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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Sara's Psychic Sisterhood. Chapter Five. All About Angels. With a Wink to Lorna Byrne and Howard Storm.

Sara’s Psychic Sisterhood
The Debate on Angels

There are so many “Angel Readers” among the Sedona psychic scene and in general there are the “Angel Experts”.  I am thinking of Doreen Virtue and Lorna Byrne.  I am reading Angels in my Hair right now.  The Angelic readers in Sedona are not always in agreement about who or what the Angels are. They only know that their messages are from Archangels and especially Michael.  One Angelic Angel psychic reader believed that they are Warriors fighting a battle for the upliftment of mankind.  Perhaps that is why they were present when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. They pronounced “Hark Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Mankind”.  I can only tell you my own spin on this whole Angel thing. 

 Like Lorna Byrne, I have struggled with dyslexia all my life and the term “retarded” became branded on my forehead when I was in first grade.  The teacher was so vocal about it that the other kids did not play with me.  This spunky young teacher was such a soul killer and I began to hate school.  I was in a totally different world as a small child. Escaped into my imagination and I drew all the time instead of listening to the lessons.  My family also was lead to believe I was "special education." There were a few English teachers who felt that I had a gift and encouraged me to write.  That was such a blessing.  

In my adulthood I scored beyond the exam I took.  That exam only measured to IQ 144. (Shipley Intelligence Test) I will never know exactly what I measured but the realization I had was, OMG,  I could have applied to a very good college instead of taking a night class here and there. It is sad that a teacher can damage a kid that way. Teachers are powerful in their influence and I experienced both good and bad teachers in my life. 

Each night I watched a light show at night while falling asleep at age 5.  Light would come in different vivid colors and unfold in front of my eyes eventually putting me asleep. I was such an empath and I could feel the pain of others.  My mothers friend came over and I could feel the pain in her shoulder. She did talk about it later and admitted to having bursitis.  I could not endure violence even in cartoons.  My favorite afternoon TV show was “The Cisco Kid”. It made me laugh.  When family members argued I would go hide in my room and hug “Tony”.  My blue stuffed rabbit was all powerful and all wise and I shared all my childhood angst with him.  Some children’s books were disturbing.  I was not a fan of Dr. Seuss. As an adult I love his works and especially ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.”  As a four-year-old I was very anxious that the characters would fall and hurt themselves.  As a little one I was no stranger to climbing and falling with the air slammed out of my lungs.  The Seuss illustrations would have the cat on a bicycle holding a fish in a bowl and other characters were precariously balanced on tables that were off base.  It looked like a recipe for disaster.  All through my childhood I had the feeling someone really big was watching over me.  There was an especially scary time when I was hiking and took off on my own.  I was climbing down a cliff when my foot slipped.  I was airborne for a second and could not scream.  I had the sensation of surrendering my life as I looked at the jagged rocks below.  Oddly, I don’t remember the next few moments except that I was caught in a thorn bush by the seat of my pants.  I was still shaking and trembling as I realized a profound thing had just happened.  I was surrounded in a mist of love and I knew that there was something much bigger than I that had rescued me.  Since I was at church camp, I could now state that  “I was saved” and really did experience that in a large way.

 Some Christian concepts did not always match my personal philosophy. I had a very hard time with any sort of judgement like “we are all sinners”.  Always I knew that we were children of a benevolent God and as such, we had a Divine Spark inside us and we were cherished.  I find it interesting that Lorna Byrne received that same message from the Angels she communicates with.  I was not quite as visual as she is.  Out of the corner of my eye, I would see a smile, or a bright aura.  There were times that all I could see was a flaming blue sword (for a second).  I learned later that was the signature of “Michael”.  Then there were all those “strangers” who just showed up at the right time.  People who would give me directions or warnings at the right moment.  I developed a rule for myself: If I heard something three times in a row, I should absolutely follow it.  Sometimes it might be three people I hardly know talking about a movie or book, “Sara you should really read this book”.  One lady just placed a book in my hand when I was a teenager.  She might not be an Angel, but I think she was inspired to give me that book. 

In my opinion, there are Angelic beings assigned to us.  I have had some belief that they are a part of us and they are the part that cannot be on earth.  Angels are very careful not to overstep the boundaries of free will.  Many miracles have been cloaked in what could be a simple coincidence.  Many times, I made the choice to listen to Angelic messages that were often very subtle.  Then there was one very direct “in my face” message in the year 2001.

