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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Chapter 20: It Is Not God's Fault

I, Sara, have come to witness many odd anomalies in life, and they are the unexpected accidents and unexpected triumphs in the lives of those who seek my counsel.  In all instances I clearly acknowledge destiny and it is not God’s Fault.  Neither the blame nor the glory seems to fit.

I have experienced several near-death events in my now long life. When my foot slipped off a boulder on a cliff, when a shotgun was aimed at my stomach, when there was an anesthesia problem, and I dove into the shallow part of a pool, each time my life was saved and completely saved. When I say completely, I mean no serious injury happened. Except some scratches from the thorn bush that caught me by the seat of my pants during an almost fatal fall, there were few minor injuries.  Since I did a back flip into shallow water, I had one heck of a headache and a goose bump on my forehead.  I looked like a unicorn and left a pool party early.  I must say I have done some “stupid” stuff in my life and a miracle has happened each time. There must be a few more cringe worthy happenings but I will just say I have been incredibly lucky most of the time.

When I had a scary car accident recently, it was amazing.  I was driving along Northern Ave obeying every rule of safe driving when a car came out of nowhere.  The driver was making a left into Star Bucks after several far-left drivers let him enter.  It can be a longer story but, this incident totaled my car and I was quite sore. There were no broken bones and again not too serious. As far as extremely bad incidents go; Nothing compares to the phone call I received on a Saturday in July.  A social worker called to tell me my son had died and was found in his apartment. After that call, all my other problems and complaints seemed ridiculously small.  That call was the dragon that almost slayed me, and I did not think I could go on. To this day, I cannot imagine why my beautiful 27-year-old had left this world. He was happy, healthy, and it was not suicide. He was planning on coming to visit me in Phoenix and his voice message was one of sunshine and optimism. That message got played a thousand times and the one thing I do know is that:  It Was Not God’s Fault.   

If not God, then who is there to blame? Energy, pre life contracts, personal growth for a few starters. Energy is all around us. The most significant energy is like a radio signal from our consciousness. Our being is like a super magnet.  I happen to be a physical medium. Things happen around me all the time.  Objects move without anyone touching them.  I was eating dinner with 4 famous mediums from out of town.  One of our mutual friends had just died of a heart attack. It was just like Lou was sitting at the table. My fork lifted about an inch or two off my dinner plate and then dropped with a clang. My hands were busy in the air as I tend to talk with my hands.  Earlier that day I would find my locked front door standing wide open. I think the fork hitting my plate demonstrated to all present just what energy can do.  My energy, their energy, all of our energies including unseen energy.  

More importantly, words and beliefs hold energy.  When I work with clients using cognitive behavioral therapy, I am looking at core beliefs that might be allowing certain horrible things to happen to them. These are some of the most prevalent beliefs:  I don’t deserve happiness, mom said I would never amount to anything, my minister told me I was going to burn in hell for that terrible thing I did, and God must hate me for allowing this to happen. I often hear people say:  I am waiting to know what God wants me to do with my life. I must say that is so much decision levied upon God and it is believed that This All That There Is Being, and Creator gave us free will? I wonder why we humans would be given free will and then punished for bad choices after we die?  These are the questions that would be processed during any counseling session regarding choices and destiny.  I will jump to the punch line because it would take six years and them some more months to debate this subject.  Humans get the privilege of learning and experiencing a self-directed course. For artists of all types it is like the finished sculpture, the opera and the applause when the curtain falls all in one triumphant symphony. Humans get to be the writer, actor and director as well as the audience and it is extremely fulfilling.  But what about those awful events in our lives? Where is that explanation of why bad things happen to good people? 

I will return to my son’s death, but he is not at all dead, just more energy at a higher frequency. It is not like I can have lunch with him, and I miss him a great deal.  When I was severely depressed, I felt like God was punishing me.  I also felt guilty for his death. I felt angry and wanted to blame someone.  I ran through all those cognitions we speak of in therapy.  I would brighten up and receive some answers.  and then hit a slump in my development and I would be engulfed in these horror stories again. I am doing OK now.  The answer that finally stuck with me was this; I charted a course for myself that had the design of increased love and awareness at its end.  In truth there are many exit points during a lifetime.  At each fork in our road we chose left or right.  I could have died several times as I mentioned already.  My son could have died several times too.  He drove far too fast and had totaled his car several times.  Jason got a hall pass in a way.  He got to leave this world early.  It is a decision that he made with God’s approval, to exit early on.  I did not have a voice in that decision.  I was not happy about that, but that is between Jason and his Creator. 

