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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Chapter 13. Being Extra Psychic at Christmas Time

Christmas Energy

As a psychic, empath, and intuitive counselor, I am so sensitive to energy, subtle energy.  Subtle in that I can be distracted by the noise that will lead me astray. Sometimes Christmas can be busy with lots of tinsel and time and trivia.  It seems like a brass band that marches through the season leaving little in its wake.  It can rob our pocketbooks and life force if we let it.  Each year I am focused on the things that are uplifting and fill my heart, instead of the pageantry of the season. Christmas can be a time when a critical mass of people believes in human kindness and miracles. That can be world changing.

 On the radio show Coast to Coast AM George Noory has done repeated experiments of getting the millions tuned into this nighttime talk show to concentrate with intention.  If it is flooding in Missouri, the mass of prayer is to stop that rain and weather.  It has been working every time.  As a collective we can turn the tide, quite literally.  I think that is why the “powers that be” desire to divide us along superficial party lines.  Really the Democrats and Republicans want the same thing.  At the end of the day we want to hand a good life down to our children and grandchildren.  There might be a few differences when it comes to values. But those differences start to come together when we can reach out and talk to one another.

Since I am a counselor for parents involved with DCS (Department of Child Safety) I hear sad stories.  In fact, they have a name for people with my job and it applies to first responders as well.  We experience secondhand trauma and burnout.  Recently, I felt like I had encountered people that were monsters. 

 They were very angry about DCS coming to the hospital to grab their baby the day after it was born.  It sounds very harsh indeed.  This couple had lost several other children and their parental rights had been severed for abuse to their children.  They are and have been drug addicts.  I always feel that it is my job to be the one person in a sea of others to support clients like this.  No, I don’t believe they should have their baby back, but it would be nice if they were entitled to receive pictures and news about how their children are doing. It could be that someday, they clean up and change and perhaps down the road they can reconnect with their kids.   In a way, the fact that they brought kids into this world is a gift to others.  Since one small child was murdered, the system holds no promise of reunifying this substance abuser family. Yes it is the worst of all possible family situations.  How do people get that disconnected from their own humanity we have to wonder?  Then, there is me doing self-healing to stay in this game in a meaningful way.  It all takes concentration and work on an inner level.  I realign daily.  I balance chakras, I pray and mend all the time.

There are wonderful breakthroughs where parents turn their lives around and the kids are returned.  I get to be part of that and there is no better feeling.  Each one of those stories could be a Christmas Story, a Hallmark Perfect Ending story.  The biological parents are usually invested much more in the long-term life of their child.  There are very horrible stories about foster homes and the misery they dealt out to the kids who lived there.  Kids that grew up in foster care write books about that experience.  Then they write about being aged out of the system and having no where to go at age 18.  When they try and reconnect with the family of origin there are horrible realizations about those family members if they are still living still living. They might discover mom drunk herself to death after losing her children.  Sometimes it takes years to track down a sibling, or absent parent or family friend.  I can say firsthand, it is the best of all possible outcomes when parents are helped into being stronger parents and kids can come home.  For that reason, I remain in this field.
The Human Tribe

The work I do as a psychic is often unpredictable.  I am meeting people from all over the world when I do phone consultations.  I am taking some chances.  In a way when I open myself up to read, it is a very intimate and unique relationship I establish.  Often, people grow very close to me, and I will say that all the people I read for are like family.  That is because I am seeing and touching the authentic person and more than the normal distance most humans maintain, we do bond for that short time.  Many people push to become a friend with me.  It is to the client’s advantage to form a friendship.  They will often get a better discounted deal.  I wonder if other psychics go through what I do?  I think they must. Keeping things organized with an appointment time and not doing things on the fly. That helps my mind stay balanced.  I meditate prior to a phone or personal session and I will meditate afterwards. My son has noticed dark entities attached to me after being on the phone with someone who has been immersed in darkness. That means I go through some extra cleansing.

 There was one client/friend that kept text messaging me questions when I was sick in the hospital.  That was too much for me.  Boundaries are essential when doing this work.  I genuinely care about my clients.  I pray for them when they don’t even know I am doing that.  There is a type of friendship, but it is a different friendship.  It is not the same as an old friend who shares a great deal of common history and also a true friend is not going to emotionally dump on you and make demands of you.  Their conversation is truly a gift.  

In each of these paragraph segments in this chapter, I am talking about not going through burn out.  It is easy to do in counseling and it takes a while to regroup when burn out happens.  Another light worker told me to close down my first three chakras when doing readings.  Some people might be in such a drained and lifeless state of mind they “vampire” other people. Psychics are exceptionally vulnerable to this type of energy theft.  People divorced of their own divine connection to energy, take vital life force energy from others.  Unfortunately, this has happened to me.  It does not happen often, but, when it does happen, I am sick for a few days.  I am in bed and I am praying for recovery. 
Being a psychic is a blessing, most of the time, but it does take energy, focus, and time.  Mostly I know I make a difference.
The time I spend actively listening to problems that clients experience at home or at work, could be time I might be doing something I really enjoy. 
There is a monetary exchange for a reason.  One person thought that I enjoyed doing psychic readings for others and for that reason, no compensation was needed.  That might be true occasionally, but, much like traditional counseling, listening to others and trying to heal others is a “job” Even if I have good experiences during that reading, I am still at work.  I avoid people on trains or planes who want to spell their life story. Usually it is a long, hard and tear-filled journey.   Until a person can see all experiences as a learning curve and a blessing,  those experiences should be kept to a very few people. 
I can remember two times in my life when I asked someone if I could do a reading for them.  There was something so amazing and attractive about these personalities that I desired to touch in.  Most people show up in a stuck place and need clarity and assistance. 
What about those times I can’t help someone? 
That happens occasionally.  For some reason, I cannot connect and even worse, I feel that a door closed to knowing this person on any level.  I can never tell if it is them or me.  I do know the more people are crying and emotional in the lower frequencies, the harder it is to establish a connection.  It is better to wait until there is some calmness and a client can really be a participant in their own growth, discovery and healing. 

I have also noticed that some people are afraid to let out any signs of who they are.  They want a psychic reading to be a type of phenomena where I am shocking and awing them.  I used to do that shock and awe just for fun when I was younger.  Anymore, I want to do meaningful therapeutic work.
I already know I am psychic and sometimes I am really hot, and my guides are coming in strongly, and it is amazing.  That is not 100% of the time.  I believe some of the best readings are collaborative, and they involve the client at a very deep and insightful level.  Those are the readings that change lives.  Those are the ones I also treasure.
We are a human family; we have the same father/mother.  I can push past the outer veneer quickly and establish a more dynamic relationship with clients.  That might even be a little painful at times.  The pain comes with a message.  Something is wrong with the belief system of this client.  There needs to be a course correct. 
If someone leaves a message on Yelp that sounds terrible.  I know that I hit a nerve with that person.  It was not meant to harm them, but it had to happen.  In time they will understand. 

Psychic readings are more than entertainment, more than hearing what you want to hear and all about you evolving.  We all evolve, and we are all in it together.  Some people are just better at receiving subtle messages.  That is me.
Have yourself a merry little Christmas.  Hug yourself too.