        One morning before coffee, I was awakened by a “flock” of pretty Angels.  There was a group of very ethereal female Angels hovering above the ground.  They were wearing flowing pastel gowns and I am not sure I saw any wings. I noticed they were in an aura of light. I am guessing there were 9 Angles having a quiet conversation.  One brunette Angel stepped forward as a spokesperson and said, “Go Home”.   It was very short and yet very powerful. After that pronouncement they vanished.  I pondered what “Go Home” meant, but not for long.  Very soon, my mother called on the land line with a message that my younger brother had died.  He had been found in his apartment lifeless. He died on Ground Hog Day.  Everything was surreal and unsettling,  I took a shower and received a few more phone calls from my mother. She was crying and unsure of how to proceed.  I heard myself say, “don’t worry mother, I am on my way home.”  That was what was needed and meant by “go home”.  And it was a vivid vision that never left me. No one could argue that I was in a state of duress or grief, because at that moment, I was unaware of the untimely death of my brother.  I was awake and fully cognizant of my surroundings. I was looking forward to a glorious day.  Nothing would suggest it was imagined or contrived.

        I am sure that I may have made my guardian Angels cry at times.  I have been “stupid” and made bad choices.  When I have been allowed to make a bad decision, it was probably a growth opportunity.  Those dark nights of the soul are a chance to grow. We do grow and expand from those times when we did not listen to sage advice.  It must be hard for our Angels to watch.  I have also been told that I did not need to go through some of the hardships I walked through.  That made me feel especially dumb.  Knowing that some things might have been avoided, has made me wonder why then I elected to go through them?  I believe I was hoodwinked, conned, blindsided, and gave in to some darker self-interests at times.  In some experiences it was the company I was keeping.  Like many young people, I did not get the best information from others. 

Even though I took some dangerous turns, there was always someone there to watch over me.  At one point I had a loaded shot gun pointed at my stomach.  I had dated a bad apple for sure and I ended that relationship quickly and left town.  When I returned, he showed up drunk on my door step and forced his way into my home.  Again, I felt that I surrendered my life when I saw that gun.  I was sure he would shoot me.  I left my body and once out of  body and what might have been a painful ending, I could see Jesus with a crown of thorns standing behind this man.  For some odd reason, he did not shoot me, and he left.  I had not been religious at that point.  But seeing Jesus with thorns made me think of another truth.  I was bought and paid for.  Weather or not I had made a mistake in being with this person, it felt like Jesus was asserting his will into this situation and saying, “no I am taking on this karma and she is released”.  Looking back at some close calls, my life story paralleled  Calamity Jane especially when younger, and Angels are the best answer I have for still being alive.

        From that day forward, I felt a bond with Jesus, but I never felt I found the right church with the right message about him.  I have always felt that the message of Christianity has become a garbled one.  If there is love and an open acceptance of others in a church then, it is in alignment with the message of Jesus, and if not, in my opinion find a more open minded church.

  Another realization for me is this:  Wherever Jesus appears there are Angels too.  That was driven home in a dream I once had.  I was in a white robe in an auditorium of Angels and anticipation was all around.  Jesus came out on stage and there was a collective sigh as we clutched our hands to our breasts.  Jesus was just gorgeous. His personality filled the room in such a charismatic way.  He spoke to the group and then he asked me to please come forward.  I felt very nervous and self-conscious.  I heard some murmuring of the other Angels.  Murmurs such as, “I don’t think she is strong enough” As I approached Jesus, he touched the middle of my back, and I slouched over and fell on the floor.  I believe now that incidence illustrated that my belief was weak, and I needed a bit more back bone.  In hindsight, that would be totally correct at that period of my life.  I was being talked into things that were not right for me.  I often wonder if I had been an Angel prior to this life, who made a bad choice and now, I am here to realize many things. I could not have realized any of this as one who has not been human.  There is free will for me, but there is also my own pre-birth soul contract to come into this life and stretch, grow, and understand in a different way.  I have set up the family, country and circumstances ahead of being born into them.  I could not be more certain of that.  In general, our soul group had big things to accomplish.  Brave souls, this group.

To wrap up my own feelings about Angels.  They have been real and very present in my life.  Certainly, I make mistakes and I am OK with that.  I am not sure that anyone is an expert on Angels. None of us have all the answers all the time. Some things that I question:  Is there a hierarchy?  Are some Angels warriors and some Arch Angels? They must be asked to intervene?  It is said that Angels have not been human and not all Angels have wings.  Loved ones who have passed over are not the same thing as Angels. 

