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Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 New Year Predictions by Nancy Lake

I love doing predictions.  And I realize about 90% come true and some are close but not quite.

 I was saying that Trump would win all year last year, and even when it did not look good.  And yeah, he won.  I will address his first year in office later in this essay.

I like to start Global and shrink down from there

I am starting off in space.  Many people including myself listen to Corey Goode.  Jumping ahead to the secret space program; more is to be revealed.  The most surprising thing is a colony in space.  This colony is not on Mars or the Moon it is being built as a floating surface between the Moon and Mars.  It is shaped like the hub of a wheel.  It is an amazing place and many earth citizens will desire to live there. It looks like it can hold a million people and it seems to be a bustling and happy place.  Exo-politics is going to be at our doorstep.

  Our culture is advancing.  Also, on earth and I am thinking of Canada when I say earth, there is a colony of alien scientists, yes alien from somewhere beyond earth.  They do not look human but they will introduce themselves.  The Canadians invited them to be there and help with environmental concerns.   Particularly climate and water.
There will be news of the replicators.  Replicators that can replicate anything, even gold.  And there will be a portal used just like a star gate, however it will between two earth destinations.   Somewhere in the USA…like Nevada?  Not 100 % but I think so and then Some destination in Europe.  This will be clean due to no fuel use and it is very time efficient.  It will also open the door to more gate or portal use in the future.

Looking around the globe.  There are unusual disturbances.  Sound wave weapons, sink holes, changing ocean currents. Rivers changing course… And it seems that ISIS becomes boxed in.  I think that travel and moving around becomes very difficult for them.  People must prove citizenship and our borders and other world borders are much better managed.  Air travel, ship travel and train travel will become faster in some ways. But highly protected.

I also see a return of airships like dirigibles in some areas of the USA.  Fuel is expensive so travel becomes lighter. I am seeing the new sky scrapers again this year.  Buildings that are made with lighter material that is like smart glass.  They are very tall and dwarf anything around them.  Some Eastern USA cities will start having them, this year. 

More aquariums with a purpose.  The ocean will begin to come inland with huge aquariums.  It is multi-purposed, partially entertainment but possible desalinization and other benefits are derived from this type of smart glass aquarium.  As big as several football fields. In the USA Southwest area. 

More countries break off from the European Union.  Some of them might surprise you.  I see the Netherlands and perhaps Germany too.  Italy, Greece, and other states.  Expect big political changes in Germany and it will be a huge relief for them.  They need this change. It seems that France and Spain stay in there for now. 

Japan really needs a new type of energy.  They are really wanting to say good bye to nuclear energy and they should.  If anyone makes a huge advance and goes out on a limb for a new solution it will be Japan.  When I say goes out on a limb I am seeing a whole new currency arise based on what they are toying with right now.  New energy, leads to new currency and a new shift in finance and even better cars too. 

China looks unsteady as though it is about to break into pieces.  Instead of one huge country it looks like succession happens.  There is political upheaval.  I see Taiwan taking a whole new leadership role in helping parts of China do this break away.

Philippines and parts of the South Asia Peninsula experience new volcanic action.

Russia:  It also looks like it will split into pieces. Not with a revolution as it looks like a softer fracture. There are differences between the Ukraine and different cultures on either side.  Like Europe it is hard to have everyone under the same umbrella.  Russia will be interacting more with all the world.  They will come to the table with other countries and this is due to the fact they are advancing as a people.  They are having a renaissance and will gift us with dazzling cultural expression in art and music and other venues.  They were the apex of ballet at one time and I see other terrific achievement coming forth, even their own type of theater and a Russian “Hollywood”.  Good for them.

Canada looks rather stable as usual except for the new colony and it comes to be open about the interaction with off world aliens. 

South of the Equator: 

Brazil:  There is always hot debate on the rain-forest and the indigenous people.  More “social work” is needed for those who live in the jungle: they are facing tremendous lack.  Like the Native Americans of North America, their way of life is being forcibly changed.  It is like a huge life style divide. On one side of the line is “New York” a type of sophisticated modern life style and then in the boonies people are in bad shape and I would compare them to the Appalachian Hill Billie’s after the miner’s strip everything and leave.  There must be an answer and a balance for this.  I see starvation and the need for medical help.  The world will join to help. There are treasures in the Amazon, there are stories and lives we just can’t lose.   I see this moving fast.  It looks like there is a third type of community between New York or Rio and The Boonies. There must be an interface where the jungle people can come and receive help.  This community is like a Quaker village, or at least that is how I would describe it as it seems very low tech, but they will have radios.  Radio becomes a method of helping each tribe and classes will be taught too. 

Paraguay in the very middle of South America needs help with population control. That is a very odd thing I am seeing.  The religion seems to keep women rather barefoot and pregnant.  New light and new control is needed there. Again I have no knowledge of Paraguay, personally, but it lit up as a region that needs help in a different way. 

Australia:  it seems that weather patterns change there.  Especially on the West side.  There is a great deal of control of the population there.  Perhaps more than other English speaking countries they seem to be needing more freedom of expression.  I see a shift in the population to the North of Australia and an ease in tension between the Asian population there. Anyway, there are discoveries in this Northern Territory and a way becomes paved with possibility. There is new collaboration with the indigenous peoples as well.  Populations shift sometimes and this will be a surprise.

North Korea does send off a rocket.  I am asking which direction or trajectory it will travel?  It does not go far and it seems to hit a border country to the North.  The result of this is confusion and destabilization of this area.  I see that it is a huge mistake for them to do this and all the North Korea neighbors take them down and sanction them.  It will create refugees.  

