and set sail for what you do want. 

 I was once promised golden opportunities by the Infinite Source.  I see that they all have been there, lining up for me.  I just had to believe that I deserved them.    Those who “loved me”, were mostly miserable, cut off from Source, and used me as a scapegoat. One parent committed suicide and the other one became very ill for a long time. I love them and forgive them but during my childhood and teen years could do nothing right.  It was hard to believe that I was basically good, and basically love and the essence of God lived within me.  Little by little I came to see the bright shinny places in my soul.  I could see the light in my eyes when I would smile into the mirror with a sweeping statement of self-acceptance.    There was something that flowed through me when I felt empathy and kindness for others.

 I made mistakes and bad choices and it almost seemed as though I was encouraged to make bad choices.  I could swear I was guided to do all the wrong things by others but I must have been choosing it as well.  I knew better somewhere inside. 

I was walking down the aisle, in a white gown, and it was such a horrible feeling.  I wanted to run away as fast as I could.   It wasn’t long until I understood why I wanted to run.  I looked in the mirror while I washed the blood from my broken nose, and the light was gone.  I did make a mistake and it felt like the worst self-betrayal.  My divorce would be viewed as another failure by family, so I stayed in it for a few years. One day it was crystal clear that by leaving I was saving my soul.   I was saving what was left of the human heart that I was slowly opening to know.   He did not deserve me, but who did?  Did I deserve me?  All those questions would be answered fully. 

 I am in a very uplifted and creative mood and I do not want to be the slightest bit morose here.  For that reason I would like to really dive into a SARK (like) self-made valentine.  I am creating a romance story that would have all the juicy, fun, and bright colors, according to the new me. 

These romantic movies seem to inspire me and I love poignant parts of each of them:   House Sitter, Under the Tuscan Sun, The Accidental Tourist, Penelope, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, While You Were Sleeping, Something Borrowed, Shallow Hal, Murphy’s Romance, and Cactus Flower.  I must say that We’re the Millers was one of the best romance movies with Jennifer Aniston for me.  I also think that Raising Helen was a good romance for Kate Hudson. It seems to go down smoother than How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (for me).  As far as on screen chemistry and sultry moments, I think my vote is with Kris Kristofferson and Cheryl Ladd, in Millennium. Everything in that movie worked. It was an amazing story line of science fiction, time travel, and romance and the icing on the cake is two very believable and sexy people cast as the leads.   

I am sure I could think of more movies.  Those are my favorites for many reasons although rotten tomatoes does not seem to rate them as I do.  Some of them are considered B movies.   On Valentine’s Day, these would be good to feast on, binge watch, or have a girl movie night and watch.  I recommend watching the lighter comedy ones with friends so no one is crying and thinking of suicide later.  Bring on the chocolate cupcakes too!  Because what you, I, the collective we, are doing is identifying what is important in our future relationships.  What would being in certain scenes of those movies feel like?   Can we imagine ourselves as the lead romantic character or heroine?  Can you imagine you, as you are, being in that film without plastic surgery, without losing weight, without being taller or shorter, without dental work, and expert make-up?  There is a benevolent director giving you brilliant words to speak and highlighting the lovable parts of you.  You are being appreciated for all that you are, without hiding, and you are safe knowing that it ends well.  In the end, be it death or divorce, we part friends, unharmed.  I am ready to buy a ticket and go see that movie right now.  Can’t wait.

One of my favorite You Tube talks is about a young female who is so desperately in love with a guy, she calls Fred.  She has turned to Esther Hicks to ask about when he will return her affection.  I am going to include the link at the bottom.  This guy “Fred” is just not that into her.  In fact, she becomes a stalker in ways and spies on him.  This is obviously not healthy.  She knocks on his door in a moment of extreme bravery and when he sees her, he is horrified.  He asks curtly “what are you doing here and how did you know where I lived?”  You can imagine her rejection.  Esther Hicks did the best ever job of easing that pain.  She told her that all the wonderful qualities she has assigned to Fred (do we ever really know anyone? Really) will be present in another person not far off in her future time line.  This person will not be in the same physical package as “Fred” but she will recognize all those qualities that she has identified in someone new.  She will be able to express, give and receive fully all those feelings that she has carried for someone who did not feel the same way about her.  So, did she gain a great deal of knowledge from knowing Fred?  She did and she could not have read that in a book. 