Howard Storm said his angles looked like balls of light.  I love the You Tube videos of Howard Storm and he does have the aura of one who has really been turned around by his near-death experience.  He is the real deal.  With everyone having their interpretation of Angelic experiences, I think there is no one right answer except, yes, they are real.  All else is opinion.  That is my opinion.
Ask for your own experience and I am sure it will happen, especially at Christmas time.  There is such thing as the Christmas Spirit.

Hark, Be of Glad Tidings! 

Monday, September 24, 2018

Chapter Four: SPS: Co-existence Melinda Leslie Style

Chapter 4
Sara’s Psychic Sisterhood

I did not create this Universe.  I can do many things but I cannot create a planet and spin it into place like I was playing with marbles   Since I am not the author of the many worlds that exist, what right do I have to say what may or may not exist?  Correct answer is NONE, Said Sara as she remembered her enchanted and enlightening discussions.  

Jesus said it best:  Mark 9:38-41 

Whoever Is Not Against Us Is for Us
38 “Teacher,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us.”
39 “Do not stop him,” Jesus said. “For no one who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, 40 for whoever is not against us is for us. 41 Truly I tell you, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to the Messiah will certainly not lose their reward.
This is quite illustrative of those transcended beings who realize there is no competition and even if one cannot say for sure what exists or what is real and true, At least, it is advisable to be of acceptance in these matters. 
As Shakespeare said: There Are More Things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, Than Are Dreamt of in Our Philosophy (Hamlet).
Shakespeare, like Gene Rodenberry, writer of many Star trek’s teleplays, seemed to be open to other dimensions and they were channeling brilliantly. Lucky for all of us that these and other creative beings have brought new paradigms to our culture. 
Sedona is the culmination of many world views and many of them would appear to clash.  Even in our smaller circle of psychics working at the Center, there was what would appear as division among us.  There were those who wore turbans, those who looked as thought they stepped from the pages of ancient Druid culture and those who were Wiccan or earth based in their spiritual orientation.  To broaden the scope, we had a Jewish accountant who kept us all in good humor with the money magic and gentle jest, and she also was a best friend of a Catholic Psychic.  I experienced this when I was at the Findhorn Community in Scotland.  There were many points of view and spiritual interpretation.

In of this chapter I ask this question of my readership:  What does a Lion Being, Sasquatch, and an 8-foot-tall bipedal bird all have in common?  Or mix in a Reptilian Being just to jazz it up.

They represent co-existence and they represent the larger Universe and its variety and diversity. They suggest that at the apex of evolution of consciousness that we honor the development of others and we get along.  Farewell to warfare. 
  There were many who followed different teachers, like Abraham or Bashar. Is there a common bond or thread that we as humans can use to unite us?  The next sister in my sisterhood would open another reality for me.  She illuminated one unifying factor.  We are the humans.  That is important.  It is even more evolved to see that all sentient beings are part of the Law of One, The Prime Creator.  That is a very significant realization.
Melinda Leslie was the one psychic at the center who had researched the UFO and Alien Connection.  She is famous and has been on talk shows such as Coast to Coast AM.  I asked her permission to use her name. She was generous enough to allow that for “my book idea”.
Several of the Psychics started going to Melinda’s weekly UFO discussion group. Then, down the road, we joined her on a sky watching tour where we spotted UFO’s in the night sky. My relationship with Melinda has grown over the years.  We have supported each other in the good and bad times.  In addition to her life long research with the Bud Hopkins (like) writers of the community she was the one psychic who I could turn to for answers to everyday questions.  Melinda and Scottie Little Star were mentors for me. 
What did all the sisters of my (Sara) circle have in common?  We all had contact with UFO craft, experiences with being part of the “hybrid breeding program” and knowledge that had been imparted to us in scientific downloads. Among this group there were stories of meeting Sasquatch, Reptilian Beings, Avian Beings, Mantis Beings and Tall Whites as well as Greys and Pleiadeans.  One of our common threads was that our ability to be psychics was enhancing and elevated by our experience with those of non-human back grounds. Of this I am quite sure.
What does it mean to be human?  The good bad and ugly.
Have you ever asked yourself what is so great about being human? Sometimes it seems that our brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom have such honest open hearts.  They seem to be unconditional in their love for us.  Dolphins display such a variety of emotions and playful antics.  There are those who believe we are descended from the Sasquatch. Many of our family dynamics and our love of nature would be more in alignment with the Sasquatch group of hominids. More in line than the other anthropoid apes in how we function.  The Sasquatch do speak vocally as well as telepathically.  There are those privileged humans who have been involved with Sasquatch families. This is a subject that I would love to explore and speak of at another time and place.
It is another long story that I only leave a link for that would explain why we are not covered with fur and have large feet.  After the destruction of Marduk. ; Only the asteroid belt remained where a planet bigger than earth once spun around our sun. All the souls that had inhabited Marduk were now paralyzed with fear and had no place to call home. They existed in another dimension with out a body. In time earth would become their home.  The theory is that the most evolved creature on our planet was Sasquatch and with some genetic altering and enhancement, they became the new model of human beings.  Was that enhancement beneficial? It is hard to judge.  One thing is sure; there is a fragment in Sasquatch in all of us.  Perhaps the Neanderthal humans of old were the shorter Sasquatch cousins that were stronger and yet more squatty looking.  It is thus far un-provable except for some research done by Lloyd Pye.  
This discussion was one of many that our sisterhood discussed in a Socratic type exchange while sitting by Oak Creek when business was slow. 
One of my close friends at work read a chapter and suggested, nicely, that I was “all over the place”.  I must admit that it is my memory that we did cover so much in our groups and discussions.  It was an education I would find no where else.  Nowhere except Sedona.  If you could take all your paranormal and strange experiences and share them with others, that would be how entertaining our outdoor sessions were.  Outdoors with the laughing creek and the squirrels, blue herons, javelins and lizards listening in.
We had many unusual visitors chime in and visit.  There were mischievous fairies, the Druid brothers who would appear out of thin air, as well as squawks from high flying eagles and Arch angels when the tides would turn.  But it was Melinda and some of the hybrid beings that expanded our awareness and made me realize just how expansive the Universe is.
I can tell one thing about us humans, we have layers of emotional intelligence that pales and washes out some of our more “Spock” like ET visitors. Humans are better than color TV.  
My next chapter will be about Angels in Sedona.  This is a subject dear to my heart and it will be a joy to tell that tale. 