 As I have mentioned in many posts and blogs, Jason always remembers Mother’s Day.  Each year after Jason’s death I have received a beautiful card placed on my bed.  It has his signature. At first, I thought his brother might be doing this as a kind gesture. No that is not it.  Zac is not a prankster like that. We have talked. The card is always different each year.  The message is also different each year.  There is no point in trying to prove this evidence or ague a case.  There have been volumes of paranormal events in our lives with Jason’s wit and insight and signature energy all over them.  Life continues after the event we call death.  Love does not die, and it is the one thing we take with us beyond the grave.

I have quoted Neale Donald Walsch over the years.  He is famous for many reasons. He wrote the New York Times best seller, Conversations with God, and the subsequent books thereafter. Neale does a great job of exploring who and what God is.  There are many concepts about God.  When Neale was interviewed about God, the television host asked him to sum up God in five words.  Neale said, “You Have Got Me Wrong”.  There are roman gods and pagan gods who seem to meddle in our lives and decide when we should die and when we should have a victory.  There are not enough pages in any book to go over the many faces, names, and beliefs about what and who God is.  There are as many versions as there are people.  Infinite.

 Please do pick up a copy of Neale’s famous discourse.  When I was grieving over the loss of my son, those books are so much a credit to my survival. Neale also has said this.  Jesus prays the Lords Prayer with the congregation, and it begins “our father”.  There is a relationship between us humans and God.  It is closest to a parental relationship.  Would a loving parent send you to hell for a mistake? Can you imagine any parent damming you for all eternity?  Remember Jesus telling us the parable of the prodigal son?  We are precious to God. When we become open to that God reunion there is a celebration and trumpeting angels can be heard.

 There are certain concepts that seem to be universal between all religions. God is loving and cares about us. During my near-death experiences I was amazed by the profound love and enduring relationship I had with God on the other side of my life.  It was like a long lost loved one had returned to me with all the love my heart could hold.  It made the loneliness and sorrow vanish.  God made me a promise and a commandment before returning me to my physical body lying on the gurney, Ask me for help. I am there (on earth) just as much as I am in heaven.  Those are the words I remember.  My time is not done.  I came back here and there is more work to do. 

This discussion could be on going.  My relationship with my Creator is growing and evolving all the time.  I honor the chance to tell my story and to help others realize the power they really have.  You get to decide.  

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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Medical Medium Nancy with Lots of Information on Diabetes 2

We have been fed lots of lies about Diabetes and Arthritis.  Stay tuned as there will be more and more coming down the lane.

May 3. 2020

I, Nancy, have stenosis all through my spine from my neck to my tail bone.  There is a way to deal with it and even reverse it.  This is my story from now working backwards.

Today, my blood sugar was 140 at fasting.  I know that is not quite perfect, however, five years ago it was above 400 and I had infections that would not heal.  They put me on metformin as they do everyone.  In my opinion that is cookie cutter one size fits all medicine.  They used to want to give me antibiotics for my many infections, but I refused. 

I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Zac. No one explained that I would have type 2 even after giving birth.  I continued to live well however I felt very tired and I was drinking lots of diet soda.  A light bulb went on today.

I was watching an add saying something like: “you don’t have to prick your finger and shoot insulin anymore because we have the solution.”  Some of their research and information was particularly good and even accurate.  Some of it was very misleading as well.  The part that sparked my interest was:  “drinking lots of diet soda would cause type 2 diabetes.”  It tricks the pancreas into releasing lots of insulin but then you are not receiving complete sugar or any sugar. Your cells want nutrients and insulin allows them to absorb the sugar in your blood.  Monosaccharide means one sugar molecule and that is not good for us.  They (monosaccharides) are like kindling to a fire and in this case a metabolism fire. They may leave you hungrier than before you ate the candy bar.  Other substantial sugar from fruit or fructose is an 8-molecule sugar structure that has more sustainable energy. Fruit also has fiber which is a benefit to anyone with diabetes 2.

I remember Edgar Cayce suggested that people with diabetes or those wanting to lose weight (90% of us) should drink a small glass of no sugar added grape juice diluted with water before eating meals.  I have done this with dinner.  I add sparkling water to a wine glass and Welch's grape juice with a twist of lime and stir.  Yummy.  Most important was the fact that I felt satiated faster.  It was a gentle appetite suppressant.  I did not feel the need for seconds or desert when dinner was over.  Smaller portions were on my plate without feeling deprived. 