Here is my personal fun romance novel.  This is the quick version too.  Some guy rescues me from a train track I accidentally fall on right before the train is coming at full speed.  He is kind enough to take me to the ER where some stitches are needed for a horrible laceration. It turns out that he has never married due to a severe medical condition that he recently overcame.  I learn that he has a wonderful family, and they invite me and my son over for Christmas.   At some point, I try to sabotage this thing and I can’t, he sees through that ploy.  He seems to see the real me and of course is in sync with who I really am.  I am going to say he is in the health profession due to leaning so much to heal himself.   He is talented in helping some of my dreams come true.  Luck would have it that the very things I love and am passionate about he is also willing to embrace.  I think this guy might be Patch Adams (LOL, no because I think he is not available). When we are together it feels like home and I really do like his home as well.  We bring out the best in each other.  There is phenomenal trust.  If he is not with me, I am not worried or jealous and he is the same when I am with other people.  We have many friends and an active social life.  I believe we are part of a creative group of spiritual and humanitarian people.  We have a good base for our relationship.  We have family, friends, and community.   Perhaps we could meet a better way, like in the movie Man Up with Simon Pegg and Lake Bell. We are each carrying a copy of the Vortex by Abraham Hicks, and someone otherworldly and mystical has set up a blind date for us.  Then I am not creating the laceration and need to be rescued.  I think that would be better and maybe I have a magical typewriter like Delirious with the late great John Candy.  Everything I write just comes true. Wouldn't that be amazing.  

I am thinking; get going with this and hope that others will think of things that belong in their own Romantic Play.  Timeline for me:  not sure but I hope prior to Christmas.  

Friday, February 3, 2017

What is the Anti-human Globalist (Illuminati) Agenda?

Globalist (Illuminati) Agenda Recap

The human family
I wanted to just use a bullet-ed list of the Globalist Agenda, but OMG too many ideas surfaced.  By definition; being global is not a bad thing in many ways we must act locally and yet think globally.  In this essay, the term Globalist means a group of the most wealthy 1% of the world who meet every year at a conference called the Bilderberg Group.  They are not thinking of the common human except as a resource. Some things are mind boggling and have caused great human suffering. 

My son and I were talking about the many agendas of the globalist and decided that most of these agendas either control or eliminate humans.  Some humans are encouraged to sell out to these rather cold and non-human agendas for various reasons such as wealth, fame, prestige.  Humans are a resource for many things and can be used as slaves, sex slaves, entertainment or humor, soldiers, teachers that encourage slaves and soldiers, heads of agencies that go along with the agenda of the globalist.
Most Big Businesses use the command and control military style, (see end of essay for more information) of management.  Social media has become a device that does not really allow interaction and true communication.  The most effective style of communication employs nonviolent, inclusive, round table modes of communication that do not divide and polarize people.  Any type of news or sharing that encourages Black and White thinking is actually detrimental to finding universal solutions to problems. And both Trump and Hillary did use those tactics. None of us get to say our team is on the moral high ground. Politics is dirty business.  I voted for Trump because right now, we need a warrior and not a Gandhi; things are that extreme.  Our boat is taking on water and about to capsize. Unfortunately, the most vibrational-ly loud human consciousness (at this time) has asked the universe for a strong leader.  I believe Trump will lead us out of this mess and I don’t think he is a saint, but it would be nice to give him a chance.

 The Illuminati will shut down any true leader.  They shut down any person who will unify people toward the greater good.  Those people usually die early by fake heart attack or fake suicide. Those types of leaders are very problematic for the globalist's agenda. They (Anunnaki descendants) know that we are powerful as a group and that collectively we will be creative.  Our true authentic human essence is more agape, loving, and striving for the common good.  We all began life in earth religion based tribal communities.  The good of the tribe outweighed the good of an individual.  Children and women were protected at all cost including the ultimate sacrifice.  Farmers and Harvest festivals were very significant.  Community barn raising happened and true charity for families facing hardships was not unusual.    Children were allowed to be children instead of use in satanic rituals including child sacrifice and bloodletting as well as sex toys.  Every man and woman would have laid down their lives prior to any child being taken or harmed.  