Enjoy all the chapters from Chapter one and please sign up for this newsletter to get it next month.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

SPS: Chapter 3. Solve for the Human Stain.

Chapter Three:  Solve for the Human Stain

Continuing the Sisterhood of psychics and my progress with friendships: There in the beautiful bustle called Sedona, I had to pause.  I should be pausing because of the magnificent rouge scenery. But instead there was an accident.  A car went the wrong way in a roundabout.  It might have not been too bad if the other drivers were paying attention.  Often people are taking pictures or filming.  I turned to find a back road.  There are back roads in Sedona that all the local people know about.  I would make it to the Center in time and then collect my mind.  I would practice meditation by the creek and allow the subtlest of energy to embrace me and heal me.  Sedona is uncensored, raw, playful and powerful all at once.  

Even Psychics have days that are going all wrong.  Tears fall, and ice cream gets eaten, and it is hard to pull out of it.  It is hard to leave behind the “wrong education” that many have endured.  One tear leads to a flood of bad memories.  One chip lead to another just as one drink might lead to another.  Humans have their way of coping with life’s disappointments.  For me that meant gaining more weight.  There are much better ways of coping. 

Going back to the “wrong education” in childhood and all the way through adolescence:  it has been part of our demise.   I can speak for myself, and I can observe it in others.  I was a very sensitive child who belonged to a very angry Mom.   I was aware of problems at home and wanted to change the energy.  I would do something “funny”.   Humor was a momentary escape and a healthy one.  Despite that humor, a plate of spaghetti would fly and hit the wall.  My parents often fought at the dinner table.

My parents had the perfectionism of the 50’s.  Our home looked perfect.  We lived in a spotless world, but the biggest treasure of “knowing who we really are” was not the focus.   School was to help create good future employees and it certainly was not meant to have us be creative and think for ourselves.  I remember using my imagination quite a bit, but I don’t think I could use that part of me, except in art class and “English” when we were asked to write.  Later, I took water color and three poetry classes as well as some other electives that I really enjoyed.   College was wonderful it was the solve that healed my wounds. If I could have just continued to take all the electives I had a natural yearning to take, all evil would parish from my world. I wish I could have gone from kindergarten to college. I found true therapy in the world of academia. Even traditional English classes would yield more discovery into ancient Greek philosophers and then the modern Wittenstien (pronounced Vit en steen) which was a happy accident. I walked in the wrong classroom and never left.  All the students engaged with me in a way that “fed my soul”.