This add (the one I read today) wanted 79 dollars for a product with cinnamon, and chromium picolinate. They also added some bonus books like a glycemic and carb counter information.  I have been taking a supplement from Youngevity called Sweet Eze that is 19 dollars for 120 capsules. You can buy carb counters for a few bucks.  So Really?  Give me a break.  I did sell Youngevity but now I let my son sell it. It adds about 20 dollars to his income. It is a good product so we share. 

 Dr. Wallach was a veterinarian who discovered that zoo monkeys were dying due to a lack of a mineral called Selenium.  In the wild they would forage and instinctively knew what to eat, and of course they were not able to do that in the zoo.  The newborn Rhesus monkeys would die within weeks. What is also remarkable is that the autopsies revealed that these baby monkeys had cystic fibrosis.That is huge news because Cystic Fibrosis was thought to be a human only disease and they did not know why or what caused it.  Wallach went on to treat human babies after obtaining his ND. One of Dr. Wallach's products for blood sugar control is Sweet Eze.

I will tell you that you can pick up the Sweet Eze ingredients elsewhere as the two main minerals are Chromium and Vanadium.  About 200 mcg of each per day goes a long way to helping lower blood sugar they say, because I am not a doctor.  In addition to these minerals it contains Cinnamon, Bitter melon fruit, Jambolana Seed extract and Ginseng root. I think the 19 dollars is a fare price.  In general plant derived minerals do matter in keeping our bodies healthy.  I will be happy to ship it to anyone anywhere.  Just email nancysnimbus@gmail.com

I have traveled a long journey and I also remember the day I was writing a goodbye letter to my family.  I was in so much pain from the stenosis. I looked horrible because I hurt too much to do much.  There were only a few positions I could stay in for a while that would support my neck in a certain way to be out of pain.  Doctor Wallach saved my life.  Remember I was ready to check out for good.  I fell asleep on my couch after finishing my letter. When I woke up, I noticed a flyer on the coffee table.  It was a pink flyer that said in bold print, ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM ARTHRITIS AND DIABETES 2?  It went on to say that these two ailments are related. 

I will explain that relationship in another medical medium type letter.  It also referred to diabetes 2 and arthritis as a pandemic.  Yes, it is a worldwide phenomenon.

There was a lady’s name and phone number at the bottom of the pink flyer and the rest is now history.  It took about 3 months of using osteo FX to feel better. That formula was literally a life saver for me.  I went off pain pills and began working part time as a receptionist so I could afford all the alternative treatments.  I had been receiving disability for a few years. Now off of it and this year I owe IRS some money so thank God for my stimulus check. It came along exactly at the right time.  The point is:  I am making money as an entrepreneur and this year it was enough to owe some money.  Sucks that the IRS is greedy.  
My mother had lupus and diabetes 2 and she was going down hill fast.  Prior to her death I had tried to get her to at least try a few things.  She was taking 11 prescribed medications everyday and by far the worst one was prednisone.  It would take up a chapter to describe what her doctors put her through her last year on the planet.  She trusted her doctors. Some are trying to help, but they don't have time to pour over research and they believe what they have learned.  End of story. 

The lady whose name was on the pink flyer agreed to see me for free and she hooked me up with some free products as well.  She gave me a few books to read and return.  She said, “I want to educate your mind” and I would tell anyone out there, namely my readership, the same thing. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Healing takes a year or two and both lifestyle and supplements and even Edgar Cayce treatments can save you. 
I do not believe in PAIN.  When I am ready to leave this planet, I just want to exit in my sleep and up until that day, I am going to be pain free. 

I am still a work in progress but thank the Lord, I am going in the right direction and I am getting my answers.  In 2003 my neurologist refused to do surgery on my back.  He said it was because I was a liability with my unman-aged diabetes.  I felt he had given me a death sentence as my pain was just horrible and my metformin was not managing my blood sugar issue.  Just now I am feeling so grateful.  He linked the diabetes to my stenosis which is a form of arthritis.  I want to go into that link. There is a relationship and few doctors acknowledge that. 

And for God sake do not go easily under the knife.  It does not always work.
Please look for the next newsletter and blog for more psychic insights. 

This is part of my newsletter but not the whole thing. 

For now, I must close. 

Love and Health to Everyone.  Each day I get information to share
from those not in bodies. I work with Dr. Peebles, Angelic Healers, And Red Arrow, medicine man and personal guide.  I also have a silver colored dragon who loves and protects me. Not all dragons are “bad”. 

I do a hell of a lot of research.  Forgive my spelling as I am and always have been very dyslexic.  I do try and edit my writings and musings. 

Nancy from Angelbells Guidance
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