Most people will not relate to any of the agenda regarding children because it is just unthinkable. If trafficking children is horrible and you choose not to look at it as a reality, then you are a healthy human.  I get tearful, even more than Meryl Streep and Chuck Schumer, when I see what is happening clearly.  Being a social worker I heard of things no one should hear of on a routine basis.  I would go in the bathroom and cry and throw up and re-emerge as though nothing weird happened.  
The globalists have become vampires requiring certain things from humans, including blood and our willingness to worship them without question. Humans are like the Renfield in the Dracula story in varying degrees.  The Globalist's blood line is Anunnaki (predominantly) and different than most of the Lyrian type of humans. Lyrians were the original ancestors of our galactic family.  (see more at essay end)

For sure this is hard to accept, and for those who just cannot fit (that  alien ancestors thing) into their current world view, perhaps it would be easier to see them as heartless sociopath type humans.  The Anunnaki blood line humans appear cold and self-serving.  There is more to this story (volumes) than can be covered here. They are not sociopaths or antisocial but appear somewhat like those who are diagnosed that way. Anunnaki line types cultivate and use misguided young male anti-social personality disordered people to incite violence or do mass shootings.  That is always happening. It has become the normal news story and that is unthinkable.  For me that is the hardest pill to swallow in this essay on agendas.  Anunnaki blood line humans make their way into positions of power any way possible.  They appear to have no empathy or sense of fair play.  For many reasons, they are usually wealthy.  Many can be found among the banking cabal and old European money families. 

At this time, the depravity runs so deep, there are unspeakable agendas going on.  Human slave trade to other galactic civilizations is just one of them, according to Corey Goode, and other military insiders  who are privy to the secret space program.  And he speaks of alien reptilians who do eat human beings with relish. They like to eat us during extreme duress as fear produces hormones they crave. So would a human kidnap a little street orphan in a 3rd world country for 500,000 dollars’ worth of real gold?  Would you? I would stay poor.  We are on the menu much like the Twilight Zone Episode:  It’s a cookbook! Regarding alien visitors to earth.  That might explain why people disappear and also why we are allowed to live here on earth.  I keep thinking of the Time Machine by HG Wells.  People are fed much like cattle in an ideal environment until they are called into the fall out shelters to be slaughtered. Eek.

The Illuminati (non religious and yet Luciferian cult) also effect our educational system from preschool to higher education. We are programmed in various ways.  If we can co-create with other educated people it would lead to heaven on earth.  The various institutions and agencies usually will not allow that type of productive interaction.  They compare us and measure us in various ways.  We are shammed or applauded depending on the desired behavioral outcome.  As adults, we experience cut throat competition in the work place.  That is not who we really are and only the sharks will thrive in that environment. 

There are medical and food agendas to destroy are immune system, pesticides totake out the bees, chemicals that kill the soil, weather controlling systems to cause draught, tornadoes and hurricans as well as earthquakes. They generally cause poverty, and dumb us down and shorten our life spans.   There are agendas to target certain people and destroy them in various ways.  You can see this with the media which is of course owned by the globalist.  The media is becoming an expert on false reporting with the intent to cause harm in the way of character assassination.  Lately, everyone they don’t like is a racist. Are they ever asked to prove that?  I doubt if they could.

The agendas are so far reaching and numerous, I am sure that I have failed to mention quite a few of them.  And it does seem that they hope to dismantle the “family”.  They idea of a loving family unit with extended family included, is not at all in the best interests of the globalist. 

Secrecy:  They use a lot of secrecy to hide what they do and even some people might be working for them and not realize that the product will harm lots of humans.  Scientist asked to develop certain devices, sort of like Tesla did, might not know this will be a weapon against our cousins in another country.

As I was saying, we are powerful as a collective, so divide and conquer, is a very useful strategy.  If we are at civil war here in the USA, that is exactly what they want.  They don’t want us putting our heads together and really overcoming our issues.  If there is something any group of us really needs, together we can figure that out.  We could get along without building walls.  We have forgotten how to communicate effectively and then hammer out a compromise.  That is what the USA was all about at its beginning. 