 I would not have a progressive, enduring and life changing philosophy until I read “Conversations with God” and went on a “God Cruise” with Neale Donald Walsch.  I wrote a great deal about that cruise.  Neale was fantastic.  Neale was very human in his scope of emotions.  He could be impatient and showed some irritation at times.  When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  Neale helped me see and set sail on my next spiritual steps. I became all about “feeding my soul”.  I was on the hunt for people and places that fed my soul.  I went to see Bashar in Sedona.  Daryl Anka channels an ET entity from the future called Bashar.  There are so many more significant teachers that filled my life in the years 2006 through 2012.  It was a time of expansion.  It was our trip to Sedona that set off a chain of decisions to move there and be part of that world.  It was a bumpy ride on a rutted red road.  Sedona was the perfect example of a manifested spiritual carnival and its antithesis would be the withdrawn life of an ascetic cave dweller.  Perhaps I have been that person in a cave, but now I reach for another level of sublime.  Sedona was an education that was never boring, and it could not be purchased or attained in a class room.  Sedona was in my face kissing me and smacking me all the time.   I encountered the cheeky creek nymphs as a child and once again I was being swept along in the fast current of a vortex.  I watched the brave young men biking down a sloping red foot hill.  I heard the growl of a skin walker on a moon lit path, lizard beings, and druids in our midst.  The diversity was ever a whirling pool of the unimaginable. 

So, what is the solve for the human stain?  Removing layers of myth, hardship, guilt and misunderstanding from the human paradigm.  We all do start from the same seed but it seems “we bought the farm, the Brooklyn Bridge, and sold ourselves into generations of slavery.  We need to wise up in a hurry.  Sedona was that mix of frantic awakenings, trips and falls, small wounds and then the ripping off of the band aid.  I walked over pebbles, hiked up trails, rented about six different places and felt like a gypsy the whole time.  People came and went all the time.  Most of the psychics did not make the sort of living they had hoped.  Groceries and rent were much higher than other areas.  Sedona had its price tag.  Somehow those who were supposed to be there found a way of being there.  My education continued as the pages will reveal.  The solve was in going within to realize how precious humanity is and that it is being shaken awake quickly for a reason.  The solve is in Buffy Saint Marie’s song, Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong. We belong to a rich Father and like prodigal sons and daughters we are being asked to get out of the pig trough, walk away from the lies, and stand up a little straighter.   There are some songs that were just written for us, the sons and daughters of this time.  See if you hear that beckoning in this song?  Let the River Run

In preparation of my next chapter I ask this question of my readership:  What does a Lion Being, Sasquatch, and an 8-foot-tall bipedal bird all have in common?   Get ready sons and daughters.

Be washed, be forgiving and forgiven and be open. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Chapter Two: Sara's Psychic Sisterhood

Chapter Two
Sara’s Psychic Sisterhood

Transparency: Ain’t No Place to Hide

Psychics at the center seemed to come and go easily. Some psychics would begin with high hopes and that optimism showed up as painting and decorating their offices. It was fun to watch the show from the sidelines. Establishing a presence and a following were not magically manifested in one day.  As a college student, I had additional income. I kept that my little secret until it slipped out one day. Everyone wanted to borrow money. All those psychic with high hopes were not quite making it yet.  There was competition among psychics, and comparisons, and all the petty things soap operas are made of.  Intense drama happened when psychics would cast spells on each other.  When that happened, one or the other was going to be leaving.  Eve was from Alabama and she was casting prosperity spells around her door. She hung up tiny bottles with real gem chips and threw rosemary on the steps to her room.  Another psychic began sweeping those steps and interrupted the psychic sessions with loud talk. I called her “Boss Lady”. Another red-headed “angel-channeling” psychic began to give the concierge money in exchange for recommendations to clients.  I happened to witness this exchange but also knew that no one would really believe it.  Months later the store owner became aware that this was happening. There was a concierge change with little improvement.  Winning over the concierge was important in winning clients.  Even when people would ask for “Sara”, they might be directed elsewhere. 

Transparency grew daily for me in what I noticed.  Transparency caused enormous problems for psychics. There is no place to hide.  Imagine if everyone you lived with, worked with, and people you dated were extremely psychic?  There would be no such thing as a poker face.  When issues come up they must be dealt with. It makes people think and behave differently.  I read a book about people living in Intentional communities. Sure, there is love and harmony at first, but wait until all those shadows hit the light. If someone used to be good at manipulating others, all of a sudden their “con” doesn’t work.  I had the red-headed angel channeling psychic crying in my office one day.  “Candy, save your tears, they are not working well on me today.” Those were the words out of my mouth.  Angels may be flitting about her daily, but, she was not full of down-home integrity and it was more obvious than ever.  She had integrity in the heavens, but not down in the zone. I enjoyed Eve and Candy, but in my heart, I knew that they were both on their way out. You just can’t con a con artist and that is doubly true with psychics. It takes a thief to know a thief (they say) and I can say that it takes a psychic to know a psychic.  The truth will become ugly but then when the smoke clears something amazing has happened, clarity.  I grew in self-awareness and became more steadfast.  I stopped second guessing myself and graduated to being the professional I was. When center clients arrived they would look at all those photos and blurbs about psychics and they had to choose one of us.  They might pick the person that “looks exotic and psychic” and probably does have some charisma too. I believed that the clients got the psychic they deserved but not perhaps the “best”. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is talent in interpreting subtle energy.

