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Monday, September 24, 2018

Chapter Four: SPS: Co-existence Melinda Leslie Style

Chapter 4
Sara’s Psychic Sisterhood

I did not create this Universe.  I can do many things but I cannot create a planet and spin it into place like I was playing with marbles   Since I am not the author of the many worlds that exist, what right do I have to say what may or may not exist?  Correct answer is NONE, Said Sara as she remembered her enchanted and enlightening discussions.  

Jesus said it best:  Mark 9:38-41 

Whoever Is Not Against Us Is for Us
38 “Teacher,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us.”
39 “Do not stop him,” Jesus said. “For no one who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, 40 for whoever is not against us is for us. 41 Truly I tell you, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to the Messiah will certainly not lose their reward.
This is quite illustrative of those transcended beings who realize there is no competition and even if one cannot say for sure what exists or what is real and true, At least, it is advisable to be of acceptance in these matters. 
As Shakespeare said: There Are More Things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, Than Are Dreamt of in Our Philosophy (Hamlet).
Shakespeare, like Gene Rodenberry, writer of many Star trek’s teleplays, seemed to be open to other dimensions and they were channeling brilliantly. Lucky for all of us that these and other creative beings have brought new paradigms to our culture. 
Sedona is the culmination of many world views and many of them would appear to clash.  Even in our smaller circle of psychics working at the Center, there was what would appear as division among us.  There were those who wore turbans, those who looked as thought they stepped from the pages of ancient Druid culture and those who were Wiccan or earth based in their spiritual orientation.  To broaden the scope, we had a Jewish accountant who kept us all in good humor with the money magic and gentle jest, and she also was a best friend of a Catholic Psychic.  I experienced this when I was at the Findhorn Community in Scotland.  There were many points of view and spiritual interpretation.

In of this chapter I ask this question of my readership:  What does a Lion Being, Sasquatch, and an 8-foot-tall bipedal bird all have in common?  Or mix in a Reptilian Being just to jazz it up.

They represent co-existence and they represent the larger Universe and its variety and diversity. They suggest that at the apex of evolution of consciousness that we honor the development of others and we get along.  Farewell to warfare. 
  There were many who followed different teachers, like Abraham or Bashar. Is there a common bond or thread that we as humans can use to unite us?  The next sister in my sisterhood would open another reality for me.  She illuminated one unifying factor.  We are the humans.  That is important.  It is even more evolved to see that all sentient beings are part of the Law of One, The Prime Creator.  That is a very significant realization.
Melinda Leslie was the one psychic at the center who had researched the UFO and Alien Connection.  She is famous and has been on talk shows such as Coast to Coast AM.  I asked her permission to use her name. She was generous enough to allow that for “my book idea”.
Several of the Psychics started going to Melinda’s weekly UFO discussion group. Then, down the road, we joined her on a sky watching tour where we spotted UFO’s in the night sky. My relationship with Melinda has grown over the years.  We have supported each other in the good and bad times.  In addition to her life long research with the Bud Hopkins (like) writers of the community she was the one psychic who I could turn to for answers to everyday questions.  Melinda and Scottie Little Star were mentors for me. 
What did all the sisters of my (Sara) circle have in common?  We all had contact with UFO craft, experiences with being part of the “hybrid breeding program” and knowledge that had been imparted to us in scientific downloads. Among this group there were stories of meeting Sasquatch, Reptilian Beings, Avian Beings, Mantis Beings and Tall Whites as well as Greys and Pleiadeans.  One of our common threads was that our ability to be psychics was enhancing and elevated by our experience with those of non-human back grounds. Of this I am quite sure.
What does it mean to be human?  The good bad and ugly.
Have you ever asked yourself what is so great about being human? Sometimes it seems that our brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom have such honest open hearts.  They seem to be unconditional in their love for us.  Dolphins display such a variety of emotions and playful antics.  There are those who believe we are descended from the Sasquatch. Many of our family dynamics and our love of nature would be more in alignment with the Sasquatch group of hominids. More in line than the other anthropoid apes in how we function.  The Sasquatch do speak vocally as well as telepathically.  There are those privileged humans who have been involved with Sasquatch families. This is a subject that I would love to explore and speak of at another time and place.
It is another long story that I only leave a link for that would explain why we are not covered with fur and have large feet.  After the destruction of Marduk. ; Only the asteroid belt remained where a planet bigger than earth once spun around our sun. All the souls that had inhabited Marduk were now paralyzed with fear and had no place to call home. They existed in another dimension with out a body. In time earth would become their home.  The theory is that the most evolved creature on our planet was Sasquatch and with some genetic altering and enhancement, they became the new model of human beings.  Was that enhancement beneficial? It is hard to judge.  One thing is sure; there is a fragment in Sasquatch in all of us.  Perhaps the Neanderthal humans of old were the shorter Sasquatch cousins that were stronger and yet more squatty looking.  It is thus far un-provable except for some research done by Lloyd Pye.  
This discussion was one of many that our sisterhood discussed in a Socratic type exchange while sitting by Oak Creek when business was slow. 
One of my close friends at work read a chapter and suggested, nicely, that I was “all over the place”.  I must admit that it is my memory that we did cover so much in our groups and discussions.  It was an education I would find no where else.  Nowhere except Sedona.  If you could take all your paranormal and strange experiences and share them with others, that would be how entertaining our outdoor sessions were.  Outdoors with the laughing creek and the squirrels, blue herons, javelins and lizards listening in.
We had many unusual visitors chime in and visit.  There were mischievous fairies, the Druid brothers who would appear out of thin air, as well as squawks from high flying eagles and Arch angels when the tides would turn.  But it was Melinda and some of the hybrid beings that expanded our awareness and made me realize just how expansive the Universe is.
I can tell one thing about us humans, we have layers of emotional intelligence that pales and washes out some of our more “Spock” like ET visitors. Humans are better than color TV.  
My next chapter will be about Angels in Sedona.  This is a subject dear to my heart and it will be a joy to tell that tale. 

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