I end here.  I know that there is a bigger story and I pray for our human family:  Let us get it right this time.  We have been at this cross road before. 

As promised some more information: 

Lyran Ancestors as a theory and something to consider: 
Many thousands of years ago their civilization reached a very high technological level, however fell into disagreement and factions within their culture. These factions went to war and destroyed much of their society. Many of these beings from Lyra left in their star ships to colonize the Pleiades, the Hyades, and the Vega system. Some of these Pleiadians of Lyrian ancestors also came to Earth during the Lemurians and Atlanteans period. The Lyrians now have long evolved past the conflict, or war-like stage of evolution. These other civilizations could be looked at as our galactic cousins.
Some of these Pleiadians of Lyrian ancestors also came to Earth during the Lemurians and Atlanteans period. The Lyrians now have long evolved past the conflict, or war-like stage of evolution. These other civilizations could be looked at as our galactic cousins.

Command and Control style of management: 

Command and Control is a management style based on a strict hierarchy of authority. Managers have specific authority to issue commands. Commands must be followed or discipline is applied. 

It can be thought of as a pyramid structure where only a few at the top really know what is going on and information is relayed on a need to know basis. It is not the best style of management and it leads to job burn out and dissatisfaction.  So why is it still being used? 


Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 New Year Predictions by Nancy Lake

I love doing predictions.  And I realize about 90% come true and some are close but not quite.

 I was saying that Trump would win all year last year, and even when it did not look good.  And yeah, he won.  I will address his first year in office later in this essay.

I like to start Global and shrink down from there

I am starting off in space.  Many people including myself listen to Corey Goode.  Jumping ahead to the secret space program; more is to be revealed.  The most surprising thing is a colony in space.  This colony is not on Mars or the Moon it is being built as a floating surface between the Moon and Mars.  It is shaped like the hub of a wheel.  It is an amazing place and many earth citizens will desire to live there. It looks like it can hold a million people and it seems to be a bustling and happy place.  Exo-politics is going to be at our doorstep.

  Our culture is advancing.  Also, on earth and I am thinking of Canada when I say earth, there is a colony of alien scientists, yes alien from somewhere beyond earth.  They do not look human but they will introduce themselves.  The Canadians invited them to be there and help with environmental concerns.   Particularly climate and water.
There will be news of the replicators.  Replicators that can replicate anything, even gold.  And there will be a portal used just like a star gate, however it will between two earth destinations.   Somewhere in the USA…like Nevada?  Not 100 % but I think so and then Some destination in Europe.  This will be clean due to no fuel use and it is very time efficient.  It will also open the door to more gate or portal use in the future.

Looking around the globe.  There are unusual disturbances.  Sound wave weapons, sink holes, changing ocean currents. Rivers changing course… And it seems that ISIS becomes boxed in.  I think that travel and moving around becomes very difficult for them.  People must prove citizenship and our borders and other world borders are much better managed.  Air travel, ship travel and train travel will become faster in some ways. But highly protected.

I also see a return of airships like dirigibles in some areas of the USA.  Fuel is expensive so travel becomes lighter. I am seeing the new sky scrapers again this year.  Buildings that are made with lighter material that is like smart glass.  They are very tall and dwarf anything around them.  Some Eastern USA cities will start having them, this year. 

More aquariums with a purpose.  The ocean will begin to come inland with huge aquariums.  It is multi-purposed, partially entertainment but possible desalinization and other benefits are derived from this type of smart glass aquarium.  As big as several football fields. In the USA Southwest area. 

More countries break off from the European Union.  Some of them might surprise you.  I see the Netherlands and perhaps Germany too.  Italy, Greece, and other states.  Expect big political changes in Germany and it will be a huge relief for them.  They need this change. It seems that France and Spain stay in there for now. 

Japan really needs a new type of energy.  They are really wanting to say good bye to nuclear energy and they should.  If anyone makes a huge advance and goes out on a limb for a new solution it will be Japan.  When I say goes out on a limb I am seeing a whole new currency arise based on what they are toying with right now.  New energy, leads to new currency and a new shift in finance and even better cars too. 