 On some days, I believe everyone was delivering good messages.  It did feel like a Higher Power guided all the psychics at the center regardless of the level of development each psychic possessed.  I call that the Oda Mae effect (from Ghosts 1990). Under the right circumstances just about anyone can be psychic.  If we were all developed psychics the world would operate  differently, but it would be a bloody mess first. The crooked dealers would not get very far and the banks would be transparent (eventually).  Does that sound wonderful or what? There would be so many layers of problems in the beginning because we don’t operate that way. People hide their feelings, stick their head in the sand when confronted, and create unreal versions of themself.  Someone like me would be killed instantly. The crooked dealers would not want me around.  My best survival strategy is knowing that people do not trust psychics. For me to still be around means one fantastic thing. There are more people evolving now days. There will be no more burning at the stake. Sure there are still enough people who feel safe in the lies they live.  If they only knew that “their slip is showing” how would they behave?  They would do the “right” thing perhaps. Advanced, aware, conscious, evolved people know that we are all connected at some level. When they deceive someone it is going to surface and really drag them down.  We all have “sinned”… no exceptions.  We all have a second chance too.  Each day is a clean slate to do the right thing. Good to know. Forgive and go on. Like the Master once said, “Our Father who art in heaven, show us how to make earth a little piece of heaven”.  When he said “our Father” that means we all came from the same Infinite Intelligent Source.  All religions have truth in them and together they form a gorgeous mosaic of human experience.  Let us recognize that one evolving connection and be brothers and sisters in transparency. Grab someone’s arm because we are all in this together.    

Friday, April 6, 2018

Sara's Psychic Sisterhood

Sara's Psychic Sisterhood

Chapter One: Sedona is Hollywood for Psychics

Hello, Welcome to my creek side patio here in Magical Sedona. I’m Sara and I am pleased to narrate my adventure as a psychic who landed in a unique sisterhood years ago.  My book "Psychic Sisterhood" took on a life of its own as I wrote it. I might have embellished a little bit, but, this stuff all happened. There would be an absence of creativity and my muse would not be present if there was no foundation in truth. 

When I first arrived in Sedona, I immediately had to step up my game and presentation.  I was rather “ordinary looking”, and frumpy from years of being a mom and a social worker. “Hey There Georgy Girl” would almost fit my situation except Georgy was not “psychic”.  I had been married for five years, when I discovered that the romance had slipped between my fingers while changing diapers.  We just did not seem to be close anymore. Things happen, and I will be touching into marriage and relationship issues as my saga continues. For me, separation seemed eminent and it happened. My ex and extended family was not far away in Phoenix. 

 Sedona has changed but wading the cool creek water is delightful on this sunny day in mid June.  When I was a kid, Oak Creek was better than an amusement park. The whole family camped here.  Mom and I picked wild berries and wild asparagus growing creek side. My brother and Dad were trout fishing up stream.  Now, 2018, most of the creek side property has been purchased.  It is still breath taking to see the red rock monuments and lofty oak trees. Sedona has always been playground for Phoenix families in the summer.  The grown-up Sedona has a New York City energy. It is bustling with commerce, tour buses, hikers and New Age Culture. The experience can be overwhelming at times, but it is seldom stagnant. The locals eat and shop at different places than the tourist.  Honestly, the tour jeeps seldom travel to the most sacred places, in my opinion.  In fact, it can be so busy along the creek that I crossed the highway to Beaver Creek and found some lovely private swimming spots as well as a natural slide.  People are usually refreshed and renewed from Creek play.  I always felt Baptized in holy water. When I was around five years old, I lost a little red sneaker to the playful creek.  I swear there was a water nymph that just snatched it from my foot.  Back when I was little, animals and fairy folk were close companions. I am back on sacred ground where the iron and minerals create vortex activity. How do I anchor myself to the dynamic spirited environment? 

