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Monday, November 11, 2019

Chapter 12. The flowering of psychic kids.

SPS Chapter 12:  The Flowering of Psychic Children

I Sara consider myself qualified to speak on this topic. My insight come from being a mom with psychic children and being a support to families in the Department of Child Safety system.  During my social worker days, I ran across some of the most amazing kids and their families.  I also realized that there is often a huge gap in understanding for parents, teachers, and the culture at large, when it comes to special kids with gifts. Let these light bringers teach us.  The new kids. 


My son Jason was amazing.  He had amazing perception and developed his language abilities early on.  We had just taken a shower and we were toweling off.  Jason was only 6 months old and he looked in the mirror at himself, pointed and said, “English” with perfect pronunciation. It made me wonder if he remembered a past lifetime where he was not “English”.  He did not say “white boy”.  I believe he might have been Asian and been in a very advanced culture.  I was never sure. 

 Jason was the one who could take toys out of the box and assemble them quickly at age four.  I would be trying to read the instructions and there were wheels, nuts and bolts, levers, washers and gaskets. It was often very complicated for me.  Jason also became very emotional and he would have the worst temper tantrums at times.  Art helped Jason cope with all the complicated things he felt.  Like his bio Dad, Jason could run very fast. His dad had won many track competitions in high school and college.  Bio dad might imply that I was not married.  I was married for four years but divorced when pregnant with Jason.  My next husband adopted him, and the name changed.  My life had some unexpected twists and turns.

Jason got into elementary school and was very bored.  (Bored to tears)  He would complete his math ahead of time.  Then he would draw as he waited for the class to finish.  The teacher was not in sync with Jason.  She would complain about him and criticize him in front of the students.  I tried to speak with her and then the principal.  I mentioned that Jason might be a gifted kid.  I would find out years later, that unless you ask for additional testing in writing, sending copies to the principal and district office as a certified letter, it doesn’t matter at all.  My words fell on deaf ears.  Unfortunately, Jason started to hate school.  Jason would have “morning sickness”.  He would miss school but was fine about noon.  I was too busy as a single parent to home school Jason, so he went to a Catholic, nun taught, special school.  They called me to pick up Jason.  He was having a meltdown.  My frustration continued with all these institutions of learning.  I was told by well meaning administers that I would just have to put my foot down and force him to go to school.  That power struggle was not working at all.  Jason and I went to family counseling.  I wish I could say we as a family found the answers.  I did the best I could to use Jason’s natural curiosity to help him learn.  We did go to the library quite often and Jason loved his art teacher.  Jason changed schools when we moved, and he met a best friend there.  Art was Jason’s biggest outlet and healer.   Jason was always my teacher.  The Sunflower painting is his. See top of page.

To sum up this child, Jason: He was very intuitive and insightful.  Children like him are rule breakers and game changers.  They have come into this world with many advanced skills.  If there was a rating for those with leadership and expert social skills, Jason would be at 100.  Jason died at age 27 ( bizarre accident of mixing Seroquel with Alcohol).  His funeral was attended by hundreds.  He made his mark with his art and his sense of humor.

Jason (painting) at the Gay Pride festival in San Diego, CA.  2005? His life partner took this photo.  Mom published a book called “Sunflowers for Jason”


Zachary was the quiet one.  He did not talk at all for the first three years.  Occasionally he would point to something and say “that”.  Zachary did not need to communicate with Jason or his mom, “me” this writer.  We just knew what he needed.  Zachary was not allowed to cry.  We would sense his distress and take care of him.  Zach also wore his pajamas to first grade.  Mom hired someone to get these kids off to school, but maybe that was not working out to well.  Zachary was a totally brilliant telepathic communicator.  For sure, his brother and family, were also able to pick up messages through thin air, but Zach was especially strong at transmission.

When Zachary was about 5, he wanted to go out on a date with his mom.  It was too cute.  He dressed up in a suit and he asked me to dress up as well.  I don’t even remember what we did, perhaps dinner and a movie.  Sometime after that, I was very sick with a migraine headache.  I did not say anything about it to my boys, but I was laying on the couch with a cold rag on my forehead.  Zachary walked up to me and said, Mom, I am going to take your headache away.  He placed his hands on my forehead and I could feel tremendous heat.  Within about 10 minutes Zach removed his hands and I sat up feeling pretty good.  I would have to be extra dense to not know Zach had a gift.  Some parents might not realize or not praise it.  I told Zach that he had something pretty spectacular. 

Over the years Zach was able to help me and others when they were in pain.  Once Zach became a teenager, he did not believe in himself anymore.  The world will knock out anything that appears to be different or un-explainable.  Kids like Zach need to be encouraged.  They need to know we live in an energetic world.  Science is just beginning to catch up to the dynamics of hands on healing. Just recently Zach once again started practicing healing.  He does not advertise, and he is selective.

This writer, Zach’s mom, has been talking to “dead” people for a while. I am a natural medium.  Imagine my surprise when Zach started to see visually and talk to departed souls with clairaudience as well.  He has spoken to Robin Williams and Sylvia Browne too.  “How long have you been a medium?” I asked.  Zach says it has always been that way, but he did not want anyone to know.  He does not want to be like me or Long Island Medium.  He does not like that sort of pressure.  When Zach was about 6 years old, he had an imaginary friend named “Star Boy”.  Star boy would set all the electric trucks and toys in motion.  One day the kids were not home, but the record player, toy ambulance, and some other gadgets, all came on at once.  That was what Star Boy did.  We went through about a year of very paranormal excitement until Star Boy went away. 

