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Sunday, August 12, 2018

SPS: Chapter 3. Solve for the Human Stain.

Chapter Three:  Solve for the Human Stain

Continuing the Sisterhood of psychics and my progress with friendships: There in the beautiful bustle called Sedona, I had to pause.  I should be pausing because of the magnificent rouge scenery. But instead there was an accident.  A car went the wrong way in a roundabout.  It might have not been too bad if the other drivers were paying attention.  Often people are taking pictures or filming.  I turned to find a back road.  There are back roads in Sedona that all the local people know about.  I would make it to the Center in time and then collect my mind.  I would practice meditation by the creek and allow the subtlest of energy to embrace me and heal me.  Sedona is uncensored, raw, playful and powerful all at once.  

Even Psychics have days that are going all wrong.  Tears fall, and ice cream gets eaten, and it is hard to pull out of it.  It is hard to leave behind the “wrong education” that many have endured.  One tear leads to a flood of bad memories.  One chip lead to another just as one drink might lead to another.  Humans have their way of coping with life’s disappointments.  For me that meant gaining more weight.  There are much better ways of coping. 

Going back to the “wrong education” in childhood and all the way through adolescence:  it has been part of our demise.   I can speak for myself, and I can observe it in others.  I was a very sensitive child who belonged to a very angry Mom.   I was aware of problems at home and wanted to change the energy.  I would do something “funny”.   Humor was a momentary escape and a healthy one.  Despite that humor, a plate of spaghetti would fly and hit the wall.  My parents often fought at the dinner table.

My parents had the perfectionism of the 50’s.  Our home looked perfect.  We lived in a spotless world, but the biggest treasure of “knowing who we really are” was not the focus.   School was to help create good future employees and it certainly was not meant to have us be creative and think for ourselves.  I remember using my imagination quite a bit, but I don’t think I could use that part of me, except in art class and “English” when we were asked to write.  Later, I took water color and three poetry classes as well as some other electives that I really enjoyed.   College was wonderful it was the solve that healed my wounds. If I could have just continued to take all the electives I had a natural yearning to take, all evil would parish from my world. I wish I could have gone from kindergarten to college. I found true therapy in the world of academia. Even traditional English classes would yield more discovery into ancient Greek philosophers and then the modern Wittenstien (pronounced Vit en steen) which was a happy accident. I walked in the wrong classroom and never left.  All the students engaged with me in a way that “fed my soul”.

 I would not have a progressive, enduring and life changing philosophy until I read “Conversations with God” and went on a “God Cruise” with Neale Donald Walsch.  I wrote a great deal about that cruise.  Neale was fantastic.  Neale was very human in his scope of emotions.  He could be impatient and showed some irritation at times.  When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  Neale helped me see and set sail on my next spiritual steps. I became all about “feeding my soul”.  I was on the hunt for people and places that fed my soul.  I went to see Bashar in Sedona.  Daryl Anka channels an ET entity from the future called Bashar.  There are so many more significant teachers that filled my life in the years 2006 through 2012.  It was a time of expansion.  It was our trip to Sedona that set off a chain of decisions to move there and be part of that world.  It was a bumpy ride on a rutted red road.  Sedona was the perfect example of a manifested spiritual carnival and its antithesis would be the withdrawn life of an ascetic cave dweller.  Perhaps I have been that person in a cave, but now I reach for another level of sublime.  Sedona was an education that was never boring, and it could not be purchased or attained in a class room.  Sedona was in my face kissing me and smacking me all the time.   I encountered the cheeky creek nymphs as a child and once again I was being swept along in the fast current of a vortex.  I watched the brave young men biking down a sloping red foot hill.  I heard the growl of a skin walker on a moon lit path, lizard beings, and druids in our midst.  The diversity was ever a whirling pool of the unimaginable. 

So, what is the solve for the human stain?  Removing layers of myth, hardship, guilt and misunderstanding from the human paradigm.  We all do start from the same seed but it seems “we bought the farm, the Brooklyn Bridge, and sold ourselves into generations of slavery.  We need to wise up in a hurry.  Sedona was that mix of frantic awakenings, trips and falls, small wounds and then the ripping off of the band aid.  I walked over pebbles, hiked up trails, rented about six different places and felt like a gypsy the whole time.  People came and went all the time.  Most of the psychics did not make the sort of living they had hoped.  Groceries and rent were much higher than other areas.  Sedona had its price tag.  Somehow those who were supposed to be there found a way of being there.  My education continued as the pages will reveal.  The solve was in going within to realize how precious humanity is and that it is being shaken awake quickly for a reason.  The solve is in Buffy Saint Marie’s song, Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong. We belong to a rich Father and like prodigal sons and daughters we are being asked to get out of the pig trough, walk away from the lies, and stand up a little straighter.   There are some songs that were just written for us, the sons and daughters of this time.  See if you hear that beckoning in this song?  Let the River Run

In preparation of my next chapter I ask this question of my readership:  What does a Lion Being, Sasquatch, and an 8-foot-tall bipedal bird all have in common?   Get ready sons and daughters.

Be washed, be forgiving and forgiven and be open.