My “Work Week”
I had interviewed for a job at one of the many New Age Metaphysical stores in Sedona. The first week of June I had a counseling office right by the creek.  It had all the bright bubbly energy of the oak trees smiling through a picture window.  With birds tweeting and humming birds darting about I met with people from all over the world in my office. Outside I enjoyed cheerful banter of the creek’s splashing and gurgling. There were the other psychic’s in offices around me.  Customers would pick the best psychic out of a book of colorful resumes.  It seemed that the most exotic or psychic looking people would get picked. I did not have the gypsy appearance at all, however, the people who did pick me, mentioned it was my smile that drew them in. I do believe that there is an energetic magnetic draw or law of attraction.  My energy was matching their energy at the moment they were deciding who to see. 

My first week was slow and fraught with obstacles in the way of other psychics.  There was one psychic putting rosemary on the doorway and another doing a shamanistic chant. All of this was to uplift energy, cleanse the third eye chakra and attract more business. However, paranoia took over when a rebel psychic vacuumed up all the rosemary leaves. I laughed so hard. There were odd suspicions and tensions at times. 

There were psychics who commanded high paying customers and they received top billing.  The concierge accidentally placed my photo on the bottom eye level display.  That caused a problem for some.  My first confrontation was with a very established psychic who was enraged by that error.  That photo was quickly moved to another spot. The world of psychic advisers has its competition just like any business might have. Fueled by tourist, money flowed like a shoe box of monopoly money in Sedona. Got change for a 100? I of course hoped to receive some of that green too. My goal was to wow people and give them their money’s worth.  Just like that show “America’s Got Talent”, sometimes it is the mousy misfit that belts out a show tune and wins everyone over.  That was me. By February I moved to a bigger office and was one of the top paying psychics. That was before I became deathly ill from toxic black mold poisoning several months later. I enjoyed the fast lane for a while and that is when I met the sisterhood. 

I would take breaks down by the creek and one spring day a whole new paradigm opened. I walked to the creek to sit on one of the benches, however, I walked into a lively discussion amongst several fellow psychics.  The chat was regarding one woman who had a reading from almost every available psychic at our center. Money was no object for her. It appears she was looking for validating information regarding an ex-boyfriend. Of course, she wanted to hear that this person would once again be in her life. Often it is to a psychic’s advantage to tell someone what they really want to hear.  I had also counseled with this middle-aged lady in my office.  The shock was that we had all told her the same thing.  The message was almost verbatim from all of us. Each psychic present felt very certain that this ex-lover was not going to return to her in this life time. I found that beyond interesting to the point of unbelievable coincidence.  The five of us continued to chat and compare notes.  With this group, I learned lessons never taught anywhere else. The discussions covered many topics from a variety of life perspectives.  Among us were Hindu, Wicca, Catholic, Native American Tradition, South African Shamanism and Buddhist belief systems. Two ladies believed they were hybrid beings. They were part human and part alien. This was a diverse group.   

The most universal characteristic of this small group was the “service to others” attitude. If there was competition, it was not brutal or back stabbing. There was trust between our creek side discussion group. Usually our sessions would end when the concierge called us to do readings for the clients.  We did not get an hourly pay, and so the concierge was our helper in obtaining customers. There was a partnership in honoring our center and each other. What we started to notice was a building of positive comradery. All of us began to do better financially than the other psychics who were of the lone wolf variety.  Often the others would sabotage each other and create adversity. One of the first lessons for me “to take to the bank” was this spirit of a “Universal Manager”. Somehow, I became acquainted with a beneficial force that directed each customer to exactly the right psychic. In time, we began referring each other due to certain specialties each member in the group possessed. All would either gift with 10% of the session fee or return with a similar referral.

I remember a movie called “Minority Report.” This was a  2002 Steven Spielberg movie about three psychics who could predict crime in the year 2054. Tom Cruise’s character is part of the pre-crime unit.  There is one psychic who does not always agree with the other two. She is more rogue than the psychic twins.  I found the movie rather abysmal but interesting.  Abysmal because if people become more psychic and aware, they would not be in such a dystonia.

What if psychics did agree on future events and better yet, helped others to avoid certain mistakes and pitfalls.  As Sara, I can visualize a better world and help to mold it. People do have free will.  I have seen many readings where there is a fork in the road and one-time line over another will emerge depending on that person’s choice.  Psychics and alternative doctors might become targets in the future, if not already.  If psychics are being harassed, it probably means that they are “real” psychics and are doing things right not wrong. They would be a genuine threat to those with nefarious agendas.  Those agendas happen one little step at a time.  All the pieces must be in place and many high places infiltrated to create the reduction of human independence.  Sara and her sisters were “a threat” and they would soon learn why and how to shield themselves.  Many moons ahead, many pages turned, the sisterhood will be tested and almost pulled apart. Buckle your seat belt, as we go into hyper-drive. Things are about to take off.