China looks unsteady as though it is about to break into pieces.  Instead of one huge country it looks like succession happens.  There is political upheaval.  I see Taiwan taking a whole new leadership role in helping parts of China do this break away.

Philippines and parts of the South Asia Peninsula experience new volcanic action.

Russia:  It also looks like it will split into pieces. Not with a revolution as it looks like a softer fracture. There are differences between the Ukraine and different cultures on either side.  Like Europe it is hard to have everyone under the same umbrella.  Russia will be interacting more with all the world.  They will come to the table with other countries and this is due to the fact they are advancing as a people.  They are having a renaissance and will gift us with dazzling cultural expression in art and music and other venues.  They were the apex of ballet at one time and I see other terrific achievement coming forth, even their own type of theater and a Russian “Hollywood”.  Good for them.

Canada looks rather stable as usual except for the new colony and it comes to be open about the interaction with off world aliens. 

South of the Equator: 

Brazil:  There is always hot debate on the rain-forest and the indigenous people.  More “social work” is needed for those who live in the jungle: they are facing tremendous lack.  Like the Native Americans of North America, their way of life is being forcibly changed.  It is like a huge life style divide. On one side of the line is “New York” a type of sophisticated modern life style and then in the boonies people are in bad shape and I would compare them to the Appalachian Hill Billie’s after the miner’s strip everything and leave.  There must be an answer and a balance for this.  I see starvation and the need for medical help.  The world will join to help. There are treasures in the Amazon, there are stories and lives we just can’t lose.   I see this moving fast.  It looks like there is a third type of community between New York or Rio and The Boonies. There must be an interface where the jungle people can come and receive help.  This community is like a Quaker village, or at least that is how I would describe it as it seems very low tech, but they will have radios.  Radio becomes a method of helping each tribe and classes will be taught too. 

Paraguay in the very middle of South America needs help with population control. That is a very odd thing I am seeing.  The religion seems to keep women rather barefoot and pregnant.  New light and new control is needed there. Again I have no knowledge of Paraguay, personally, but it lit up as a region that needs help in a different way. 

Australia:  it seems that weather patterns change there.  Especially on the West side.  There is a great deal of control of the population there.  Perhaps more than other English speaking countries they seem to be needing more freedom of expression.  I see a shift in the population to the North of Australia and an ease in tension between the Asian population there. Anyway, there are discoveries in this Northern Territory and a way becomes paved with possibility. There is new collaboration with the indigenous peoples as well.  Populations shift sometimes and this will be a surprise.

North Korea does send off a rocket.  I am asking which direction or trajectory it will travel?  It does not go far and it seems to hit a border country to the North.  The result of this is confusion and destabilization of this area.  I see that it is a huge mistake for them to do this and all the North Korea neighbors take them down and sanction them.  It will create refugees.  

Middle Africa, Ethiopia and Sudan, reach a new independence and the ability to trade rare metals on a more equal playing field. Things appear better for them.  The middle of Africa, Kenya, should be the agricultural belt and they may well be the savior to the world.  They have native seed, that has not been tampered with by Monsanto. Kenya is the heart of Africa and a very spiritual culture. The West Coast of Africa, there is trouble brewing, and this will continue through the summer of 2017.  One thing will help them, I see a new automobile, a light electric one being built there and opening jobs. Around Sierra Leone area.

Antarctica is in the news in new and unbelievable ways.  When June of 2017 comes look to big stories breaking about the underground there.  
The polar area above Alaska and in Alaska is melting.  There will be more sanctuaries for the Polar bears as this is needed. Polar Bears on a vegetarian diet?  I see it happening too.  They will eat berries and roots like other bears, they are just not used to it.  Iceland and Greenland join in to help with the ecology and animal extinction problem

I am sure that there are more conflicts and news worthy changes around the globe, and that would make for many more pages, I am hitting some of the things that will be news.  More than the usual suspects, I am seeing new players. I see new developments and more teaming up between countries. We will reach out without the United Nations as a steering committee.  We become global in all the good ways and less global in ways that seek to destroy sovereignty and the best part of diversity and culture. We shall learn to appreciate what being human means. 

