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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Chapter Two: Sara's Psychic Sisterhood

Chapter Two
Sara’s Psychic Sisterhood

Transparency: Ain’t No Place to Hide

Psychics at the center seemed to come and go easily. Some psychics would begin with high hopes and that optimism showed up as painting and decorating their offices. It was fun to watch the show from the sidelines. Establishing a presence and a following were not magically manifested in one day.  As a college student, I had additional income. I kept that my little secret until it slipped out one day. Everyone wanted to borrow money. All those psychic with high hopes were not quite making it yet.  There was competition among psychics, and comparisons, and all the petty things soap operas are made of.  Intense drama happened when psychics would cast spells on each other.  When that happened, one or the other was going to be leaving.  Eve was from Alabama and she was casting prosperity spells around her door. She hung up tiny bottles with real gem chips and threw rosemary on the steps to her room.  Another psychic began sweeping those steps and interrupted the psychic sessions with loud talk. I called her “Boss Lady”. Another red-headed “angel-channeling” psychic began to give the concierge money in exchange for recommendations to clients.  I happened to witness this exchange but also knew that no one would really believe it.  Months later the store owner became aware that this was happening. There was a concierge change with little improvement.  Winning over the concierge was important in winning clients.  Even when people would ask for “Sara”, they might be directed elsewhere. 

Transparency grew daily for me in what I noticed.  Transparency caused enormous problems for psychics. There is no place to hide.  Imagine if everyone you lived with, worked with, and people you dated were extremely psychic?  There would be no such thing as a poker face.  When issues come up they must be dealt with. It makes people think and behave differently.  I read a book about people living in Intentional communities. Sure, there is love and harmony at first, but wait until all those shadows hit the light. If someone used to be good at manipulating others, all of a sudden their “con” doesn’t work.  I had the red-headed angel channeling psychic crying in my office one day.  “Candy, save your tears, they are not working well on me today.” Those were the words out of my mouth.  Angels may be flitting about her daily, but, she was not full of down-home integrity and it was more obvious than ever.  She had integrity in the heavens, but not down in the zone. I enjoyed Eve and Candy, but in my heart, I knew that they were both on their way out. You just can’t con a con artist and that is doubly true with psychics. It takes a thief to know a thief (they say) and I can say that it takes a psychic to know a psychic.  The truth will become ugly but then when the smoke clears something amazing has happened, clarity.  I grew in self-awareness and became more steadfast.  I stopped second guessing myself and graduated to being the professional I was. When center clients arrived they would look at all those photos and blurbs about psychics and they had to choose one of us.  They might pick the person that “looks exotic and psychic” and probably does have some charisma too. I believed that the clients got the psychic they deserved but not perhaps the “best”. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is talent in interpreting subtle energy.

 On some days, I believe everyone was delivering good messages.  It did feel like a Higher Power guided all the psychics at the center regardless of the level of development each psychic possessed.  I call that the Oda Mae effect (from Ghosts 1990). Under the right circumstances just about anyone can be psychic.  If we were all developed psychics the world would operate  differently, but it would be a bloody mess first. The crooked dealers would not get very far and the banks would be transparent (eventually).  Does that sound wonderful or what? There would be so many layers of problems in the beginning because we don’t operate that way. People hide their feelings, stick their head in the sand when confronted, and create unreal versions of themself.  Someone like me would be killed instantly. The crooked dealers would not want me around.  My best survival strategy is knowing that people do not trust psychics. For me to still be around means one fantastic thing. There are more people evolving now days. There will be no more burning at the stake. Sure there are still enough people who feel safe in the lies they live.  If they only knew that “their slip is showing” how would they behave?  They would do the “right” thing perhaps. Advanced, aware, conscious, evolved people know that we are all connected at some level. When they deceive someone it is going to surface and really drag them down.  We all have “sinned”… no exceptions.  We all have a second chance too.  Each day is a clean slate to do the right thing. Good to know. Forgive and go on. Like the Master once said, “Our Father who art in heaven, show us how to make earth a little piece of heaven”.  When he said “our Father” that means we all came from the same Infinite Intelligent Source.  All religions have truth in them and together they form a gorgeous mosaic of human experience.  Let us recognize that one evolving connection and be brothers and sisters in transparency. Grab someone’s arm because we are all in this together.