Written by Nancy Lake of angelbellsguidance.com.  People who join my news letter will receive the next chapter. And yes a future copy of the book will be available. The sign up for the newsletter is on the Welcome Page. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Счастливое воскресенье.

У меня иногда больше русских читают мой блог, чем в моей стране в США. Просто хочу сказать спасибо

Handmaiden to Madness

Working with the seriously ill population for quite a while has me running a maze of loops and circles in my car. It reminds me of Chutes and Ladders. They are petitioned by me or family into treatment.  Treatment in hospitals last about a week and then somehow patients are pronounced clinically better and discharged.  Sometimes they are discharged with a bag of medication and no place to sleep or eat.   Many homeless people are mentally ill.  They will die much sooner than better functioning people.   Mentally ill people burn their bridges with family and friends.

Why is there no cure?  Well actually there is but it is so cost effective that it would end many of the three ringed circuses that go on.  The whole judicial system built around court ordered treatment would be nonexistent including what I do, case management.  Many programs and agencies would cease to exist. 

Psychopharmaceutic medications are very expensive and are a large part of the money pie.  I believe I could take the craziest person and bring them back to health.  The first step would be reducing the medications, then changing the life style and diet, then finding some sort of life purpose and job for this person.  After two years they would be out of the system.   I could not do it alone.  I would need a therapeutic team.  I would add certain kinds of therapy that might not be considered “correct” or best practice, but they would work.  It would be person centered in orientation.  And it would be eclectic in that their would be some cognitive therapy.

I am not a doctor and I am not a genius.  I have worked with family and fiends who were almost gone.  These people were riddled with mental illness and the only therapy they received was medical therapy.
As a mom, I went along with the medical piece for 20 years.  It did help manage some of the symptoms.  There is a place for some chemistry.  But I realized my son was becoming a life time patient and none of these pills have cured him.

I used to blame the doctor’s and the nurse practitioners until I saw them in a different light.   They do care about their patients very much.  They are a hard-working group and they are depressed that they don’t have all those answers.   They do have DNA testing now days, but there is no magic pill that will heal mental illness.  They can help manage symptoms for a while.  For a while can be a year or two.  The brain chemistry often self-corrects, and receptors become resilient over time.  Changing medications is very scary sometimes.  Not everyone reacts the same way to a certain medication.  My son kept saying his brain was on fire.  He was not heard until a new doctor came to his clinic.  It turns out my guy needed a side effect medication.  Many people have that same side effect without it.  Then another lady psychiatrist came on board.  She thought my son was misdiagnosed. My son was experiencing some wonderful baseline behavior and he was joking and having a great time in his therapy sessions.  This lady doctor promptly removed my son from all his medications.  Perhaps she wondered what would happen.  What happened was a nightmare for me.  My son landed in a psychotic break down and then a mania.  He was hospitalized for about 3 weeks.  After hospitalization, it took another two months to see him stabilized again. 
Recently, another psychiatrist was judging me a “bad parent” and decided I was very stupid as well.  The pain families go through is just unimaginable.  After riding this crazy train for over 20 years, it is obvious that no one has all the answers. 

There are answers.  But I think murder would happen before those answers reach people.  The pharmaceutical industry is a very powerful billion-dollar industry.  They are drug dealers.  If a patient is cut off his/her medication too quickly, it could mean death or a spiraling, out of control psychotic break down.  The dependency on those medications is very high.  People must titrate off their medication very slowly with some monitory of that process.

My loved ones and friends have been able to do just that.  It was a roller coaster ride for them.  Through much reading and discovery, we found the answers. 

The lives of patients and loved ones are being exploited and harmed.  The motto first do no harm is not being a banner for those who work in the mental health field.  Harm is being done in dozens of ways.

Stop the madness.  Collectively we can.  Just email me for more answers.  nancysnimbus@gmail.com

I should probably send this to Nami again.  Sooner or later people will wake up and change things.   For people like my father, it is too late.  He suffered hand tremors to the point he had to give up dentistry and his livelihood.  For my brother it is too late, he overdosed while trying to self-medicate.   I decided to not let this happen to another person I know and love.

Chutes and Ladders should be fun and not a cliff hanger