Zach became the gentle giant. If someone had asked him, “what are you going to be when you grow up?” I doubt if he would say a Peacekeeper.  He was very strong and one time a friend talked him into cornering and fighting someone.  Zach took down the school bully in front of a small crowd.  As a mom, I never worried too much when my two boys were together.  They could look out for each other.  Zachary was also an empath and later he would feel terrible about hurting another human being.  Those who loved Zach convinced him that he was a natural peacekeeper.  His size and agility stopped people and re-directed any violence before it happened.  When Zach was full grown, he stepped in front of me when I was confronted by a neighbor.  Once again, no one got hurt, but that neighbor had a change of mind.  Zach’s ability to stand his ground and speak his truth without resorting to violence was a gift in and of itself.  Zach nursed a baby sparrow back to health and before taking it to a bird sanctuary, mom snapped a picture.  Zach is strong, handsome, empathic, poetic, a writer extraordinaire, medium, a miraculous healer, and he is a great cook. Some lady will be lucky when he decides to settle down.  But most of all he is introverted and a natural peacekeeper.  Zach once was crying (about age 7).  He said, “I do not want to be in another war”.  He probably was a general in the army in many past wars like General Patton.  This mom explained that he did not have to join the military this time.  If Zach had of been born to a military family, he might have been up a creek.  The family he chose (this time) understood who he really was.

Zachary, age 19, with a little sparrow that fell out of the nest.  The parents were circling above this baby.  And a cat was stalking him. We rescued him. We hand fed him until he could fly. This was not the only bird that we nursed back to health.  Jason and Zach would bring home critters all the time. Is it just me, or is there a halo to this picture?  It was never photo-shopped.

The bond between the two brothers survives death.  When Zach and I drove to San Diego for Jason’s memorial service, This writer got lost on the elaborate freeway system.  Zach started experiencing taps on the side of his head.  If the tap was on the left side, we turned left, and on the right side, right turn.  At the end of this amazing number of turns we landed in the parking lot for “Sea World”.  We called Jason’s friend who met us there.  He was only about 10 minutes away.  The friend said, “I had to smile, this is where Jason used to come to see the 9:30 PM fireworks.  Just as he said that the fireworks were going off all around us.  It was as if they were heralding our arrival. 
Sometimes I wonder if I would have given birth to Jason knowing how it would end one day.  I could hardly survive the pain and loss.  It is clear now, that the relationship with Jason continues and we all benefited so much from the co-creation of this time together.  It was worth it.
Other kids with gifts
They are all around us, too many to count. In the social work field, I see kids that are leaders and they are breaking the cycle of violence and pushing their families to over come age old karma.  They are musicians, artist, writers, and they are speaking out and changing things in a way never imagined.  

When my boys were young the neighbor’s little girl liked to hang out with us. Her gift to us was the magical way she saw the world.  She allowed us to feel the laughter and fairies singing. She was a little ray of sunshine. I found out she had died.  A medium described her to me and said she called me “auntie”. 

When I was working with autistic kids there was a little boy who used to sing with me.  When he was singing, he was so angelic and happy.  The teacher felt it would be better to keep him on track. I would try but he reverted to a mushroom under a cloud.  We made no progress.  I often wonder if just connecting with autistic children any way possible is a good place to begin.

Kids are the most psychic when they are about 5.  Kindergarten is a place where everyone is an artist (Picasso s all) Everyone can dance and sing.  And there is little pressure or competition.  Most children are in line with who they really are, and they express great wisdom “out of the mouths of babes” is that saying.  It is a stage that fosters imagination, curiosity, and understanding.  As the brain matures, children transition from preoperational thinking into concrete operational thinking at age 8 and then there is continued cognitive development until adulthood.  We continue all our lives.  Teenagers experience so much competition and peer pressure.  No one would dare stand out as unique or different unless they want to commit social suicide.  Teenagers quite naturally gravitate to their peers and they are less connected to their families of origin.  If parents complain that their teen does not want to be at home. Congratulations, they are exactly at the right place for their age.  

James Van Praagh wrote a book to help guide Psychic Teenagers. Click here.

Goldie Hawn has developed a mindfulness program for children.  Her site is called mind up.  She uses a description of the brain to help kids feel a sense of control over their feelings, emotions and personal well-being.  That is so important.  Empower kids and do not allow superstition and fear to dominate.

  My kids grew up with paranormal activity around the house.  They were not afraid of those things going bump in the night.  If they were troubled, we would do a group prayer.  They did believe in a higher power.  They felt in charge of their own development.  Sometimes parents don’t have all the answers, but that is what makes life exciting.  We are all psychic.  It is part of our survival and just like animals we have some instincts that things are not OK.  Once when little I had a dream where a bee was buzzing around my head.  I woke up and heard a noise outside.  I went to my window and saw a man with a black hat trying to steal my bike.  I ran out with a flashlight and he was literally a deer caught in a head light.  He ran off and I brought my bike inside.  There are plenty of practical reasons to meditate and learn to use psychic gifts and premonitions.  No subject should be off limits.  When I was 6, I asked my family what the work f**k meant?  They were shocked but my father asked me where I had heard that word?  I said that my friend and I were at the park sitting in the trees when some boys said it to us.  They asked if we knew what that word meant?  My dad decided that my friend would be welcome to stay at our home where there was adult supervision. My friend’s mom was working long hours.  Single moms are at a disadvantage sometimes.  I would find out for myself.  

There is a book that is the bible of parenting.  Find it used if you can.  How to talk so kids will listen and how to listen so kids will talk.  If you want your kids to share with you at a deeper level, then create that safe zone when they have your undivided attention.  No TV in the background.  Parents should not interrogate…just allow kids to share on any subject that comes up.  Eventually the subject of dreams and visions and other psychic things will emerge.  They best families have robust conversations about lots of different things.  And it is OK.  And they remain intuitive for life.

The end.
our "bigger than life" Jason

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