Changes for the United Nations.  It appears to be running like a bulky bureaucracy disjointed and ineffective.  I am being shown that they could do more with education to relieve the conflicts. Going into a conflict as team red and team blue they could learn the viewpoint of each side to then reach a solution.  There is greater power with that than sending in some troupes or setting up refugee camps. 

I just saw a glimpse of a huge Pow Wow in Oklahoma.   Those Pow Wows are a great way for all the different tribes to show up and exchange ideas and share culture.  And most importantly it is fun. Maybe that is the better way for the United Nations to function. Like a Pow Wow.

The United States

Problems in California.  It is almost its own Nation. Water and pollution are really going to be hot issues. I am seeing Bakersfield, and places east of there, look like they take on a life of their own.  The population shifts there.  There will be more Rocky Mountain snow water collected for fresh water needs.  There are certainly Rocky Mountains and lakes in that Eastern part of California as well as Northern California.

 Texas will have upheaval as well. The mighty ones will try and move towards the East gulf Coast.  In other words, much like the land grab with the Native People, some corporate entities want to take over certain pieces of real estate and they will create horrible conditions in those places; hoping the people will leave or sell their property. 

 The Northern States look busy and happy.  The state of Washington gets an economic boost.  The Windy City Weeps.  That is what I am hearing.  Even though these are not positive over all, some individuals and families and communities will be doing well.  

Florida is booming again with young life and not just retirement homes. Wisconsin is coming up in incredible ways.  If we were Europe, Wisconsin would look like Germany, very efficient and worker bee like.  Places along the Missouri River might get washed away.  The area is moving and unstable.  

 I think Arizona and California. and just the Southwest in general. is not Trumps usually playing field, there is much he doesn’t get about us.  I don’t expect huge changes for us. The only thing I see for my state is that we will continue to be a beacon with our higher education.  We know the East Coast Ivy League Colleges are wonderful but I see ASU right up there and receiving even more accolades in the future. The northern part of the states does break out into solar and other green technologies.  They will be aggressive about this.  Phoenix more slowly changes.

The Trump Presidency:

It will happen.  I think it will be a golden age for our Nation.  Eastern and Northern States just seem to do better with Trump on board.  The swamp drains slowly.  There will be a friendship between Obama and Trump and this might surprise us at this turn of the wheel.  There is a common factor there that many would not recognize.  The greatest opposition will come from insider Republicans who might just be part of the swamp situation.  There is a Democrat female who becomes part of the Trump team soon and she is exactly what is needed to pull everyone together.  Ivanka will have a place in politics in the future. 

 Trump will find the last year in office quite difficult.  It seems that some huge set back is faced in the third year.  I am having trouble seeing exactly what it is, perhaps the banking industry and a huge change.  After that it looks like a huge swimming pool where there was a swamp. 

I am seeing Mexico being changed by Trumps presence.  That should not scare anyone, because it needs to be changed.  Most of Mexico will benefit.  I would say the common people of Mexico will be better off.  Beyond a wall built there will be some roads and infrastructure that is sorely needed built into Mexico.  It looks like the gulf coast needs change.  The Baja area and West Coast is doing fine and is kept afloat by tourism and other ventures.

Closing the Predictions

There is no world war three. Not this year and not that I can see several years into the distance.  The media has been abysmal in creating drama and fear this last year.  We can expect changes in how news is presented. Perhaps some better controls on our media would help and I see some News stations just falling off the edge into oblivion.

The media is often more slanted and less balanced than the “fake news”.  Some of Trumps aspirations might happen down the road in a new term.  It would be wonderful if Ivanka or one of Trumps kids can take the next four years after Trump.  We will have to see what is next.  One thing is true, Trump is a hard worker and can envision great things. 

I wish everyone a blessed year, and you can dismiss things that don’t fit what you see for yourself.  This is rather general.

OH.  I did not do predictions last year.  I was in the hospital for several days with bronchitis and oxygen rate at 83%. I was not able to do 2016 predictions.  If you would like to see 2015 I have the link for you.  And I went back and commented on those things that did happen.