Middle Africa, Ethiopia and Sudan, reach a new independence and the ability to trade rare metals on a more equal playing field. Things appear better for them.  The middle of Africa, Kenya, should be the agricultural belt and they may well be the savior to the world.  They have native seed, that has not been tampered with by Monsanto. Kenya is the heart of Africa and a very spiritual culture. The West Coast of Africa, there is trouble brewing, and this will continue through the summer of 2017.  One thing will help them, I see a new automobile, a light electric one being built there and opening jobs. Around Sierra Leone area.

Antarctica is in the news in new and unbelievable ways.  When June of 2017 comes look to big stories breaking about the underground there.  
The polar area above Alaska and in Alaska is melting.  There will be more sanctuaries for the Polar bears as this is needed. Polar Bears on a vegetarian diet?  I see it happening too.  They will eat berries and roots like other bears, they are just not used to it.  Iceland and Greenland join in to help with the ecology and animal extinction problem

I am sure that there are more conflicts and news worthy changes around the globe, and that would make for many more pages, I am hitting some of the things that will be news.  More than the usual suspects, I am seeing new players. I see new developments and more teaming up between countries. We will reach out without the United Nations as a steering committee.  We become global in all the good ways and less global in ways that seek to destroy sovereignty and the best part of diversity and culture. We shall learn to appreciate what being human means. 

Changes for the United Nations.  It appears to be running like a bulky bureaucracy disjointed and ineffective.  I am being shown that they could do more with education to relieve the conflicts. Going into a conflict as team red and team blue they could learn the viewpoint of each side to then reach a solution.  There is greater power with that than sending in some troupes or setting up refugee camps. 

I just saw a glimpse of a huge Pow Wow in Oklahoma.   Those Pow Wows are a great way for all the different tribes to show up and exchange ideas and share culture.  And most importantly it is fun. Maybe that is the better way for the United Nations to function. Like a Pow Wow.

The United States

Problems in California.  It is almost its own Nation. Water and pollution are really going to be hot issues. I am seeing Bakersfield, and places east of there, look like they take on a life of their own.  The population shifts there.  There will be more Rocky Mountain snow water collected for fresh water needs.  There are certainly Rocky Mountains and lakes in that Eastern part of California as well as Northern California.

 Texas will have upheaval as well. The mighty ones will try and move towards the East gulf Coast.  In other words, much like the land grab with the Native People, some corporate entities want to take over certain pieces of real estate and they will create horrible conditions in those places; hoping the people will leave or sell their property. 

 The Northern States look busy and happy.  The state of Washington gets an economic boost.  The Windy City Weeps.  That is what I am hearing.  Even though these are not positive over all, some individuals and families and communities will be doing well.  

Florida is booming again with young life and not just retirement homes. Wisconsin is coming up in incredible ways.  If we were Europe, Wisconsin would look like Germany, very efficient and worker bee like.  Places along the Missouri River might get washed away.  The area is moving and unstable.  

 I think Arizona and California. and just the Southwest in general. is not Trumps usually playing field, there is much he doesn’t get about us.  I don’t expect huge changes for us. The only thing I see for my state is that we will continue to be a beacon with our higher education.  We know the East Coast Ivy League Colleges are wonderful but I see ASU right up there and receiving even more accolades in the future. The northern part of the states does break out into solar and other green technologies.  They will be aggressive about this.  Phoenix more slowly changes.

The Trump Presidency:

It will happen.  I think it will be a golden age for our Nation.  Eastern and Northern States just seem to do better with Trump on board.  The swamp drains slowly.  There will be a friendship between Obama and Trump and this might surprise us at this turn of the wheel.  There is a common factor there that many would not recognize.  The greatest opposition will come from insider Republicans who might just be part of the swamp situation.  There is a Democrat female who becomes part of the Trump team soon and she is exactly what is needed to pull everyone together.  Ivanka will have a place in politics in the future. 

 Trump will find the last year in office quite difficult.  It seems that some huge set back is faced in the third year.  I am having trouble seeing exactly what it is, perhaps the banking industry and a huge change.  After that it looks like a huge swimming pool where there was a swamp. 

I am seeing Mexico being changed by Trumps presence.  That should not scare anyone, because it needs to be changed.  Most of Mexico will benefit.  I would say the common people of Mexico will be better off.  Beyond a wall built there will be some roads and infrastructure that is sorely needed built into Mexico.  It looks like the gulf coast needs change.  The Baja area and West Coast is doing fine and is kept afloat by tourism and other ventures.

Closing the Predictions

There is no world war three. Not this year and not that I can see several years into the distance.  The media has been abysmal in creating drama and fear this last year.  We can expect changes in how news is presented. Perhaps some better controls on our media would help and I see some News stations just falling off the edge into oblivion.

The media is often more slanted and less balanced than the “fake news”.  Some of Trumps aspirations might happen down the road in a new term.  It would be wonderful if Ivanka or one of Trumps kids can take the next four years after Trump.  We will have to see what is next.  One thing is true, Trump is a hard worker and can envision great things. 

I wish everyone a blessed year, and you can dismiss things that don’t fit what you see for yourself.  This is rather general.

OH.  I did not do predictions last year.  I was in the hospital for several days with bronchitis and oxygen rate at 83%. I was not able to do 2016 predictions.  If you would like to see 2015 I have the link for you.  And I went back and commented on those things that did happen.