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Thursday, January 31, 2019

SPSS.Chapter 6. The Dearly Departed

my maternal great grandfather and mother John and Lydia

Sara's Psychic Sisterhood in Sedona.
The Dearly Departed

Within the mecca of psychics, Sedona, AZ, there are those who are Mediums and they act as translators between the two worlds. It is the most fascinating of all the many things called paranormal to me.  “I enjoy it immensely”, say I Sara” What is different about this connection, it is pure happiness for one thing. I remember James Van Praagh and I laughing until our sides hurt. He saw Abraham Lincoln materialize the same time I did in one of his work shops.  It is now understood that Abe is part of my soul group, as is Saint Francis of Assisi, Shakespeare, and a few other iconic figures.  Apparently, James Van Praagh is also a member of this group. All of us on earth have a soul group rooting for us that did not land on earth with us this time. I Sara do not wish to name drop because that is a drip drip drip. All of us evolving souls in 3D have iconic people in our soul families. There are always some ahead and some behind. That is how we get through this world. We take someone’s hand above and extend our hand to someone behind.  

Unlike Tarot Cards and Tea Leaf’s there is great energy and excitement when the loved ones draw near and when connection is made.  The joy expressed is barely describable. The loved ones who have shed their skin suit are looking forward to speaking and touching in with their loved ones who are still incarnate more than receiving a million dollars. They are with us more often than not and wanting to be with us in so many ways. Love never dies It is excellent to have a “Day of the Dead” to remember and celebrate all of our family and friends on the other side. There is a stigma with calling the departed DEAD.  That is a four letter word. They feel liberated and fully connected as beings. We here on Terra fir-ma might appear to be the zombie walking dead to them.  I have a dream to illustrate this.  I had a dream about my father’s mother shortly after she had expired.  She drove up in a taxi cab to my home.  She had a small overnight case with her and she was so excited to see me.  As she started to come towards me, I said in a surprised way, “but Grandmother, you are dead.”  She turned gray and void of color and the expression was the most lifeless and sad ever. It was a dream, and yet I am sorry that I said that word in my dream. No one should ever be labeled “dead”

When people schedule a session for medium work,
 It does not always work right.  Some loved ones cannot get through the river of tears and the feeling of loss. You cannot find that which is lost, if that is your belief.  It is like mowing down a wall of thorns to bring that person through.  In one experience, the departed father kept trying to reach through me to his daughter.  He finally brought through his mother to soften up the experience.  It appeared that his mother was trying to act as a liaison and battery.  It was looking bleak when the father showed me a picture of himself with a salt and peppered mustache and the rest flowed much easier. For this reason I. Sara,
Have always offered a disclaimer of “I will see if we can connect,” and it is always easier without the subject of money.  With money, I say this, everyone should receive something for their time. If there is no money exchanged, then bills don’t get paid and that psychic with the rare ability to connect with departed loved ones, winds up having to take an office job. With my experience with social work, I helped people but not in the dynamic way that I knew I could. I have student loans from graduating with two Master’s degrees. It would seem practical to be practicing in that field, right? My heart becomes heavy working in that field and I long to embrace the rosier side of the paranormal work.  The bad part of a money exchange is there are no guarantees. I have grown confident in my ability, but, there is always that one reading that is not breaking through. Fortunately it is not very often.  

The etiology of a medium:
I Sara, have been doing this type of work since I can remember.

At the age of nine, I remember resting due to the fact that my father asked me to take a nap. I was feeling a spinning feeling. I opened my eyes and the room was also spinning around as though I was in a dryer spin cycle.  There was something else.  I was in a tunnel and when I looked up I saw the faces of several men looking down the tunnel at me.  It was as though I was at the bottom of the well looking up at faces.  I came to know them as all my father figures.  Great Grandfathers and Great Great Grandfathers. One in particular had a very long bushy beard. I found him in a family album as being my grandmothers Grandfather, Bradly. His life would be about the time of the civil war when men did wear those types of beards. For all of us there must be 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents and 16 great great grandparents.  If we are counting only male persons. I saw at least six grandparent figures. They were to be my support system as I grew up. Soon after this vision, my father disappeared for several months. My father was burdened with bi-polar depression. Then he had another side of his personality where he was the life of a party.  My brothers and I never knew which side of father was going to show up. My father passed from this world when I was 19.  I was kneeling on a prayer bench waiting for my fathers memorial service to begin. As I studied the floor before me, a man in a suit walked out towards the pulpit on the stage front before me.  As I looked up expecting that it would be the minister, I met my fathers brilliant blue eyes and clean shaven face. I remember saying “Daddy” and then tried to calm myself.  It was a vivid Kodak moment. He was there at the memorial service just as much as the ensemble of friends and family.

Those are two poignant episodes of medium-ship in my youth.  When I was 9 I knew nothing about the tunnel that souls go through or the vortex spinning when you are pulled through too rapidly.  I would learn all this as I grew up. My etiology had its own progression and direction without my foreknowledge.  I guess “it was in the cards”.  Try as I may to blend into this world I just would not be “normal” like everyone else. The message I received is “there is something really wrong with me”.  Until I met others like me, I would feel misunderstood.  

I am not dead, I am just different.  There is a book with that title. The author is describing a little boy trying to communicate with his mother.  The “dead” don’t want to meddle in our affairs and they are quite busy on other realms learning and healing.  They will show up during times of great duress.  I can remember seeing my father as a young adult. I had my own apartment by then and I had a few friends over. We were smoking “pot” in my kitchen.  When I walked into the living room I saw my father sitting on the couch.  Again I said, “Daddy”?  I asked my friends to leave.  Perhaps I was hanging out with the wrong friends.  I believed there was a warning in that visitation. Any time I have seen my father or Grandmother it is significant. I have to do some re-examination of my life.

Common Myths about the Departed.

You do not need to go to a grave yard to visit with them. They are not in the ground anyway.  If a person goes to the graveyard to converse with Mother or Father or Sister or Grandma.  The loved one will be summoned to the graveyard by that desire to touch in. When I go shopping it will summon my oldest son Jason and it just seems more fun than being at a graveyard.

As Allison Debois wrote in her book “Don’t Kiss Them Good bye”
You do not have to say good bye forever.  When some of my clients break down and sob during a session with their loved one I call that melt down “connection tears”. Often the pain of loosing someone will cause people to wall themselves off and become numb. There really is no need to do that.  They are access-able. All relationships are eternal.
If a loved one commits suicide they are forever damned. That is not true at all.  I have spoken to several departed by suicide and they are doing very well on the other side. Sometimes they regret their decision but they have gone on as thought it were just a small inconvenience.  
You do not need to remain single if your spouse is departed. Very often a departed loved one is trying to bring the right person to the loved one left on earth. They really want you to be happy.

Try keeping a journal with questions in it for your loved one…questions about anyone or anything.  I really enjoy getting those answers in the most surprising ways. I call it the boomerang effect.  Throw out that question.  It will come back and usually in a very short time with a perfect answer.

Forgive yourself for not being there at the death bed.  They forgive you completely and now they get to hug you in a deeper way then they ever could when in a body. Don’t beat yourself up at all.  That is easier said than done. Often times the departed are put on a pedestal by their loved ones.  They made mistakes too.

One lovely lady did not want to sell her home because she knew that her loved one was there with her. Her husband, now free and in full realization with his eternal self, said that he would move with her where ever she wanted to go. I was slightly jealous of the love they had created for each other. I suppose there is the blessing of a perfect relationship and then a price for it as well. I don’t think there needs to be that price. Just be blessed and satisfied that you could enjoy such a wonderful relationship and you will reunite in heaven.

Loved ones will leave signs and symbols to say they are around.

The problem with pets for me:  It is hard to know exactly if cats are still alive or not.  They appear to be so present and seem to be with their human family no matter what. We have past cats show up and play with our now existing cat. We hear meows. I have heard the jingle of cat toys when there was no cat there. Cats and dogs and other animals are connected to Source Energy and they love us unconditionally. I had a pet duck. He showed up in a dream and introduced me to his wife and dozen or so offspring. He was very proud and wore a Scottish Tam in my dream. The best thing to do is to ask them if they are in spirit. They will show you.

They want us to grow and be happy and not focus on them all the time.  One thing that “death” will do is demand that we become more self-sufficient.  That is exactly what has to happen to go on.

Just don’t call them “DEAD”.